June 13, 2012

The following testimony from an Emmanuel TV viewer in Zambia echoes the truth that many situations we encounter today have a spiritual root. When a problem has gone beyond the power of nature, it has become a curse. Who can remove a curse but God? Who else can justly do it? It is none other than our Lord Jesus Christ!

We pray your faith will continue to be shifted to another level as you read this testimony:

“Emmanuel! From 11th to 20th April 2012, my brother Brian Zandala fell ill from a very strange disease. He began behaving in a strange and confused manner. It rapidly deteriorated to the point where he was not responding to people and couldn’t move on his own. He was admitted to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Lusaka and put in intensive care. In hospital, the doctors found it difficult to explain to us what was going on. All we could see was that he was going downhill fast. He would just lie down on the bed, barely moving and not communicating with anyone.

“During the course of his affliction, I sent a prayer request for his healing to the Emmanuel TV website. I also took his picture and placed it on the screen of my television when Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying on Emmanuel TV. That night, something wonderful happened! In a vision I saw Prophet T.B. Joshua near UTH praying for someone lying on a hospital bed, although I could not see the face of the person. Suddenly, I saw a big snake come out from the head of the one on the bed and the hole in which it passed through closed instantly. When I woke up that same day, I immediately rushed to the hospital to check on my brother.

“To the glory of God, I arrived to see him walking on his own! The doctors couldn’t explain it but said that he just woke up and began behaving rationally and normally as if nothing had ever happened. Ever since his admission to UTH, he had been unable to move, let alone walk. The following day on 21st April he was discharged. Since then, he has been completely restored back to his original position. Praise Master Jesus. Emmanuel!”

Sgt. Mutenge Zandala, Zambia

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  1. I thank God Almighty because of his servant Senior Prophet T B Joshua ,Wise men ,SCOAN members and Staff of EMMANUEL TV and everyone who took part part on T B Joshua’s ministry for the good work your doing worldwide .May the good good LORD Bless you and your families . AMEN

  2. Pliz man of God deliver me from spiritual attacks

  3. my name is Salmah K. yekeh, I’m a Liberian, Being connected by way of the internet I know what ever propheted delaration that has been release by the prophet TB Joshua will showly come to pass in my life in the name of Jesus chirst. I connected my self now ! amen.

  4. I’m a Liberian, Being connected by way of the internet I know what ever propheted delaration that has been release by the prophet TB Joshua will showly come to pass in my life in the name of Jesus chirst. I connected my self now ! amen.

  5. man of God thanks for your ministry. kindly pray for restoration of my business and family

  6. Prophet d sent man of God pray for me.lam dropping in weight. This comes up after vomiting & stooling.This will happen after another month making me go slim & slim.My digestion system so slow with most time constipation.Diabetic patient.

  7. Prophet d sent man of God pray for me.lam dropping in weight. This comes up after vomiting & stooling.This will happen after another month making me go slim & slim.

  8. Praise the lord man of God.
    for sure the distance is not an obstacle for the healing from the Almighty God.
    Please man of God Emmanuel lets keep connected through faith in finding solution for my marriage life through the power of The Almighty God. for sure I need seriously prayers. thanks in advance.

  9. Thank you Jesus , thanks for the love you have shown on the cross.

  10. man of god im still waiting for deliverence in jesus name

  11. Distance is not a barrier, nothing is impossible to God!

  12. Thank you Lord Jesus for your mercy upon our lives. Man of God please pray for me – I need to be healed from HIV

  13. Glory be to GOD for the wonderfull thing he has done onto our lives amen

  14. Man of God please pray for me I need deliverance,And I believe distance is not a barrier.

  15. Man of God pray 4 me I need spiritual breakthrough I want to connect with God in a higher level, I need Him more than ever in my life.

  16. Man of God,

    Please help me pray to find a solution for my financial situation.
    I am financially broken. I am in debt of thousand of dollars and can barely make ends meet. Please pray for me to find a solution for this situation.

    • I am in the same situation. trusting God for finances to sort out debts i put myself in. i hate poverty with a passion. my relatives are not happy with my good life they have gone to witches to bring me down.. man of God i need a divine intervention.

  17. Man of God please pray for me i need a job am abouting droping in an oil company please help me

  18. Emmanuel , indeed God is with us, God bless our daddy in the Lord senior Prophet T.B. Joshua and the five wise men for availing themselves for the power of God to use as vessels to deliver the people, nations and the world.

    Oh Lord Jesus, help the whole world to believe and trust in you always and to do your will. Thank you Lord Jesus.

  19. Pls Man of God put me in paryers for complete healing and purification of my blood from HIV.

  20. Distance is not a barrier indeed!!! faith is our connection.
    Thank you Jesus,indeed God can do all things. the anoiting has restored my aunity’s life in Jesus Name! i want to come there and give testmony i dont have anything i could bring my aunty and cousion to testisfy this thank be to God who empower you ma of God Bring for our Country ( Botswana) to have wonderful rain and…………

  21. Amen

  22. I believe tht jesus works

  23. Amen thank u Jesus.

  24. pls man of god pray for me i lost evrythng my job my career pls include me in your prayers

  25. i pray that God will also touch me because what i learnt from this testmony is that distance is not a baryer.

  26. My mother wants to come and give testimony too, but she do not know the process because she taught that they send letter to people home and she has been expecting the letter all this while, please Man Of God, direct my Mum on how to go for her testimony, thank Sir, God bless you, your family and all members of SCOAN in Jesus Name.

  27. Pls, man of God pray for since i been suffering from my one ear deaf, and i been facing so many divers financial problems and even my marrital life serious challenges. This is my 08037698314

  28. Pls, man of God pray for me since i was born i had been suffering with one of my ear deaf, and secondly i had been facing divers financial curses and failures in my academic study and even in my marrital life. pls man of God pray for me. thank you sir.

  29. Man of god pls pray for
    Me I have been going through hell since 1996 rise and fall fornication garder. And. Scarter. I based in ibadan. And I am owning a lot of dept. Pls pray for me so that my bussiness will be moving again my name is chidozie dike thanks

  30. Thank You J-E-S-U-S

  31. Glory be to Almighty God Emmanuel

  32. Emmanuel you helped many people including me and my familly may the lord protect you and your family too , i was strugling to finish my house but through the charnel distance is not a barrier i manage my wife is also pregnant for the third born it was over a year since she stop using contraceptive Amen

  33. Lord pls I need a place to work, where I applied the manager said he will call me. I want GOD to touch his heart and call me to come and start work. Man of God pls pray for me so dat my request will b granted in jesus name. I say dis request through faith.

  34. That is God,the God of wonders only believe,if you believe,miracle will follow.Ithank God of Prophet T.B Joshua for transforming alot of people,through Emanuel tv,INDEED DISTANCE IS NOT ABARRIER,God bless you,Amen!!

  35. Pls man of God i need a husbandand children. A God fearing man who is loving,caring and faithful to God md his family.
    Pls man of God help me. I feel like dying.



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  38. Man of God Help me I am Elsie Keeja from Namibia I get promotion to Ministry of Works in Windhoek the city of Namibia but the person who working with my file don’t want to sent the appointment letter to me she/he is lying with my document at their table plz help me

  39. To God be the glory for His wonderful works.

  40. I pray, Father, that you open a door for the Word, so the Man of God may speak forth the mystery of Christ; and that they may make it clear in the way they ought to speak

  41. Praise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD. He is an awesome God. Halleluyah!!!

  42. hallelujah

  43. indeed GOD is a wanderful healer and distance is not a barrier

  44. Amen! And I receive my miracles in jesus’ name. This testimony has lifted my faith even more. If God has done it for this family, he’ll definately do it for me and my family. Father I thank you and may you continue blessing you man of God.

  45. Amen brother God is powerful

  46. Indeed distance not a barrier, glory be to God

  47. Halleluyah! Praise the Lord!

  48. All things are possible with GOD. There is nothing that GOD cannot do and nothing he dors not known. Bless his holy name.

  49. Our God is a God of miracles…Amen and we thank God for restoring our dear sister’s brother…Amen.


  51. God is great nd nothing is imposible with God

  52. I hope our prayer requests are not published and I hope you keep them confidential. Thank you son of God’s disciples

  53. Thank u , may th lord our saver be with us, my miracle is still on th way

  54. when JESUS accended to heaven he said I’m not leaving you alone.Children of the Living God we have the comforter in the man of God snr prophet T. B. Joshua. Glory be to the most high.

  55. Man of God pray 4 my Country Kenya. We are smealling the elections and the past one things were not good in my Kenya. whe praying remember us.

  56. Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth the king of Zion the Lion of tribe Judah and the loard of senior prophet Tb Joshua i thank you for your almighty power and your presence in my life.I bless your holy name may your name be glorified in all situations in Jesus name amen!!!

