Wise Man Christopher

Wise Man Christopher

Wise Man Christopher, with his usual fervour, issued his message which he titled, ‘The Weapons Of Our Warfare’ to the congregation and cited many portions of the Bible to make his case clear. In his words, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but spiritual through God in pulling down every demonic stronghold. The Word, he clarified, is not on the written page of the Bible but in the lips of the believers. As Christians, you need to fill your mind and heart with the Word to speak it. In Matthew 4 : 1-11, Jesus gave Christians the battle plan when He spoke directly to the devil in the wilderness. You need to learn the value of God’s Word on your lips to confront the devil victoriously. In Ephesians 6:17, the Bible tells us that those who overcome satan will be required to use the power of the spoken Word. David, in 1 Samuel 17:45 – 50 used the Word of God in his heart as a weapon to defeat Goliath. David’s first victory was therefore in the choice of the right weapon, which was the Word of God on his lips. As Christians, Jesus has given us the Word of God as a special weapon that no power of satan can withstand. Whatever your giant or mountain, you, as a Christian, can address it with the Word of God and achieve total victory. Prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit is the most formidable weapon, the wise man concluded his message.


A week after her deliverance, Mrs Josephine Eseme Jimmy, standing beside her husband, happily gave thanks to God for her deliverance as, according to her, the urge to eat her hair had completely disappeared. Josephine came to The SCOAN the previous Sunday for deliverance from addiction to eating her hair, including those on her head, armpits and private parts. She said the addiction took form after she heard a voice ordering her to eat her hair. The unusual behaviour was cultivated before her marriage and had continued since then for a length of 23 years. After her confession, Josephine was delivered in the mighty name of Jesus by Prophet T.B. Joshua who told her that she was free and would not eat her hair anymore. She said that in her dream two days after the deliverance, the demon appeared to her to lure her to the old act but immediately, the man of God also appeared and the demon ran in fear. The man of God then held her and she woke from sleep. That was the end of her addiction to eating her hair. The couple thanked the prophet one more time for being used by Jesus to bring about her deliverance. In reaction, the prophet once more established the difference between authority and power. In his words, knowing facts about Jesus does not change your relationship with Him. He however added that your reward for a relationship with Jesus is power.


A video clip on the events of the previous Sunday service showed Wise Man Daniel as he laid hands on the congregants. A woman among them,Mrs Alberta Boakye from Ghana reacted by manifesting the spiritual husband in her.

The spirit, speaking through her, said Alberta was his wife who disobeyed her to marry an earthly husband. The spirit added that it had destroyed the husband’s ministry for that reason. The spirit also said their second child could not learn because of the punishment by the spiritual husband. She was then delivered after prayer from Wise Man Daniel. Standing by her pastor husband as she gave her testimony, Alberta revealed that she sensed the spiritual husband in her life at the age of 16 when it used to have sex with her in her dreams. The spirit had been a thorn in their marriage of ten years, causing her to inflict emotional pain on her husband all the time. Under the influence of the spirit, she became the husband and took delight in issuing orders to her husband and beating him. She was however relieved to be free after her deliverance.

In response to the prophet, Pastor Nicholas the husband chronicled all the shameful treatment his wife inflicted on him under the influence of the spiritual husband. She would wake up and ask her husband in the dead of night to clean the house and wash the dishes. When she knew it was fasting time for her husband, she would deliberately set food before him to break the fast unjustifiably. Either she would meet the husband in the church to fight and embarrass him or prevent him by force from going to church after he was ready. On such occasions, the pastor whose church had branches in other countries, would call his fellow pastors in the church to ask them to carry on as he was still ‘waiting on God’. He lost his congregation to other churches and the branches closed because of the wife’s abnormal behaviour. A king of the community who attended his church withdrew his membership because of the wife’s behaviour. After praying for the deliverance of the pastor, Prophet T.B. Joshua assured him that he would assist him to reactivate his ministry and re-open the branches. Asked to comment on her husband’s confession, Alberta, in unmistakable remorse said, ‘I feel bad and sad’ and bemoaned satan for all that her husband had suffered in her hands. Prophet T.B. Joshua ended the episode by explaining that it was the evil spirit inside the wife that was responsible and now that she was delivered, her husband should not remind her of the past.


Mr Solomon Ogheneovo

A man from Delta, Nigeria, Solomon Ogheneovo by name, told the congregation of himself as a victim of the spirit of masturbation for 24 years. He thought that getting married would stop the embarrassing act but in fact, it continued. Even after marriage, he masturbated at least every day. After unsuccessful efforts, which included fasting and prayer, on his part to stop it, he finally decided to seek the face of the Lord in The SCOAN. After receiving the Anointing Water, he gathered his family and they prayed with it. That prayer, according to him, marked the end of his masturbation. He thanked God for using the prophet to bring an end to this torment in his life.


Mrs Mercy Anthony

Mrs Mercy Anthony told listeners how she regained her menstruation which ceased for seven years, completely unresponsive to her efforts to reactivate it. She said a good Samaritan gave her a virtually empty bottle of the Anointing Water which she topped with water, prayed with and ministered on herself. Following that, her menstruation miraculously reappeared. She ended her testimony by advising all her listeners to trust God who has an answer to whatever problems they might have.


Rahamat Yusuf Suleiman had an accident in April which, among other injuries, affected her memory. This affected her reading and preparation for her promotion examination in her workplace. The result was that she failed the examination and was denied promotion. After efforts elsewhere to find a cure had failed, she sent a friend to The SCOAN for the Anointing Water.

On receiving the Anointing Water, she prayed with it and sprayed it on herself, particularly her forehead. Soon after, to her amazement, she vomited an earthworm. The Anointing Water gave her total healing and following her prayer with it before going for another promotion examination in her workplace, she found the questions the same as the ones she had read, making her pass the examination with ease. As she gave her testimony, Rahamat displayed her promotion letter which was the outcome of her success in the examination. Rahamat advised her listeners to go to the Lord always for a solution to their problems.


The Emmanuel TV Team and Partners as usual filled trailers with gifts of rice, flour and other food items and transported them to the elderly and physically challenged both within Nigeria and internationally.

Yobe rice trailer 2

Yobe rice trailer 1

Borno rice trailer 1

Two of the many states in Nigeria that were visited by The Emmanuel TV Team were Yobe and Borno in the far north of the country. The team set off with two trailers each filled to capacity with rice and flour, in addition to cash gifts. The venue for the meeting with the Emmanuel TV Team was General Hospital Leprosy Centre, Maiduguri. People gathered from all around Borno State to attend the meeting.

Borno rice trailer 2

The team sent by T.B. Joshua presented the community leaders with cash gifts and the bags of rice were distributed among everyone, regardless of race, faith or background. The Bible teaches us that we should love our neighbours as ourselves. In the same vein, various gifts were also dispatched to the needy and elderly people in Kremenchuk, Ukraine. In the Asian continent, Lahore, Pakistan was also visited with bags of rice, flour and other gift items.


