Prophet T.B. Joshua often uses the phrase, “Distance is not a barrier for the Holy Spirit.” The testimony below echoes this extraordinary truth. Read and be encouraged to know that no condition is permanent!

Emmanuel! I had been smoking and drinking beer and alcohol for 36 of my 52 years on earth. The addiction was so severe that I smoked between one to two packets of cigarettes every day, especially when I was drinking. I had tried to stop many times on my own; I even confided in my pastor to pray for me but all to no avail. This addiction really affected me financially. I was not able to have any savings because I was smoking one of the most expensive cigarettes in the market. I also didn’t have time for my wife and family because my evenings were consumed with going out with friends to smoke and drink until the early hours. I sometimes attended church but this problem did not enable me to concentrate in my prayer life.

My miracle happened on the day I sent my wife to The SCOAN. That Sunday evening, I went out with friends to smoke and drink as usual. My wife had called me just before I left that she was in The SCOAN praying at that very moment. As my friend lit up a cigarette, it produced an offensive odour. I felt like choking and began to cough. When they brought the drinks, the moment I tasted it, it became so sour and vulgar. I told my friends that with the way I was reacting to the odour of cigarettes and the taste of alcohol, I was not going to drink and smoke again. That was it! To God be the glory, it has been over a year now I have not tasted alcohol or smoked even a stick of cigarettes. Since then, my life has changed tremendously! I can now concentrate when listening to the Word of God and my Spiritual life has equally changed. For the first time in my life, I have been able to save up money and I am spending more time with my family. Since then, I have also been praying with the Man of God Prophet TB Joshua through Emmanuel TV!

Mr. Ernest Essienton, Nigeria


Disconnected From The Spirit Of Infirmity!

Karen Chilila from South Africa shares a wonderful testimony of how she received her healing by praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua during a live Sunday Service on Emmanuel TV. What a God we have to worship; what a Son we have to praise; what a future lies before us!

“I really thank God for Prophet T.B. Joshua! I had a wound in my leg for the last two years and it was becoming increasingly more painful. I could see the vein on the wound and it was causing so much pain that I couldn’t even move my leg.

“So, last Sunday when Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for the viewers during the mass prayer towards the end of the first service, I touched the screen of my TV and prayed along with him. I felt this cool sensation run throughout my body. To my surprise, after the prayer I stood up immediately without any pain! It had taken me so long to kneel down to pray because of the pain – but since then there is no pain at all! I don’t take painkillers as I used to take 8 daily. I give glory to God!

“Since that prayer, the wound is getting smaller and smaller. I thank Him that I’ve been disconnected from the spirit of infirmity and I believe that my healing is permanent. I thank God so much for Emmanuel TV. Truly, my past is over!”

Karen Chilila, South Africa

Emmanuel TV: “What A Connection!!”

Here is another faith-building testimony from a viewer of Emmanuel TV in Canada! Remember, when you acknowledge God as your Healer, Deliverer and Rescuer, HE will continue to do it again and again and again. 

“Emmanuel. My name is Charles and I currently reside in Canada. I have a wonderful testimony to share to the glory of God! My niece Vivian Mononoki, who is 26 years old and lives in Zambia was facing a serious health problem. For over a month she had been practically paralysed, confined to staying in her house. She could not walk properly, experienced constant pain and faced difficulty in basically doing everything. The doctors didn’t really understand what was happening but everyone could see that her condition was steadily deteriorating.

“As a regular viewer of Emmanuel TV, I had heard Prophet T.B. Joshua say on many occasions that distance was not a barrier for the Holy Spirit. The following Sunday, when it came to the time of Mass Prayer in the Live Service, I called Vivian’s husband Robbie and told him to pray along with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. I held the phone next to my speakers so that they could hear everything that was going on with the prayer in The SCOAN. I then asked Robbie to lay his hand on her and pray just as the man of God prayed for viewers worldwide. Immediately, she fell down and began screaming! God was at work!

Mass Prayer

Mass Prayer In The SCOAN

“When the mass prayer finished, I spoke to Vivian and asked her what just happened! According to her experience during the prayer, she said that she physically felt something leave her from her stomach and legs – with a lot of pain and itchiness. At that moment, she had no strength, but immediately after the prayer, she received supernatural strength! She was healed and delivered, in the name of Jesus!

“Ever since then, my niece has been back to her normal life. She’s walking freely, working again and thankful for the healing she freely received! Truly, there is no distance with the Holy Spirit – from SCOAN to Canada to Zambia! What a connection!! I thank the Lord for all He done for me and my family. Thank you all at Emmanuel TV. May God bless you!”

Charles – Canada