The following is the shocking account of an Emmanuel TV viewer who was miraculously rescued from the hands of brutal kidnappers. We thank God for preserving and protecting her. This is her story:

“Emmanuel! I want to testify to the protection that I know God’s children are under. I was travelling from Cape Town to Botswana and I slept over in Johannesburg with the intention to leave as early as 7am for Botswana. I made sure I had my Anointing Sticker in my bag. I took a taxi to another location and then asked where I could get transport going to the border posts. I was directed to go to a hiking spot where I was told I could get vehicles going that way. 

“Then a man stopped for me and told me he was going to the border but that he had to pick somebody on the way. I jumped in the car and we started on the journey. The first unusual thing I noticed was when he turned onto another road instead of the one that most use to reach the border. I said to him, “Why are you taking that direction?” He said to me that whether we took the straight road or this one, it is just the same distance to the border. We started arguing about the route but he carried on. Then he turned onto a gravel road and drove for many kilometres, going past a village.

“He suddenly stopped the car, got out and went to what seemed like a security room. He came back and said we had missed the pick up spot (where we were supposed to pick up the other person). He then drove back and turned into a road leading into the bush. I was surprised and confronted him, ‘Why are you going into the bush with me?’ He said the person he was picking up was busy teaching people about HIV/AIDS in rural areas. Since the village we were passing was a scattered settlement, I just believed him.

“He drove some distance further and by this time I was really getting concerned. I continued to press him, ‘Why are you driving further into the bush with me?’ He then stopped the car and said to me, ‘My sister, I am sorry to lie to you. I deal with human body parts.’ I went cold from head to toes. It was as if immediately the world was shut out to me. I could only see myself in the light as if I was in a ring and outside it was dark. I closed my eyes and silently in my heart, I prayed: ‘I cover myself with the blood of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Ghost.’ The Anointing Sticker which was sent to Cape Town by Prophet T.B Joshua was in my laptop bag at that time.

“As I was praying within, the man suddenly pulled up the car. His countenance had changed. He was visibly shaken and looked afraid. He was sweating and his hands were shaking. He told me that he could not kill me and he didn’t know why he couldn’t. He then confessed he dealt with human body parts and that the person he had been talking about was his business partner. He then asked me for fifty rands. I took out the money and tried to give him but his hands were shaking so much and looked frightened that he asked me to put the money on the car seat.

“He then grabbed my 20kg bag and started helping me to escape. He said the other guy was on the way and that he will tell him that I escaped. He was even more frightened than me! By God’s grace, I managed to reach the village and asked for help where I could find taxis going to the border. They assisted me and I finally reached my destination. Today, I know I am alive by God’s grace. Thank God for His protection!”

Primrose, South Africa



    Acts 20:32
    Now I commit you to God and to the word of his grace which can build you up and give you inheritance among all those who are sanctified.

    Apostle Paul said in his speech to the elders of Ephesus that he is commending them to the care of God and the massage of his grace will be able to build them up and give you them blessings which he has for all his people. Apostle Paul speech was not only referring to the Elders of Ephesus only. His speech also applies to you and me that our Maker is able to take care of us and his grace is able to built us up through his Living Word and through his son Lord Jesus Christ

  2. He is Jehovah Nici Our Shield. Even if we go through the valley of the shadow of death we need not fear bcoz He is always watching over us! Ameen

  3. Surely our God is very very good indeed. My sister we thank God Almighty for your life and we believe that where a child of God is, God is always there.

    People, do not underestimate the power of the Holy Ghost in any medium. Jesus is still alive today, trust Him and you shall overcome in Jesus’ name

  4. Hallelujah,This is wonderful!God is really great,there’s no other like him.My hands are even shaking as I am writing this,my eyes covered with tears.How great is the God we serve.His word says that,”They cannot have power over us unless if it is the power from above”.Wonderfull is his Holly name!

  5. When God be for us who can be against us? Thou Son of David, thank u for your mercy. God bless and prosper Prophet T.B Joshua. Daddy with long life shall God satisfy you, he’ll bring all your enemies unther your feet in JESUS mighty name, Amen.

  6. Wow! our God is awesome! We need to cover ourselves, our families with the blood of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Ghost at all times.. Glory be un2 our gud God in Jesus’ name. AMEN!


