Suzan Mokgadi Makgoba shared this enlightening and inspiring testimony concerning the ‘Water Therapy’ recently introduced by Prophet T.B. Joshua:

“I would like to thank God for revealing to us the secret in ‘Water Therapy’ through our beloved Prophet TB Joshua. I didn’t like drinking water the whole of my life. Instead of taking water, I would take cold drinks or tea. For most of my life, I experienced constipation to the extent that I would spend more than a week or two without passing any stool!

“Almost 5 years ago, I fell ill and went to my general practitioner who referred me to a surgeon with the view that I should be operated due to the severe pain that I was having on my right pelvis which was heavily swollen. After I went through a lot of tests including an x-ray, a blood test, as well as a CT scan, the cause of the pain was never detected. I was then given medication which led me to passing a lot of stool; I was even afraid to sit for a long time on the toilet seat. Little did I know that all of this was caused by lack of taking water!

“After hearing the revelation of the water therapy, I did not hesitate to start because I was still suffering from this problem of constipation. For the first week, it was difficult to take the 1.5 liters of water, especially in the morning as I felt like I would vomit! I persevered and continued with all the measurements given for the day. I even made a schedule of 7 hours interval to take the water for the whole day.

“From the second week I was getting used to the therapy, I experienced a lot of pains from the back of my neck up to the waist and the abdomen for about 3 days. I also started seeing my menstruation which was heavier than usual which lasted up to five days. I experienced severe pains all over my body and it was also difficult for me to sleep at night but I continued with the therapy despite the pains. One day, I had this pressure and urge to urinate and I rushed to the restroom. As I pulled down my underwear to sit on the toilet seat, a huge clot of blood which looked like a fibroid fell on the floor!

“The other improvement that the water therapy brought into my life is controlled appetite. I had this strong appetite for heavy meals and used to eat like a man but my eating has now become regulated. My hair and nails are growing, my skin is clearing and I am becoming lighter in complexion. Everybody who knew me before I started the therapy is now wondering what I have done! Constipation is now a thing of the past as I visit the rest room everyday without any pain or discomfort!

“I also pass the ‘Water Therapy’ revelation to colleagues who complain about different ailment and pains. Most people know the one of taking water early in the morning only and they are ready to try the one from Prophet T.B. Joshua as it’s different and anointed. I am glad that since I started following this anointed water therapy, my health has drastically improved. I am anxiously waiting for more anointed and prophetic instructions from God through our prophet!

You can learn more about the ‘Water Therapy’ by watching the simple instructions in this video:


Embedded with a 10-pound tumour in her uterus, filled with 28-pounds of fluid in her body and virtually incapacitated by a swollen body, US-based Eritrean-born Ms Lamlam Kassa battled to come to terms with the 2009 backbreaking prognosis. A professional Nursing Assistant in charge of seeing to the wellbeing of homicide and suicide patients, Lamlam would find herself enduring six separate gruelling medical examinations converging at the same dreadful diagnosis and recommendation. Subdued by a dramatically fast-growing tumour, each of the six doctors she visited in the United States recommended for her to undergo surgical removal of her uterus. Terrified by this, Lamlam asked as to whether the doctors could recommend alternative treatments instead of the surgical operation. Alas, the doctors did not know of any other alternative to alleviate her predicament.

As if the mental torture her ill-health condition exerted on her mind was not grave enough, Lamlam could not lie down properly for a normal sleep that would have given her mental faculty the tranquility it needed to survive each night undisturbed. The rate at which the fibroid was growing in her body compromised the full functionality of her vital organs. As the fluid in her body increased with respect to the growth rate of the tumour, the combined mass competed for space against her organs. For example, the sheer size of the fibroid continued to squeeze her urinary bladder, making it difficult for her to retain urine for a reasonable time period. If she had to ease herself and did not hurry up, then she wet herself before she made it to the toilet. Given her state, it was impossible for her to run fast enough to make it to the toilet. To compound the situation, Lamlam would visit the toilet about 18 to 20 times in the night. This forced her to wear sanitary pads. The urinary case was, however, different from that of her bowels which became hardened by the pressures the fibroid mounted. Although it would turn out to be futile, she resorted to consuming organic food and raw vegetables to stimulate free bowels.

With her condition exacerbated by the volume of the fibroid and fluid in her body, Lamlam’s heart rate fluctuated, tilting towards a slow beat; she could neither lie on her left or right side; she vomited intermittently; she became anaemic as the tumour competed for the blood her general body needed; she lost strength by the hour, as thyroid problems also set in; and her general health deteriorated by the day. Cushioned with several pillows for stability and to ease pains, the advancing complications would force Lamlam to sleep in a sitting position for several months.

What could have been responsible for all these misfortunes in Lamlam’s life at the time she should have been enjoying her life? Could the various spiritual attacks she had had through demonic dreams be of any significance? Of all the many questions there were to seek answers for, why did she often dream of seeing herself caged inside an enclosure? Born into a polygamous family – in which her father married four women, had twenty children and lost five – Lamlam is among the fifteen surviving siblings. Two of her siblings were killed in the Eritrean-Ethiopian war. Among her ten surviving sisters, six got married and two of them later became divorcees. At forty-one, Lamlam counted herself as one of the unmarried remaining four siblings.

Although she could not easily identify what to attribute her health complications to or trace anyone in her family who may have gone through what she had endured, Lamlam learned that when her 26 years old mother died all of a sudden, she, then a 6 month old, was made to suck her dead mother’s breasts for milk.

“While she was lying dead, I drank a lot of milk from her,” said Lamlam. Was this part of her ancestral ethical foundation to allow a baby to suck the inert mother’s breasts under the guise of quieting a crying baby? Could this be responsible for poisoning Lamlam’s tender body? What actually killed Lamlam’s mother just six months after giving birth? While several questions loomed in her head, Lamlam would come to understand from her aunt, who raised her and the nine other sisters, that she hailed from a deeply rooted traditionalist family or idol worshipping background and that her deceased mother used to experience countless evil attacks, including a spiritual husband who constantly slept with her.

Lamlam remembered how her aunt cherished idol worshipping and performed sacrifices in the house. Growing up in an idol worshipping home, Lamlam watched as her aunt offered sacrificed chicken and goat to the idols. Whenever, as a toddler, Lamlam was very sick, she recalled, “A lot of my family thought that I would not make it; that I would die. They took me to witch doctors, and did a lot of things.”

As Lamlam continued to battle her life-threatening ailment in the United States, her family back home mobilised others to pray for her. Her family was saddened by the sheer scale of her illness that they did not think she would pull through it. It also became difficult to continue her work, causing her to lose her house. She could not mingle with others anymore because she felt embarrassed and uncomfortable with whatever she had to wear.

One and half years into her battle against the tumour and associated health complications, Lamlam’s brother, upon hearing about the recommended surgical operation, told his sister, “You are not going to do that, (for) the LORD will heal you. You have to go to Nigeria.” “To do what?” she asked him. “To see the man of GOD, Prophet TB Joshua,” he said.

Introduced to the Emmanuel TV cable by her brother, Lamlam started to watch the telecast to increase her faith while she waited patiently to travel to The Synagogue of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria. Arranged for the prayer line, Prophet TB Joshua laid his hand on her and gave her four parting bottles of the Anointing Water. Following this, Lamlam had a dream in which the Prophet asked a Wise Man to enquire as to why she was crying out for help. When Lamlam explained her plight, he requested of the Wise Man to get him a razor blade. When the Wise Man handed Prophet TB Joshua the razor blade, the latter used it to cut through Lamlam’s body. As God used him spiritually to perform the Divine operation, the Prophet brought out a human head-like object that he threw away, before finally declaring, “There is nothing wrong with you; you are free.”

