In his message entitled, ‘Find out the truth’, Wise Man Harry referred the congregation to excerpts from the Bible to make his case, underscoring John 7:11-18 as the proof text. In Thessalonians 5:21 we are advised to test everything and hold fast to the truth. Jesus is the truth. He speaks the truth; He is not out to confuse us. To know the truth is to know Jesus.     NEW ANOINTING WATER HEALS WOMAN OF DIABETES

As soon as the message was over, Prophet T.B. Joshua re-echoed the potency of the new Anointing Water and that immediately attracted testimonies by those who received it in the previous service. The first among them, Madam Patience from Sokoto who had suffered from diabetes for nine years, said that after receiving the new Anointing Water, she prayed over it and administered it as instructed. She went to bed for the night rest after administering it. According to her, she slept peacefully like a baby and woke up hale, hearty and strong. She was more or less recreated during her sleep and all the infirmities and aches which used to be part and parcel of her frame gave way for the freshness and agility brought about by the new Anointing Water. She used to urinate four or five times in the night but after administering the new Anointing Water, she urinated only once. At present, she hardly remembers whether she urinates at all in the day. She stopped all her medication for the week without sensing any adverse effects on herself. In her unmistakeable joy, she christened the Anointing Water, ‘The father of fathers’ and thanked God profusely for her miraculous healing.