  8. Wow, wow, wow!!! We serve a good and true God. The God of prophet TB Joshua lives. We are nothing without Him. Father we thank you for protecting our journey in your will through Jesus Name.God works is wonders not to please man but to teach glory is from God. he is not man to repent of his word. out of dust our god rise his chosen to bring them in the highest place. God says to jeremiha from womb of your mother i formed you, God tailored us for his will. God send his own begotten son to be born in a stable. he hath come his own did not received him. God was making his way out of no way with his Prophet T B Joshua for the work he had appointed him to do, And he give him double for all the pass trouble that he will never bow down to anything in this earth.he had humble him in the lowest place, recover him with wisdom to receive what no one would be able to understand unless position at the as journey ,glory to god. God never create anyone with the same foot print or finger print

  9. Wow, wow, wow!!! We serve a good and true God. The God of prophet TB Joshua lives. We are nothing without Him. Father we thank you for protecting your choosing ones, me and my family in the valley of death we shall fear no evil and what so ever we desired to ask God willing in Jesus Name we shall reieived….Rated 28↑ 0↓ (28 Votes)

  10. Its like a dream when the Lord intervene in our situations. To Him i give all the glory and honour. Thank you sister for your touching testimony

  11. Thank you Jesus Christ. We serve a Mighty God. Awesome God. Thank you my Lord In Jesus Mighty Name. Wow the devil is now in trouble. Glory and honour be to the Almighty God for his divine protection to his people. Amen to the Lord Jesus Christ.

  12. Glory be God. I could not believe it when Primrose was relating her odeal, this weekend, to her friend at SCOAN Nigeria. I was nearby and could not help to eavesdrop. My faith was instantly elevated. I realised we are constantly under the His watchful eyes. What a Mighty GOD we serve. Holy Spirit we thank you.

  13. emmanuel!!!!!!!!!!! what a Mighty God we realy Serve. Promise that’s really Amazing. people fo Gog lets do as the MAN OF GOD advices us, To use Psalm 91 as from to day and keep on covering ourselves by the blood of JESUS. Emmanuel!!!!

  14. This is indeed the God of how possible i believe in you Jesus christ.Man of God pliz help me with the sticker and annointing water .having bad dreams pliz pray for me man of God.

  15. We can see that is thesame today as we have read about the prophet of the old. He has by his grace given unto us T B Joshua today. Emmanuel!!!

  16. glory be to GOD my faith is lifted and i look forward to my own testimony anytime soon remember 11th june a day to remember!

  17. Amen! Our Lord Jesus is alive, this story rituals ,had make me think about my younger brother in 2005 december who killed nobody was arrested. Most people were taking me herbalist,witchcrafts and false prophets since then my life is not good. Instead of been helped i was possed with evil spirits which demonas me. I need deliverance from God.

  18. Pls, T.B.JOSHUA Pls pls pls help me i need u 2 pray 4 me,i want God 2 provid money 4 my traveling,my uncle promis 2 giv me the money but nw the tin is about 2 get head he started telin me that he dont hav money, n also help me 2 get wat i wishs 2 get over there in Jesus Name??

  19. Glory be to the Almighty God! My sister, Primrose, i pray that God will continue blessing and protecting you all the days of your life in Jesus name, amen.

  20. I gv God all the glory, our lives is special to Him. Therefore, He will not allow those who trust in Him to perish. I Thank God for giving us a man, servant, father, prophet etc., – T. B Joshua in this generation and for the whole nations to be a guide to us all. Praise the Lord. I pray for many other people in such traps that the spirit of our living God will deliver them all from the hands of the wicked ones IJMN. By a prophet, (Moses) the people were brought out from Egypt and by same they were preserved.

  21. Jesus never said”Good bye”,He is very much alive even today.Thank you Prophet TB Joshua for yielding to Gods Will;you are a real blessing to the world!

  22. Thank u lord for giving us senior prophet TBJoshua.May the almighty God continue to bless bless him .I wish him a happy birthday celebrations

  23. Glory and adoration to God for His infinite goodness upon his children. We are living not just by our making but by His undisputed affection even inspite of our recrucifixion of His begotten Son through our sins. I give glory to God for His protection upon the sister. God is great and we should understand that unless He secure us no force on earth can shield us from the destruction of the prince of doom. I thank Emmanuel for the life of this Sister.

