testimony1Mr  Olatunji Dehinbo testifies to God’s mighty protection power through the Morning Water….

“Emmanuel!!! I employ the people of God to thank God for saving my life from being hit by an armed robber’s stray bullet in Portharcourt, Rivers State of Nigeria when they were exchanging gun battle with police on Thursday. I was driving along Elekaia Housing Estate when an oncoming vehicle gave a signal that I should turn back which I immediately did because I could sense danger.I decided to pass through another route in order to avoid any danger. But to my greatest dismay, I didn’t know that I was going to the battle ground between Police and armed robbers.I was already trapped before I knew what was happening. I immediately jumped out of my car and ran inside the building where I managed to park my car. Immediately I entered, the real battle started.

There was serious shooting at the front of the building and bullets hit the front of the building in the exact location where I parked my car and pieces of cement block scattered all over my car. As at that point, I thought my car was badly hit by the bullets. But I remembered that I have a permanent MORNING WATER inside the car. So at that point, I remembered the MORNING WATER inside my pocket and I immediately sprayed it on myself and my surroundings while lying down on the floor to avoid being hit by stray bullets. The shooting lasted for almost one hour. When the shooting finally subsided, one of the women in the building exclaimed that she was sorry for the owner of the car that was seriously hit by the bullets.

Emmanuel!!!!!!! To my greatest surprise on getting to my car, no single bullet touched my car. I simply removed the pieces of blocks being hit by the bullet on top of my car and drove off. Emmanuel!!!!!!! (God is indeed really with us, Amen)”



Mrs Patricia Mphaphuli shared this testimony of a Divine rescue from the hands of criminals after she received a ‘Good Morning’ Anointing Sticker while visiting one of the families of the martyrs of faith in South Africa.

“Good morning! I am one of those who joined the groups of people who are visiting the families of the martyrs of faith. By God’s grace, I received the new ‘Good Morning’ Anointing Sticker a few days ago when we were visiting one of the families. I immediately put it inside my Samsung tablet the whole night and then later, put it inside the envelope with the certificate of the NGO which I received on the same day I was given the Anointing Sticker.

“I usually sleep with my two daughters in the same room and I would put my phones next to my pillow. Today, at around 3am, something just woke me up from a deep sleep. I found the window open and I saw the hand of a thug who had broken the window and was trying to break our burglar proof protection. I screamed and he ran away! To my surprise, when I looked at my phones, all of them were on the floor where the thief could not access them. If they had been in the normal place I keep them, they would certainly have been stolen. By God’s grace, they were all safe and my hand bag with the Anointing Sticker was on the floor untouched. I immediately ran into the sitting room to check if anything else had been stolen and when I arrived, because Emmanuel TV is always on, I heard Prophet T.B. Joshua saying, “You don’t know the power you under!” Afterwards, the song, ‘You are the mighty God, the great I Am’ was sung by the Emmanuel singers. I felt so strong in my faith and happy! Good morning! I know the power I am under as an Emmanuel TV viewer!”

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Be encouraged by this remarkable testimony of a Ghanaian man who experienced Heavenly protection when 10 armed bandits attempted to waylay him…

“Emmanuel! My name is Mr. Isaac Dekayie from Ghana and I want to encourage people of God to know the protection we are under as children of the Most High! I was travelling from Ho (Volta Region) to Adenta (Greater Accra Region) using the Akuse Road. Upon getting to Afienya, I decided to go through Afienya to Dodowa en route to Adenta. It was about 8:30pm in the evening. Towards the Dodowa stretch, there is forestry surrounding the road which has many bends and turns. It was dark.