  57. Man of God pls help me pray for my family,d family of late christian Ngozika osuafor.is just as if we have writting off from this planet earth.man of God pls help us.I stii blive that distance is not a barrier.

  58. I believe in the word and blood of Jesus. I believe the test I’m gonna receive I few minutes will be negative in Jesus name. Amen!

  59. Please God of senior prophet TB Joshua heal me in Jesus Christ name from this headache am having.Man of God pray for me am having headache and pray for my lattitudes,my marriage to be stable in Jesus name!

  60. my beloved, fellow believers in the lord, the lord jesus christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. hes is always ready to supply our every needs. that includes healing, poverty eradication, marital insuficiencies, breakthroughs etc. let us just hold on to his teaching for he always watches over his word for perform it. may the good God grant us all our desires in jesus name.


  62. i greet you all in the name of our lord and servior Jesus Christ.Please man of God Senoir prophet TB Joshua and people of God help me to pray for my child she has been in the hospital for three days now.the condition is like short time well sudenly bad.May God Omighty who answers by fire send the holygost fire to consume any unclean spirit that has been cousing sickness and disease in my family.

  63. We indeed serve a living God. I pray my miracle follows soon too. To God be the Glory.

  64. Praise God;he is the God of miracles and wonders to all those who belve,glory be to God becos he never fails.

  65. Thanks Jesus halleluyaaaaaaaaaa!

  66. PEOPLE OF GOD I NEED THE ANOITING STICKER AND ANOITING WATER.PLEASE HELP.MY EMAIL IS seitshirot@bbs.co.bw and address P o box 155,Lobatse,Botswana

  67. That’s stunning. Praise the lord!

  68. to be God the glory

  69. really GOD is great, i really thank GOD. He is so wonderfull

  70. I believe in the prophet T b his a God sent to this generation . May God give him the strength to continue his work in jesus name Amen

  71. I hear you

  72. God is every were always pray to him and obey his law emmanuel

  73. Pray fo mi man of god am jobless suffering from tomarch operatio I believe that jesus wll heal mi amen

  74. to God be the glory. our god is able.

  75. Than God for a Gift he has given us like Prophet T. B. Joshua – Man of God a sister is very sick from much up to dateis just in and out of the hospital all our her pension is used in buying drugs but still the same please pray for us.

  76. dear Lord send the anoiting rain from heaven to deliver all the rivers in Nigeria.Because most of the conffessions we hear when the demons are manifesting when we are watching deliverance on Emmanuel tv is that they come from rivers or are marrin spirit. may God Almighty shawer the anoitng rain to deliver all the posesed rivers in Jesus Christ name!

  77. Thank you father for your Mercy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. To God be the glory! Man of God pray for my doughter Natasha she has been sick of Diarrhea and vomiting for two days now.she was given some medicine but the response is very slow.

  79. Wow! Aewsome! What a God we serve? Glory and Honour be unto Him forever and ever

  80. Thank you Jesus


  82. the grace is available and God is faithfull

  83. As I join you in thanking God Almighty for the miracle it is my prayer that God will also heal my brother Vincent Mwansa who has been suffering from epilepsy for the past 19 years.AMEN

    • hi justin, that healing is a sign tht our lord is the same yetday today and forever more. thank u for the step of faith u took on behalf of yo brother. may the lord keep touching your life.what he did in the old testmnt he is still doing it today at a faster rate cause of the technology and the men of God like TB JOSHUA.

  84. Thanx be to God, i pray i recieve my own healing in Jesus Name, ‘amen.

  85. amen! distance no a barrier! im impressed, GLOLY BE TO GOD! AMEN

  86. Glory be to GOD ALMIGHTY,the GOD of my father Prophet T.B.JOSHUA

  87. Strange things happen in people’s lives. Lets jus thank e God of Prophet TB Joshua 4 healing him. Wen Jesus says yes no1 can say no. I also pray dat man of God deliver m from spiritual husband. If Jesus hs solved big problems wat s mine to him.

  88. Emmanuel! God’s awesome. His ways defies science and all the collective wisdom of men. Senior prophet T.B Joshua is God’s mighty man of this generation and am very happy he came in my time.

  89. Emmanuel ! God is same today and forever,he is still saying something through his prophet TB Joshua. while he was prayer for viewers all over the world , was was in the batail field. My God not only heal bless he also give power of his sword of spirit to walk over the enemies. praise The lord for his mighty power

  90. Heyyyyy!!! People are very weacked.our “Oga” Jesus is more than able to release us from their teeth and weackedness.
    For true distance is not a barrier
    Glory be to God

  91. My name is Naishiyeanna paulo mollel,i need to visit SCOAN ,i fill questionnaire form on 27th may2012,then after three days i call but i didnt get any feedback up to now,please i need to come there because i have millions of problems.

  92. Thank you Jesus. Man of God how can i get anointing water & anointing stickers, I am in Bulawayo second capital city of Zimbabwe

  93. Emmmanuel, thank god for the miracle, GOD is the only cure, no body else, thanks for the life of the cured
    boy, but iam far way from Nigeria how can i get
    anoiting water? T.B joshua please pray for me and my family we are in trouble.

  94. By his stripes, we were healed. That is our Jesus alright! Thank you heavenly father. May God continue to pour more anointing to his able servant
    TB Joshua and also support Emmanuel TV. Jesus!!!!!

  95. wonder working jesus glory be thy name forever more

  96. Thank you Jesus! You are indeed always there for us. Thank you Jesus for the life of Prophet TB Joshua who is changing this world each and everyday, thank You for fulfilling Your Word. We are indeed inspired and I pray that God should bless and give you Prophet TB Joshua strength to accomplish His mission. Christ Jesus have mercy upon my family. I know I am alive today just by Your grace, continue the good work You are doing through Prophet TB Joshua. I give You Praise and honour Christ Jesus. Amen

  97. Please man of God my name is Mishech. pray for me let God touch my life and my health. i m having pain in my whole body all over my body is paining me . Man of God pray for me from kidney failure and lack of blood may God heal me in Jesus name Amen

  98. Glory be to Jesus.I thank God for the man of God prophet TB Joshua for his miraculous works.please man of God pray for my family the spirit of death since I know Distance is not a barrier pray for my brother Mishech

  99. Ijust want to thank you man of God for the great work you are doing
    Well distance is not a barier one day i will see myself there that is my wish may Godbless you.Grow,Grow old man of god

  100. Man of GOD please pray for me i wnt to be delivered in Jesus name

  101. JESUS CHRIST is our only redeemer. Through HIM we live and we are victors by HIS grace… May HIS name be glorified Forever and Ever more! Emmanuel

  102. God is same today and forever,he is still saying something



  104. praise be to the God Almighty for wonderful testimonies such as these. to God be the Glory! Amen.

  105. My father in the Lord, prophet T.B Joshua will you asked our Master to take you to Hell and come back to teach us of what HE has revealed to you. is it possible or you do not want to visit the hades………………………. what about heaven wow ………………………

  106. pra1se the lord!hallelujah! man of the loving living God pray for my marriage,my extended family and my 1yr 2months doughter to start working with her feets in Jesus name,GOD’s time is the best and i believe God’s time miracles.Blessed be you HOLLY NAME JEHOVAH in JESUS name.

  107. Am waitn 4 Gods annoitn in my life bcos de Bible said in psalm 125 that those who wait on de lord shall renew thier strength in de lord.Amen

  108. what else can we say but to glorified the lord our god. bless him for his support for mankind.

  109. Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ for wonderful works. Awesome God. Thank you Jesus Christ.

  110. Praise God,may I have encounter my own testimony through dis website

  111. I request prayers for the spirit of death in my family,i had a dream and saw my father dead

  112. Jesus is Lord. He’s Emmanuel -God with us. Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ our savour and master.

  113. Please pray for my sister to heal from stroke, in Jesus name. Amen

  114. Jesus is realy our healer, by his punishments we are healed.

  115. Praise the living God!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the master healer and he heals permanently.

  116. My name is kamal dini from Ghana.i seek enternal wisdom,healing,favore and restoration.amen

  117. Thanxs b to God.wit God all is well

  118. JESUS! To u I give all power glory honour & adoration.

  119. emmanuel.emmanuel emmanuel.i love you jesus

  120. Jesus we Thank You.

  121. It’s true i agree what the man of God senior prophet T.B Joshua said on his 49th birthday that he shall prophecy and see which he shall live to see accomplished.You are a real man of God i can see little some changes in my life since 12th june,2012.May God anoit you more and in Jesus name so you can serve more many lives arround this conaminated word

  122. Glory be to GOD!!! Thank you Jesus for the life of our brother. Satan is a lier.

  123. To God be the glory. Thank u man of God


  125. Please Man of God pray for me to get job, I want to help my family & the less fortunate

  126. what a wonderful and marvellous God we serve.blesed be the his HOLLY name in Jesus name.