  24. Lord Jesus who is quick to answer, i thank you for rescuing your daughter. Pliz Lord remember Robina a 24 year old young man who is currently in the University Teaching Hospital here in Zambia with a rare cancer of the lungs which the doctors says is spreading very fast. I believ the God we serve is mighty, pliz pipo of God say a prayer for this young man. at first the doctors removed a 14kg growth from his back now something else has started. Thank you Jesus for healing Robina

  25. The Lord we save is reall and byhis grace we are saved. So it is the Lord who pushed u to take the annointing sticker along with u on ur journey. May his name be glorified. The God of T.B. Joshua I salute u.

  26. God saved you, with that sticker you will always be under his eyes. Thank you Jesus for protecting sister Primrose.

  27. Our God is a great God, there is nothing he can not do if only u believe in his prophet. Glory be to God for the deliverance of our sister from the hands of ritualist. The word God from Prophet T.B Joshua can not return back without fulfiling the purpose that was sent out. Hallelujah

  28. Wow, wow, wow!!! We serve a good and true God. The God of prophet TB Joshua lives. We are nothing without Him. Father we thank you for protecting Primrose, in Jesus Name.Whatever that come out of prophet TB JOSHUA is carrying fire, power, anointing, thunder, divine hurricane, above all mercy and favour, so security is for shure in christ Jesus. Thank u jesus for protecting our sister.

  29. Dear Sir, Prophet-Father in the Lord, God’s General T.B.Joshua!

    I love you through Jesus Christ of Nazareth like Our Father In Heaven by His Holy Spirit: “The Good Man In The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Overseer of all of us, with his Team, follow the Truth of God’s Holy Word”.
    So I pray for your “Happy Birthday tomorrow June 12.: That all goes WELL for you and the BEST IS YET TO COME.
    God says in His Word 3 John 1 ff: “I hope that you are as strong in body, as I know are in spirit. It makes me very happy when the Lord’s followers come by and speak openly of how you obey the truth. nothing brings me greater happiness than to hear that my children are obeying the truth.”

    Let Love Lead Us always with His Word through you Sir and your Team with

    Hellmut Paradis
    (vulgo Stephanus on facebook,
    God’s pencil, SCOAN –

  30. The name jesus works,covers and protects us in both the spirit and physical,i know what am talkn abt thru the use of anoiting water.i feel u my sister.may God bles u loads in jesus name, AMEN.

  31. He never leave or forsake us, He is with us till the end of time…to God our father be the glory for saving your life my sister and for calling, sending and annointing prophet TB Joshua.

  32. Thank you Jesus for your saving power through the blood you shed on the cross and the holy ghost fire that came to us on pentecost. Thank you Lord for the life of Prophet T.. Joshua and a happy 49th birthday to him. Amen

  33. Our God is an awesome God to be praised. Thank you Lord for everything you have done to the life of our sister and ourselves. Thank you Almight.

  34. Thank you Jesus for protecting my sister under the shadow of death is all by your Grace God your mercy and favor do it indeed we are under his eyes thank you Glory be to God


  36. praise the lord. God you are wonderful.
    its just like you said, do not be afraid , i am with you always.
    i claim my own miracle through the annoiting sticker and holy water in Jesus name. Amen.

  37. Our God is an awesome God! He reigns indeed, if God be for us, who can be against us? No weapon formed agains a child of God can ever prosper! Rejoice for you are indeed alive by God’s grace…Alleluah

  38. WoW, what a Testimony!!!. Emmanuel. Our God is really alive and is always with us. I am also a regular Emmanuel TV viewer and a Partner as well . I have my Anointing Sticker in my Bedroom and enjoying the abundant Grace of God. Halleluja.

    • Wow indeed! We can’t get a better testimony than this. Only our God Almighty can bring someone from death. I mean the kidnapper had confessed what he does & his intention so our sister was in reality a gonner, but thanks be to our God for mercies on His daughter. Halleluiah! Gabriel Boateng-Appiah, I am also a regular viewer of Emmanuel.TV & partner as well from NZ.

  39. Thank you Lord, you rescued the life of Prmoirse from kidnappers. I believe the Holy Ghost also be our rescuer through Emmanuel TV, for the one who lack anointing sticker and anointing water. God can use any medium.

