TB Joshua Gives Pastor Chris’ Member Scholarship!

The Bible says faith works by love – love to God and love to our fellow brothers. Without faith working by love, all else is worthless and compared to it, other things are of small value. Faith thus working by love is all-in-all in our Christianity. This principle is at the heart of everything Emmanuel TV stands for – spending more on others, and less on ourselves…

True love is not conditioned by religion, ethnicity or background Pastor TB Joshua demonstrates with his touching charitable activities, breaking down racial, facial and denominational barriers in the process…

“I have lost hope,” Akin John Akamo, a bright young student of UNILAG (The University of Lagos) lamented. “I can’t afford even N500 for feeding. Just to eat, I am forced to beg – and the date to pay my school fees is tomorrow. Please, man of God – I need your help.” After losing his manual job, John had experienced tough times, his farmer parents in the village with no viable help to offer.

TB Joshua - Love is the greatest of christian virtues

TB Joshua - Love is the greatest of christian virtues

The Christ Embassy member and Accounting student, who was scheduled to pay his outstanding second year school fees the subsequent day, had mere stipends on his person. Almost resigning himself to the fate of a university drop-out, his last-gasp grasp for assistance led him to The Synagogue, Church of All Nations on Sunday 18th August, having witnessed the large heart and generous attitude of TB Joshua via Emmanuel TV.

“How much are the fees?” queried the Prophet. “N59 750 sir,” “Give him N100 000.” John gasped, the crowd roared – hope rekindled in a glorious split-second. “Whatever you receive here, it’s like you receive it from Christ Embassy,” explained Joshua. “It is God Almighty that gives money – the name does not matter.” Proceeding to counsel the beneficiary, Joshua exhorted him to be more committed and dedicated to Christian services within Christ Embassy, led by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. “Go back to your ministry and worship God – we will be your prayer partner. Be in a department where you will be useful for the glory of God, and be more committed in your ministry.” Knowing his difficulty in feeding, three bags of rice were included in the gift.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The prior week, TB Joshua had given N300 000 to a poverty-stricken widow who attended the Roman Catholic church, his passion for the needy not dictated to or determined by any externally induced conditions. The majority of the beneficiaries of Joshua’s extensive charitable programs are not members of his church, a significant number not even Christians. “Your success and happiness depend on your willingness to help others solve their problems,” he said, explaining that Christians are to love first, irrespective of colour, culture, creed or class. “The secret of blessing,” according to the pastor, “is in giving.”

SOURCE: All Voices, Modern Ghana

103 thoughts on “TB Joshua Gives Pastor Chris’ Member Scholarship!

  1. Man of God help me to how i got money to pay my house loan I was suffer for many years I really ask you for pray for me please ! please I am not greedy but i read a bible and watch your program please help me or give a pray than you for your time …..God bless you and your Synagoge Church

  2. sir,am mayowa sir am a ballerballer with a height of 7ft playing basket ,man of God sir all i want is a scholarship to enable me to school.and study and play profeessional basketball and aiso so that i can affect my generation positively sir

  3. Hlw man of God l am working one of fanture in Namibia, bt for me to gt salary end of the manth anless l have castome on my sade. Most of the time l go back home without nt sale pls pray for me to hv castome 3people per day for 6day in Jesus name

  4. How are you Prophet TB Joshua?I am currently studying Bachelor of Engineering honours degree in Electronic eng and expecting to finish the degree next year,May 2015.I do want to study for a Master of science in Electrical Power Engineering thereafter.I am appealing for full financial assistance to pursue the Masters preferably in UK.I am a Zimbabwe currently studying at the National University of Science and Technology in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.Thank you Prophet TB Joshua for reading this.

  5. Gud day man of God.am daniel okorie from nigeria.pls help me i just got admission in national open university of nigeria,to study LAW.AM 2o years old.my registeration and course registeration including school fees is 80k.pls help me .i cn cum wit my documents for formation.registeration will start june/july 20014.08149327382.pls help me .am destiny to be a lawyer.