  127. The hospital is there for treatment and God is there to heal. God is alive,wonderful,amaizing and he lives and to him everything impossible to human is possible, have faith in him.

    • Glory be to Jesus.I thank God for the man of God prophet TB Joshua for his miraculous works.please man of God pray for my brother who is suffering from kidney problems nd less blood please help my family from unknown deaths and suddendeaths in Malawi

  128. Emmanuel ,i need prayers for my family and myself ,

  129. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you my brother Brian Zandala .Our Lord Jesus loves us he can do all things which are good for us. Keep trusting and beileve him. Emmanuel

  130. glory be to God for this great testimony i know mine will be mightily done by God. Man of God please pray for my dad for deliverance from occultic powers ,the devil and restoration of his business i am waiting to testify more of God’s wonders….

  131. Glory be to God.thank God for using his anointed one prophet t.b joshua to set us free from satanic grip.may ur anointing never cease flowing.u restore back hope to the hopeless.u are my mentor.pls i need prayer against the spirit of limitation in my life & business and i will like to visit.EMMANUEL.

  132. We thank God, for his Kingdom is indeed come. May the name our Lord Jesus Christ be praised.

  133. When you believe and have faith eberything is poaaible god still operate miracles man of god pray for my family thimgs are not moving well finances business

  134. Please man of God help me by healin my with Hiv/Aids.and let the blessin comes over me.

  135. Jesus is Supreme!!

  136. In thur name of jesus l need help and prayers l want to fulfil my dreams to have a drivers licence and it is my wish since l was born anyone can help me …zimbabwe bulawayo 8855 cowdrypark p o box luveve or my cell 00263779014996 l need to help my mother and sister cauz my father died more than 12years ago no house working 6months a year earng less than 500 dollars a year help me plz

  137. Indeed D Lord is at work through His prophet senior prophet TB JOSHUA.God is Great.Praise D Lord.

  138. i thank god for this man glory be too god

  139. Oh jesus! You are such a wonderful saviour. May ur blood help save me and keep me clean,safe and get me out of dis miserable life full of poverty,no jobs. Lord jesus deliver me and make me a born again christian.AMEN!!

  140. God is good all d time l praise him for using his servant prophet Tb Joshua

  141. Man of God pliz help me.i have a persistent embarassing problem tht only God can show you.another is tht i need to go to canada for my undergraduate studies but i cannot find a scholarship.pliz help me.i passed my O’levels with 2A*s,6As and 1B.I JUST NEED TO BE SOME1 GREAT SO THAT I CAN BE ABLE to assist other people financially and to patner with other churches so tht the Word Of God will be preached to the ends of the earth.

  142. My father in the Lord,please help me prayer for me,i want to get addmission into into university of Uyo this 2012/2013 as a law student thank you Jesus because I belive you’ve done it for me.


  144. I want God to help me get addmission into university of Uyo as a law student this 2012/2013 i had 209 in my jamb result is now remin apptitude , i also ask God to help me locate my destiny helper,i ask God take away every spiritual problem in life.My father in the Lord, please prayer for me because i belive that He “ll do it for me.Thank you Jesus

  145. I want God to help me get addmission into university of Uyo as law student th i had 209 in my jamb result is now remin apptitude , i also ask God to help me locate my destiny helper,i ask God take way every spiritual problem in life.My father in the Lord, please prayer for me because i belive that He “ll do it for me.Thank you Jesus

  146. I am happy cos d bible is now being proved to be the word of God Almighty. Distance is now TRUELY not a barrier to the move of God. God bless Proph. T.B Joshua,.,a man sent to deliver,bless.heal and save us. Am happy . Emmanuel

  147. Children of God;al we need is to have faith in him and he will do d impossible. FAITH nd PRAYER is d key.

  148. Thank you Jesus Christ 4 responding 2 all our prayer. You are so Great!! I give you praise. Emmanuel!!

  149. the lord is good


  151. Praise be to God. i give u all the glory. I thank all mighty to show his favour and mercy to our dear brother. Through faith in the Lord i no wory about my situation because Jesus has granted me his mercy my situation will change for the good in Jesus christ Mighty Name. Amen. thank you Lord. Kamogelo

  152. Thanks to the God Almighty and the SCOAN team of prayer,you are God vessels the Lord Jesus Christ is using to help God’s people

    Raphael Mukanshi from Zambia

  153. Thank God a now hev a sticka from man of God. By faith Ma lyf is now going t change. Distance is not a barrier. Doricah

  154. Man of God may God increase you the more and shower his grace upon you, please i want you to pray for my lovely sister Chinelo Judith she is just behaving abnormal. please pray for me for a noticeable Miracle that will be publish in UK and the world at large to the glory of God. I believe it is done already in Jesus name Amen Emmanuel!!!!!!.

  155. God is still saying something over my family and my case. Happy belated birthday man of God TB Joshua. We thank God for this wonderful day, 12 june.

  156. God is great.Glory ,Glory to Almighty

  157. Plz pastor pray 4 me,deliver me 4rm the spirt ov chain smoking i want 2 stop but i cant stop on my own help me man of God

  158. The greatness of our God! Under this anointing no demon in my life. In Jesus name. I love you prophet.

  159. Praise be to God .Emmanuel.

  160. Praise be to God .Emmanuel.if God is with us, who can be against us? No one.

  161. the lord that did it for u will surely do it for my family……Thank you Jesus.

  162. Praise the name of the most high!

  163. Man of God pray for me,that i may b delivered from any contrary spirit,and the spirit of eating soil.

  164. Please man of God my name is Idris Okpapi. pray 4 me let Gog tuch my soul. i m having sinriose pain in my chest my stomack all over my body is paining me . Man of God pray 4 me may God heal me in Jesus name Amen

  165. Halleluya, Jesus iis alive…faith can move mountains. Believe and have faith in God, He will do it for you.

  166. Prays GOD

  167. Let His name be magnified.Emmanuel.



  170. Glory and Praise to God Almighty Amen

  171. Thank you Jesus,the miracle working God!

  172. May the name of God be grolyfied,.thax to Jesus christ Amen and amen

  173. Man of God, my husband is an alcoholic i have been praying for him. He called me yesterday telling me that he wants to reduce drinking during the week because it wastes money and its no longer nice. Praise the Lord

  174. Glory be to God.I believe God is still saying something for my own miracle.

  175. Praise Master Jesus,am really moved by this testimony,i also pray that God ll do some thing new in my life,Amen ! Emmanuel

  176. He is a wonderful God, thank you Prophet J B Joshua, may God multiply your blessings.

  177. Perfect, this is real God’s power at work, it has really lifted me up spiritually. Glory be to God. May God grant the dear prophet long life and continue to use him for his glory.

  178. Amen.


  180. Glory be to God

  181. Na waa that is works of GOD ,ONE day GOD wil visit me and waip away my tears

  182. Wonderful! What a Mighty God we have to serve! He’s faithful & just to those who trust in Him. Wow, such a marvellous miracle! Thank You Lord for healing him. Distance is not a barrier indeed!!!

  183. Man of God pray for my husband of late hes been having bad dreams, dreaming about dead people and his late brothers coming to him trying to squeez him. help

  184. my faith has been lifted , thank yu to God be the Glory…..i have difficulty understanding my dreams myb i need to listen more n more cz i cn dream abt smthing n fail to remember exactly what i ws dreaming abt
    this week i dreamt my dead uncle spraying annointing water on ppl when he got to me he turned away it got me confused

    • Oh,yes. I cannot sleep over my family issues like that. Have the FAITH, BELIEVE THAT THERE IS A LIVING GOD and YOU ARE THERE. May the hand of the Lord be on your brother forever and ever.

  185. Glory of God

  186. Thanks be to God for this miracle. Me and my family really appreciate what God is doing through Prophet TB Joshua and Emmanuel TV. Distance is not a barrier and I will continue believing until I and my whole family are delivered. We had a similar case, my brother also behaved in a similar way and is under medication. I believe that God will surely come through for us. Amen

  187. Thank you Lord Jesus for healing him.l pray that the same should happen to me and my mother who has athritis,diabetes,high blood pressure,she cant walk or do any work.she’s been like this fr 16yrs.l believe distance is not a barrier.

  188. Man of God can you kindly pray for me. I was dismissed from my work place from last year. I asked for donations to build a church and I was accused of selling jobs through the name donations. I cry everyday for God to help me. Disciplinary hearing was held and arbitration process. I now referred my matter to the Labour Court. Please help me my family is suffering.

  189. Glory to the most high God may he continue to use his servant TB Joshua to deliver his people in Jesus Name

    • JESUS is really the MASTER’ we should not tire. We have to give him all the Glory, Honour and Praise always. He loves us sooooo much! Praise GOD.