  40. Indeed we serve a living God,he doesn’t slp nor slumber weneva we need hz thr,thank u jesus 4 dis testimony it reali boosted ma faith

  41. Praise the Lord. We live in dangerous times on earth, where to live without trusting Him is serious risk. Where would we be without the prophets in this evil days. May God perform more wonders to all christians in the world 2day. My faith is highly lifted up sister, and I celebrate a new lease of life with you. May you live 4 God 4 ever. God still lives!

  42. praise the living God …… wooow , am blessed to read this . OMG , i can’t wait to have my annointing sticker and water with me .God of t.b.joshua , u r so wonderful and we thank you for that.may ur name be praised in jesus name , amen

  43. May the Lord our God be with us.

    Father forgive my sins. Against you, only you have i sinned, and done this evil in your sight that you may be found just when you speak, and blameless when you judge. God of Elijah, Abraham, Jacob and Isaac. The same God that delivered the Israelites from the hands of the oppressors, deliver me.i have no strength anymore, spirit of the living God fight for me. i commit my spirit,life,health & destiny unto your hands. have mercy on me and remember me Lord. i take refuge under you wings. thank you Jesus.


  44. I want to thank God for the life of my sister who has been preserved by the power of God through his servant prophet tbjoshua. God can use anything to express himself provided you believe his prophets as he preserved israel by a prophet. Glory to God in the highest place.

  45. Praise the Lord for saving my sister from that dangerours situation. Trurly God’s caring is the only best care.

  46. When u belive in d son of God u will be set free.many pple dnt like man of God(TB JOSHUA)But they dnt know what they are’s good to be under God’s eyes.EMMANUEL.

  47. GOD is good as i have experienced in my life. I give thanks to GOD.If you have been doubting what GOD can do 4 you,give HIM a try and you wont regret it

  48. Thank God for His grace n the power in the anointed sticker Thank u God for saving Primrose. Man of God pray for me I am troubled my fiance left me to go n stay somewhere he only come when he feel like it n he hardly communicate with me I have been begging him to return so we can sort things out i I believe ur prayers can bring total restitution n restoration

  49. our GOD is able 2 protect nd save us 4 he will not allow those who put their whole trust on him 2 put 2 shame nd he will be with us till the end of time then if the lord be with us who then shall be against us (NOBODY).EMMANUEL……

  50. he is an awesome GOD. If u act in faith- u a what GOD says u a. u have what GOD says u have and u can do what GOD says u can do. mercy is here 4 us thank u JESUS

  51. God promise us that fear not I will be with you till the end of the earth even david said even though I walk through the valley of shadow I will fear no evil for thouart with me . He is our sheperd let keep on trusting him and give him glory

  52. Oh my goodness, what can I say apart from saying thank you God for this miracle. My sister you are blessed. WOW!!!!

  53. Emmanuel!!!! Ever faithful, Ever sure, ever pure, He is indeed the supreme God, Anciet od Days, Our ROCK of ages, am short of words, He is Ominipotent God, he deserve our worship. My question is, with this testimony, why would people follow our righteoud GOD. JESUS thank you.

  54. Our redeemer and comforter Lord Jesus Christ lives. Let all the earth rejoice and be glad. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for protecting our friend from ritualists and let your name be exalted.
    Psalms 70:4
    But may all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you. May those who love your salvation always say. Let God be exalted

  55. Sister Primrose, What a Friend we have in Jesus? Remember, Everything to God in Prayer with Faith. Don’t forget that He rose from the dead. Let’s continually confess and testify his mighty works. Glory to the Living God.

  56. Emmanuel!!!our God is able,Lord l thank u for giving us prophet t b joshua in our time!may ur name be praise for ever!

  57. Can somebody out there tell me how I can obtain annointed water and sticker. Can it be posted to my home country. Who do I contact to send it to my country.

  58. we are covered by his blood and we are under his eyes, nw that u a saved dont just come to jesus becoz u are saved but make sure u meditate to his word and make God’s word the standard for your life. thank u Jesus

  59. Sister iam happy for your hey,i the Lord is a everywhere we go, some the kill them but you they couldn’t touch because great is how is in you then the one how is in the world.every day just say big Thank of face that day even now

  60. Emmanuel!The God of TB Joshua is real.Thanks to God for saving the young lady through the anointed sticker.God of Tb Joshua Deliver me i need you in my life.