In the course of the service, five visually impaired students from the University of Jos were led to the platform where they narrated their financial problems as students, one after another.

Yakubu, a student of Special Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, was the first to bare his mind about his financial needs as a student and concluded that he needed the sum of N92,000.00 to pay his school fees and solve other problems as a student. The rest, in turn, also spoke, explaining that as students, even the money to release their results was hard to come by. Upon listening to their complaint, the prophet directed that their needs be met. Consequently, a total sum of N284,300.00 and bags of rice were disbursed among them.


T.B Joshua

Praying in the power of the Holy Spirit, Prophet T.B. Joshua led the congregation and viewers worldwide in a powerful time of mass prayer. Many vomited the poisons long buried in their systems, thus receiving their freedom. The prophet prayed for the total release of his listeners in many areas of their lives, including their finances, businesses, marital lives among others. He also prayed for the restoration of their destinies and health. In the course of the mass prayer, the prophet issued prophecies to some people who, in reaction came forward to confirm the prophecies. Confirming that the entire congregation had been delivered and was free, the prophet proceeded to say the grace and bring the service to a close.


In full radiance for the festivities of Easter and located on a dais replete with artistic decorations that speak for the season, the choir crooned melodies to put the congregation in mood and spirit for the day’s worship after which Wise Man Christopher mounted the altar to give the message. Describing Easter as a period set aside to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ who paid the supreme sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins, the wise man added the Lord died, rose and reigns in power for us. Citing Romans 5:6, Wise Man Christopher asserted that Christ’s resurrection is the foundation of our Christian faith. But for His resurrection, he maintained, our faith would have been futile. In his message entitled, ‘He Has Risen’, the wise man maintained that when the eyes of our faith are opened, we see God. We know God’s opinion about ourselves and others. By his rising, death is swallowed up in victory. All our worries and troubles are swallowed up in victory. His death accomplished salvation for mankind. The death of Christ makes it unnecessary for anyone to suffer any affliction. God sees trouble as an opportunity to glorify His name. ‘What is your trouble?’ He asked.

Elaborating on specific strands of the wise man’s message, Prophet T. B. Joshua informed the congregation that there was no peace by His chastisement but by His blood shed on the Cross. He advised his listeners to follow Jesus bearing His cross, reproach and patiently submit to all His suffering. When Jesus was suffering, some of His best friends were but spectators and onlookers, the prophet added. Jesus was delivered up to be crucified and at crucifixion, He said, ‘Father, forgive them.’ Using the expression, ‘Father, forgive them’ as his foundation, the prophet urged the congregation to imbibe the virtue of ‘forgiveness’ in their daily living.

The prophet announced the arrival of two members, Messrs Sani Emmanuel and Onazi Ogenyi of My People’s Football Club from Italy where they had been after signing a contract with Lazio – a renowned football club in Italy – which was clearly impressed with the skill of the duo in the game of football after watching them in course of their trials there. In the league match with Premavera where they took part, the two were very instrumental for the victory of their team as Sani scored the first goal within ten minutes of the first half and the second goal in the second half. The other team was awarded a penalty but they lost it. However, they later scored one goal to make it 2-1. Along the line, Mr Onazi scored the third goal while a teammate scored the last goal with a penalty giving them a 4-1 win over the other team. In the last four matches where the duo featured, they constantly defeated their opponents ignominiously. According to the man of God who foresees a very bright future for the duo in their chosen career, he had decided to imbue them with an international outlook in football by sponsoring them to visit reputable clubs overseas and practice with renowned players to make them develop more confidence in themselves regarding soccer. In this regard, the duo were sponsored to Sweden where they joined Boden BK Football Club. They were also in Switzerland where they equally hobnobbed with Young Boys Club, St Gallens, Basel FC. In the same way, they visited Chelsea Football Club, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, Panathinaikos FC in Athens and SS Lazio FC in Italy where they signed a contract after trials, in which they impressed their host club. After a month, Mr Onazi was privileged to join the first team and also participated in the match against Napoli FC. The prophet told his listeners that he would not count costs in ensuring that the boys’ full potentials were exploited to make them among the best in the world in the game of football. He added that they had just arrived from Italy to give thanks to God in the Synagogue for their brilliant performances and victories in the matches they played in Italy.
Thanking the man of God for his unwavering commitment to their development in football, Mr Sani Emmanuel, who by extraction hails from Edo State, re-echoed the prophet’s promises to see them through to the ‘promised land’ in their chosen career as a father and mentor. He recalled his days in My People’s FC in Lagos when, by the grace of God, he took part in the Under 17 World Cup in 2009 playing for Nigeria. It was there, according to him, that he was honoured with the title, Most Valuable Player (MVP). It is worth recalling that he was the second highest goal scorer in that tournament. Since then, he asserted, the man of God had remained indefatigable in ushering them from one football club to another in Europe to have their skills honed. In the same vein, Onazi Ogenyi, a Nigerian from Benue State, thanked the prophet as the source of the confidence for all their feats and victories in football. By the prophet’s unfathomable magnanimity, he went on, they had visited a catalogue of teams in Europe through which they had the privilege to hobnob with renowned players such as Drogba of Ivory Coast and Peter Croach of Tottenham Hotspur among others. He specially thanked God for His grace on them in their chosen career.

Regarding the new Anointing Water, the prophet intimated that prayer line would hardly be necessary if the Anointing Water were applied as directed. In endorsement of the wish of the congregation to watch the Washington DC edition of the miraculous powers of the Anointing Water, the prophet directed that the video clip be activated. The clip revealed an array of faithful who were gathered in eager anticipation of the Anointing Water about which they had gleaned much from the Emmanuel TV. Many of them said they used to worship with Emmanuel TV before they would go to their original churches of worship. In the activated video clip, they surged forward in turns to receive an administration of the Anointing water after which they thanked God for their immediate healing. Many of them with contrary spirits found themselves writhing on the floor following the spraying of the Anointing Water on them. On deliverance, they would get up and thank God. A lady among them, who confessed she had attempted to commit suicide and was consequently hospitalized, received deliverance after being sprayed with the Anointing Water and testified to her freedom from depression and other ailments after the deliverance. Another woman who complained of stomach pain was also healed with the Anointing Water. The same was true of another lady named Mary whose case was difficulty in walking. According to Mary, for five years she had consulted five doctors but her problem remained intractable until it faced the healing fire of the Anointing Water. Many others were healed from ailments of varied descriptions and all thanked God for the Anointing Water.

On the unbelieving stance of many African leaders, the prophet recalled how the past Ivorian President had responded to his prophecy regarding the recent political turmoil in Ivory Coast, telling the prophet in reaction that, of all the men of God he had consulted, only Prophet T. B. Joshua foresaw the impending crisis in his country.

