Joyce from Ireland testified how a visit to The SCOAN ended a complicated health issue that had practically ceased her menstruation since the tender age of 16. Be blessed as you read!

Joyce Ketshabetswe

“Good morning! My name is Joyce Ketshabetswe, originally from Botswana but residing in Dublin, Ireland. I came to The SCOAN last month in June 2015 and had a wonderful time. I felt the presence of God just by passing outside the church on Friday. After the service on Sunday, I had the opportunity to be among the people to visit the Prayer Mountain. I knew that God is on my side and favouring me! God is using the man of God tremendously. Sometimes we think it’s a small thing but it’s not!

“My testimony goes like this – I started having my periods when I was 16 years of age but they ceased from there up until I was 20 years old. I started seeing doctors to help me but to no avail – nothing happened. I kept on going to the doctors and one gave me tablets called provera to help induce my periods. It came briefly but disappeared again. I kept taking the tablets; sometimes they helped but most time, nothing came. I never had my periods without using tablets.

“At the Prayer Mountain, I cried to God to intervene in my case. I was also facing misfortune, stagnancy and failures in my life. I had faith that if I could only step into The SCOAN, my life would change for good! By the grace of God, my period started on Monday 29th June without using any tablets! It is the first time in my life that it has come without being medically induced! I give all glory to God and know that I will never use tablets again in my life to induce my periods. I thank you man of God that even if you were not around, the Almighty was with us! Thank you and i know the best is yet to come in my life in Jesus’ name!”

Are you struggling with a similar challenge? Pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and get ready for your BREAKTHROUGH, in Jesus’ name!


Ouma Legodi from South Africa shared this amazing testimony concerning ‘Water Therapy’!

“I started with water therapy the day Prophet T.B. Joshua introduced it to us. I was having a problem of ceased menstruation for about six years. I thought it was because of the contraceptives that I used.

“Behold people of God, I was surprised to see my period today! The last time when I had my period, I felt excruciating pain in my stomach and my waist but today, I am experiencing no pain! I want to take this moment to thank my prophet! You are a blessing to us; may our Lord bless you, your family and the Emmanuel TV team for the good work you are doing. Thank You, Jesus!”

To learn more about ‘Water Therapy’, you can watch this short clip:


Shibe Seheshe from South Africa shared this powerful testimony concerning how God’s power touched her right in her base in South Africa even before she had finalised plans to visit The SCOAN…

“Emmanuel! I am thrilled to share my testimony! I and my husband were fortunate enough to visit SCOAN in August 2014. The problems we had were severe setbacks and we were seeking the fruit of the womb. I had a problem of ceased menstruation for a period of 6 years. By the grace of the living God of Prophet TB Joshua, I got delivered even before I could fly over there! The very same day I registered for the trip, after I had prayed with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV, I saw my period the following day! Three days before I could fly over to Lagos, I got very sick and I vomited out a pink substance. I fought for strength those days. I could not eat anything and was only taking water, even until the day of my trip. It was not easy but God’s mercy was upon me and I managed to reach SCOAN. Emmanuel!

“Since I returned from SCOAN, everything about my life has changed. I am happy to tell all of you GOOD MORNING in the name of Jesus Christ. God of our Prophet T.B. Joshua really is alive. I am now pregnant! Praise the Lord. After six full years without even seeing my menstruation, I am now a pregnant woman to the glory of God. I am speechless at what God has done. More and more blessings keep coming in everyday! Thank You, Jesus!”

What is your own challenge? Join Prophet T.B. Joshua in prayer, get connected by faith and receive your own touch from Heaven!


When you acknowledge God as your Healer, Deliverer and Redeemer, He will do it again and again. Be inspired in your faith as you read this awesome testimony:

“Emmanuel! My name is Liberty Akpan and I am a Nigerian. I want to testify to the goodness of God in my life! First of all, I thank the Almighty God and I also thank Prophet T.B. Joshua for allowing God to use him. I was having the problem of ceased menstruation for 12 years from 2000 to 2012. I had gone to hospitals, done evacuation on numerous occasions and taken many herbal roots they had given to me yet it was all to no avail. I had prayed and fasted about this problem but everything I tried seemed to yield no result.

“Last year, I was introduced to Emmanuel TV and saw what God was using Prophet T.B. Joshua to do in the lives of people. I went and bought a decoder and began to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. During this period, a friend came and gave me some Anointing Water which I also ministered to myself. Shortly afterwards in August 2012, I started seeing my menstruation! Incredibly, the cycle was complete, just as it supposed to be. Since that month until the present, my menstruation has been flowing normally! To God be the glory!”

Liberty Akpan, Nigeria

“God Is Really With Us” – Ceased Menstruation Restored And Fibroid Delivered

Nkosi was troubled both on the inside and on the outside. For nearly 9 months her menstruation had suddenly and inexplicably ceased. Aside from this, severe pains circulated her abdominal area and only seemed to be getting worse. The physical pain was immense, but so was the emotional weight. It was in the midst of this dire situation that Nkosi discovered Emmanuel TV and one Sunday service decided to touch her screen as Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying…

“Emmanuel! God is really with us! In October 2010 my menstruation ceased. I was having a lot of pains in my stomach and the situation was steadily deteriorating.

“On the 1st May 2011 during a live Sunday Service on Emmanuel TV, I prayed with Prophet T.B. Joshua and felt this sensation in my stomach. The following day on Monday morning, I started bleeding. Usually my periods would last two to three days but I bled the whole week. On the 8th May the following Sunday I prayed with the Prophet and immediately started having pains. They were so severe, as if I was in labour. I rushed to the bathroom and to my greatest surprise, I passed out a huge fibroid! I immediately called my husband to come and see and we rejoiced together. From that time to date, I menstruate regularly. I have really seen the power of God at work through Emmanuel TV. To God be the Glory!”