  6. Man of God pls help me out, I’m a nigerian & student of Anambra state University. I dropped out of school before in my 300 level cos of my school fees, now I’m in another school & in my 300 level yet no money to pay my school fees and house rent, even to feed properly. Pls I need your assistance and support, I don’t want to drop out of school again. I can be contacted wit this number 08030900776

  7. Man of God,am a ghanaian and a northerner and 24yrs.I gained admission into a university to study information and computer technology but i can’t afford my fees.The truth is that i am an orphan and the only son of my mum who is old.Please Man of God i need your help.

  8. Hello daddy am Grace a pastor’s daughter from Cameroon am bless with this media and God’s anointing in you moving through the world touching peoples life’s i pray God continue to strengthen and give you the Grace.

    I wish to find out about the SCOAN scholarship scheme i really want to go back to school but no one to sponsor me. my email is ngufi@yahoo.com


  9. I am seeing amaizing Grace of God. realy Prophet you are changing us from hopeless to hope. man of God I am a woman aged 28. I need help , I applied at UNISA for Bcom in Financial Management, they replied me but due to lack of financies I failed to register for 2013. I am stressed I need a degree. may you help me please so that I can register for 2014. I did my low level studies in Zimbabwe and finish in 2006 , I passed Mathematics D, Accounting B, Management of Business C till now I am failing to have money for higher level.

  10. whether u accept or not, i am ur son bc i love u like u love the world. my life is in ur hands, i put my trust in u, that is all i can do. reach out for me in your prayers please, do not let me go lost in the world of men. Thanks urs son; Ngi Hope. from Cameroon. Cell: 76652201

  11. wow… God indeed is wonderful and his using the man of God senior prophet TB joshua,am not saying this just because of what am seeing but because of what is happening to me too through man of God (tb joshua). You can imagine i had been graduated from high school since 2008 without admission to higher institution but after i was delivered by wise man daniel on the 30-07-2012,now i have been offered admission in three different university both in abroad(canada) even though my parents are not financially capable i still believe my SAVIOUR as a plan for me…

  12. I am girl of 19yers from Ghana and need help daddy. please help me,but is very hard of me to come please adddy here is my phone num 00233245338371.please want you to help me and pray for me in God almight . please if you do not help me mam God you not help iwill homesse.

  13. senior prophet T.B.JOSHUA you are the sent Christ Jesus we have on earth what you have now is the beginning of what god have for you more are coming systematically let them say what they want all we know is you are god sent.

  14. sir i am touch.i am an orphan and a drop out from a private university in cameroon ESG/ISTA where i study banking and finance i need help.MY brother wife has drove me from the house and i can not even pay my rents or feed.Man of God,u are my mentor please help me

  15. I THANK GOD FOR ALL HIS PASTORS especially for his servant T.B.JOSHUA.Ihave been looking for the fruit of the womb for the pasts ten years.Ibelieve with the miracle blessings of GOD through PASTOR T.B.JOSHUA this year will not pass me by.Please pray for me.

  16. I have a dream of starting up a business but i have a challenge of capital so devil want to make my dream fail, so please pray with me or assist me with capital to start up

  17. wonderful is the lord, may God bless you T.D am a Ghanian but i always watch you. please remember me in prayers, i need the anointing on you some man of God, am really testy for God work. i want God to use me, seriously. please if by his grace you got my message pronounce divine word on me my family and my heart. man of God, i need it now please. all about me is in the Lord remember me. may God never pass by me. my story, the story of my family and the challenges an having in my spiritual life. cast your vision into my home, life and mission. please what is the lord saying about me, who am i. please help me find the greatest light of my word and let the Lord in me win

  18. Im very glad with the works of the man of God.im desparately in need for a Tertiary funding im currently studing at a University in Zimbabwe but life is not rosy at all for it is vey expensive,pliz help me.

  19. pastorTB JOSHUA i must confess is a wonderful gift by god to this generation his prophies healing deliverance humanitarian and philanthrophic work will only be rewarded by god i pray that God should bless him and continue to use him for the salvation of mankind i look up to the day God will use him to delliver me of hiv curses poor vision which i have suffered for a long time especially as an orphan and also an unemployed graduate

  20. I’M a widow, i like to come to S inagogue church of all nation, i cant aford to pay for the fairs,to be deliveredon my family curses, my house is full of demons. please can u help me please man of God?. u are real man of God.

  21. pls sir, your financial support and your prayer is needed, i’m graduated in uni-ibadan,before i’got my admission, my plane was to join army while about 26 people has to me that i have call of God on my neck, pls sir i’ need your financial support for going to theology school in abroad; from ELETTA JOSEPH 07037805546 .thanks sir and i believe God in you sir


  23. God is good, to create the most wonderful man to this earth to help the needy, the man called TB Joshua is a man of salvation, he thought me how give, in cheerful giver, putting my feet in the way of salvation.
    This generation shall not forget your path

  24. thanks you very for your commitement to word of the Almighty God.
    Man of God pray with me that i may get scholarship to further my study about God`s word in order to be much active because education is very vital in God`s service.
    your Faithful
    Rev. Peter Nyok Padiet

  25. I have seen the works of anointed water send me one in Botswana i don’t money to come over but i’m not enjoying my and i have financial problems, my address is P.O Box 4 Palapye Botswana Cell No +267 71782097

  26. pls i want to study at ukraine and i need help so pls help me no financialist and i have my papers complete so that is why am wondering no sponsoral pls help me and am sure there would be help from you thanks number 08139500912 thanks

  27. greetings to you to man of God T.B Joshua and all scoan members i always watch you on tv in Botswana i salute you U a really anointed i would like to visit you one day but the problem is money. May God increase the anointing in your life, can i get a phone to talk to you atleast mine is +267 71782097

  28. Pastor T. B. Joshua, You are God-sent to deliver the world from the tentacles of the devil. God richly bless you so that you continue the work you are doing to humanity both materially and spiritually. Do not be detracted by the enemies and the agents of the devil in human bodies. Their time will be over soon because the Almighty God reigns supreme.

  29. Ever since I started watching Emmanual T.V.Great things happened in my life,I now have faith in everything and nothing seems Impossible.May the Lord Bless T.B Joshua for the great works he is doing which builds the Kingdom of God.

  30. Thanks to the heavenly father for the man of God. Please pray for me to b selected to the university.

  31. we thank God for the life of the prophet,he is really a channel of blessing to this generation.I remember the first time i met him personally.he inspired me in so many ways and am so grateful to God for such a life time opportunity.he is such a man full of the grace of God.May God continue promoting him each and everyday.

    Lackson kilele,Ndola.Zambia

  32. I thank God for pastor’s live, God is performing marvelous miracles through pastor Joshu. I watch Emmanuel DVD and has opened my eyes

  33. We thank God for the great work you are doing on the surface earth. May Our Almighty Lord prolong your stay on earth.

    Prophet, my wife (Maureen Nyirongo) and I would like to come to the Synagogue of All Nations to see you. Both of us have problems and we would like you to see us. If permission can be granted by you man of God, we would like to travel in August 2010. I have been sending emails since last year, but I do not receive replies.
    May God reachly bess you, Prophet.

    Davies Nyirongo, Solwezi, Zambia

  34. Prophet T.B.Joshua may god give you long life and good health .I believe oneday god will make us to see you personally and receive our blessing.You are a really man of god,i pray that you ministry will continue to grow and the lord is your strength.

  35. I am grateful that others can see that he is the man of God.i wish i was a Nigerian citizen to fellowship@synagogue but my heart is with u always praying with u as u are praying 4 us,real u r the man Of GOD I DNT DOUBT

  36. As for me i know my God.I know what he is capable of doing.I am a leavin testimony of God ‘s word just by watching T B Joshua and other Man of God.I have changed totaly.Prophet T B Joshua is the real man of God.He is the one after God’s heart.Just check in the Bible god has his ways which are not ur ways.Every man has his own ladder.And there is nothing new under the sun.U know i use to fight when people talk bad things about man of God but now God showed me that he can fight his fights.My faith has grown to knowledge.I know my God.

