Wolo ThankGod from Nigeria shared a powerful testimony concerning Water Therapy. Be blessed as you read, in Jesus’ name:

“Emmanuel! My testimony is about the water therapy the man of God introduced. For over ten years, I was having a terrible pain in my foot, precisely the right leg. Because of years of wear and tear, the skin was extremely rough. On many occasions, I applied several medications but they all proved to be abortive.

“However, when the man of God introduced the Water Therapy, I immediately swang into action by following the instructions. To my greatest amazement, my right foot that was so rough became smooth and soft! Within a week, all the pain had gone! I’m really grateful for what God has done by restoring my right rough foot! I equally thank the man of God for allowing himself to be used by God in helping people around the world. Emmanuel!”

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Barbara Nkonde-Bwalya from Zambia shared another wonderful testimony concerning the Water Therapy.

“Emmanuel! Praise the Lord! My testimony is about the Water Therapy introduced by Prophet T. B. Joshua on 4th January, 2015. I delivered my second baby on 20th July, 2014 and I sustained a big tear during delivery. Following this, I started experiencing serious constipation and the wound refused to heal. It was very painful!

“After watching Prophet T.B. Joshua’s message, I started the water therapy which I have continued up to date. I have already seen the incredible benefits! Firstly, constipation is a thing of the past! My body automatically rejects unhealthy foodstuffs now and I am now in good shape! The wound on my stomach has completely healed and all the associated pains with it have gone. My husband too is participating in the water therapy and he testifies of great things – he used to have a problem of excessive gas but that problem is no more! Thank You, Jesus Christ!”

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Tshepiso Ramotlhwa shared this faith-building testimony concerning the ‘Water Therapy’ Prophet T.B. Joshua introduced at the beginning of 2015. He was heavily addicted to coffee and carbonated drinks but obedience to this simple instruction in righteousness turned everything around! Be blessed by his testimony:

“I started Water Therapy a couple of weeks ago after I struggled for some time, thinking how on earth I would be able to drink the 1.5 litres in the morning. I couldn’t start the Water Therapy the day Prophet TB Joshua introduced it because he said it had to replace sugary drinks and tea. I was wondering how I will survive without my early morning coffee so I ddnt start it right away!

“2 weeks back, however, I just decided to try the Water Therapy after I had read so many amazing testimonies online. The first day, my stomach was so full of water that there was no space for coffee! This was coupled with having to run to the toilet so often! The second day passed and I had the same experience. By the time the week ended, realisation dawned on me and I shouted at the top of my voice – I just realized I don’t crave coffee or carbonated drinks anymore!

“Wow! This is a shocking surprise for me because I couldn’t function without coffee previously. For me to get through the day at work or anywhere, I literally HAD to drink coffee immediately in the morning.

“I am so so so so grateful to God and Prophet T.B. Joshua! Thank you very much. Through this Water Therapy, I can now see a better me… a healthier me!”

You can learn more about the Water Therapy by watching this instructional clip:


Lesego Mashishi from South Africa began the ‘Water Therapy’ with a lot of difficulty and discomfort but persisted by faith and began to see miraculous results!

“Good morning to you all! Obey the word of the prophet and you shall prosper! When Prophet T.B. Joshua gave the water therapy instruction, I felt as if what he is saying was impossible. My husband insisted that if the prophet said it, we must do it! In the first week, I felt that it was way too much for me. Every minute, I was in the toilet! I asked myself how I would be able to even go out as I was going to the toilet so much! However, by faith, I continued taking it anyway.

“People were giving testimonies and I was getting impatient about what was happening with me – no weight loss except constantly going to the toilet. I then come to realise that anytime I ate something not good for health, after taking the 1.5 litres of water in the morning, it would be flushed out immediately. I also used to have skin rashes due to allergies, causing extreme discomfort. Since I began the water therapy I have not had any rash and my skin is glowing! Prophet, may you continue prospering in your relationship with God. Good Morning!”

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Suzan Mokgadi Makgoba shared this enlightening and inspiring testimony concerning the ‘Water Therapy’ recently introduced by Prophet T.B. Joshua:

“I would like to thank God for revealing to us the secret in ‘Water Therapy’ through our beloved Prophet TB Joshua. I didn’t like drinking water the whole of my life. Instead of taking water, I would take cold drinks or tea. For most of my life, I experienced constipation to the extent that I would spend more than a week or two without passing any stool!

“Almost 5 years ago, I fell ill and went to my general practitioner who referred me to a surgeon with the view that I should be operated due to the severe pain that I was having on my right pelvis which was heavily swollen. After I went through a lot of tests including an x-ray, a blood test, as well as a CT scan, the cause of the pain was never detected. I was then given medication which led me to passing a lot of stool; I was even afraid to sit for a long time on the toilet seat. Little did I know that all of this was caused by lack of taking water!

“After hearing the revelation of the water therapy, I did not hesitate to start because I was still suffering from this problem of constipation. For the first week, it was difficult to take the 1.5 liters of water, especially in the morning as I felt like I would vomit! I persevered and continued with all the measurements given for the day. I even made a schedule of 7 hours interval to take the water for the whole day.

“From the second week I was getting used to the therapy, I experienced a lot of pains from the back of my neck up to the waist and the abdomen for about 3 days. I also started seeing my menstruation which was heavier than usual which lasted up to five days. I experienced severe pains all over my body and it was also difficult for me to sleep at night but I continued with the therapy despite the pains. One day, I had this pressure and urge to urinate and I rushed to the restroom. As I pulled down my underwear to sit on the toilet seat, a huge clot of blood which looked like a fibroid fell on the floor!

“The other improvement that the water therapy brought into my life is controlled appetite. I had this strong appetite for heavy meals and used to eat like a man but my eating has now become regulated. My hair and nails are growing, my skin is clearing and I am becoming lighter in complexion. Everybody who knew me before I started the therapy is now wondering what I have done! Constipation is now a thing of the past as I visit the rest room everyday without any pain or discomfort!

“I also pass the ‘Water Therapy’ revelation to colleagues who complain about different ailment and pains. Most people know the one of taking water early in the morning only and they are ready to try the one from Prophet T.B. Joshua as it’s different and anointed. I am glad that since I started following this anointed water therapy, my health has drastically improved. I am anxiously waiting for more anointed and prophetic instructions from God through our prophet!

You can learn more about the ‘Water Therapy’ by watching the simple instructions in this video: