Emmanuel TV: Rededicate Yourself To The Acts Of Giving

An article relating to the charitable works engaged in by TB Joshua and the Emmanuel TV team during this festive season…

The spiritual awakening comes to the seeker, who is perfectly humble and “meek” and “poor in spirit.” The quality of true humility is one of the indispensable fundamentals. Then we find simplicity, holiness and the renunciation of all desire for worldly wealth and pride of learning.

In an interview that he granted, Prophet TB Joshua said: If you meet people, and you are in position – you have to help,” He further explains, “You can move freely, and he cannot move freely. You are to do something. If you see people like that and you close your eyes, you are closing your eyes to blessing of God. If you are blessed and you want to maintain it, without being a good giver – you are deceiving yourself, you cannot maintain it. This is why you get there and you fall back.”

Christmas celebration of the year 2009 will surely be one to remember for the communities of Alaba-Rago and Agege home for the needy, Lagos State, Nigeria. Not much is known of these communities. However, they both have something in common: slums occupied by the poor. It was on this day that Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations and the Emmanuel TV team paid a visit to the inhabitants of these communities. The primary aim of the visit was to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition, the occasion served as an opportunity to carry out the act of charity and giving.

TB Joshua Carrying Rice

Leading By Example...

Prophet TB Joshua accompanied by The Emmanuel TV team, stormed Alaba-Rago with a truck-full of top quality rice. This rice is intended only for the deprived/underprivileged that reside in the community. The sight of the environment was appalling, to say the least. One had to wonder how the inhabitants manage to survive in such an environment unbefitting of a human being.

At a point, the Prophet approached a young man smoking marijuana, collected it from him and extinguished it on his jeans. He then spotted a hut full of young men. He entered and discovered that they were all puffing away at their marijuana. Surprisingly, he sat in their midst and started a conversation with them, telling them that he was their friend. The hut was practically jam-packed, with each person with the exception of Prophet TB Joshua holding a stick of marijuana.

Smoking Marijuana

The hut was practically jam-packed, with each person with the exception of Prophet TB Joshua holding a stick of marijuana.

Prophet TB Joshua shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them and promised to assist any one of them that decided to further their education or take up a trade. He then donated bags of rice to them.

Let a man have what he will, and do what he will, it signifies nothing without charity; which surely implies that charity is the great thing, and that everything which has not charity in some way contained or implied in it is nothing, and that this charity is the life and soul of all religion, without which all things that wear the name of virtues are empty and vain.

Another Ministry Benificaries

Benificiaries of Another Ministry

“All the fruits of the Spirit which we are to lay weight upon as evidential of grace, are summed up in charity, or Christian love; because this is the sum of all grace. And the only way, therefore, in which anyone can know their good estate, is by discerning the exercises of this divine charity in their hearts; for without charity, let men have what gifts you please, they are nothing” —Jonathan Edwards

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