Do you know that in Heaven your thoughts are louder than your words? Our thoughts control and dominate us because they are the seed of life. What is the state of your mind? The state of your mind matters. When the Word of God dominates your mind, it will influence  your conduct and behaviour. Without active cooperation of the mind, the Spirit has no means of expressing itself. Your mind must be at its best for God (John 4:20-24)

43 thoughts on “THE STATE OF YOUR MIND

  1. Emmanuel – God with us. If God with us who can be against us.
    Addition of the top passage.
    I used to pray the prayer of Jabez most of the time when I was asking the Lord Jesus Christ to deliver me from the spirit of unforgiveness and bitterness.
    Prayer of Jabez
    1st Chronicles 4 : 9
    But Jabez prayed to the God of Israel. Bless me God and give me much land. Be with me and keep me from anything evil that might cause me pain. God gave him what he prayed for.
    The prayer of Jabez helped me so much because God Almighty answered me like what he did to Jabez.
    Thank you Lord Jesus Christ

  2. Emmanuel – God with us. If God is with us who can be against us.
    The state of the mind
    1 Peter 3 : 15-16
    But have reverence for Christ in your hearts and honor him as Lord Be ready at all times to answer any one who asks you to explain the hope you have but do it with gentleness and respect. Keep your conscience clear so that when you are insulted those who speak evil of your good conduct as followers of Christ will become ashamed of what they say.
    When I was young, when someone annoys me, when I want to revenge there was a strong force which will stop me from revenging till today. I am married for over 26 years the man I got married to for the first 3 years he was acting as a caring husband but my senses used to remind me that I must be prepared when when there is friction in the home. 10 years came and the man started shouting at me in the public, at home, at work or when ever he thinks of attacking he will just attack me for no reason. So this power was always holding me not to revenge. Till today this man is always attacking me saying unpleasant words which makes a person spirits to be so low. I was someone who was not forgiving and very bitter and I had come to a situation when I wanted to commit suscied and my heart was so painful and I used to have head aches all the time taking some painkillers everyday. So one day I decided to use this power which was stopping me from revenging. I used to play Gospel songs, praying all the time at night I would wake up praying for hours and also reading the bible every day. So this demon of unforgiving, bitterness committing suscied went away completely. My mind was always occupied with the word of God Almighty and I used to think if a person is used by the devil to abuse me why should I punish myself with the things of satan and yet there is God Almighty who created me for a purpose and who love’s me. I said to myself why should I allow the devil to destroy me. Till today I keep praying reading my bible listening to gospel music and meditate his word. Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit have become like a shield in my heart and mind. What ever he says will not annoy me. So this man now is saying to me I am mad why is it that you do not revenge. I say to him I am not mad I have handed over my problems to our Lord Jesus Christ. So I should always owner him no matter the situation mighty be. All the people who know about our situation are still puzzled till today. They ask me how am I copping with this man I always tell them that I have handed over my situation to Jesus Christ. I keep my mind and heart occupied with the word of God Almighty and I honor him. No matter he tries to offend me it does not affect me because my Lord Jesus Christ has taken my burdens away and he is in control of every situation. Some of he problems I have done the same thing to them over to Jesus Christ. Some problems I do not have evidence, because you cannot work with suspicion even if people tel you what is happening to your partner
    Love you all children of God Almighty.

  3. It’s very true,out of the abondant of the heart the mouth speaks and when the mouth speaks it produces habit and finally the habit affects the future.Thanks.

  4. man of god and the wise men i thank god for using your people to touch life of the whole world. i pray that god should give you all grace to continue doing the good work of god. man of god nigeria need your prayer in this election. thank you please do remember me in prayer.

  5. Prophet T.B.Joshua i want to you and the whole team of scoan may god bless your for giving your time to help the nation, i want god to help to reach the state of mind.

    Your message is so rich may god give you more grace to to teach us in his name.

  6. Emmanuel- God with us! Thank you for this msg, i pray for a stable state of mind, a mind that only think of serving the Lord. I refuse to let the devil us my mind as his workshop of wickedness for Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. Thank you man of God Prophet T B Joshua for the wonderful work of God that you are doing.

  7. thanks for the encouraging words i hope that the Word of God dominates my mind so that i will be led by the spirit of God. I pray that God will hear my thoughts and answer me. God bless you man of God.

  8. Indeed, as children of God we live by faith n not sight…and whatever we imagine so shall our lives turn out to. Man of God, thank you somuch for this message and I pray that each one of us have learned from it, that if we can position our minds to think in line with the KLingdom of God, then nothing and no one will be able to stand before us…because we have the most powerful weapon which is Faith by imagining what we have to claim as heirs of the promise.

    Besides receiving, our goals should be more on giving. i personally, am a product of offering, in the sense that i have lived with ”strangers than my own family” and the treatment that i have received is awesome…so, in the same way, if one thinks positively and with faith that God is working behind the scene for the anwers we are seeking for, belive me, the devil wont have a part in our lives.

    Thank you my Father for bringing this powerful servant of yours from a despised country inthe world and badly labelled, but today millions are changing their perspectives about Nigeria.

  9. Emmanuel – God with us. If God is with us who can be against us.
    Snr Prophet T B Joshua you are covered buy the blood of Jesus a promise from heaven that is guaranteed to you. Amen

    God Almighty said 1 John 4 vs 4 the last part says:
    The one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. Which means that God Almighty is greater than any other philosopher of this world. So when we want anything we must look unto Jesus Christ because he has the solution to those who believe. Jesus Christ is the answer for every oppression, persecution and many other evil ways of the devil. A philosopher the police or any other forces agents of this world cannot remove what is spiritual, only Jesus Christ can do that. That is why it is important to pray for others and ourselves in truth with a heart which has no bitterness, a forgiving heart, a loving heart and heart which has no any other connection with the devil and the past must be forgotten and also we must read the Bible every time and ask the God Almighty to help you to understand it. Remember that forgiving is unconditional. If we do what God Almighty wants us to do in truth the Holy Spirit will let you have a free state of mind. When your heart is free from all these discrepancies The Holy Spirit will guide or lead you on everything you want and some other breakthroughs in life. Snr Prophet T B Joshua said a few weeks ago on live broadcast that you must stay current and forget about the past.
    Remember people of God that God Almighty is the creator of the universe so we must do his will and resist the devil, why should you sweat for the devil. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for this opportunity.

  10. Lord help me to change my thoughts, and have a positive thought in jesus name. There is power in my mouth and thoughts. What i say in my mind is possible.

  11. Pls how can i locate emmanuel tv am 4rm asaba delta state how can i receive d appointment 4 healing nd deliverance.thanks. 08030632356

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