Divine Protection - Anointing Sticker Testimony“Suddenly, a man came out of the bush with a torch light ordering me to stop. There was no other vehicle in sight. Upon getting closer to him, I realised he was not a police officer; he also realised l was not slowing as he expected. Suddenly, he started shouting wildly, “I will kill you! I will kill you!” I heard him clearly because the windows at the front of my car were wound down. His shout did not frighten me and I drove speedily passed him towards a curve in the road. Just after bypassing him, I realised he was not alone! They were up to ten, all carrying torch lights and weapons. Suddenly, I heard a loud volley of gun shots towards my direction. Looking at the Anointing Sticker on my dashboard, I drove on, committing my life into God’s hands. The shooting continued until I had gone round the bend and was no longer in their sights.

“Moments after leaving their place, I looked at my windscreen only to discover several signs of gun shots. Miraculously, none of them penetrated into the car! I called upon the police who rushed to the scene. At the time they got there, the robbers had escaped into the bush leaving some used and unused cartridges. When the police checked my car, they counted up to 32 spots on the car where the bullets had hit. The officers who checked my car were astounded! It was as if my car was bullet-proof! The bullets did not even enter through the open windows at the front of my car. A look at the windscreen shows my Ghana flag as T.B. Joshua had instructed us to keep in our car and our rooms since it has become a contact point for God to use. I also had the Anointing Sticker with the words, ‘Let Love Lead’. I thank God for this deliverance and protection. I am forever grateful to God for saving my life. Thank You, Jesus!”

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Here is a testimony of a gentleman who experienced God’s Divine protection through the Anointing Water. Let your faith be encouraged as you read…

“My name is Chris Agha Oko, an agric engineer and an economist. I had an encounter with cannon gun shots but God saved my life through my consistent and persistent use of the Anointing Water. On 5-7th August 2013, I travelled to Owerri, Imo State for the inauguration of the Imo state Chapter of the United Progressive Party (UPP). We had a program to visit the three senatorial zones of the state and on our way to Orlu zone for a courtesy visit to the Chairman of Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers, we had a stopover at Mbaitolu to commission the UPP Local Government Office Secretariat.

“As we stopped and were moving close to the gathering being addressed by our National Chairman, Chief Chekwas Okorie, the people had planted a 21 gun salute for the entourage. As the cannon shots were banging, one of the many barrels exploded and burst into pieces, flinging metal in our direction at a high speed. One got the Lagos State Chairman, tore his neck and he instantly fell on the grounded and became lifeless. Another large piece of metal, about 2cm in diameter hit me on my left breast, tearing my suit and removing the button of my suit. I saw myself on the ground reeling with pain. As I was on the ground, I was touching my breast and it was wet; I was thinking in my mind that the bullet had cut through into my chest. As I was checking with my hand to see blood, instead it was water that I saw!

“I kept imagining what was wrong though I was in serious pains. Little did I realize that the metallic object hit the Anointing Water in my breast pocket, broke it and all the water gushed out and wet my body. I always carry my Anointing Water anywhere I go! To the glory of God, it was the Anointing Water bottle that supernaturally deflected the bullet that came towards me at a high speed and could well have caused a serious injury or even my death. In my hotel room later when we returned to Owerri in the night, I only used hot water to dab my breast which was slightly swollen and took some analgesics to mellow down the pains. As we left Owerri on the 3rd day, my other colleague was still in the hospital as his neck was stitched to heal the deep cut he received on his neck region. Thank GOD we were saved. Emmanuel – God with us.”

Chris Agha Oko, Nigeria


Here is a remarkable faith-building testimony from an Emmanuel TV viewer concerning God’s Divine protection. Remember, God takes care of His faithful followers. Nothing outside of His control can happen to His children. Be encouraged as you read!

“Emmanuel! May God’s name be praised! I am Mrs. Eugenia Onyemachi. I have a testimony to share of what God has done for my entire family. We are ardent followers of Emmanuel TV and do worship with you during Sunday and Monday services on TV. I was privileged to have received the Anointing Stickers which are pasted on our gate, front door and the kitchen door.

