Thomas Njuguna, a Kenyan pastor, testified about the deliverance he received from the spirit of lust and masturbation after praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV.

“Good morning! Many years ago in 1996, I was introduced to masturbation by my late brother. Since that time, I used to do it almost daily. As I grew older, the addiction seemed to grow worse. Sometimes, I would feel so bad about it but I couldn’t stop it on my own. I needed deliverance!

“I was introduced to Emmanuel TV five years ago and began watching earnestly. One day, I prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua as he was praying for the viewers that every spirit of addiction would be loosed. At that moment, I felt God’s power touch me! From that day, my bad habit stopped and now I am completely free! I have not masturbated for several years now and my spiritual life is growing in leaps and bounds! I thank God! May God continue to use His servant Prophet TB Joshua and Emmanuel TV partners worldwide. EMMANUEL! GOD WITH US!

Are you struggling with a similar addiction or bad habit? Join TB Joshua in prayer, touch the screen and be delivered from every spirit of addiction, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

“I Began Drinking Alcohol Aged 3… !”

Joseph NaleoJoseph Naleo from Tanzania experienced a remarkable transformation in his life after encountering God’s power when ministering the Anointing Water.

“Good Morning! I am 36 years old. I started drinking alcohol when I was very young. My late father told me that when I was just 3 years old, I took his liquor from the cupboard, drunk it and caused a commotion at the school that he was teaching in at the time. I had my first beer in 1987 aged 9 during Christmas at home when I was living with my grandparents. That same year, I took whiskey.

“I started smoking cigarettes in 1989 when I was in primary school standard three. I first heard about masturbation when I was in standard six from my fellow students in 1992 and started masturbating around 1994/1995. I was introduced to pornography in secondary school form one and two in 1996/1997 and had been watching pornography both in magazines, videos and internet. After watching I would masturbate.

“It was a habit that I prayed over it to stop but to no avail. I expected that it would have stopped when I got married in January 2011 but it actually became worse! I chased after women and had affairs with them yet still masturbated. It was really bad.

“I came across Emmanuel TV in 2007 after installing a satellite dish when I got my first job after graduating from university. However, I was not watching it seriously. I began to take more interest early in 2012 after I lost my job. The more I watched, the more I realised I needed deliverance to get out of this mess.

“By God’s grace, I received the Anointing Water from a friend on 22nd August 2014. I sprayed and prayed with it the following day. People of God, I have not smoked cigarettes, drunk alcohol, watched pornography or masturbated ever since then! Even to sit with someone smoking, I feel irritated and the smell of alcohol makes me sick. By God’s grace, I have affection towards my wife and no longer chase after other girls. Indeed, God is mighty and faithful. Emmanuel!”


Allen M, a Tanzanian student, shares how he overcame the addiction to masturbation and pornography after praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV:

“Emmanuel! My name is Allen M. I am a student studying A Levels in Tanzania. I want to testify to the goodness of God on how He has helped me get rid of my masturbation addiction. I have been addicted to masturbation for the past five years. I also got addicted to watching porn. I had tried everything humanly possible but I just couldn’t get rid of this addiction.

“This problem really affected my life, most especially my health. I began to become weaker and at times I would feel pain on my knees and lower abdomen. In my attempts to get rid of this problem, I made research about this issue on the internet. I aimed at learning its effects so that it could scare me from going on with that habit but it didn’t work. I also tried to solve the problem by keeping myself very busy almost all the time so that I wouldn’t think of sexual intercourse or porn. At first I thought this method would work but it wasn’t long that it ended in failure. I again made another attempt by reaching out to a doctor but there was nothing the doctor told me that helped.

“However, the day I prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV and truly received Jesus in my heart, understanding all that He did for me – that is the day the problem ended! Ever since I received Jesus and became born again, I was never again enslaved to this addiction. In fact, I didn’t even notice that several days had passed without masturbating. It left my mind and body and Jesus came into me. Ever since, I have been living an amazing life in Christ where I am not addicted to porn nor masturbation, where I am free from guilt and the influences of the devil!