The prophet took advantage of this to sound a note of warning to the incumbent president, advising him to embrace the virtue of forgiveness if he wanted to succeed as a ruler in his country. In the prophet’s words, Ouattara will succeed by forgiving and forgetting. He should solicit the support of everybody. Unless he does this, there will be trouble. It is a generational curse and only forgiveness can break it. The prophet saw a few pockets of antagonism in the country continually disturbing the peace and only a general amnesty can undo them.

Mr Ologbenga Folunronsho whose wife had been diagno-, diagno-, diagno-, diagno-, diagnOSED with multiple fibroids which rendered them barren for a long time happily came to the platform accompanied by his wife carrying their baby for a testimony. They had tried many other places for a solution to their barrenness but to no avail before they finally visited The Synagogue Church Of All Nations where their solution had been awaiting them. As soon as the wife received administration of the Anointing Water, she was compelled to make the toilet her home where she discharged the fibroid piecemeal. This over, she embraced her husband in a spousal intimacy and conceived the same month. They came to the church brimful with gratitude to God for their bouncing baby girl. The entire church got up in unison to dance in thankfulness to God for the gift of a baby to the very famous couple. In view of the continuation service scheduled for 10am Monday, the congregation conceded to the grace to bring the service to a close.


After the songs of praise and worship by which the day’s service commenced were over, Wise Man Daniel proceeded to give the message entitled, ‘Trusting In Christ’s Suffering’ by which he reminded the congregation that Christ died on the Cross to provide our needs which he said were healing, deliverance, blessing among others. He cited 1st Peter 2:21-24 as his proof text. Dwelling on the significance of Palm Sunday, he averred that that the Lord’s instruction regarding the donkey was characteristically not vague. Jesus is a Man of vision who says what He means and means what He says. His was instruction in boldness, certainty, righteousness and power. His rebuke was for our peace. His death was miserable and His disciples must be ready to bear His cross. By His suffering there is assurance of life for us.

After the prophet’s usual introductory remarks about the new Anointing Water, there was a surge of congregants wishing to testify to the instrumentality of the Anointing Water. The first person to enjoy the opportunity of giving a testimony was Mrs Elizabeth Aghachiebonam of Ebonyi State, though resident in Abuja. Her problem, according to her, was the issue of blood for two years. She recounted the trouble her husband had taken to find a solution for her in hospitals and churches without hitting any success. The problem started as internal heat and generated pain all over her body making her pass through sleepless nights. While people would be sleeping at night, she would see herself restless and reeling in pain. Coming to The SCOAN on the Thursday preceding the Sunday of testimony, she said she received the Anointing Water immediately on arrival and administered it on herself in compliance with the instruction. As soon as she applied it, the bleeding stopped. She happily told the congregation that she had started enjoying her nightly sleep and comfort of body following the staunching of the blood. She seized the opportunity to advise her listeners to have faith in the Lord, their Creator who is always there for them in times of need.

The next testimony was given by the Akhere family. Mrs Akhere had been told by her doctor that she would require operation to deliver her baby because of her tight cervix. She therefore visited The SCOAN to seek the face of the Lord. She received the Anointing Water and administered it on herself in prayer for safe delivery. After this, she delivered her baby safely without operation. They named their baby Harry after Wise Man Harry. They profusely thanked God with whom, they recognized, nothing is impossible.

The omnipresent nature of God was demonstrated with the Anointing Water in many parts of the world. The video clips revealed the work of the Anointing Water in other countries of which Greece was one. The clip showed a woman, Shaze Qualli who for twelve years depended on crutches for movement. The Anointing Water dispelled all the darkness in her and delivered her from all pain and infirmity. Another man who depended on crutches for movement was also delivered in the same way. There were many who, hitherto in the throes of contrary spirits, fell down under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and were delivered with the administration of the Anointing Water.

A similar feat was revealed in Ghana where a woman who had not been able to walk for years was declared free by an evangelist spraying the Anointing Water on her and she responded immediately by standing up to walk. A young man was also freed from evil spirits and he thanked God having been delivered through the medium of the Anointing Water. Mr John, a sergeant in the Ghanaian army, had for five years been incapacitated because of an injury he sustained in an accident. Spraying the new Anointing Water on him, an evangelist declared him free and he resumed walking immediately.

While the congregation was engrossed watching these miracles from other countries, an evangelist in The SCOAN had seen a young man in the church arranged in the prayer line because of a development in his head which made the head assume a very abnormal shape. The evangelist proceeded to spray the new Anointing Water on the head and, soon after, pus began to ooze from the head miraculously. In no time the head regained its normal shape after all the pus had come out. This was possibly the greatest miracle of the day as the evacuation of the pus left no mark or scar on the head after restoring the head to shape.

The next was the reconciliation of Mr and Mrs Elizabeth Aghachiebonam as hinted in the previous service. The next paragraph entitled MISUNDERSTANDING WORDS OF PROPHECY was their story in a nutshell at the end of service the week before. But to the glory of God, the couple reappeared on the platform this Sunday to thank God for their successful reconciliation and for the grace of understanding and appreciating each other the more as a couple. The very striking element of the reconciliation was the dream, Stella, the wife had in which she was told by Prophet T. B. Joshua to remove the ring and bangle on her hand. Contrary to her thinking that she never had those ornaments on her body to remove, the prophet proceeded beyond her skin into her bone to dislodge those ornaments which were an attestation to her union with a spiritual husband. The removal of these ornaments by the prophet marked a turning point in her marital relationship with IK, her earthly husband. The prophet once more appeared to her in a second dream and advised her to relate well to her husband and make ‘forgiveness’ a watchword in their marriage as there is no perfect person or relationship on earth. By the time she wanted to react to the prophet in the dream, he had vanished having laid a formidable spiritual foundation for the marriage. In his reaction, Mr Ikechukwu thanked the prophet for the effectual reconciliation. He added that they had been to the Mountain to pray in the effort to restore peace and love to their marriage. He once more thanked God and the man of God for the restored peace in their marriage.

The next video clip was among other reasons activated to correct the culpable presumptions among the congregants regarding the import of prophecies issued to them. In the said repartee between Wise Man Christopher and Mrs Ezekwelome,the latter corrected the wise man erroneously about her marital status. When Wise Man Christopher cautioned her to be careful about disappointments, the lady misinterpreted the expression and promptly told the wise man that she was already married. Making himself clearer, the wise man told her that he knew that. He was, on the contrary, simply warning her about the possible collapse of the marriage if care was not taken. Luckily for the wise man, her husband was around to add that he had sent her home the previous week because of her perceived misdemeanour. Defending herself on the last score, Mrs Ezekwelolome, a non working housewife, deprecated the repression she suffered in the hands of her husband who additionally habitually made her account for every kobo she received from him. She strongly felt that her views and wishes to engage in some private business deserved consideration by her husband. In his defence, the husband stated that apart from taking full charge of her education, he had sponsored her trips to France, Egypt and the United States of America. Her recent wish to go to Dubai for business in gold would put the entire family at risk apart from rendering him the sole caretaker of the children. Speaking on behalf of the womenfolk, about four women in the congregation expressed support for the husband and praised him for his consideration for the welfare of the entire family while advising the wife to be contented with the contributions of the husband to her well-being. The prophet, while inviting them to a reconciliation meeting, expressed the view that a marriage where both participants saw themselves as equally gifted in sophistication and intelligence and neither was ready to bow to the other was indeed a difficult one to manage but with God all things are possible.