Immediately after this remarkable revelation, Lamlams health started to rapidly and miraculously improve. Upon returning to the United States after being spiritually uncaged, she continued to watch Emmanuel TV and minister the Anointing Water. Understanding her dream to be the spiritual indication of what was to be manifested physically, she decided to go ahead with the operation, confident that God was in complete control. Upon going for the pre-operation medical check up, the medical report revealed a remarkable fact – the tumour was no longer in her uterus! The puzzled doctors could not understand how the huge tumour had moved ‘by itself.’ It’s new position in the body was one the doctors marvelled at as it simplified the operation and enabled them to do so without removing her uterus! Just as God revealed to her in the dream, the doctors proceeded to surgically and successfully remove the mass of tumour from Lamlam’s body without disturbing her uterus.

The test was not over yet, however. In the aftermath of the operation, Lamlam developed a low blood pressure. Again. However, while in the post-surgery recovery room, she dreamt she saw Prophet TB Joshua hand her a decorated colourful cup bearing a number of positive inscriptions and pray for her. He then instructed her to drink from a cup, which she did. When the nurses came by to monitor her blood pressure, they reported that her system was normal. In addition to this, she was subsequently cleared of the thyroid and anaemic condition, leading to her next day’s discharge from the hospital.

Lamlam excitingly talked about how total peace has now overwhelmed her body. She has also found assurance in everything she’d endeavoured to accomplish in her life. With the tumour, swollen body, back pain, discomfort in her general body, weak urinary bladder, compromised vital body organs, low blood pressure, etc, now all completely gone, the Lord went on to level every mountain in her and family’s life. Her family began to mend broken relationships by forgiving one another and harvest what God had in store for them. Countless breakthroughs!

Based on her experiential insights and lessons learned, Lamlam had a word for the world: “What I can tell the world is that, first of all, have faith in the Lord! When things happen to us, they are not (meant) to destroy us, but to shape us. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Hold on to the Lord, don’t give up. Know that doctors treat, (for) they cannot cure ‒ only God Almighty can cure.

“(For) people in my situation, it’s not easy for your uterus to be taken away. Because of frustration and a difficult-to-endure pain, a lot of people don’t wait. Because they cannot handle the pain, they just go ahead and do what they just have to do. But whatever we go through in life, the Lord is so merciful He gives us the grace to handle the pain and everything. We (have to) wait on the Lord, and believe that He is God (and) is able. Have faith in the Lord, trust in Him, and wait. If He has done it for me, He will do it for anybody else. So hold on in the Lord, pray and never give up.

“Things happen in life to make us realise that sometimes we take everything for granted. What I learnt from my experience is how to trust the Lord; how to be patient; how to be grateful for everything. We take everything for granted ― to open our eyes, to swallow the food, to go to the bathroom easily, to sit and get up… we take everything for granted. It’s God’s grace and mercy. This is a gift from the Lord so we have to be grateful for everything that we have, and not (concentrate on) the things we don’t have. We should always ask the Lord, ‘whatever I am going through, what are You teaching me?’ So we can learn from our experiences. If there is no test, there is no testimony.”

‘The Fibroid Dropped!!!’ – Anointing Water Testimony

The miracles happening worldwide through the Anointing Water are too numerous to even account for. Here is just one of hundreds of testimonies that are emailed daily to The SCOAN about God’s power touching people’s lives globally through the Anointing Water. It is all about Jesus!

“My name is Mrs Charity Opara from Imo State but currently living in Yaounde, Cameroon with my husband. We got married a few months ago but don’t have children yet. However, my stomach had begun swelling up and I felt something kicking, so I began thinking I was pregnant. So, recently a friend came back from SCOAN with the Anointing Water. I had watched Emmanuel TV and asked my friend if she could spray some in my mouth. When she ministered the Anointing Water to me, behold the unexpected happened! I felt this sharp pain shoot through my stomach and rushed to the hospital. To my shock, a fibroid that weighed more than two kilos dropped from me! I have never been to SCOAN before and was amazed at what happened! It was truly miraculous!