  61. Thank u “Jesus” for saving our life.
    The better is not enough
    But the best is yet to come
    And the world is behaind us
    But the “cross” is before us.
    Our “GOD” never disappoint us!

  62. Thank u jesus.thank man of God.this is God at work in the life of his protected by the blood of cover by the blood of jesus.thank u jesus

  63. Primrose in deed distant is not a barrier the god we serve is a living god he guard us every where every minutes and every time as long as u believe in what u say with ur mouth. Every things be come possible. And continue to prey. Hallelujah amen

  64. immanuel God is wth us plis i need help from the man of God i have dis terrible hdache since tuesday n my grandma is bed ridden i cnt afford 2 cum 2 nigeria all i ask 4 is anointd water because i knw GOD can heal us from here plis m desperate m from lesotho

  65. wow wow, thats a miracle sis, the lord did it for u let his name be glorified, the God of TB Joshua, i need u in my life, business,family, future,thank u father

  66. My case will not escape the annointing of God. Thankyou Lord for my sister’s life , thankyou prophet TB Joshua.

  67. The power of God is Great. Praise his Name Emmanuel. Man of God please how can we have anointing sticker or anointing water in Zambia. Sent some to us also.

  68. halleluah,,Jesus is alive and victory is forever,lets praise our heavenly Father for sending Man of God Prophet T.B Josua and the Wiseman to save,healer and deliver us, thanx Jesus Amen.

  69. Thats very scary,praise the Lord!!!! lm in joburg as well and l need the anointing water or the sticker if anyone can help here is my number 0797855083



  72. This is great unbelivable pliz man of God send me an anoiting sticker if it can work 2 others y not me pliz i believ in distance is not a barrier

  73. All glory be to God Almighty.More fress annointing to function be upon the man from God,Prophet TB Joshua.He is a blessing to the world.

  74. Touch but not the anointed ones.God’s mercy and favour is great in our lives.thank you are wonderful.what a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!.emmanuellll.

  75. praise the Lord, our God is not some god, He is the All Mighty and the bible says greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world, remember 1john4:4 start by telling us; ye little children ye are of God and have overcome them….. So we overcame them together with Christ on the montain of ghologhotha, we doing his will and making him self the standard of your life and I beleive as the Man of God always say: the best is yet to come

  76. I realy apreciate d name of the lord for our sisters live, glory honour nd adoration be to his name glory be to GOD

  77. God is realy wonderful. I thank Him for giving us the Holy Ghost. I am happy for the lady of this story.

  78. Glory be to God Almighty,Father we thank,You never stop doing wonders in your children,i shall live to praise You all days of my life!

  79. Oh GOD THANK U,for the protection man of GODT.B JOSHUA may Jesus Christ bless u and live long until we all find peace in Jesus s Name.i also need a sticker plz man of a living GOD.

  80. My brothers and sisters who say God did not exist tell the person that he or she is liyer Primrose i fellow u thank God for this wonderfull testmony praise God for his protaction in our life thank u Jesus

  81. Wonderfull,we realy call the Lord of wonders and miracles,Man of God be blessed because you were obdient to God he is working through you.surely where ever we are the anointing of God can reach!!!sister Primrose shined in the eyes of the enermy.praise God

  82. Praise the lord for your life my sister,this is a terrible world to live in without Jesus!we need God’s protection every second,terrible thing are happening.This is a testimony for those who don’t believe in Christ Jesus to seek and find him.praise be to the almighty.

  83. JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GLORY TO GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  85. Ps 23……Even thou u walk thru d valley of shadow of dead………fear no evil for I am with u……Convenant kiping God. o

  86. I am terrified to hear this testmonie. God is great, He makes a way when it seems to be no way. Thank God for that annointed sticker. If we realy belief in him he wil not let us down. I ask TB Joshua for that sticker and annoined water. Pray for me I have some problems in my life. Sometimes I think it is better to die than to live. Whatever I try to do in my life I will not succide. In my health, work, marital problems, family problems no brealthrough on everything. I prayed, cried and fasted but things does not change. Whem pray for others remember me also. I need deliverence.

