“I Simply Couldn’t Resist It” – Delivered From Addiction To Ice Cubes

It was a strange addiction. Brenda found she couldn’t live without daily indulgence in an unusual meal. It had been over 10 years that the young lady from Botswana had been eating ice-cubes. Brenda knew internally that the craving had gone beyond an odd habit. There was a spirit within her pushing her to do what she couldn’t humanly resist. Deliverance was the only answer…

“Greetings in Jesus’ name! My name is Brenda Matlapeng from Botswana and I write this email to glorify the name of the Lord!!

“For over 10 years I have been addicted to eating ice cubes. I crush them with my teeth and swallow them. I know it sounds crazy but I found them tasty and I really enjoyed it. Even in freezing weather, when it was 0 degrees in temperature during the winter, I would eat them because of this urge I could not control. I had tried many times to stop. I fasted often and sometimes I would not open the fridge but I still simply couldn’t resist it. If there were no ice cubes, I would even eat the frost in the fridge. That’s how serious the addiction was. If I don’t take it, I feel like vomiting.

I began to watch Emmanuel TV and saw how God was using the Anointing Water to set people free. I contacted a friend who stays in Nigeria and he sent me the Anointing Water. After ministering it, I felt chills throughout my entire body and I began coughing up some strange substances. The following day I had no urge to eat ice cubes! I’m free now and I know my deliverance is real because before I would always wake up with severe waist pains and this feeling of heaviness but now I am light, the pains have gone and I am completely free! Glory be to God!!

Brenda Matlapeng, Botswana

Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “When a problem has gone beyond the power of nature, it has become a curse. Who else can remove this curse but God?” We thank God for setting Brenda free from this strange spirit that had tormented her life. Thank You, Jesus!