“That day, the news was everywhere in Yaounde and in my village. That fateful day, hundreds of people converged to our house to have a glance at that wicked fibroid and rejoice with me in the amazing testimony. I just give thanks to God Almighty for using the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua through the Anointing Water. EMMANUEL!”

Mrs Opara Charity – Nigerian Living In Cameroon


Discomfort had become the norm for Safiatu. For 6 long years, she had been battling with a fibroid. She had tried many different treatments but discovered that instead of her condition to improve, it became worse. The fibroid caused her so much pain, discomfort and embarrassment. She had almost resigned herself to the fate of continuing to live with this burden – that was until she joined in with the mass prayer from The SCOAN through Emmanuel TV…

Scriptural prayer releases the power of God

“I received my deliverance from Jesus Christ during the mass prayer with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua.


I had a fibroid for the last 6 years. I have tried to treat the fibroid in many ways but all to no avail. I was tired of it. Finally, I decided to toke it as a way of life. At times, it moved like a baby in my stomach. Also, I had pile and fever.

 I always pray with the Man of God every Sunday, I was even having the intention of visiting The SCOAN for my problems. But this Sunday, I saw the miracle of God in my life. When the man of God said that, viewers over there should pray, ‘whatever you might have eaten through dreams or from the table of the adversary, begin to flush it out by the blood of Jesus.’  I started coughing and at the same time, I felt something melting in my stomach; immediately I felt something coming out of me. I thought it was urine. I continued praying and that was how it was coming out. At the end of the prayer, I saw that it was blood mixed with something having a pink color. Again, I felt like something was cutting in my stomach then there was a bundle of blood flow again. To God be the Glory, my daughter was saying,”Mama you have received deliverance”.  


Now I know that my problems are over. My sufferings are over; my pains are over. The fibroid is now a thing of the past. Since yesterday, I slept very well. Even the pains that I felt caused by the pile is over and the fever is also gone. I feel fine. Thank You, Jesus!  I thank God for this deliverance.”

Safiatu, Cameroon


“Touch Your Screen By Faith” – Healed Of Fibroids Through Emmanuel TV

The last thing Ida wanted to hear was that she needed another operation. But that was the diagnosis of her doctor. The Namibian, faced with severe abdominal pains, was shocked to learn that a fibroid had developed in her system. The only medical option was to immediately remove the intruding mass by way of a surgical operation. But when Ida listened to a prophetic prayer from T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV, she received it by faith and believed for a miracle.

“I greet you all in the beautiful name of Jesus Christ. My name is Ida Monde from Katima Mulilo in Namibia. I want to share with you a very wonderful thing that happened to me last month.

“In February this year (2011) the doctor told me that I was having a fibroid and he needed to make a booking for me to be operated. I refused and told him that I will not go for that operation. In 2010 I had a terrible lower abdominal pain for which I was booked for an operation even though the doctors could not see anything that was causing the pain. They operated me but the problem only continued. That’s why this time around I refused to go for any operation.

“Last month while I was watching Emmanuel TV, the man of God T.B Joshua was praying for the viewers all over the world and he prophesied, “Viewers all over the world, that fibroid that you are having is going to be operated by Jesus. Just touch your screen by faith!” It was like he was speaking directly to me. I knew within myself that the man of God was praying for me and immediately touched the screen, praying also.

“To my greatest surprise, I did not see my period the following month and went back to the doctor for some tests. The doctor was so shocked when he brought my results; he could not believe his eyes. He wanted to know what had happened to the fibroid. I told him that it was the wonders of the Lord Jesus who had operated me spiritually. But that was not all. I was pregnant!

“Glory be to God Almighty. I pray that God will continue to be with Prophet T.B. Joshua to give him more wisdom and grace. Thank You, Jesus Christ!”