  87. We thank God for his protection and covering you under the blood As God says in his word he has given us the power to trample on serpens ans scorpions and they will not hurt us

  88. Gloire a JESUS ma soeur ,le SEIGNEUR est avec nous.
    Dans la vallee de l’ombre de la mort, je ne crains aucun mal car tu es avec moi ,ta houlette et ton baton me rassurent, tu dresses devant moi une table, en face de mes adversaires tu oins d’huile ma tete et ma coupe deborde:Souviens-toi ma soeur de JESUS CHRIST dans toutes situations,joie ou pleurs car il a tout accompli a la croix de golgota. Qu’il continue a vous fortifier car celui qui est avec nous est plus grand que celui qui est dans le monde: DIEU en CHRIST en nous , l’esperance de la gloire.

  89. Thank u Jesus thats wonderful,when u ar with God don’t fear devil is nothing 2 God,u should hav prayed confesion prayer with the guy.

  90. Gods grace is sufficiant I thank god about TB Joshuas life that god send him in this world to saved sinners like me amen

  91. i thank God for his protection he is owsom God i knw that he is d lion of d trib of juda,so nobody,no devil can try or touch a child of a lion when d father is around. so our God is wit us.THANK U MAN OF GOD FOR GIVING GOD OPPORTINITY FOR USING U TO BLESS US ..EMMANNUEL.

  92. Wow primrose we thank God of TB Joshua faithful is he praise God it surely shows that God will never leave his children nor forsake them Emmanuel for sure my faith is lifted up

  93. i thank God for his protection he is owsom God i knw that he is d lion of d trib of juda,so nobody,no devil can try or touch a child of a lion when d father around. so our God is wit us.THANK U MAN OF GOD FOR GIVING GOD OPPORTINITY FOR USING U TO BLESS US.

  94. I always thank god for his protection god of Tb joshua is a living god thus why l love the sticker and annointing water ,emmanuel!!! No one can be against us

  95. Yes, our Jesus Christ is the only true Lord and Saviour! Halleluya!!!
    Jesus Christ bless you Primrose….

    ( I,m from Pematangsiantar,Indonesia).

  96. The Lord we serve is a wonderful God. Devil is powerless and will permanently be so. Thank You Jesus Christ for saving her life and soul. My life depends on You. Emmanuel!

  97. Amen. Emmanuel! Thank YOU LORD in JESUS name. The GOD that saved Daniel is the same one today. Hallelujah! He will touch my life for breakthroughs as well as wisdom and knowledge, protection in whatever I go through now in Jesus name amen.

  98. TB Joshua is a really a man of God. You saved lives and lives. Let God continue to do the best for you.Man of God pray for me so that I pass my school examinations that I will face on 18th June. John KE Tembo from Lusaka, Zambia.

  99. Every time GOD do such things all I say: “For GOD so loved this world so much……” Then I cry. WOW!!!!

  100. You are awesome lion of Judah. Thank you Jesus for saving us. Thank you Lord Jesus for watching over us. Ooowo Jesus is Lord.
    Glory be you alone in Jesus’ Name. Amen

  101. Emmanue..l God is with us i am so happy becoz God we re serving is a good living God and is stil continues showing His presence in the lives of His pple.GLORY to Him. I also want the sticker and the annoiting water but i dont know how nd where i can get it in Botswana pliz help

  102. Primrose how deep wanderfully admiring you i am doing this shows your testmony had teachs me there is full life without fear above snake line
    my sister thank God you are now in house of God sharing some table with Jesus and a Prophet TB Joshua in the relms of spiritual you able to greet apostle Paul heaven throgh your prayer
    maintain your invitetion in heaven because our Brother Prophet TB Joshua had finish work on you Thank God for reform you amen!!!!

  103. Glory be to the almighty God who doesn’t take sides but take over every situation handed over to him. Pls can i get the anointing water and sticker in my home? Pls reply via my email. God bless you.

  104. WOW I want to thankGod for protection. Thank u man of God for allowing God to use u so mightly may u live long. I am so priveledged to be living in this generation witnessing for myself how God works in our lives. I wish everyone could opentheir eyes and see how blessed this generation is to have a man like prophet TB Joshua. He is such a huge blessing his teachings have changed my life greatly. May the dear continue to add more annointing upon him in Jesus name.

  105. I thank God for God’s divine protection over your life. My prayers to the man of God, senior prophet tb joshua is that God will continue to strenghten his desire for good. Amen

  106. To God be the glory. I thank God in life of that lady and i pray that this same God would always save His children from the hands of the wicked.