“On Thursday last week, the 10th of May, 2012, my husband bought petrol and kerosene in 25 liter kegs. When he came back, he mistakenly took the 25 liter keg of kerosene to the generator house and I took the 25 liter keg of petrol to the kitchen. That same day, I used the petrol mistakenly kept in the kitchen and poured some into the Kerosene Stove that had no kerosene in it. I then used the petrol to cook food on Thursday evening and nothing happened. On Friday morning, I used same stove filled to the brim with petrol to cook food for the children for school and nothing happened.

“I was to go for a church program that Friday morning and wanted to give my husband food but, unusually for him, he refused to take it and said I should start going, saying that he will get the food for himself or eat when he goes out. I left and later he went to the kitchen to get food and took matches to light the stove. He realized that the stove was burning unusually and suspected that maybe the kerosene he bought was adulterated. He said that when he noticed that, he wanted to throw the stove out as it was burning but later decided to try to turn it off. Incredibly, it did not explode. He said his spirit directed him to look up and he saw a damp cloth on top of the sink in the kitchen which he took to cover the stove and it went off. Meanwhile, the 25 liter keg filled with petrol was still beside the stove and nothing happed!.

“He then took the stove outside from the kitchen and poured the contents on the floor of the compound. He threw a lighted match on the contents and immediately it went up in flames. There was fire everywhere outside! He rushed back to the kitchen and took the keg that was in the kitchen, realizing that it was petrol instead of the kerosene! When I came back, I was filled with tears of joy when I was told of what happened. I realized that the fuel even poured onto the floor of the kitchen and I used the cloth to clean it and lit a match on the same spot, yet it did not catch fire!

“In fact, the power of God in the Anointing Sticker on the door of the kitchen prevented the fuel from burning the whole house down when we used it to cook food on Thursday and also Friday until my husband discovered it through God’s divine direction that Friday afternoon. I know it was the Anointing Sticker that prevented the petrol from exploding! We have so much faith in the power of God working through the Anointing Sticker and continue to direct people to the SCOAN when they have problems.

“I just want to encourage people. Anywhere this Anointing Sticker is placed, there is the POWER of God there! If not God, the whole house would have been burnt down. This is a miraculous mystery because I have NEVER seen or heard of such a thing happening and the people in the house surviving – if not for God. Only God did this for us and saved my entire family from death, sheltering us under the shadow of His protection. We give God the glory and will continue to pray for God’s anointed prophet, Senior Prophet T. B. Joshua, the Emmanuel TV family, the Wise Men and the entire ministry of SCAON in Jesus Name, Amen. Emmanuel! Emmanuel!! Emmanuel!!!”

Mrs. Eugenia Onyemachi

“GOD OF T.B. JOSHUA” – A Miraculous Rescue

An Emmanuel TV viewers shared his testimony from several years ago how he was miraculously rescued, sheltered under the shadow of God’s Divine protection…

“Emmanuel! I was in Abuja on posting between 2005 and 2007. On April 13th 2007, on the eve of the governorship election in Lagos, I decided to pay my family a surprise visit. I boarded a plane from Abuja and got to Lagos in the evening around 8:30 pm. In order to minimise cost and give my family enough of the money with me, I decided to take a bus since I lived quite close to the airport. I was the first person to enter an empty “danfo bus” (an acronym for minibuses in Lagos, Nigeria). As we were moving on, the bus became filled up with “passengers” – about 14 adults.

“Suddenly, just a few kilometres to where I wanted to alight, the four “passengers” behind me at the back row suddenly attacked me. They grabbed my head, trying to break my neck by turning it backwards. Well, as an avid follower/ viewer of Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV, and knowing God’s anointing in him, by Divine instinct, I managed to shout, “God of T.B. Joshua!!” Suddenly, something incredible happened! The bus careered in a different direction and confusion began reigning amidst my attackers. It was as if something struck them down. They were visibly shaken and immediately stopped the bus. They asked me if I was a pastor and began begging me that they were very sorry. I was immediately released! I can only thank the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua for preserving my life.”

Stephen T. Falegan, Nigeria