  190. Praise be to God for the wonderful healing..

  191. Dear man of GOD please pray for me i tested positive in pregnacy but i feel nothing at all and im nearly 5months please pray for me to be fruitfull i love you daddy

  192. Praise Master Jesus.Lord let your Love Lead

  193. May the name of the Lord be Glorified in Jesus name amen

  194. May God of TB Joshua visit me,my parents,my younger ones,d churches of God,d needy ones & etc as he has visited many in Jesus name.Truely distance is not a barrier indeed.

  195. That’s the might power of God.

  196. Amen Jesus is Lord. Man of god pray for my family.

  197. It takes strong faith to realize God’s miraculars powers. My bro sgt zandala thank u for your faith and the belief in the holy ghost that worked wonders in the restoration of your bro’s good health. God used u and tb joshua to bring healing into ur brother’s illness. Glory be to God. Our Lord christ jesus continue to increase pipo’s faith through the work of man of God TB Joshua. God bless.

  198. God is great keep on man of God

  199. What a mirracle working God. Indeed distance is never a barrier. Even me at school where I was doing my teaching practice as a teacher I faced a false aqusation of taking a student to my house. I tried to explain to her parents but to no vain. It was when I placed my prayer request on my television when I went to school. I knew that the prophet of God was going to pray for me as I will be away. I recieved a miracle. It was over within 2 days.. To God be the glory.
    Pray for me man of God my family is a idol worshiping family this thing have stopped the success of my family.

  200. Our God is an awesome God

  201. Please pray I’m diabetic and need healing.Gods Blessings to you

  202. Truely, there no difficult problem that He cannot use the Man of God to solve, just believe and your faith will make you free from the bondage of the devil.

  203. Truely, there no difficult problem that He cannot use the Man of God to solve, just believetand your faith will make you free from the bondage of the devil.

  204. it was good for those that believed in Jesus when he was walking on this world,they were healed delieved saved and anointd with the holy sipirt.NOW the same GOD has sent us his hand thru Phrophet TB Joshua another chance to be healed,delieved,saved and anointd what more do we want from GOD?as for me i wil keep on asking him to deliever me and my family.what touches me most is im just using a PHONE! Sure and i can get the deliverance! I wil keep on texting until i get it.image people following Jesus for i dont know how long but me ! A phone! Priase God he is amazing let his mercy be with me sure sure thru this man amen

  205. with God everything is possible. Faith is all that is needed to be in connection with God, Thank you lord.

  206. God in the midst of his people is mighty ! Emmanuel

  207. Thank you Jesus and to Your servants. I celebrate this victory with you and your family my sister. May GOD grant you grace to love HIM more.

  208. My faith has been lifted up, glory to Master Jesus

  209. Praise the Lord, this is what our faith & our God can do. Oh Lord, we thank.

  210. Darkness cannot overpower light. There is nothing hidden in the dark that will escape the light (holy ghost)

  211. With Faith everything is possible.

  212. Faith brings us healing.

  213. Thanks God for healing.

  214. We thank God for using Man of God Prophet Tb Joshua for changing our lifes.

  215. God is great all the time.

  216. Emmanuel, o lord jesus have mercy on me an a nigeria base in gabon i have eyes problem,legs problem and everyday headace am 35yrs

    • I thank God for this great Man of God who continues to bring hope to my tattered life. I know God through Prophet T.B Joshua will touch my career and afflictions in my personal life. Amen.

  217. It is the Lords’ doing, it is mavelous in our sight. Glory be to Jesuse.

  218. Emmanuel , o lord have mercy on me i had a problem of everyday headace,eyes problem ,legs problem and pls man of god pray for me am a nigeria but base in gabon

  219. Glory to Jesus!!



  222. distance is not a barrier at all where there is F A I T H

  223. man of God, mayGod bless you and give u more grace, for what he is using to do for his children. glory be to his name. AMEN

  224. God is able to exceedingly. Above what we can ask or think

  225. Hospitals may try giving treatment, but JESUS is the healer. The great physician who takes over when human mind ends. Glory be to God

  226. Hallelujah! Surely our God is mighty to save. I’m so encouraged by this powerful testimony, and this miracle shall be permanent in Jesus Name. Glory be to God.

  227. We thank u tb joshua. For the wonderfully work
    That u are doing. And wish u to continue with more power from god to destroy all demons. By jesus name amen

  228. Sticker Miracles: If God is with you who can be against. On the 12 th June night , thief break into my house through the front door and stole a bicycle.Surprising the bicycle was found the following day three houses down the road later afternoon.That means the bicycle has been lying by the street for hours and nobody picked it up. Breaking into the house to steal a bicycle and drop it down the road. A sticker miracle. I have got stickers on cars and on fridges. God stopped the thief to taken away the bicycle.

    Douglas ndlovu
    South Africa


  230. God is good to every one @all times

  231. Allelluja! our God is WONDERFUL

  232. Praise the Lord.His love and healing has no boundary

  233. Glory be to God! Jesus is yesterday, today and forever the same.


  235. Que le seigneur puisse elargir sa puissance ds ma vie et mon ministere

  236. We are serving the God of miracles, May His name be praised everyday. Amen

  237. Praise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the Lord .TB Joshua and Emanuel TV ,thank you Jesus.

  238. Wow!God of TB Joshua u r powerful.Thank u Jesus no one is like u.I believe I am next in line for a miracle.that my financial misery n my marital malady does not embrass God.Man of God this channel is more than a blessing.Thank u Jesus

    • Hang on my sister. We are all facing similar challenges. I believe that God is preparing us for a new level in life. Remember, we are not fighting against flesh and blood. Your breakthrough will come in a mighty mighty way. Don’t allow the devil distract you. God bless.

  239. This is wonderful JESUS at work. Praise the Lord all ye people and bless his holy name.Amen

  240. We are blessed to have the man of God, prophet TB Joshua.Amen


  242. Thank you Master Jesus and our beloved Prophet TB Joshua. Distance is indeed not a barrier. I also need deliverance from the evil spirit of anger. spiritual husband. limitations and family curses. My son needs deliverance of spirit of limitation in performance at school and pray for me to get a husband this year. Happy birthday our Prophet and God bless you abundantly.


    • Our God is an awsome God, waiting for my deliverance, healing and my blessing from the same God today in Jesus name. Amen and Amen

  244. WHO IS SERVING WHO?Are we truely serving GOD or GOD is serving us with HIS mercy.Praise thy lord,Alleyluyah.

  245. Great testimony! I can’t wait to see the New Wise Men and women… I Love you Sir…

  246. Wonderful testimony to God be the glory now and forever more.

  247. O my god pls. halp me to be com want u wat me to be com in dis world & i onyedika need change in my life i want to be com a good christianity i want to save u jesus pls. halp me i have a promblem now abuot my an wife to be she is pragnat pls. Lat u will don in ahwn life pls.

  248. Glory be to GOD! this testimony has increased my faith in God, EMMANUEL!
    Elias Chanda – Zambia

  249. I praise you, Most High God who reigns forever. Your dominion is forever. Great is our God. Thank you, Lord Jesus, the God of Prophet T. B. Joshua for this miracle and my wonderful testimonies of the grace of God in my life and family that is on the way. Thank you, Lord, for the grace that is upon your servant. Lord Jesus, like the woman with the issue of blood, help to speak the word of faith to my situations so that you hear me. Emmanuel!

  250. Alabado sea Dios para siempre,Él es el verdadero Dios al que hay que seguir,Gracias al Profeta T.B Joshua por aceptarlo,por que a través de él Dios está haciendo grandes cosas para la humanidad.Yo le pido todos los Días que también me toque y toque a mi familia,sigo Emmanuel TV,y estoy en espera de su solución,las cosas no me van bien,todo lo que le pido al SEÑOR últimamente me resulta lo contrario,Por favor Oren por mí Hombres Sabios de Dios.
    Dios es bueno.

  251. Thank You LORD JESUS for the miracle. I too believe in You for miracles, deliverance, breakthroughs in career, life and marriage, Amen!


  253. please, man of God pray for me spiritual husband and my stuborn daughter Acheng. from zambia

  254. Our God is a good God. Praaaaaise His Holy Name!!!

  255. Distance is not a barrier ,in faith we can move mountains.God bless you man of God and pray for us.thank you Prophet TB Joshua

  256. This is amazing, great wonders of God. We thank God for this wonderful testimonial and what is happening in the lives of people. am also waiting for my miracle to came. Bless u man of God Prop hate TB Joshua indeed distance is not a bearer if only you believe!

  257. Glory be to God of Prophet TB Joshua, His love never fails.

  258. what can I say onto the Lord, ALL that I have to say is thank you Lord and may your name be glorify.

  259. amen, may God be praised

  260. the god of prophet tb joshua is awesome, a miracle-working god. praise the lord the mighty miracle your brother received. distance is not a barrier .

  261. Indeed distance is not a barrier.Praise be to God Almighty.Thankyou Jesus.I am encouraged.God bless T B Joshua and the Emmanuel TV family.

  262. Emmanuel,God is great all the time

  263. Glory to go God I believe to GOd the same God healing the man from Zombie he will do the same whit me and my family in Jesus name

  264. To God be the GLORY in JESUS’ name.

  265. Distance is not a barrier. Thank you Jesus for healing him in Jesus name.

  266. We serve a mighty God Father we thank u we give u praise Lord u are Jehova Elohim ,Adonai, Jehova Yahwen we worship u our Saviour in Jesus Name we pray Amen

  267. Jesus surely never said good he is really near those who put their trust in him .
    Man of God happy belated birthday so glad that igot to know about your ministry


  269. This is amazing! Praise God! Thank God for Prophet T.B. Joshua and emmanueltv. God bless you all!

  270. Thank you Lord for healing my brother in Jesus name. Love you guys

  271. Glory be GOD. EMMANUEL!!

  272. God is good.

  273. Praise the Lord.

  274. Thank you jesus.


  276. Indeed distance is not a barrier. Blessed be the name of the Lord,who sent His word to heal our disease n to cast out all our curses.

  277. Thak you Jesus!

  278. Glory to the One who’s above,distance is no a barrier indeed. Let the Name of our God be praised.

  279. Thank u lord . Glory be to ur holy name Amen

  280. Glory be to God

    Please pray for me man of God I have lots of problem but I am saving money to come help me

  281. To God be the glory, his word says its not by power nor by mighty but by his spirit.He is worthy!

  282. May tht same hand touch my life 2day in jesus name Amen.u r wounderful Jesus.

  283. Glory be to God for he is worth

  284. Distance is not a barrier it needs faith. Glory 2 e Lord almight. Emmanuel!

  285. Distance is not a bareer I strongly believe that I ve got my delivrance today nd my family,success in all my entreprises and full victory in my case to be held on the 28th june at the DDPR in Jesus name

  286. Emmanuel, our God is good all the time no matter what. i both good and hard times may his name be glorify for ever and ever Amen

  287. praise the Lord,May the God of TB Joshua come into my life. Mercy and favour speak to my life as watch emmanuel tv.

  288. Indeed destance is not a barrier,our God is greact.and he will contune doing a greact worlk in our life.thank u jesus 4 what u hv don in my life,and also 4 the 1 u about 2 do this mounth.emmanuel!!!!!!!!!!!

  289. Emmanuel,our God reigns, thanks be to Him for your life papa I LOVE YOU.

  290. Please man of God pray for me i want to get married befor end of this year . Pray for me so God can tell me if this white man is my real man and blessing from him please i dont want to let down my God. He is my life.

  291. Amen to GOD for doing a wonderful job

  292. god never dissapoint

  293. Emmanuel!Our God will forever be faithful.Hallelluyah!!!

  294. Glory be to God…may u please pray for my success i everything i do Pastor TB Joshua including to be freed from the boindages of satan.thanks

  295. My wife is working & im not.im passing thru hell 90% of my time is hot.i try to help her with the little that i get but she sees nothing.i also do almost every house duty when she is at work she sees nothing in our bed its only when she likes.i have asked you to pray for me to buy a plot my good in farming im playing lotto every week so that i may rise money for the plot the house im leaving now is her perants in australia.when i used to work things were ok we have no kids my perants live in the rural areas they are carrying everyday my brothers passed away im their hope im afraid they wil pass away before they get a rest my father used to help but now he cant afford to everyon e im hoping one day God will answer me thru jesus christ i dont what to use evil ways to get money only your prayers and holy water if ever i can get it this is what i believe let those who laugh now laugh but one day is one day amen

  296. Glory be to God. Thank you Jesus. Amen

  297. Lets Praise the Lord, God is Good all the time. Amen

  298. To God be the Grolry! I love the story may God help me to overcome my unbelieve!!

  299. God is great, and does all things amanzingly.
    Man of God i have sent a prayer request please help me, i have qualification in accounting and applied for a job in South Africa as i believe that there are so many opportunities for me in that country, please help me man of God i am destined for glory. i believe that if it is possible with other it can be possible with me. Man of God you have touched our lives in an amazing way, i pray that you be blessed and favoured in everything that you do. Thank you so much man of God

  300. Our God has never failed us.thank u Jesus.

  301. Wow God is really wonderful,i wish he would come into my life because i don’t like the way i live my life

  302. Who is like unto our God?Indeed there’s no one like unto our God.neither is there any rock like our God.God from on old.God of senior prophet Tb joshua may u continue to use your able servant mightly unto the expansion of your kingdom.i pray that u increase him in the five gifts and anoint him the more in the giftings you imparted upon his life.surely my situation wil not escape the anointin of God in my life.God of prophet Tb joshua wil see me through.emmanuel…..praise the livin jesus .

  303. Glory be to God!!!!!!!!!!!!

  304. Today am impcted for the grweat manifestation of Gods blessings & prophesy to dream greatly and differently from the way i dream in the past.I am fully restored & all my stolen glories recover seven fold in Jesus name .amem. Emmanuel.

  305. Happy birthday to our God general in our time. we ave already connected your proclamations and surely u shall live to see the testimonies. wish prophet t b joshua many more glorious impactfull life to come in Jesus name. Emmanuel.

  306. Nothin is 2 dificult 4 God, I saw with my eyes what God is usin my daddy,prophet TB Joshua to do,happy birthday.

  307. Glory be to God.

  308. Jehovah is really awesome. Distance is never a barrier as far as Faith is there n GOD is still there. I pray my elder brother is delivered 2 in JESUS NAME AMEN

  309. We worship a miracle God! We a made cripple because there is lack of knowledge of God’s messengers, Emmanuel help us!

  310. Thank u Jesus 4 his miraculous healing.Faith is in action.A snake is a evil thing .I loosed myself frm Adam nd Eve generational curses in th name of Jesus’ Christ.Fire all over my body.Fire in th name of Jesus’ Christ.

  311. God is wonderful.

  312. I like it .we thank Jesus christ

  313. Emmanuel you are a real man of God,you are doing miracles,God will keep on blessing you.im sure one day i will give my own testimony.touch me,bless me.lord is good all the time.man of god bless me with children,i have one kid (14)years old boy.im a married lady of 39 years old.

  314. Glory be to GOD! Amen! Man of God help me, everyday when the Men of God, Prophet TB Joshua start to pray for the viewers, I’ve this strong Head Ache, it will beat me until I go to bed, sometimes I even woke up with it, Help me Man of God.

  315. Man of god lay ur hands on me tonight prey for me my eyes are painful due to diabet may u pls come into my dream tonight. And heal me. As as jesus did with the blind man at bethesda thank you I will continue praying for the others

  316. I believe that lm healed as well

  317. Wow Jesus,what a wonderful God we serve. We thank you Jesus touch everyones heart to see your miracles through the anointed man of God prophet TB JOSHUA.

  318. To God be the glory.

  319. To God be the glory

  320. thank you jesus for your great work that you are doing in our lifes

  321. Glory be to God,we give you all the glory.You are the Alpha and Omega,the begining and the end.Halleluyah.

  322. We worship a miracle working God.

  323. If God is with us hu can be against us? NO one!!!! my brother, Jesus has touched u and He is with u nw. u r SAFE. Glory b 2 GOD

  324. Thank you Lord, i know that one day i wil surely give my own testimony.

  325. Glory be to GOD!! Everything is possible with GOD all we have 2 do is 2 ask and believe that we have received. Thank u brother u believed and your brother is well Praise the God all the time.

  326. Thank you Lord i know that one day i will surely give my own testimony.

  327. Thank you jesus for my life and my fmily

  328. thats really a wonderful miracle.people of God,please,keep believing

  329. we thank God..

  330. we thank God.to God be the glory…

  331. I thank you JESUS


  333. we thank God.to God be the glory.waiting for my time to be healed from chronic headache.thank u jesus

  334. Distance is not a barrier! Glory be to God.

  335. To God be the glory. Amen

  336. Our God is a perfect God indeed,all we need to do,is to believe him always. Emmanuel

  337. indeed distance is not a barrier.where can we go from his presence?glory to be in the highest.holy spirit we thank you.thankyou for the divine healing.

  338. I wil one day reach you on tv.i have put your picture on my phone you wil deliever me i have dreamt of a plot land where we were working i have been praying for it

  339. Wonderfull amen

  340. Man of God please pray for me to find job. I’ve got a calling from the ancestors. The problem is I don’t like the way they do things. I’ve finished my matric (grade 12) at 1999, finished my National Certificate of Business Administration at 2005 and got a driver’s licence but till today I haven’t find job. Please helped m.

  341. I wil one day reach you on tv

  342. That is wonderful. Brothers and sisters distance is not a barier. I am uplifted by the testimony. God is doing great thing through the man of God. I love him so much , i wish i can see in one one. Sir u r God general!

  343. My names augustine ovie alexander 4rm delta state,i hav watch emmanuel tv 4 a vry longtime,i’ve seen so many tins dat he has done 4 orphan an less privilage,my parent die wen i ws seven yrs old.my dream is nt comin tru bc i hav nobdy 2 fianance me plz

  344. JESUUS CHRIST is our captain,there is no more defeat.thank GOD for healing

  345. Thank you holy spirit” Emmanuel,, indeed God is with us and He is still the same God who raised Lazarus from the dead. I love you, man of God’ Prophet TB Joshua!

  346. Praise be to God. Our God is an Awesome God because his been with us, he is with us and forver he will be with us. When God is with you. no one can be agaist you. Lets put our carrier, work, marriege, relationships and anything that we wish to do in the blessed hands of our lord Jesus Christ and it shall blessed and granted to us. May GOD continue to bless the man of God Senior Prophet TB Joshua with many more years to live. Happy 49th Birthday man of God. We are blessed through you.

  347. Praise God. Glory be to God for his healing

  348. God is faithful and just.. I know that He will locate me as well.. And my past is over..thank you Lord Jesus…

  349. Wow! God iss great.

  350. our God is listening God.praise be to Jehovah overdo.

  351. with God nothin is imposible its the level of our faith.the God of a man of GOD is my GOD


  353. l thank God for his recovery n l pray to God to forgive us all our sin

  354. Glory be to MY GOD. Believe is our connection with OUR GOD.

  355. Glory b to God, ol imposibilities are posible with God. Man of God l seek yo prayers n that of my family

  356. wow i wud lyk to join you in prayerz as brethren

  357. Great

  358. De lord is Gud all d time



  361. God is God forever even in the time of distress


  363. Glory b to God Almighty wht is impossbl to men is possbl to God, i need Anoiting water how can i get it? Im from South Africa

  364. Glory be to god man of god pray 4 my sister to get a proper job and look after her childrens Amen.

  365. Glory be to God forever and ever. We thank the Lord for the way He uses Prophet T B Joshua.

    God is good indeed.

  366. man of God pray for me i don’t understand my life, i don’t find a job, my father is not supporting us, i have pain in my body, my younger sister doesn’t respect us . I believe that God will settle it.

  367. i thank you lord jesus christ for the great thinks that you are doing with prophet TB Joshua and pray and ask that you remember me and my family very soon. Amen

  368. Glory be to Jesus

  369. Glory be to Jesus! It is true that with /od all things are possible! Better is nor good enough, the best is yet to come!
    Thank you Jesus!

  370. emmanuel, let god be highly magnified for him alone is lord over all the universe,

  371. I got finacial problem and my life is not improving.

  372. Praise the lord

  373. Gloy be to God

  374. Our God is able.thank u jesus.EMMANUEL! GOD WITH US

  375. praise Master Jesus!!!

  376. let God be glorified.distance is not a barrier indeed!just believe and receive your own miracle.

  377. Our God is awesome.! i want to thank servant of God prophet T B Joshua for his service to the whole world.lets believe

  378. Thank God for using prophet T.B. Joshua to heal your brother, i pray also that God will use prophet T.B. Joshua to rescue my brother in law who somebody took his name and his family to shrine and the oracle use to kill people alot. please man of God pray for us and safe our lives because we have faith in the lord and we believe that distance is not a barrie

  379. I need breakthough in my life

  380. Were can we go from His Presence? Our God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think. Indeed Distance is no Barrier for God.
    Thank you God for your Servant Prophet TB Joshua that you are using so mightily in doing Your Work.
    In Jesus Name. Amen.

  381. I need a miracle job, pls men of God pray for me

  382. Gloire à Dieu infiniment bon et grand

  383. Emmanuel. God really is wonderful and i believe one day my time will come for me to receive my miracle. We thank God the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua.

  384. praises be to the Most High God.faith works wonders in Jesus’ name.

  385. This is my own testimony, alhough I ve a child she is one year and two month,i being to ask god for another child the day I supose to see my period its came out but I rush into my room took the anothing water and pray that god should turn the period to a baby,and I came out and pray wit prophet tb joshua I went to take my bath and see that the period had stop,i waited four days ,then I went hospital to do scan there the doctor comfirm that im pregnant but the are twins,praise be to god thank you jesus.my name is oluchi vivian emeremadu, im nigerian but I stay in mozambique.

  386. wow.. God is really good. No one can be compared to his majesty, mercy, grace and unconditional love He has for us.. I love Him and i’m glad i am His

  387. Tank u jesus u are wit us even 2 d end of the world

  388. Glory to god he is thr for us all the tym

  389. Indeed distance is not a barrier and God can use any medium to express hiself..

  390. Praise the Lord! Everything is really possible with God.

  391. God is great you are so powerful man of God bless you

  392. God of T.B Joshua is a miracle working God,for delivering the brother in such situation.I really believe that distance is never a barrier in anyway.Believe he will deliver you too.

  393. God is always able to do all things, Prayers are not lost but building up the momentum to bring down that situation in Jesus name. Thanks u Jesus for giving us TB Joshua to expose the kingdoms of darkness

  394. there is power in that name Jesus if you you believe

  395. The devil z the liar,l give GOD the Glory

  396. Emmanuel God of tb joshua is a wonderful and merciful father, i myself have seen him in my dreams and i know that i am blessed Amen.

  397. EMMANUEL!

  398. EMMANUEL!!!!!

  399. Glory be to GOD he really works in his own miraculous way. I believe my miracles are on the way as it is the will of GOD! EMMANUEL!

  400. happy birthday

  401. God is great and worth to be praised

  402. Glory be to God, i also pray that the same God that heal ur brother wil also heal me n my family in jesus name Amen. Thank you lord.

  403. Wow! Wat a MIGHTY GOD we serve, HIS d same yesday, 2day n 4evamo. Halleluyah!!!!!!!!!!!!

  404. The God we pray is a merciful Lord. He is a God of wonders. Thank You Jesus Christ for saving our souls through Emmanuel tv/T.B Joshua. Emmanuel!

  405. Thank you jesus.

  406. Emmanuel!!!!. Glory be to God. Distance is not a barrier indeed. With God & faith everything is possible.

  407. God is good i love Him and believinge Him for my miracle

  408. Glory be to God!! The God of TB Joshua is a living God i will worship Him in Jesus

  409. Gloly to god man of god plez pray for me about my family.

  410. Praise the Lord.

  411. Oh! My Jesus has done it again. This Jesus, what can I do to thank him? He is always setting captives free.I just Love You My JESUS for dying for us all.

  412. To god be the glory. Amen.

  413. glory be 2 god 4 delivering our brother in jesus christ .distance is not a barier

  414. Ooh wow!!Praise the Lord & my faith has been lifted!!Definately distance is not a barrier…

  415. Halleluyah! Glory be to God.

  416. Glory to Jesus!

  417. We give glory to the master of all creation Jesus Christ.it,s my prayer that God will visit me and met me at the point of my need.Happy birthday papa.may u see many many more years.

  418. Glory to God.

  419. Our God is a great God that fesh water with basket in other to disgrace bucket.

  420. God is wonderful l also had a wonderful experience on Emmanuel tv by touching d screen the pain in by hand and waist fell out. i say to u tb joshua power is increaseing everyday on tv

  421. Thank you Jesus for showing us that u a alive. I to want share a testimony oneday.

  422. Glory b 2 GOD

  423. Thnk man of God 4 his wanders he perfom thru emmanuel tv,we serve a merciful God.praise God

  424. Jehova at work!!!!

  425. Thank God. Amen.

  426. Jesus is lord.

  427. I wanna receive a healin like that too

  428. Am very happy for this man and I know thesame God that do it for him will still do it for me and my entire family in Jesus name amen. My sister oghifo marriage most come to pass,I most win my visa lottery,any sin or cures of our fore fathers that is following us or evil spirit or any spirit of poverty,limitation,sickness,diseases,spirit of lost is here by destroy in Jesus mighty name Amen.T.B.Joshua come to my family to night and destroy what ever forces of the weaked ones against our life in Jesus name I pray AMEN it is done.

  429. Wat a Mighty God we save. Always faithful, never blocked by the bareer, bt accepts us because of our faith.

  430. God z godwoo

  431. Thank you Jesus for giving us your servant Prophet T.B.Joshua.

  432. the God that answerth by fire let him be my God. The God of tb joshua big brother.

  433. Happy Birthday, highly anointed servant of God. I love you and wishing you many happy returns. May the Almighty anoint you the more. The world is doom without you. God redeemed us from sin and sorrow by sending you into this world. The difference you are making in our lives is undescribable. We pray for you. Happy birthday Prophet TB Joshua. God bless you.

  434. Our God is good all the time

  435. thank 2 be god almighty.

  436. Oh God ,you are wonderful and there is no one like you.I believed that the same God that did great miracle in their life through dream will also do in my life,career,job and family in Jesus Name Amen. Emmanuel !

  437. thank you jesus christ.

  438. Wow, God is truly Awesome!
    Thank You Lord

  439. Lord i say thank u 4 providin TB Joshua who z miraclerously workin. Amen

  440. God is dsame yesterday today and forever more. He never change. May his name be glorified amen.

  441. I thank jesus for my life.pliz man of God help me l want to get married&am in zimbabwe pray for me.l believe in jesus name.l know distance is not a barrier.

  442. Our God is a good God. Praise yee master Jesus.

  443. Thank you Jesus

  444. Glory be to Jesus.I thank God for the man of God prophet TB Joshua for his miraculous works.please man of God pray for me and my family as well.my family has broken to pieces,there is no peace and they have all scattered.all the children leave school at a young age and there is accusation of witchcraft among family members.my life is unsettled as well as I graduated in 2009 but still unemployed up to now.some people I graduated with have been posted even those I did better than.my relationship with the father of my child is not settled as well.we’ve been together for almost 3 years now but we are constantly fighting and breaking up.I always watch emmanuel TV and believe that God will touch my life and my family through man of God prophet TB Joshua in Jesus mighty name.

  445. Jesus is the mighty healer.prophet extend the anoiting to me

  446. That ws awesum,if God hs done ths for u.He can also did for my sister.lord let yo mercy nd favour speak for her locate her lord

  447. I thank the Almighty father for the miracle to happen in Zambia because main people don’t believe now let people believe that man of God prophet Tb Joshua is being used by the power of God in Jesus’name

  448. God of TB JOSHUA you are a living God.”No weapon that shall be formed against u will prosper”,said our God

  449. Halleluyah Glory be to our mastor God what a wonderful miracle Jesus is alive he is the life thank you my God for using Phophet T.B Joshua for healing us you are mercy God and thank you again to Emmanuel T.V What a awesome God,nice testimony

  450. What a mighty God we serve praise God for yo brothers healing distance is nt a barrier

  451. Emmanuel. Distance is not a barrier

  452. Because Jesus Our Lord is a Miracle working God. Praise Be to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  453. What a might God we save

  454. halleluyah

  455. Thank u Jesus -distance is not a barrier indeed.

  456. THANK U JESUS!!! 8’s well.

  457. Amen-distance is not a barrier indeed.

  458. Awsum Gooooooo oood might god

  459. d lord ll continue to use man of God to destroy wateva d demon s using against his pple & may d healing of d brother remain permanent n JN

  460. This is a miracle,indeed we r serving a working miracle God,thank u jesus 4 yo mercy

  461. There is no sickness that jesus cannot heal…indeed he is God of mirracle if u believe anything is possible to him…AMEN

  462. Glory be to god amen

  463. Distance is never a barrie in jesus name……praise jesus.

  464. wow, a wonderful testimony, praise the Lord

  465. Realy nothing imposible with God. Ibeleave he can deleaver my husband from smoking and drinking his name is Thulani khoza south Africa.

  466. HBD Man of GOD..may d lord almighty continue 2 be wid u ALWAYS…KEEP PRAYING 4 US AMEN.

  467. Mercy!

  468. O Lord u are AWESOME !!

  469. This kind of God is so great and I wish many would believe this.

  470. Faith works with practice and believe….

  471. The God of prophet t b joshua is a God of Possibilities.


  473. Thank you Jesus

  474. praise be to God

  475. Thank God for the healing the brother recieved.Man of God you are blessed.I beileve in miracle and in God.

  476. Emmanuel !!! God is great, Him alone deserve our praise. May His name be glorified . Indeed distance is not a barrier.

  477. To God be the glory.

  478. Indeed master Jesus did it amen

  479. Hebrews11:11 The word of God says by faith Sarah herself also received strength to conceive seed & she bore a child when she was past the age… Even U by faith u received ur brothers’ healing,as Prophet TB Joshua always says distant is o a barrier I rejoicing with ur family 4 ur brothers’ healing,it shall b permanent in Jesus’ name!

  480. God Ithank you so much for d healing you gave our Brother out there in Zambia. My Ur name ever remain gr8. I need my Own testimonies oh God!

  481. Praise the lord

  482. All the glory to GOD.nothing can b against HIM.our lives are under HIS protection.

  483. wow god is grt,, thanks god 4 ur mercy n grace,,,, there is no sickness dat jesus cannot heal,, no disease he cant cure,, each and every situation is well because master jesus lives,,, thanks god.4 dat testimony ill praise n worship the lord all the days of my life

  484. As u grow physical 2day let de anointing also increase Prophet TB JOSHUA. We thnk God 4 deliverance of our brother Praise God en happy birthday

  485. Glory be to the most high God Johofa Jariah,Elshadai. There is no any other God may his name be glorified in all corners of the world!May God continue to increase his anoiting in his servant Snr Prophert T. B.Joshua.

    By. Masego Yvonne Moladira -Ftown-Botswana

  486. Thank God for the Miraculous healing. To God be the glory. Pls, I need ur prayers for divine healing. Emmanuel!

  487. Glory to God…Amen and Amen!!

  488. God is thesame yesterday,2day nd forever.may d Almighty God continue strengthen d lives of TbJoshua nd d 5wisemen in Jesus name Amen. I wil never be tired saying Happy Birthday once again.

  489. Im really touched as i have a brother who has the same kind of sickness and i know dat he wil also receive his miracle healing as i always pray through Emmanuel tv

  490. emmanuel! Thank you Jesus for the healing of our dear brother, Jesus you are too much. Heavenly father I personally thank you for our Prophet T.B Joshua, pliz bless him for me in Jesus’ name. amen.

  491. indeed,distance z nw a barrier.God z powerful.thank u Jesus.

  492. Thanx be to God,he is still working among His people!

  493. God of prophet Tb joshua is god of miracles we praise him everyday you are great man of god !!!emmanuel

  494. Thanx GOD we save the GOD of miracles.

  495. Glory n praises b to the living god.


  497. Tnx God

  498. Halleluya!! Mat 10v1

  499. Thank Tb joshua n Ministry for the love that you hav for each and every one of us.only God can do this and those that follow him dilligently like Tb joshua.my children and i love you.

  500. With God & faith everything is possible.

  501. Emmanual our God is able to do all things amen

  502. Amen, pray 4 m 2 hv success in my life.

  503. Thank u Jesus… Nothing is hard wt u ma Lord

  504. Amen distance is not a barrier..

  505. Emmanuel!

  506. Man of God please pray for me distance is not a barrier i nid da healing fr God

  507. Glory to jesus indeed distance is not a barrier

  508. Emmanuel…glory be to the man above.

  509. Great one

  510. God is great.

  511. Its true distance is not a barrier to God’s touch. God iz wonderful, praise His holy name

  512. Glory be to th most high JESUS CHRIST!!!

  513. Praise be to God the almighty for responding to the suffering child of God.May The Almighty God respond to me quickly. I usually dream having sex with different women who i do not even think about. Besides my wife has been undergoing operation for all the three pregnances and the sad part is that not even a single child is alive. Please Man of God hear our cry. This time the doctor is suggesting to have my wife stop bearing children. Why Loard why should such thing be happening to us. Please help us to be delivered from this situation. Emanuel God is with us.

  514. Wow. Thank God! Thts wonderfull

  515. nothng imposible 2GOD.Only wth spiritual eyes can understand this Amen

  516. God is today,yesterday & forever. Let the name of God be glorified! Halleluya its only God who can give permanent healing in Jesus’ name!

  517. Thank U Jesus.God of Prophet TB Joshua,remember my hsband w a job this month.amen

    • Hello my mentor,my prophet mystical Daddy God has called u 4 driver this generation,pls help me i have being eating and have affairs with women in my dream this is affect my life in progress .Happy birthday Daddy may peace of God control ur life amen.

  518. In jesus name indeed anything is possible. May his name be blessed.

  519. Trust in the Lord and do Good, dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Delight u’r self in the Lord n he will give u the desires of u’r heart Glory 2 God Amen

  520. Thanks jesus.

  521. Thank you Jesus! My name is Kolekile Calana from south africa! I’ve been struggling with an eye disease for year! Done an operation on my right eye wich failed now due for another one! Now I claim this same healing power that happen in Zambia to happen upon my life and ask God to reveal the root to my problems! In Jesus name!

  522. God can still again,trust him he will never fail u.emmanuel tv thanks alot

  523. Thank u heavenly father for this miracle you are faithful.

  524. We have miracle wonder working God,His deeds are off un touchable with human site

  525. Wow realy jesus is alive I praise god for his healing god is working in difference way.my faith is lifted up Emmanuel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  526. Thank u Jesus,thegreat physician

  527. Glory be to the Almighty God!!!! AMEN.

  528. Thank you Jesus

  529. Glory be to God in heaven halleluyah,truely distant is not a barrier.

  530. Praise be to God!

  531. Thank God for his healing distance is not a barrier Emmanuel! God is with us He will do miracle even to me.

  532. Hallelujah glory be to the Holy Mighty Wonderful GOD.

  533. Praise the Lord that your brother is ok, there are plenty of those people around with a similar situation. Please keep them in your prayers.