  107. Emmanuel! God is with us! I am so delighted that God has once again proved Himself and His love for His people. God is too faithful to fail. And He is doing what He said He would do, alleluah! Trust in God! Trust in his servant (Snr Prophet T.B Joshua)! Trust in the materials from SCOAN!

  108. God works miraculously,he say ‘i wil be with you in times of trouble.and he give you hope when you are hopeless,life when you lifeless.thank god you are saved.

  109. Please man of God i want you to pray for my wife once again pls, she was delivered on Dec 18 2012 in Scoan Lagos, since that day she was perfectly well, but since yesterday she started those things she stopped to do since her deliverance. Like smoking drugs,drinking and having bad dreams, Pls Pls Pls i want you to help us in prayer. I strongly believe that God that delivered her before will do it again.. Amen

  110. Oh my God what a miracle, what a protection we are under, we are under His eyes. To God be the Glory and may God bless you for this powerful testimony . Emmanuel!

  111. Our God is a living God.He will not allow your feet to slip.He neither sleeps nor slumber.Trust in Him always and He never fails His own.

  112. Wow what a wonderful testmony i ve heard today on my birthday U a re a miracle working God we thank u for sparing that sister s life so that she can testify to us to help us uplift our faith thank u father thank u !

  113. This is a wonderful testimony. Man of God how can I get this annointing sticker and also the annointing water?My name is itayi Regina Kamumvuri and my address is 4440 Matidoda Park Tynwald Harare.Zimbabwe. Please Man of God I want them.

  114. Whatever that come out of prophet TB JOSHUA is carrying fire, power, anointing, thunder, divine hurricane, above all mercy and favour, so security is for shure in christ Jesus. Thank u jesus for protecting our sister.


  116. God is our SHIELD in every circumstances.Thank God for divine intervention.As a child of God, divine security is ours.

  117. We thank God for He is faithful.”he that receiveth a Prophet in the name of a Prophet shall receive a Prophet’s reward”My sister this is your reward for beleiving in his prophets.Thank u Jesus!!Thank u Holy Spirit!!

  118. Yeah who cn stand against the elect of God? Im admonished. No weapon formed against the righteous shal preveil!!!….

  119. Emmanuel! What a wonderful deliverance for our sister.
    At the name of Jesus Christ every knee shall bow down!
    Praise God.

  120. Jesus is still to protect us,to walk by your side,if u have a strong relationship with him nothing can hinder you to go your way.thank God

  121. I Thank God for your life. God of T.B Joshua is alive and will forever be , He’s awesome , He’s alive ……… HALLELUYAH !!!

  122. Thank You Lord for this live testimony. I read and felt as if I was the one going through that huzzle. Thank God, you were under the eyes of a living God, as such nothing could happen to you or us His children. I have confidence with the God that our Prophet is asking us to serve. It is this confidence that is keeping me strong, for His words are very pure and very sure. He promised seeing us through, praise the lord, Hallellujah, Amen.

  123. Thank you Jesus! Since you covered her by your blood. I’m from Ethiopia, Addis baba . How can I get the Anointing Sticker? I believe that any medium from T.B. Joshua can lead me to the solution of my many problems. I know God time is best time. I wish I will write my testimony after I get my blessing. I know that my precious God can do everything. The impossible is possible in the name of Jesus!

  124. Thank you Jesus, to those who don`t believe they will not see the glory of the lord, just believe in him who is above all that is all. Thankyou for the stikers man of God you gave to us who believe in Jesus Christ the only name above all the names you are awesome God Emmanueal Emmanueal.

  125. Our God is good all the time. Thank u lord Jesus for saving her life. Thank u Lord Jesus for the life of yo annointed one TB Joshua. You have used him so mightly . Our generation is blesd to hv him

  126. Lord jesus I thank you for the protection you always surround us with thank you for protecting Primrose when enemies we trying to eat her flesh Hallelujah..

  127. Amen thank you Jesus for saving the beatful girl,s life. I need you lord in my life more than words can say

  128. Lord Jesus Christ,you said you will be with us till the end of time.Thank you Lord for your protection.May this and many other miracles help to draw all your people closest to you Lord.