“I live a life where the word of God is my excitation. The few times when I get some negative thoughts pushing me to do it again, I rebuke them in the name of Jesus by faith and remind myself of the Word of God that talks about the situation I am in. I would meditate on that Word until I am refilled with the Word in my heart. The Lord gave me the strength to help me stop this addiction that disturbed me for the past five years. It has now been about 1 month and a half and I have not masturbated till date by the glory and power of God! I thank Jesus for helping me in my situation. Emmanuel!!”

“Where Would I Be Without Emmanuel TV…”

Jonathan HlambeloJonathan Hlambelo from Zimbabwe

“Happy Birthday channel of God, channel of life, channel of love, channel of hope, channel of truth, channel of restoration, channel of giving and channel of deliverance. Where would I be today without you? Thank you for allowing the Spirit of God to use you.

“Thank you for my deliverance four years ago from the spirit of death, lust, masterbation, gambling, marrying and remarrying, anger and poverty. How would I be alive today without you? I salute you Emmanuel TV! I salute you Prophet of God. Thank you for your vision. Emmanuel! Happy Birthday!”

“I Am A Living Testimony Of Emmanuel TV…”

Daniel AgborDaniel Agbor from Dublin, Ireland
Happy birthday Emmanuel TV! God has used Emmanuel TV and Prophet T.B. Joshua to touch, heal and deliver so many lives including me. I am a living testimony of God’s power working through Emmanuel TV!

“Just by placing my hands on my telephone screen, I was delivered from so many spirits that had troubled me for so many years – spiritual wife, spirit of masturbation, spirit of watching pornography, spirit of smoking cigarettes and marijuana, spirit of pile in the family that had killed so many members of my family. I thank You God Almighty for making Emmanuel TV!”


Ishmael Ndayi testified how a strong addiction to pornography and masturbation was miraculously broken through prayer in the name of Jesus Christ!

“I greet you all in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! I want to share a testimony for what the LORD has done in my life. I was addicted to watching pornography, browsing nude pictures online and masturbating. I was also watching worldly movies practically every night. All of these issues crippled my focus and robbed me of peace. A time came when I started seeking for help from servants of God; I received prayer many times but nothing seemed to change. However, I give glory to Almighty God that I discovered Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV.

“I began praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV and touching the screen whenever he prayed for viewers. Within a few days of beginning this prayer, I just realized that the spirit of watching porn, worldly movies and masturbation fled from me! Just like that! Now, I don’t have the URGE to watch all of that trash or masturbate. I really thank GOD so much for Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV for this deliverance! Emmanuel!”

Are you struggling with a similar addiction? Distance is not a barrier to the Holy Spirit. Pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua right now and believe God for your own touch from Heaven:


Joseph from Sweden shared this touching testimony of how Jesus Christ delivered him from a numbing addiction to pornography and masturbation through Emmanuel TV!

“Emmanuel! Good Morning. For 23 years, I was addicted to watching pornography and at the same time addicted to masturbation! During this ugly period in my life, I was a mess. I was living under the hardness of limitation, failure, stagnation and poverty in all ramifications. During this frustrated period in my life, I was blinded by the gods of the world spiritually. At this period, those satanic spirits that were manifesting made me think I was living a fulfilled life. I travelled out of my country of origin to Europe, thinking all would be well. Instead of a good life, I began to experience an even worse situation in Sweden.

“My life was snowballing downhill until the grace of God empowered me to come in contact with a brother in Christ who introduced me to Emmanuel TV, which I began to watch. One fateful day, a brother was giving a testimony concerning the same problem that I was pasting through. He testified that with the help of Anointing Water, he was delivered from those satanic spirits of pornography and masturbation that had tormented his life.

“As the brother gave his testimony, I started earnestly praying that the God who delivered him would also answer and deliver me from the satanic spirits tormenting me. I touched the screen by faith and felt this warm sensation throughout my body. I knew the Holy Spirit had touched me! After that divine encounter, I was completely delivered from the spirits of pornography and masturbation! It has been almost two years now that I am totally free and I give all thanks and praise to God Almighty! Thank you Prophet T.B. Joshua for allowing yourself to be used by God to touch so many lives around the world.”


Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “The challenges many Christians face today is the problem of urge behind closed doors.” This is particularly true of people struggling with the spirit of lust. Here is a testimony of a young man who was set free from a spirit that had pushed him to masturbation for 14 long years. We believe you will be encouraged in your faith as you read:

“Emmanuel! May God be praised eternally! I am Desmond Kwaku Tsewu from Ghana and I wish to testify to the glory of God. For as far back as I can recollect – since 1997 – I started flirting with female age mates. Gradually, this habit gained momentum even after I completed junior high school in 1999. In the year 2000 when I got to SS1, aged 15, I started masturbation in the absence of intercourse. Although intermittently I used to have intercourse with young ladies, masturbation became the alternative almost on a daily basis. I could not go to bed easily if I never masturbated.

“Even during my private studies either day or night, I had to satisfy that urge once it crossed my mind. Sometimes I could do it more than thrice in a day. This continued from my secondary school days to my undergraduate cum post-graduate studies which I have just finished recently with a Masters in Peace Studies. Even then, I was still doing it until the Lord’s appointed time; 5th August, 2013 when my sister returned from SCOAN Nigeria and handed me the Anointing Water along with the booklet.

“After cautiously reading and praying with the instructions, I ministered with faith and cast out the evil spirit behind that devilish habit which had engulfed my faculties for over 14 years. I prayed for forgiveness, sought Divine intervention and slept. That night I had the soundest sleep I had had in many years! I woke up to see a discharge in my pants but could not remember sleeping with anyone in my sleep which could have led to such. So, I told myself that was the last unnatural discharge I would have.

“Behold since then, I have never had the urge nor the thought of even masturbating. I can go to bed normally and catch my sleep freely. Since 6th August, I do not lust after ladies anymore. That feeling is gone. That urge is no more. I thank God for redeeming me from that lustful cage where I was incarcerated for over 14 yrs. I thank the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua for availing himself to be used by God to transform my life and countless thousands of others. God bless you all. Emmanuel!”

Desmond Kwaku Tsewu, Ghana


Enow shares his wonderful testimony about how he was completely delivered and disconnected from a spirit of masturbation that had plagued his life for many years. Coming to the realisation that he was facing a spiritual problem, he cried unto God for Divine intervention and prayed along with the Wise Men on Emmanuel TV. The results speak for themselves!

“Emmanuel! My name is Enow and I want to testify to the deliverance I received through Emmanuel TV! Before I had the spirit of masturbation and I was not comfortable each time i did it. I had been struggling with this sin for many years and it was really affecting my Christian life and my relationship with God. I always used to condemn myself and feel weighed down by guilt. So, one day I made up my mind that I would never do it again. I stopped doing it but about two weeks later, I started finding myself seeing people naked in my dream, causing me to masturbate in my dreams. When I woke up, I would find that I had discharged. I realised that this was not just an ordinary situation; it was spiritual.

“I was very unhappy about the situation so I wrote a prayer request to The SCOAN. That same day, I prayed along with the Wise Men during the Rebroadcast of a Sunday Service on Emmanuel TV. I began casting out every spirit in me. God touched me mightily during that prayer! That night, before sleeping, I prayed that the Holy Spirit would direct me in my dreams and be with me. I slept peacefully without any disturbance and when I woke up, nothing had happened! Thank You Jesus!

“From that moment onwards, I no longer see those nasty things in my dreams and I have never been troubled by that spirit of masturbation again. Praise the LORD! The best thing about sending a prayer request to The SCOAN and praying along with Emmanuel TV is that after doing so, you feel at ease because you know that you are nothing fighting the battle alone. I thank the Emmanuel TV Prayer Warriors and Prophet T.B. Joshua for being there for us. May God continue to give you the grace and power to continue to do what you are doing now!”

Hallelujah! Remember what Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “Satan uses bad habits to connect us to himself.” We encourage all those experiencing similar problems to watch Emmanuel TV and pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and the five Wise Men. Distance is not a barrier for the Holy Spirit to deliver you and set you free!