Mr Ameni Shabani of Congo DRC mounted the platform to confirm his deliverance from impotence last Sunday during the service. He had lost his wife to a houseboy because of his inability to dose sexual gratification to her. He lost his sexual virility when he was made to drink some concoction and wash himself with the water. He said his wife accused her of not finding time for her but added that he spent all his time looking for money for his wife in order to make the home comfortable. Both his wife and the houseboy took advantage of his loss of virility to redefine their relationship and started a sexual intimacy resulting in the loss of the wife to the houseboy. Mr Shabani added that his eloped wife later told him that only one of the two children they had together was his. It was for that reason he decided to leave both children for her till when he hoped to establish his paternity by DNA. Both ex-wife and houseboy now live together in South Africa. In answering the prophet’s question, Shabani stated that it was painful to lose his wife to a houseboy but in his state of loss of manhood then, there was nothing he could do. He was however happy for his deliverance which has put him in a position to consider getting married again. He expressed the hope of coming to The SCOAN after marriage on ‘a thank you mission’ with his new wife. He thanked God and the man of God for his restoration.

The next testimony was given by a young man, Mr Jeff Katanga from Zambia who came all the way from Zambia crossing not less than seven countries in a very long, tortuous and dangerous journey to Nigeria. The young man in question lost both parents recently in quick succession and found himself the caretaker of his siblings. The only hope for him in the present situation when he suddenly became the father of his siblings was Prophet T. B. Joshua. He saw the prophet as the only man who could offer him and his siblings financial help, going by what he had gleaned from Emmanuel TV. It was for that reason that he borrowed money from a widow and travelled from Zambia through Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Chad and Cameroon to Nigeria. He particularly had challenges in Sudan which was half way between his country and Nigeria because of the civil war there. He was encouraged in his state of penury and physical exhaustion by the fact that if he could get to the Prophet, his condition would change for the better. He spent a total of thirty days on the way before getting to Nigeria on 19th January 2011. Unlike what many would do, he never wanted to shout to the man of God for help but decided to remain prayerful and fasting till God would reveal him to the prophet. He had decided not to be led by his situation because, as he learnt from Emmanuel TV, in every situation God is saying something. He deliberately took refuge in the vicinity of the church till God would reveal him in his plight to the prophet. Truly, when the prophet became aware of him, he welcomed him with the words, ‘You are in your Father’s house’ and promised him that when he would go back, he would enjoy a flight in contradistinction to the risky manner in which he had travelled to Nigeria. In response to the question on what he would have done supposing he never saw the prophet on arrival, he said he would have nigerianized rather than repeat that ordeal back to Zambia. The man of God praised him for his faith, courage and dogged will to succeed in life assuring him that he could see a bright future for him. The man of God however made it clear that his warm reception of the young man should not serve as an incentive for other young men to embark on such risky journeys. Assuring the congregation of prompt resumption of prophetic worship at 10 am the following day, he piloted the service to a close.

A Little Example Can Have A Big Influence

The cover story of a recent edition of The Specator of Nigeria detailing some of the recent charitible works happening at The SCOAN… What a rare privilege it is to be in a position to give. We are blessed to bless others!

You have read of Evelyn Joshua, the delectable wife and pillar of support behind Prophet T.B Joshua, the Founder and General Overseer of Synagogue Church Of All Nations, lkotun, Lagos. We have also told you earlier this year, how the personable woman met the man in the synagogue, and how they have been living happily together thereafter. But take a look at the pint–sized woman on this post. Take a closer look at her photograph and Joshua’s published here. You ask: is this another woman in the life of the world acclaimed prophet? We answer “in a way, yes, she is.

TB Joshua With Dwarf

Aim High To Reach High

Interestingly, her name is also Evelyn. Coincidence? Perhaps so! But this Evelyn is Evelyn Otekpen, a 400-level student of computer science at the Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, Edo- state. And the relationship between her and the prophet is not as you think. It is not anything. It is pure. It is a filial kind of relationship between a father and a child. But it runs deeper because ever since Evelyn encountered Joshua on TV, preaching, and felt the irresistible urge to meet him, her life has never been the same.

To Evelyn, the prophet’s pretty wife from Oshimili north, Delta state, and mother of his three beautiful daughters, Prophet T.B Joshua may be a husband and jewel of inestimable value. But to this sweet hearted, strong- willed dwarfish lady from Uromi , Edo state , Joshua is God sent, a benefactor, mentor and spiritual father.

Second to the last of her father’s seven children (three boys, four girls, all normal), Evelyn primary aim of tracing the man of God to Lagos was to see if she could come close enough to him to solicit his help for her school fees which were becoming quite a burden . Before her friend, Ehizua Christiana, brought her to Lagos to try her luck, she never gave herself much chance of seeing him.

But to her surprise, the prophet fished her out of the tumultuous crowd of worshippers that Sunday, last October. And she experienced immediate transformation. T.B Joshua, who runs a ministry for midgets, gave her N500,000 to meet her pressing needs, and a brand new Nissan sunny car to the bargain.

The car gift given by TB Joshua

The Nissan given to Evelyn by TB Joshua

Now, the midget computer science undergraduate, who hopes to make Bill Gates gargantuan achievements in computer technology pale to significance, tells anybody who cares to listen, that Joshua has touched her life in a remarkable way.

“He surprised me with those wonderful gifts – the Nissan car and the N500, 000 and the six bags of rice,” Evelyn recounts, with smiles, in an exclusive interview with The Spectator. “He related it to me as a biological father, though he is my spiritual father, the way he took my case, l can’t really explain it, but it has really affected my life positively .l mean, he could sit down with me, take me into his hands and talk and play with me. They take care of me, play with me and make me feel is wonderful. It is the handiwork of the man of God.”

She is not done yet. She reiterated how that unforgettable encounter with Prophet T.B Joshua has changed her life, adding: “Suddenly, people that did not recognize me before have started making friends with me. And people that did not want to relate with me in any way, that hitherto avoided me as a plague, people that have not called on me for many years, have started calling on me. Now, anywhere l go, people give me respect. l’m like a star. They say if such a man of God can humble himself and receive me the way he did, who are they not to receive me? Now, anytime people see me, they want to shake handd with me. As a result of that singular encounter with Prophet T.B Joshua, my dream, my life, and everything have changed.”

