“Maximum Protection” – Rescued From The Flames

Monday began like every other day for Oliver Onyekachi. But the events that unfolded proved to be anything but ordinary. On his way home from work in the quiet of evening, a sound like that of a bomb exploding shattered the silence. Quickening his pace, Oliver rounded the corner to discover a raging fire that had engulfed the vicinity close to his house. It was a gas explosion. Local residents were running helter-skelter. Commotion reigned. As flames licked around the exterior of his house, Oliver’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. His wife and children were still inside…

“Emmanuel! Emmanuel!! Emmanuel!!! If God is with us, who can be against us? Nobody! I know the protection I am under. My name is Mr Oliver Onyekachi Uka and I am a civil servant from Imo state, Nigeria.

“On the 1st August 2011, gas exploded close to where I live which caused my house to catch fire. Inside the house were my wife and children together. Seeing the extent of the flames, I had lost all hope for their survival. The only thing I held onto was the knowledge that they had the Anointing Water with them, which we would minister daily in the house. Miraculously, nothing happened to them until the fire stopped! Not even a single scratch or burn! All who saw the incident were amazed, especially since some of my neighbors were severely injured by the fire. I thank God for his maximum protection!”

As Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “When you know the protection you are under, you will fear no more.” Thank you, Jesus!