  37. Prophet TB Joshua is really my mentor. I”ve now changed my way of worshipping, relating to other people and giving with love. I’m really into helping the needy that my children and workmates have given me a nickname “giving to the needy”!! As soon as I get home from work I rush to my bedroom to close my door to watch emmanueltv. I pray and hope that one one day I’m going to get a reply to my applications to visit SCOAN and see TB JOSHUA on one on one. I’m sure that will be the day of my life and would like my spirit of giving the needy blessed by God

  38. if following Jesus Christ brings such hope in the life of many then i rededicate my life to Him, i have been following you through all your open channels and i am changing even in my giving , when i saw Dickson yesterday and the change he has undergone through since last year January, the i have faith that i have changed. thanks. kamaru i am based in Marsabit , kenya

  39. I was reading all you PROFFECIES / PREACHES i am experiencing changes in my life .PASTOR i will tell more after the the approval of my joining as member.I didn;t have job but now I am fully imployed .Through your PREACHING / IN THE NAME OF GOD I know I wll achieve more .THANK YOU PASTOR.I AM BASED IN ZIMBABWE.

  40. Thank God For Prophet TB Joshua I Hope ONE day ,somehow,somewhere even if it is not in this world we shall meet.I believe that by watching ur on screen all my problems are solved and all the blessings i shall Receive,Zimbabwe realy wishes to have u here if it is God’s WILL

  41. i thank GOD for the man of God,i ve learnt to give,kindley ask the prophet to pray for me that i will do the work of GOD lead by the holy spirit.we are 4 and started a charity ministry.To GOD be the glory .i need GOD to say something in my life.my contact +260 977 934 677.continue the good work

  42. ihave read many time your rapsody itis good so much
    and ihave got that you pray many things ihave prablem
    of school fees pleas pray formw and if itis posible helpe me in that probrem and i believe that GOD CAN CHANHE MY LIFE THINK YOU IM IN NDIA KNOW

  43. T B Joshua is a real man of God and distance is not a barrier. I always watch Emanuel tv I just pray that one day I visit scoan. Keep on praying for me so that God can give me school fees for my children, mainly the one in the university they are opening soon and I have no where to source fees of about 100,000 kwacha,please man of god pray for me

  44. l do appreciate wat the man of God is doing on this planet earth.my desire is to visit the scoan,since june 2009,but it seems forever.was told 2 complete the questionnares,of which l did.l then called was told to phone the prayerline,afta the prayerline was told there was no nid 4 me to visit the scoan.now l dont know wat to do.who qualifies to visit the scoan then,maybe u dont want visitors from Africa.

    please clarify on this.

  45. Glory be given to Almighty God to have sent Prophet T.B.Joshua to our generation.i personally believe he is heaven sent because there is no how an odinary person can perform the miracles he does.He is God’s chosen and devine anointed by God himself.
    Wow i am realy blessed to have met him in person.

  46. Ithank God for the man of GOd propher TB Joshua for what he is doing by helping the needy. Iam also asking for help for my daughter who need school fees to the univesity of Malawi for a parrallel program which i can not manage to pay because of the money i get.and the fee is K120 000.00 Malawi kwacha per semister.Man of God please help me. Distance can not be the barrier.God bless you abadantly.

  47. i thank GOD for you oh man of GOD i using to see ur ministry in channel even in net , also i saw ur fisrt church and the way that GOD using u in different way i reay happy i like the way of ur preaching ur very humble i believe GOD will use u in the that u have not see.my last word to u dont concentrate only in nageria but u visit other countries come to sudan – 00249911307971 is my phone

  48. Since i watch Emmanuel Tv i learned that being born again its not enough but giving to the needy is what pleases God because God Himself He gave first. I thank God that through You TB Joshua my Faith will never be the same

  49. I have a strong desire to visit the synagogue since 2008. I dont suceed. I had two dreams where the prophet praid for me that brout more hunger to come. When I phone the phone dont go through I get a message that say MTN not available. Please pray for me for the lord to open doors for me. The prophet is a gift from God. I listen to his preaching everyday, he is a really servant of God. Full of love, patients righteousness and very carrying. With amazing quotes inspired by the Holy Spirit. I do love and appreciate God more because of the prophet TB Joshua. Sibongile South Africa.

  50. I thank God for the man of God Pastor T B Joshua. Thank you for great job you are doing in Jesus name.

    My name is Naomi from Zambia, was found with tumor in lung. sometimes finds in diffucilt to breath in very tight rooms. Please let dad pray for me please. My number is 0977 796606, Lusaka Zambia.