  129. Thank you Lord for your annoiting, Emmanuel. Darkness and light can’t live together,the man saw the light of God in Primrose and change his mind because the fire of God was burning him. Emmanuel

  130. Am graduated since 2009, i undergo my nysc 2010, i read Economics, sir pray for me 2 get beta job befor the end of this year bcos i kw u wl do more this in my life, glory be 2 God bcos my prayer has be answers thanks

  131. Thank you Lord Jesus for your protection. Holy Ghost, indeed you are with us and you love us. Thank you a million times. Amen.

  132. We truly serve a living God neva measure God according 2 yo problemz man of God 1 thing i knw z dat 1 day i wil meet u

  133. We thank GOD 4 yo lif my sister.indeed GOD is great is owez watching ova us he said i wil b with u.i praise GOD the testimony is very powerful.LIFT HIS NAME HIGHER THATS Y HES GOD am blessed by yo testimony GOD IS GREAT COUNTINUE TO PRAISE HIM.

  134. waow! the LORD is good all the time. Glory be to His name forever for the good this He does in the lives of His children.

    • I now know that god love us he allways be with us.lest thank him for his love.He protect our sister this is a living testimorny thank you jesus amen!!!!

  135. Thank God 4 saving your life my sister am happy 4 u God of TB JOSHUA IS MY GOD AND I BELIEVE HE DO SOMETHING GREAT 2 MY LIFE MAN OF GOD PLZ AM ASKING 4 THE STIKER,AND ANOITING WATER my mobile number is +260976522056,MY NAMES ARE CHARITY SHABEENZU. am a zambian and i live in lusaka.

  136. I know that the blood of Jesus is powerfull no matter where yuo are, He promised not live nor forsake us, this woman has seen God in action! Glorry be to the Mighty King! Halleluya. God is good and forever He shall be. Amen just keep the faith.

  137. What a Might God we serve. Thank you Jesus you keeps on doing great thingz,you are might in battles.

  138. Thats the hand of Jehovah Jire. Praise Him!!!
    Lesson: In these end times, never hike for lifts. Always travel by public transport if you are not driving your own car. So next time, thou shalt not put the Lord your God to the test. Amen!

  139. Oh, this is so amazing, am speechless, Jesus Christ is alive, He lives, thank you Jesus Christ for saving our sister, thank you for Prophet TB Joshua.

  140. Oh!!!!!!!we are saving the living god what else to say I’m speecheless we gloriefy ur holy name master jesus,thank u lord for my sister ‘s life for saving her soul ,is true u promise to see us through ,Emmanuel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. If not for the grace of God, I don’t know what could have happened to our dear sister. But we thank God for His divine protection. Indeed He is our very present help in times of need. God bless you Primrose.

  142. Our God never disappoints, am happy for you Primrose. Keep on praising him more blessings are on the way. Amen!!!!!!!!!!

  143. My word. I m more terified just by reading this…and i cant imagine my sister what you were going through…but the Devil is aliar and he is under our feet..we thank God Almighty for your protection….Thank God for that annointed sticker i sure wish to have one of those and also the annointed water…Bless u Primrose…..shireen dlamini …from Durban South Africa…

  144. to God be the glory, he is our protect, praise be to the King of Kings. Lay all your troubles on his feets and you will see the wonders of his name.

  145. wow that is great miracle God performed through your life, our living God is a greatest God l thank him for protecting you, in Jesus mighty name.

  146. Awesome GOOOOOOD!!! Mighty GOOOOD!. The Lord mughty and strong. The LORD, mighy in battle. Hedee!!!! Be exalted O GOD, in your own strength. We shall sing and praisev your POWER!!!!!

  147. Thank you JESUS CHRIST for the love, deliverance, healing, teaching, holy spirit, annointing,protection, everything, thank you son of david, thank you jesus, thank you jesus, thank you jesus

  148. Emmanuel!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! Primrose thats really under His protection. U lucky to have the sticker. We’ve been praying so long for water or sticker. But it just doesn’t happen. God has been Good to u. Wonderful testimony. God Bless!

  149. Wow, wow, wow!!! We serve a good and true God. The God of prophet TB Joshua lives. We are nothing without Him. Father we thank you for protecting Primrose, in Jesus Name.

      • wow really we need holy spirit and Jesus Christ while am reading this i put myself oh her situation, really we need to serve God in Truth and in spirit , We need God TB Joshua May God bless you abundatly Protection from God Is need to our life Thank God For Protecting primrose from Evil Man

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