  534. Glory be to Almighty!!! I’m waiting peitiantly for my miracle and for my deliverance for God’s time is the best.let the living God continue to BLESS Prophet TB Joshua and his Family and the Scoan Ministreis.HAPPY BIRTH MONTH.

  535. God is great.
    Man of God thank you keep on helping the world Amen.

  536. Am touched, Nothing is impossible to God.

  537. Are thank God for that brothem.

  538. i thank God for ur brothers healing may the healing ur brother recieved be forever and ever Amen.

  539. jesus is lord!

  540. Hallelujah glory be to the Holy , wonderful God

  541. Bless the name of Jesus Christ. His work is indeed mysrerious and miraculous. I praise your name my king, in Jesus name, Amen. Distance is not a barrier!

  542. with Jesus Christ nothing is impossible.thank you Man of God TB Joshua for the helping you are doing through out the World,for the non-selective assistance you render and for allowing God to use You.Amen

  543. if we belive in him and have faith that he can deliver us all will be well with us in his name

  544. Thank u Jesus!

    • every thing in jesus name is possible .brieve in him trust in him respect him he will show your .i love all mighty power jesus

  545. Happy Birth day Prophet. Better is not good enough, the best is yet to come. Us the viewers of Emmanuel TV will keep on experiencing God`s marvelous Hands on us. The best is yet to come. We have not seen anything yet. Since satan thinks he controls the world, God is out to disprove him. I pray for more anointing power through the screen in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Prophet TB Joshua, at 49, more power to heal and deliver 49 viewers through Emmanuel TV everyday in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen. Thank You Lord Jesus for hearing my prayer.

  546. I bliev one day i will be totally delivered from muscle problems.this testimony has blessd me.

  547. Jesus is Lord. I thank u Man of God. God bless u.

  548. He is an Awesome God. Have faith in HIM. Prophet TB Joshua thank you.

  549. Wow our God is faithful all the time , glory be to God. I trust and believe in him that i will make it.

  550. My mum always talk about TB JOSHUA. And it was last week i saw it. It was woow infact may God bless him.

  551. To god be the glory

  552. JESUS is LORD. The man of God has been doing something great, he has been giving us hope in this word .praise the Lord

  553. God should continue to bless TB JOSHUA for all his dedication to the word.May he continue to embarass him with blessings AMEN

  554. really god is with us glory be to your name emmanuel for using prophet T B Joshua to release people from the hands of the devil

  555. Wow!!!!! What a mighty God we save!

  556. I believe your testmony.We serve a mighty wonder working GOD.Distance is not a barrier indeed!

  557. Amen!!!

  558. Glory be to God the one how breath his life to us everyday, for to live.

  559. Glory be to God for ever,Amen

  560. Thank You Jesus ,for healing this brother .

  561. Groly be to God for ever,Amen

  562. God is Great! praise the Lord!!!!!

  563. Amen

  564. Glory to God, indeed Lord you are full af mercy and miracles. i have a 1 year old baby and she stays with my mom when i am at work, i am praying to the Lord to give me a job that is close to my home so that i can be close to my baby, because my mom she is sick. please man of God pray for my mother. Amen

  565. That was wonderful praise the lord. Amen

  566. Thanks Jesus, God is Good

  567. We serve a miracle working God !

  568. Praise Master Jesus.
    Jesus Christ is the Master Healer, hospitals just provide care. May His name be glorified in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ-Amen.
    Brethren, heklp praying for me. My career is stagnant, no promotion since 2006.I am living in debts and from hand to mouth.I am a qualified Human Resources Officer working for a Telecommunication Company in Malawi. Meanwhile I have asked for department transfer to Commercial to take advantage of opportunities there and my bosses are discuusing the move.Help pray to God to remove the burden on me.I am responsible for a family and relations including my one and half year twins.Breathren help pray in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, I thank you for your prayers-Amen.

    • hi stanley, remember that and beliv with faith that God will give you exceedingly abandantly above what u ask of

    • Stanley, pls get someone to get the anointing water for you if u cannot make the triip to NG.

  569. Thank you Jesus christ for the miracle i pray that God we hear us and heal my mum in Jesus christ name amen

  570. Praise the name of Jesus,we serve a miracle working God.To God be the glory.

  571. Glory be to God because he will be exalted above all name.


  573. Glory 2 God

  574. thank you man of God for saving the life of the men from zambia Amen.

  575. Please man of GOD pray for me..i want my health to be restored..

  576. Our God is so full of mercy,Oh what a testimony,im so happy for you guys.May God bless you

  577. How I long for a miracle to happen in my life, I believe my deliverance wil come fro the Lord Jesus Christ, one day is one day!

  578. He’s d God dat neva change,i knw he wil do it on my own case

  579. Man of god pray 4 my sister,she adimited 2 hosptal due 2 high blood pressue,she is pregnt,pliz man of god help us,we are frm Zimbabwe,we belive that Jesus christ is tha healer,

  580. Thank God indeed distance is not a barrier.

  581. Man of GOD please pray for me..i want my health to be restored in Christs name

  582. Let God b upöne me.let him b on my side too.this is the time now.satan u’re a liar

  583. Praise be to our God to whom nothing is impossible, even the thing which are impossible to amn to him they are possible.

  584. He is a miracle working God

  585. Thank you Jesus! Emmanule!!

  586. Praise Master Jesus! Distance is not a barrier.

  587. Emmanuel

  588. I strongly blive in my God,This testimony its real…

  589. We really save a miracle working God who never fails.may his name alone be glorified

  590. Glory to da man upstairs. He alone s worthy to be praise

  591. Glory to God!

  592. praise be to Jesus..amen

  593. to God be e glory!

  594. thank you Lord Jesus.you are the way, the truth and the light.there is nothing created on earth which can be heeden from you.

  595. Tank God jesus is lord

  596. The God that healed your brother wholesomely will make my mother whole again in Jesus name! Emmanuel!!!

  597. Wat a buetiful testimony…emmanuel.!!!.

  598. Glory glory glory be to JESUS! Emmanuel ! indeed God is with us he is able and have a power and aurority to do every thing in our life .When man cannot do God is capable. SENIOR PROPHET TB JOSHUA i saluted you and give you honour to your unction. Be bless happy birthday to you my papa

  599. Glory be to God Haleluja Distance is not a barrier!!!!!

  600. We serve miracle working God

  601. To God be the Glory. Nothing is impossible with our Jesus.

  602. may God continue to visit us this way in jesus name amen.

  603. Glory b 2 God almyt that was a great miracle.

  604. Amen

  605. Glory be to the leavn God….the one who never fail us nd who answers by fire!!!!

  606. It works by faith. Glory be to God! Omnipresence

  607. It is really true that distance is not a barrier…Emmanuel!!

  608. God he is our saviour ,reedemer who can be againts him? No one as long as we believe that Our Might God always fight for us.To our father TB Joshua God will alwayz bless him abudantly because he is God sent & his transforming our lives.
    To be Glory to God Allelua

  609. To God be the glory matser Jesus thank you so much Emmanuel


  611. praise be to God that was wonderful.i also have a problem of eatng in the dreams and dreaming of dead pipo.PLEASE PEOPLE of GOD pray for me to end this problem i beg you amen


  613. The man of God TB JOSHUA is really touching livies this is why iv also joined this blog that my life may be changed. i believe the lord is taking me to another level, if am blogin with TB JOSHUA’S team. i thank GOD for giving us this man.


  615. thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  616. Woow our God is an awesome God indeed :-):-)

  617. To Our God be the Glory,he really works in his own miraculous ways,may the almighty God continue using his chosen servant TB Joshua to change the world,Emmanuel !!!!!

  618. Thank You Jesus!!!!!!!!!!! Glory to God!!!!!!!!!!!!

  619. Our God is a consuming fire, Thabitha

  620. Distance is not a barrier indeed!!! faith is our connection.
    Thank you Jesus

  621. To God be the glory. Emmanuel

  622. That again goes to show what faith can do. Thank God for using the man of God again to heal the brother in Zambia through unflinching faith. God continue to bless you.

  623. Thank you Jesus.

  624. glory be to God….distance is not a barrier indeed

    • Man of God pliz pray 4ma mother she’s in prison for fausely allegation of murder pliz help us man of God

    • “Is there anything thats too difficult for me?” So says the Lord. You are indeed a miracle working Lord. We glorify your Holy name and thank you for our brothers miracle.

      • To God be the glory

    • indeed God can do all things.

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