  51. Man of God, may God gives you greater grace to do more and more anointing. you are a blessing to the whole world. i love you man of God.
    Man of God, i can not stop thinking of you avery single day your name is always in my mouth. how i wish i get the opportunity of attending sunday service in lagos nigeria.
    Man of God, join me in pray for my long life, breakthrough, favour and blessing.
    i need ur direct email or phone number to to pray for me since i don;t have means to come to nigeria now, going through financial crisis and i’m huge debt. i need Jesus to deliver me out. Help me Man of God. my PHONE NUMBER: +9710558182906/ +971505808698.

  52. You have demonstrated all the qualities of a good leader in the last Christmas,your gift was not only given to the poor and needy but we could see you carrying bags of rice on your head.What a true leader you are! If all leaders could have one third of your quality, the world would be a better place for all of us.May the Almighty God give you the grace to heal and bless more and more people in Jesus name. amen. You are a blessing to the whole world. Thank you man of God

  53. You have demonstrated all the qualities of a good leader in the last Christmas,your gift was not only given to the poor and needy but we could see you carrying bags of rice on your head.What a true leader you are! If all leaders could have one third of your quality, the world would be a better place for all of us.May the Almighty God give the grace to heal and bless more and more people in Jesus name. amen. You are a blessing to the whole world. Thank you man of God


  55. thank yu t,b joshua for the greaty work u are doing .i really appreciate that you are doing great things may god bless youy.truely distance is not barrier

  56. I have been enlightened by your mercurial inspiration.Now i know that what i have been reading in the bible are things that has happen in the past.Is it healing? You have demonstrated it in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.May God give you more strenght, power and above all the grace to continually heal people of their afflictions in Jesus name. Amen. Thank you prophet TB Joshua.

  57. i thank God for the lives of all men of GOD.where would the world be without you. Thnk you for honouring the call of God and doing it in abediance and faithfulness.I love you Phophet and i do believe God will grant me the grace to meet you one day.To the rest of the emmanuel team, keep doing what you do.reaching out to lost souls for Jesus.I supppport everything that the ministry is about especially helping out the poor and the physically challenged.i love you and stay blessed

    pheladi (south africa)

  58. i believe in what God is doing with and through Prophet TB Joshua, anyother person that is comfortable with it should go to hell. i have never heard or seen in the bible where the devil healed a person of a disease. carry on Prophet, thank God you came at this moment of our live as a nation and as a people. god bless you so much

  59. I will like to join the scoan choir,I have the vice to sing for God.I am computer operator. I work in a cafe at Iba Estate.

  60. I do attend church in my tv set every saturday&sunday by watching emmanuel tv till close down.May God in his own power and wisdom give the prophet more wisdom to withstand and understand his detractors,more prophesies to guard mankind,more healing powers to heal the afflicted and hope for the hopeless.May God bless and give you long,protect you from your detractors and enemies.

  61. when i first started watching Emmanuel tv i had a dream that i was amongst the congregation and when the first service ended to go out i was contemplating to myself whether to pass infront or at the back of Pastor T.B. Joshua. but i decided to pass infront of him. what was the dream all about. My phone number is 0977303279 – Zambia

  62. Emmanuel t.v i the only station we watch at home, it a blessing and an inspiration to my family. We can’t wait for the day we get to meet the man of God or visit his church. My the almighty continue blessing him and his house hold.Amen
    Dorothy, Zimbabwe

  63. Emmanuel t.v is the default channel in my house. My wife and I are looking forward for the day we will have an encounter with the Holy Spirit through His humble servant, Prophet T.B Joshua. May God multiply the Prophet’s life a thousand times. Amen.

  64. Ever since I was born 26 years ago I have never known any great prophet like Prophet T.B Joshua. He is truely a man of God. God should continue blessing him and use him mightly. I wish I could see him face to face and have his mighty and glorious touch, but Zambia is just too far. Just remember in your prayers man of God.

  65. Hi emmanuel tv and Prophet T.B Joshua,
    Its such a blessing to have a man like you in the midst of the whole world.Your presence is such a moving experience every time I watch you.remember,no single day passes without you preaching to my home.Keep Good works ,the reward is divinity.Pray for my family and my sick mother and I know she will get her healing in jesus name.Advise on how i can get closer to prophet T.B Joshua.