Very well. As a natural follow- up ,you ask: lf that is so, what is now her dream? Though she is dwarfish, the dream of the 31-year-old pint –size is as tall as Burj Dubai,the reigning 168-storey, tallest building in the world, which was open with pomp on Tuesday in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Believe it or not, Evelyn wants to be another Bill Gates, and if is possible, surpass him .She wants to beat Bill Gates on his own turf, to his own game. Did you say a tall and idle dream? Evelyn does not think so, “l’d like to be a technologist or to be somebody who will be create something that the whole world will see,” she says with some glint in her eyes, “but l am still working towards that. lt has been a challenge. What inspired me is this man, Bill Gates. Anytime l heard of that man, and what he has done with computer, l say to myself lf only l can work harder then l will be able to make even bigger achievement because both of us (Bill Gates and she) are created in the same image of God.

“I think of Bill Gates and the Microsoft software. At times I do sit down and think about how he was able to develop software that the whole world is using today to run their computers. Think about it. Without that the Microsoft software, the computer is useless. There is no place you will talk of computer that you will not mention that package, l always sit down to think: lf somebody can create this, how about me? Why not me? l still believe l have something to do in this life that will be beneficial to mankind, to the whole world.

TB Joshua With Evelyn

Their first encounter in The SCOAN 2nd Sunday Service

“What l need now is to think and come up with a computer invention the whole world will see and appreciate .lf l work harder l could even beat imagination but l am still thinking about it. Immediately l graduate, l will sit down and think, what l will do to make the whole world know that with God all things are possible.”

Asked what she knows about Bill Gates, apart from the Microsoft stuff, she quips: “They told me the man is not well- educated. But inspite of all that, he still came up with an idea that is today ruling the whole world of computer science. Anytime l remember that, l feel that myself who went through the four walls of the university can do something better than that man, something that will even beat his record, that generation to come will have something to refer back to. That’s what inspires me .”

Talking about computer science, she says computer runs on many Programmers “you can use java, web design, java script, etc,” she informs. “In some branches of computer knowledge, everybody has a package where he or she specializes. Some people are good in hardware package, while others are good in software. It all depends on your level of intelligence and how far you can go about it, and your inspiration and God’s grace.

“Right now, l am very good in website design. But the moment l graduate, l will sit down to really make sure l work on other packages so that at the end, l will be really perfect in computer science.”

There is a general complaint among expert that are our universities are poorly equipped to achieve the lofty height she is aiming at. What does she have to say?

“My advice is, if you really want to be good, you should not rely only on what your school or university can afford,” she counsels. “You should look for private computer establishment that have what your university don’t have and get yourself attached to them. That way, you can learn more and be ahead of other students who depend only on what the school can provide. Whenever l am on holiday, there’s a place l usually go for private training.

“Somehow, l have learnt how to design website but l need to learn more. l have learnt how to create passwords and all that. Talking about computer, there is the programming aspect and there people who are very good in it. I am very good when it comes to programming and on the campus fellow students do come to me to teach them and to borrow my notebooks. After my graduation l will go for youth service. After that, l will go for my masters. I am still trying to work on things that will make me an employer of labour after my masters.”

TB Joshua With Beneficiaries of Charitable Works

Christiana and Evelyn with their gifts

With encouragement from people like Prophet T.B Joshua, and friends like Ehizua Christiana (who sat with us throughout the interview and chipped in one or two words when the occasion demanded it), Evelyn believes the sky is not even her limit.

“She is too shy,” Christiana says as tries to explain why she had to accompany her to the interview. “lf she is not used to you, she would not talk unless l am there. If l am there with her, she will not be shy. If l am not here now, she won’t talk. Even though her mother or any other person is here, she won’t talk to her. If she just looks at my face, she will talk. If she is used to you, she can play with you.”

Recalling how they met, Evelyn reveals that they met while in campus, at a Christian fellowship of Nigerian Evangelical Students (NIFES). “They invited me just the way people invited you for interactions to ask me some things about myself, “After everything, l decide to go. On getting there, they were asking me some questions. And there was a question they asked that was not really favorable to me that made me reflect back on something’s, and before you know it, I started shedding tears. I really remember but l knows there was a question that was not really favorable to me.

“After everything and after we immediately closed from the fellowship, my friend (Christiana), saw me crying and asked me what is the matter. At that initial stage, l don’t tell her anything but it was when we got to the hostel that l told her everything . Since then, we’ve been together . Even that day, she came to check on me, to check whether l had eaten. Ever since that day she has been a friend to me. That is how we started our relationship.”

“There are times l asks God question that l am not supposed to ask Him. There are times l think and weep secretly,” Evelyn confesses. “There are times l think about my life and l would cry and clean my face.”

The reporter gets confused at this juncture and he asks: “What is it that you think about yourself that makes you cry?” “When l see my mates the way they are, and the way l am, l do think about it sometimes and l cry,” she replies instantly.
‘is it in terms of your physical condition?’ “yes!” ‘And you feel, ‘why am l like this? “Yes l feel sad when people are insulting words on me, When people who are supposed to call me “Aunty,” who are not suppose to call me my name do because of my stature.”

“When l saw her crying that day l felt for her,” Christiana, ex-student of political science, Ambrose Alli University, recalls. “l was in final year . She was in 100 Level. I do see her in school walking around because we stay in the same hostel. When l saw her, she was shedding tears that day, and l was touched. I have to rush down and meet her, and l asked, ‘what is your problem?’ she said nothing. I have to pet her, take her to the hostel, go to her room, and talked to her before she explained things to me. When she explained things, l said, ‘don’t worry, l will help you, since then we have been together.

“Let me say she is my sister. Most of family members know her. People call her our last-born child. Whenever they see her, they would call my mother and say, ‘your last-born is around.’ I can say that my mother is even more use to her than she is to me.

“We are close to each other and know each other so well that if somebody comes to me today to say ‘look at what Evelyn did to me,’ l can say no because l know what she can do, and she knows what l can do too. If somebody goes to her to say look at what Christy did, she can deny it for me because we are too close.”

TB Joshua

TB Joshua - There is more joy in giving than in receiving

A little discussion with her and you discover that it is closeness based on mutual respect and love. “I love her because of her intelligence,” Christiana says. “She is very brilliant and intelligent. On campus, lf you go to her department or faculty, just ask about her they will confirm what l have just told you. Her lectures are impressed. I do go with her to her department. One day, when her lecture was talking about her, of how brilliant she is, I was even shocked. Even as l am talking to you, her GPA is greater than the on e that l graduated with. Evelyn can sit down and read for 24 hours. Throughout the day she can read but me l can’t read throughout the day. That is one thing for which l like and admires her. She is just good.”

Talking about her social life, Christiana notes, “she doesn’t quarrel with people. Everybody likes her. If she is not in her room, everybody will be looking for her. She is fond of me as much as l fond of her.”

“She makes me feel relaxed and respected,” Evelyn says, on why she is fond of Christiana. “She loves carrying the burden of other people. I am not saying this because she is here with me. And she very caring; she has been dear to me. And secondly, she makes me believe in myself, in what l can do. She is always challenging me and making me to know that l am not inferior to others because of my stature.”

By chika ABANOBI and victor OGBE
SOURCE: The Spectator Newspaper, Vol 2 No.88

Emmanuel TV: Rededicate Yourself To The Acts Of Giving

An article relating to the charitable works engaged in by TB Joshua and the Emmanuel TV team during this festive season…

The spiritual awakening comes to the seeker, who is perfectly humble and “meek” and “poor in spirit.” The quality of true humility is one of the indispensable fundamentals. Then we find simplicity, holiness and the renunciation of all desire for worldly wealth and pride of learning.

In an interview that he granted, Prophet TB Joshua said: If you meet people, and you are in position – you have to help,” He further explains, “You can move freely, and he cannot move freely. You are to do something. If you see people like that and you close your eyes, you are closing your eyes to blessing of God. If you are blessed and you want to maintain it, without being a good giver – you are deceiving yourself, you cannot maintain it. This is why you get there and you fall back.”

Christmas celebration of the year 2009 will surely be one to remember for the communities of Alaba-Rago and Agege home for the needy, Lagos State, Nigeria. Not much is known of these communities. However, they both have something in common: slums occupied by the poor. It was on this day that Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations and the Emmanuel TV team paid a visit to the inhabitants of these communities. The primary aim of the visit was to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition, the occasion served as an opportunity to carry out the act of charity and giving.

TB Joshua Carrying Rice

Leading By Example...

Prophet TB Joshua accompanied by The Emmanuel TV team, stormed Alaba-Rago with a truck-full of top quality rice. This rice is intended only for the deprived/underprivileged that reside in the community. The sight of the environment was appalling, to say the least. One had to wonder how the inhabitants manage to survive in such an environment unbefitting of a human being.

At a point, the Prophet approached a young man smoking marijuana, collected it from him and extinguished it on his jeans. He then spotted a hut full of young men. He entered and discovered that they were all puffing away at their marijuana. Surprisingly, he sat in their midst and started a conversation with them, telling them that he was their friend. The hut was practically jam-packed, with each person with the exception of Prophet TB Joshua holding a stick of marijuana.

Smoking Marijuana

The hut was practically jam-packed, with each person with the exception of Prophet TB Joshua holding a stick of marijuana.

Prophet TB Joshua shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them and promised to assist any one of them that decided to further their education or take up a trade. He then donated bags of rice to them.

Let a man have what he will, and do what he will, it signifies nothing without charity; which surely implies that charity is the great thing, and that everything which has not charity in some way contained or implied in it is nothing, and that this charity is the life and soul of all religion, without which all things that wear the name of virtues are empty and vain.

Another Ministry Benificaries

Benificiaries of Another Ministry

“All the fruits of the Spirit which we are to lay weight upon as evidential of grace, are summed up in charity, or Christian love; because this is the sum of all grace. And the only way, therefore, in which anyone can know their good estate, is by discerning the exercises of this divine charity in their hearts; for without charity, let men have what gifts you please, they are nothing” —Jonathan Edwards

SOURCE: Articles Base

Armed Robbers Surrender To Christ After Watching Emmanuel TV

By the special grace of God, Emmanuel TV is reaching the unreachable! What a God we have to worship; what a Son we have to praise; what a future lies before us!

“These are the people that scare you. They steal from you and terrorize you at will. Everywhere in the world, people believe their power. Even witches and wizards, some people don’t believe they exist, but armed robbers; everybody fears them.” These were the words of Prophet T.B. Joshua as some delivered armed robbers came out to give their testimony to the congregation at the live Sunday service held at the Synagogue Church of All Nations on 30th November 2009.

A group of six, made up of four males and two females came out to describe their mode of operation whilst thanking God for delivering them from the spirit of stealing through the prayers of Prophet T.B. Joshua.

First to speak was Favour, a female, who got married to an armed robber and was introduced into the trade of stealing from innocent members of the society. In her own words: “My name is Favour, a former armed robber. I got married to an armed robber who introduced me into the business of stealing from innocent people.”

Explaining further she said: “He (her husband) gave me a handkerchief which he got from an herbalist. When we enter into a bus, I will wave the handkerchief in the air and people will begin to fall asleep. When they fall asleep, the gang will then begin to rob them of their belongings”

She concluded “I was watching Emmanuel TV and I saw how Prophet TB Joshua was delivering some armed robbers. After watching and seeing the kind of support that he gives to them, I decided to come to the church for my own deliverance.”

Prophet TB Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua

Next was Marvis, another female, an informant to armed robbers and prostitute. Hear her: “My name is Marvis, a former armed robber. My friend asked me to come to Lagos, saying she would get me a good job. When I came into Lagos, she introduced me into prostitution. Along the line, I met a guy, who is an armed robber, who said he would like to be my boyfriend. He later told me that he wanted me to be acting as an informant to him and his gang of robbers.”

Continuing she said, “When I get picked by rich man, I will interact with him and in the process find out whether he is a rich man or not. If he is rich, I will then secretly disclose our location to my boyfriend who will storm the place with his gang and steal form the man. They will then tie me and the man up so as to avoid any suspicion on my side.”

“One day I was watching TV when I saw how T.B. Joshua was delivering some robbers, especially the case of a brother who came to the church with a gun and was delivered and financially established. It was then that I decided to come to the church for my deliverance.” She concluded.

Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for all of the robbery troupe, which included two militants, and declared them delivered from the spirit of armed robbery.

In the same vein, ex-armed robbers whose previous deliverance had inspired the others to come forward and give their lives to Christ, came out to thank God for delivering them from the spirit that propelled them into robbery. When asked how long they had lived in the church, they all chorused: Three weeks. The prophet explained that after receiving their deliverance, they needed to be filled with the Word of God and taught the ways of the Lord. He then financially supported each of them, eight in number, to the tune of N200, 000, as well as a Holy Bible and four bags of rice.

A member of the group came out to thank God for saving his life. He narrated that a few days after his deliverance, he was called by a former colleague who invited him to join in a robbery operation, but he turned him down saying he is now a new creature in Christ. Explaining how that decision turned out to save his life, he said:“After my deliverance, a former colleague of mine called me and invited me to join him in a robbery operation. I told him that I am now a different person as I have been delivered from the spirit of stealing. He mocked me and told me that after sometime I will surely get back to the job of stealing as it was impossible to just stop doing so.”

Continuing he said: “Some days later, I got information that all the members of the gang that went out for the operation lost their lives in the process. They were all shot dead. ” He went further to display to the congregation and the world that he was already a changed person, saying: “In the last operation that I was involved in, I stole a bag, which I thought contained money. On getting home, I saw that it contained a laptop (notebook computer), two ATM cards and some documents belonging to the owner. Now that I have been delivered, I decided to bring it to the church so that it can be returned to the owner”

Prophet TB Joshua promised that the bag would be safely delivered back to the owner as soon as possible.

SOURCE: Scribd

This Is What Life Is All About!