Emmanuel from Rivers State mounted the platform for his testimony. According to him, he had been jobless for the past two years but the miracle in his life came after he had administered the Anointing Water. The contract he had applied for and been waiting for the past two years was miraculously approved. Displaying the contract agreement papers as he gave his testimony, he informed the congregation that it was an N18,000,000.00 contract. He thanked God and Prophet T.B. Joshua for the wonderful opportunity to transform his life brought about through the medium of the Anointing Water. NEW ANOINTING WATER SAVES MAN IN ACCIDENT Christopher from Delta State was one of those who received the new Anointing Water. He always prayed with it and sprayed it on his family and himself. On the fateful day of testimony, he watched Emmanuel TV and was struck by the phrase, ‘Stop satan from killing and stealing’, which made him touch the screen in faith. After work the same day, he decided to travel to his village. He travelled in a commercial bus which unfortunately was involved in a head-on collision with another vehicle. This caused his vehicle to somersault a number of times. Ten people died in the bus but luckily for Christopher, he was tossed from the seat behind the driver which he had taken, to the boot of the bus where he saw himself in a flat posture. He lay alive, hale, hearty and without any injury all because of the new Anointing Water which was his celebrated antidote. The other vehicle also recorded some deaths as a result of the accident. Thanking God for his safety, he aptly remarked that but for the new Anointing Water, he would have been in the mortuary. We join him indeed in thanking God for the new Anointing Water which veered his path from the mortuary. NEW ANOINTING WATER STOPS BEDWETTING Priscilla from Ghana also mounted the rostrum for a testimony in praise of the new Anointing Water. Her problem had been bedwetting for which reason she had been to many places in her desperation for a cure but all to no avail. As soon as she heard of the new Anointing Water, she and her husband came to The SCOAN where she received a vial of the new Anointing Water. She applied it after prayer as instructed and her bedwetting promptly stopped. The problem of many years was wiped away without effort by the new Anointing water. Priscilla and her husband thanked God profusely for her miraculous healing. ANOINTING WRISTBAND HEALS ANKLE-SHIFT Miss Ozidzor Jay from Ghana had the problem of ankle shift in January. In February, a friend brought her the new Anointing Wristband from The SCOAN. She apparently undermined it and kept it somewhere until the prophet’s voice from Emmanuel TV told her that she had the solution to her problem but she kept on complaining. In reaction, she immediately brought out her Anointing Wristband and wore one on her ankle and the other on her wrist. The result was immediate and miraculous healing. She was among those who celebrated automatic healing on the platform. PROPHET’S PRAYER REPLENISHES NGO’S PURSE Christaline Vekabiart from Namibia has put in place an NGO which goes by the name Mount Sinai Centre. The NGO cares for HIV patients and the needy. Her NGO takes care of the needy and children of those who are HIV infected. They take it as their duty to supply the children of the HIV patients with milk as a way of shielding them from HIV infection which they would get from their biological parents through breast feeding. Finding it difficult to keep up with the pace of demands owing to dwindling fortunes, Christaline appealed to the man of God for prayer in this regard through her sister-in-law who was visiting The SCOAN on a Friday. On Saturday night, Christaline had a dream in which the man of God laid hands on her and prayed for her. The result was that soon after that, they got a donation of $100,000.00. With this generous donation, they became better placed for effectiveness in their mission. This good news spurred the man of God who added twenty thousand dollars to their funds. Christaline thanked God for His love and mercy advising that as children of God, we should led love lead. FOOT ULCER HEALED AT PRAYERLINE About the time for the prayer line, the man of God, to lift people’s faith up, caused a video clip of Christian Amadi to be activated. A diabetic patient at the beginning, Christian was unfortunate to develop an ulcer in his foot. The ulcer did a lot of damage to his foot, causing it to rotten and disfigure with puss and festered flesh. It was at that stage that he came for prayer in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations and Wise Man Daniel prayed for him at the prayer line. Now, Christian is completely healed and came forward to confirm the healing. He joyously stamped the foot on the ground and touched it to demonstrate the miraculous work of God. His case was good enough to give patients of ulcer in the prayer line hope as truly, our problems do not embarrass God because He has all the solutions. INTERNATIONAL CRIMINALS RECLAIMED Chidi, the international armed robber who vomited an egg some three weeks before in course of the mass prayer and who finally was delivered from the spirits of destruction, killing and stealing, was asked by the man of God to go home to bring his parents as part of his final integration into society after he had been counselled and fed with the Word of the Lord in the church. It is to be recalled that Chidi and his gang of armed robbers had called at The SCOAN as they went to the eastern part of the country to assassinate a pastor. They met their waterloo in the scheme and Chidi was the only survivor in the gang. As he called at the church again to wreak vengeance on the prophet suspected by him to be the cause of their failed mission, he was arrested in the church by the Holy Spirit. Chidi fetched his father whom he had not seen for six years as he was fully involved in his life of robbery and human wastage. The father, Michael Odeh, accompanied the son to the church after his full explanation of T.B. Joshua’s wish to see members of the family. The mother however, never came because of her disbelief in her son, Chidi. The father recounted the suffering he had been through in the hands of those his son had wronged. He however thanked God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to recover his son from bad ways into a decent lifestyle. The prophet gave Chidi the sum of N200,000.00 and five bags of rice in addition to a scholarship if he was interested in furthering his education. The next rescued criminal is one Emmanuel Ogbonnah who at a stage in his life of hooliganism wanted to use his parents for a money ritual. Lured to the church by the happenings he watched on Emmanuel TV, he decided to have a personal experience of the church by attending a Sunday service in the church. He too had been arrested in the church by the Holy Spirit and had been hosted for about three weeks in the church during which time he enjoyed a diet of Biblical instruction and related lessons. He too was sent home to his parents to invite them to come and be part of the ceremony of his reintegration in society after being certified free from criminal intentions and capable of contributing to the growth and safety of the same society. His mother and sister who had lost contact with him for three years accompanied him to The SCOAN in response to the prophet’s invitation after the initial fear and hesitation. According to the mother, Emmanuel went out of control at the death of his father in 1995 to take to robbery. The mother, Mary Ogbonah by name, disclosed that Emmanuel was the sixth out of eight children they had in their marriage. The sister added that after the death of their father, their relations who should help them to restrain Emmanuel from evil ways abandoned them to their fate. Emmanuel knelt down in apology to his mother and sister as enjoined by the man of God for the bad life he had lived in the past and the pain that had been to the family. In his own testimony, Emmanuel disclosed how humane and people friendly he had become after his deliverance. Before he was delivered, he used to see human beings like animals that could be killed at will. On behalf of Emmanuel TV and Partners, the prophet gave Emmanuel the sum of N200, 000.00, three bags of rice and a scholarship. STUDENT OBTAINS SCOLARSHIP FOR ROOMMATE A moving scene it was when a video clip of last Monday’s noon service was activated and revealed a young man currently a student of Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island pleading with the man of God for financial assistance for his roommate, a 300 level student of Geology who had not been able to resume school in the session because of financial constraints. The roommate in question lost his father in 1994 and had been taking care of his education by his sole efforts. This session, he decided to abandon his studies as he never had the sum of N49,500.00 required to pay his school fees. His plan was to come to the school, pack his books and call it quits to university education. His roommate and friend, Sipi took it upon himself to bring him to The SCOAN where he cried to the man of God to have pity on his friend and render him all the financial assistance he needed to be able to resume studies. In his characteristic quick response to the call of the needy, the prophet gave Sipi’s friend twice the amount of money that he needed for registration this session when he released the sum of N100,000.00 and three bags of rice to him. They both thanked God, the prophet and Emmanuel TV and Partners for the gesture. EMMANUEL TV RELEASES PRISONER AND ENRICHES HIM Mr John Okoh whose death sentence was commuted to life jail and then a miraculous release after spending 22 years in Calabar prison as told in The SCOAN’S Sunday service records of last Sunday also mounted the platform for blessing and reward by the man of God. Mr John who at 45 had spent half of his life in jail was given the sum of N200,000.00 and five bags of rice for which he thanked the man of God promising to spend the money judiciously as he goes to start a new life. FIRE VICTIM GETS CASH GIFT FROM PROPHET Another family that benefited from the church through The Emmanuel TV and Partners was that of Frank Odjugo. On Tuesday of the previous week about 8pm, his attention was drawn to two motor-cycles in flames by the storey building he stayed in. Unknown to him, it was the fire from the ground floor of the building that ignited the motor-cycles. Before long, his children informed him of the inferno in the storey building and they rushed down to save their lives. The fire razed the building to the ground to render the family as a people without a roof over their heads. The man had to immediately look for a make -shift structure to shelter his family until he could recover sufficiently from the shock to plan his life again. He received a cash gift of N500,000.00 and seven bags of rice from the prophet in the interim. The congregation was happy to learn about the continuation of the service on Monday noon where many of them hope to enjoy a closer interaction with the prophet.