  66. Its inspiring to note such Potentate men transforming lives and reforming nations. as Jesus said greater works shall we do in his name. Lets unite as believers to BUILD PEOPLE BUILD DREAMS

  67. May God Bless both TB Joshua and Pastor Chris. I wish people in West and South Africa know how blessed and Loved they are by God. I really envy you.Please stay at the feet of those Men of God there is a lot to grab from them.
    Remain blessed.

  68. I know one think, is that the Lord JESUS comes for every person who believes in HIM. No matter you belong to this denomination or that. If i confess JESUS as my Lord and my Saviour, i have to accept the confession of another person. The Lord JESUS said that He can not reject anyone who comes in Him.
    In brief, one thing has ceated the world: is LOVE

  69. we are so greateful to God for have raised men of great valour in nigeria who are not only expounding the word but also demostrasting its efficacy.But i would like to encourage the brethren who are trying to distict members of pastor chris and tb joshua by quoting the net that pastor tb joshua has given a scholarship to pastor chris’ member.this is ematurity in faith because pastor chris and tb joshua are just servants of the most high.they don’t have people and restriction on how God can bless or reach out for his people .God can either use pastor chris or tb joshua to bless anyone regardless of where he/she congregates.we are all of the household of God, it should not concern us how God uses his servants .in whichever way it happens we should just give God the glory not starting to even reporting on the internet even quoting the names of peoples pastor who have been helped.i would also like to challenge the brethren from the sinagogue to stop mentioning the churches where people who are assisted come from.because the prophet tb joshua is for the world not for the alone.i do not belong to christ embassy but i take both pastor chris and tb joshua as my parents in the lord.let respect all the men of God not only those we fall under,this will breat even the barriersof affilliation.GIVEN KATEMA–ZAMBIA

    • Hi Given. Thanks for the comment.

      Just to clarify, TB Joshua is very clear on this issue – we are one body in Christ Jesus, irrespective of the church you belong to. When God comes to enquire of His worshipers, the question will not be – who worshiped in Synagogue, Christ Embassy, Redeemed, Winners etc. – but who worshipped in Spirit.

      However, it is important for the people concerned to mention the churches they are from, not to belittle or shame those churches, but rather as a testimony to the importance of unconditional love, and further as an encouragement to members of other churches to do the same.

      The charitable activities shown on Emmanuel TV are not to show off, but to serve as an incentive and motivation to others to also reach out to the less privileged in their community. For as the prophet says, “The secret of blessing is in giving”. As a result of what is shown on Emmanuel TV, many people have started foundations to help the less privileged – and lives world over are being impacted. This is the purpose of record – not to boast, but to point the way.


  70. you truly are a man of God.i cant wait to meet you someday face to face.it will be a great day indeed for my people.it is especially pleasing to witness a man in love with God,for ua living my childhood dream which i still hope for.may the LORD RICHLY BLESS YOU FOREVER.Ubless my soul and watching you helps me grow.thank u and thank you Jesus for the prophet!

  71. Alot to learn from the man in the Synagogue.
    Its all about Jesus, it is about love. There must be love between one who give and one who receive. The love centred by Jesus Himself. Glory to God.

  72. Deseo me conteste que posibilidad hay que el Profeta TB Joshua venga a realizar Cruzada en Ecuador Sur America estoy a la orden para organizarle TENGO VIDEOS DE LOS GRANDES Milagros hechos por Dios a travez de su siervo
    contesteme via Email
    Soy el Pastor Jimmy Bastidas Suarez de Guayaquil Ecuador Sur AMERICA

  73. Deseo organizar cruzadas en Ecuador y Peru Sur America con el Profeta TB Joshua
    Soy el Pastor Jimmy Bastidas, Pastor fundador de la Iglesia Hosanna en la Ciudad de Guayaquil Ecuador

  74. how r u sir please i am an urphant a native of kwara state please i would like to come and see u specially but i am very hard up please sir here my phone num 07031610866 plz i want u to help me i pray that GOD almighty should work through ur life [amen]byeeeeeeeeee

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