How many lives are you capable of changing? How many have you changed? This is what matters to Jesus; this is what life is all about…

Beyond the burdening, burgeoning bondage of homelessness, Mr Kefa Olatunji Taiwo had strayed slowly into the hazardous realms of hopelessness. At 60 years old, his family had scattered, any shred of dignity or self-worth left battered – his life in total tatters. Living in a bedraggled and dishevelled excuse for a shed, scantily assorted from stray aluminium and rotting wood, he had dwelt and dealt in the refuse grounds of Lagos, Nigeria for over three agonising years, surrounded by the repulsive stench of decay and debris, and the degrading stigma of a lunatic-like existence. Suicidal tendencies crept increasingly closer…

TB Joshua Prophecy

The Prophecy

He suddenly halted before him, sensing something strange.“You are the one I am chasing.” Kefa looked up, astounded, dumbfounded. “Where is your family? Everybody is scattered in your home – and you are sleeping under the bridge, as an elderly man.” Extraodinary. His life-story unfurling uncannily from a man he had never encountered, a man he had never explained his predicament to. “You are getting old, an old man sleeping outside – and the family are scattered. Do you know where your problem comes from? This is what your mummy was telling you. The little money you had, you were going out – sometimes in the night you will not come home. You would take girlfriends. The little you had – you spent it just like that. This has destroyed you, destroyed your career.” How did he know? Whom had he told? “Something happened to you before this thing started. You met a mad woman – you never knew she’s a mad woman, and you slept with the woman. This is where the problem comes from. Today, when you sleep you see animals.” “Exactly, sir”

When Mr Taiwo walked dejectedly into The Synagogue, Church of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria on Sunday 30th August, unbeknown to him was the unfolding of a divine design to break the chains of poverty and restore the bonds of unity within his crises-fraught family. The prophecy took him by surprise. It was so sudden, so direct, so precise. Pastor TB Joshua narrated his life to him, a brief 30 seconds of breath-taking revelation, a concise uncovering. As he was led through the beautiful sanctuary, a flame of hope licked within his veins. Could it be a way out had actually come?

Kefa Olatunji Taiwo

You are created to change somebody...

The following week he stood again before the vast SCOAN auditorium, clips of his ‘home’ broadcast to the world live on Emmanuel TV. Evangelists had accompanied Taiwo to establish the veracity of the prophecy. The crowd gasped, beholding a dank wasteland with pigs scavenging among the filth, dirty infected water up to the knees, slime and grime at every turn. And a human being lived there, slept there, ate there, amidst the clutter and litter of decomposing garbage and gunk. “I’m useless,” the former furniture maker told the evangelists. “I just have to go and hide myself here when it is night. This is a shameful place, but I have no alternative – that’s why I have to stay here, living here as a mad man,” he said, explaining how local hoodlums had burnt his only property to ashes, forcing homelessness upon him.

Accompanied by his estranged wife and 11 children, all suffering a similar fate, Mr Taiwo watched on in reflective silence. “I believe if this man is helped, he will not go back to his past life – because he has tasted suffering and hardship,” said TB Joshua, addressing the whole congregation. “And I know if blessing comes now, he will be able to maintain it. Sometimes God uses foolish things. Don’t be surprised that among these children may be the president of tomorrow. Remember the past history, remember the heroes – many of them were raised from this kind of humble background,” he explained. “The first step is to get accommodation for the family, so we can bring the family together and let them live as one. To liberate these children, we must give them scholarships. And those who want to learn a skill – we will give them that opportunity.” The pastor, famed for his unrivalled and unbridled philanthropic works, explained that if the youths were left to themselves, they would probably end up in armed robbery or prostitution out of frustrations irrationalising influence. “Give them N300,000 and five bags of rice.”

TB Joshua Talks To The Family

Life is not fun and games. It is a warfare where only the serious minded are victorious.

Tears of shock and joy escaped from beneficiaries and congregants alike. Never before had Kefa seen or touched such money. “I didn’t expect this. Thank you, sir,” he quibbled, words failing to form his heart-felt expressions of gratitude. “This is what we are born for, this is what we are to live for, this is what we are to die for,” smiled the prophet, ascribing all glory to God.

“Someone out there is waiting for you for a lifetime,” Joshua counselled the enthralled audience and viewers worldwide. “You cannot afford to fail them; failing them is failing God. Remember, God is speaking to you through them, saying: ‘They are fatherless, so that you can be their father.’ ‘They are lonely, so that you can be their companion.’ ‘They are in want, so that you can be their benefactor.’ ”

SOURCE: Modern Ghana, All Voices

The Olatunji Family Helped By TB Joshua

The evidence of Jesus Christ is lives changed...

Feeding The 4,000

A touching article from SCOAN’s publication: ‘Faith Cometh’ about reaching out to the less privileged in Surabaya, Indonesia…

In far away Indonesia, compelled by God’s compassion that sees beyond race, colour and culture, Prophet T.B. Joshua’s passion to provide for the poor did not waver. While preaching to the people of Indonesia at the popular Graha Bethany Church, he took his time to visit a charity home called the House of Love where since 1977, a couple had taken the task of feeding no fewer than 3,000 underprivileged people every fortnight.

The couple, Mr. and Mrs. Ananda, lovingly welcomed the prophet, explaining how in 1977, God had spoken to them to feed the poor, clothe the naked and care for the weak. Mrs. Hana Ananda said: “In 1977 when everyone was hungry, God spoke to me: ‘Now feed the people.’ So we started giving the slum people food until I had to stop them because we didn’t have enough food. That was why we started meeting once every two weeks.”

When asked why she decided to spearhead such a cause, Hana said: “I have to be held accountable when I die. I have to do these things – that’s my belief”. Hana explained that irrespective of people’s religion and position, the House of Love seeks to provide for all who enter their doors: “I don’t know. I don’t want to know. I only know they’re poor and in need. Of course some come because of the food but they also need love.”

TB Joshua In Indonesia

TB Joshua - Love is the greatest of christian virtues

Touched by this report, Prophet T.B. Joshua visited the home with both spiritual and physical provision – moved, motivated and inspired by the love of Christ. For Hana and the House of Love, this visit could not have come at a better time as the Prophet donated $10,000 to assist the charity in their efforts to feed the poor. Clearly touched and unable to hold back her tears any longer, she prayed: “Thank you so much for providing for their needs O’ Lord. Bless this ministry. Bless Prophet T.B. Joshua and the team that you have used to become a blessing to the nation and also for the poor in Surabaya”.

When the Prophet mounted the platform of a humble stage at the House of Love, he greeted them in the name of Jesus Christ. He said: “I am here today because I love you. I am here today because Jesus cares for the weak. I’m here today because Jesus loves the rejected ones. The powerful people in society would like to oppress the weak but God cares for the weak. Those who feel rejected by everyone, those who are lonely should trust in the goodness of God. I want to tell you that I’m your brother. Whatever you want me to be, I’m ready, I’m here”.

After addressing the congregation and ministering the Word of God, helped by his team, he gave out boxes of food to each one of the several thousands that were present. Among those who were fed, were hungry babies, mothers and children, including the sick and the afflicted. Radiant smiles served as an unspoken expression of appreciation. For many, it was a moment in which they forgot their usual scarcity and suffering, while redirecting their focus towards a faithful God and His abundant provision.

Thousands at the Indonesia Crusade with TB Joshua

Thousands gather for the Indonesia Crusade with TB Joshua

It was an unforgettable event where not only the lonely were comforted and the hungry fed, but the sick and afflicted also received their healing. The crowd looked on as the resurrection power of Jesus Christ flowed through Prophet T.B. Joshua to the lives of those in sickness and affliction, breathing life anew. Among those who received their healing was 40 year-old Mrs. Ping Ping, who had Parkinson’s disease and was unable to walk being confined to a wheelchair. After personally distributing food to her, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her in the name of Jesus Christ and to the cries of disbelief of those around her, Mrs. Ping Ping rose to her feet and began to walk unaided from her wheelchair. Amidst the clapping of the crowd, she gave thanks to God for His goodness in her life!

Before taking his leave, Prophet T.B. Joshua told them: “God loves you. He is the Father of the fatherless and Mother of the motherless. He is your Advocate. Remain in Him and trust in His goodness”.

The ‘House of Love’ was born of a heart of love – and such should be the love that characterizes our lives as children of God. As Apostle John admonishes us in a magnificent epistle, “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers. If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.” It is time to let love be uppermost in our hearts.

SOURCE: Faith Cometh


A stirring article from The News Magazine in Nigeria concerning the extensive philanthropic activities of TB Joshua, as broadcast on Emmanuel TV…

Temitope B. Joshua, donates millions to widows and widowers

For eight years, Magaret Babalola lived the life of a destitute with Dare, 19 and Dupe, 15, her two children. She had been condemned to living on the street, sleeping mostly in market stalls after the death of her husband. According to her, there was nothing to live on and whatever she was able to eke out of her daily jobs was barely enough to keep her children in school. It got so bad that by last year, both had to withdraw from school, as no one was willing to assist Margaret anymore.

At that point, she made up her mind to take her own life, but by a stroke of good fortune a good Nigerian intervened. The same good Nigerian, she said, also directed her to come to the Synagogue Church Of All Nations, (SCOAN), where there is a rehabilitation programme for widows.

But there was a problem. As an Anglican faithful, it was more of a taboo to be associated with SCOAN. But out of desperation, she took the advice. “I didn’t know what to do anymore because I was tired of living,” she recalls as she narrated her ordeal.

As it turned out, Babalola’s fortunes, along with three other widows, Florence Adewale, mother of four, whose husband died when she was six and a half months pregnant; Mojisola Adeyemi, thrown out by her landlord as she could no longer pay her rents, and Stella Emmanuel, a Ghanaian, mother of one who is pregnant with another, took a new positive turn. Before a parked auditorium of the church on 17 February, Prophet Joshua gave N200,000 to each of the four, in addition to scholarship for their children, a bag of rice and another of flour. For Emmanuel, Joshua promised to pay her passage to her home country, where SCOAN’s branch would provide other materials she would need to survive.

Joshua’s gesture was in continuation of an event which began two days earlier. On the widow’s forum on 15 February, Ndidi Ndukwu, 40, mother of four and three other persons who were the biggest beneficiaries went home N150,000 richer. Twenty two others received N50,000, a bag of rice and flour each, while 200 widows and widowers, erstwhile beneficiaries of Joshua’s generosity, received a bag of rice and flour respectively.

Among the group, Ndukwu and Emma Sumo recounted experiences that made the audience speechless. According to Ndukwu, her husband’s death eight years ago triggered off a trauma she thought the sympathy of relatives and friends would heal with time. But no sooner had the man been buried than her in-laws began to mount pressure on her to marry his younger brother. Following her refusal, she was abandoned along with her four children. Since then, Ndukwu told this medium, it has been a tale of long suffering.

“My husband was sick for two years but he kept it to himself. By the time I knew what was wrong, he had died. Shortly afterwards, members of his family turned their backs on me and his children and I could not get help from anywhere I went,” she recalls.

If Ndukwu’s tale is a sore truth about the life of an average widow in the country, Sumo’s experience reeks of sadism. The 49-year old former nurse and mother of nine from Liberia, told this medium that she lost her husband to the tortuous fratricidal war that turned citizens of the West African nation into refugees across the continent. For refusing to marry one of her dead husband’s relations, her in-laws, she disclosed, burnt down her two buildings and a school. To complete her humiliation, they drove her, along with her children, away from whatever belonged to her husband. While running around Liberia, begging for food, she lost four of her nine children to the war, the same way she lost her husband.

“They shot my husband in front of me. My in-laws made it harder for me when they took everything from me and drove us away. I begged daily to survive and the worst was when I also had to lose four children to the war the same way I lost my husband,” she said struggling with tears.

But on 15 February 2008, Ndukwu, Sumo and numerous widows and widowers received life-saving support from an unlikely quarter: Temitope B. Joshua, founder and General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations. While Ndukwu and two others received N150,000 cash, a bag of rice and flour, including a bible from Joshua, Sumo and 21 others became N50,000 richer, getting as well a bag of rice, another bag of flour and bible. About 200 other widows and widowers, comprising those who previously received various sums of money and other items also collected a bag of rice and flour each from Joshua. Like Babalola, Ndukwu and Sumo shed tears of joy as they received Joshua’s gifts.

“I want to thank the man of God for making us realise that there is hope for us. I want to thank you because before now, we hardly had enough to eat. My mother can start trading with this money and my siblings can go back to school. I want to thank you for making us believe that there is a future for us,’’ 19-year old Lynda, Ndukwu’s daughter and a pre-degree Bio-Chemistry student of the University of Benin, who appeared to speak the recipients’ mind, told Joshua amidst tears.

A source in the church told this medium that Joshua spent over N6 million to put together events of the two days. The source also disclosed that Joshua has spent close to N1 billion since the fortnightly philanthropic gestures for widows and widowers began a few years ago. Widows and widowers, the source revealed, are so close to Joshua’s heart that he has asked them to come for help without any string attached. Joshua himself alluded to that when he said “We will always be there for you. We want you to be part of the family, but we will tell you what to do with your gift. It is a gift from God, who is a father to the fatherless and husband to the widow.”

Bishop Olusola Olukolade, who witnessed Joshua’s philanthropic largesse, explained that Joshua is indeed doing what Jesus Christ asked his true followers to do. According to Olukolade, all men of God must carry on with what he referred to as ‘the directives of Jesus,’ since he will not physically come down.

“This is what every ministry that preaches Jesus is expected to do. It shows that Joshua is a man of God and a follower of Jesus Christ,” Olukolade said. Joshua’s philanthropy is not restricted to providing succour for widows and widowers. He is also a source of comfort for the aged and dwarfs. He is reported to have supported both groups with multi-million cash and food. As one of the recipients puts it, “Joshua has shown everyone today that he is hope for the hopeless.”

By Ernest Omoarelojie

SOURCE: The News Magazine, Nigeria