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  1. i personally am lost of words..and can only salute Jesus..what we are seing in emanuel TV is Jesus at work using the Man Of God AND THE WISE MAN

  2. Emmanuel Tv really help our faith to grow.May the almighty God continue to bless you man of God.(I requested the wristband I dont know how can it reach me here) once again my address is P.O BOX 134,Ntcheu – MALAWI

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    Mna of thank you very much for the help you are giving to the world.

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    for our salvation. Please Tb Joshua, am problem my children named Hilary Ramadhan and Ibrahim Ramadhan
    had problem to know Mathematics in school, please pray
    for this children, Ibrahim is in form II and Hilary in std. 111. He has also problem of forget, please all the team of scoan pray for this children and also another children is a baby name Faith ramadhan she is one year and 3 month please pray for this children to protect for this problem. I believe all this Anointing water, and I know that Distance is not a Barrier in Jesus name am receive by faith Amen. Lilian Tenga from Mwanza Tanzania

  8. Emmanuel – God with us. If God Almighty is with us who can be against us. Snr Prophet T B Joshua may the good Lord Jesus Christ anoint you more and more and give you more power everyday in your life. Children of God Almighty, God Almighty love’s every one of us, because he sent his son the Lord Jesus Christ to die for one of us and he does a lot of things in our lives and he promised us that if we do his will he will grow us from glory to glory, victory to victory success to success beauty to beauty, from one level to a higher level. The word of God Almighty brings any one out of trouble. God Almighty wants us to be in fellowship with him. Let us give our Lord Jesus Christ his proper position and you will see his Mighty power. I thank the wise man who said let not your situation lead you in a wrong direction. There is a thing which is called immotions. Immotions are a very misleading acts, which can direct someone not to do things of God Almighty, that is not follow his rules and not to love God Almighty. Our loving Father who is in heaven is a loving father. He created us like him. Every body was created with immotions but the best is to control them. If we control our immotions you will see things changing in our lives. For example you will see yourself reading the bible, loving him, praying, praising, worshiping the God Almighty in truth because he is worthy. He is the Alpha and the Omega his word lives and he is our redeemer who lives and he is the creator of the universe and he is the only one who can free us from the bondages of this world if we do his will. If you do Gods way, if some-one say bad things about you. The Holy Spirit will make you not to feel it because it is always in you, the Holy spirit will be your shield every day. Be strengthened by the Lord Jesus Christ and by his vast strength. Snr Prophet T B Joshua said read the Bible more and more and understand about yourself. Let us worship the Lord for what he is. For he has been good to us. The Best is yet to come better is not good enough.

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