“God Is Still Saying Something Through Emmanuel TV…”

Felix Teb from USA

“In late 2009, while lodging in a hotel in Cameroon, the receptionist who supposedly, was watching Emmanuel TV, asked me, ‘Sir, do you believe what is happening on this Nigerian TV?’ and my casual response was, ‘With Nigeria, all things are possible’ meaning it would be some Nigerian drama!

“While feeling so bored one afternoon in 2011, (I had moved to the US in 2010) I decided to browse online for some news from Africa. When I googled TV channels in Nigeria, Emmanuel TV came up. When I clicked on Emmanuel TV, it was deliverance time and I quickly concluded it was Nigerian drama but the Holy Spirit glued me to it.

“I later researched Emmanuel TV, which I discovered was on YouTube and all over the internet. I realised I was the blind and lost one left behind! From that moment, I began the first step into a new beginning in my life! I began watching myself and all my problems on Emmanuel TV and solutions to those problems came through praying with the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua.

“Emmanuel TV has positively changed my life and is actually changing the world for the better. God is still saying something and that something is being said through Emmanuel TV. Happy Birthday Emmanuel TV!”

“Ever Since I Discovered Emmanuel TV, My Life Has Never Been The Same…”

SolangeSolange Muntar from Cameroon

“I discovered Emmanuel TV at the age of 19 and we were always discouraged by people in our local church not to watch it, that it all consisted of magic. However, we kept watching it in our home in order to really find out what is was all about. As time went on and the testimonies of people watching Emmanuel TV kept on increasing, the mindset of the local church changed and everyone is now a viewer of Emmanuel TV!

“Ever since I discovered Emmanuel TV, my life has never been the same! The channel has rebuked me, moulded me, rebuilt me and put me back on the right track of life. The water therapy introduced by the man of God has made me look very beautiful again. Everything on Emmanuel TV is life changing! I will advise everyone to make Emmanuel TV a part of his or her life. Glory be to God! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMANUEL TV!!!


A chronic and crippling addiction to alcohol and smoking was broken in the life Suh Julius Chenwi from Cameroon after he began praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV!

“I had a serious addiction to smoking and drinking alcohol for about 15 years. When I say ‘serious’, I mean it! I simply couldn’t live without it. My life literally revolved around cigarettes and beers. After being introduced to Emmanuel TV, I thought it was a joke until one day when Prophet T.B. Joshua began to pray and I decided to join in.

“As I touched the screen, I immediately started throwing up blood! After that, instantly the addiction vanished and was replaced by the zeal for the Word of God! I had not been to church for almost 10 years when I received my deliverance but I am now our local church coordinator! I give God all the glory!”

Whatever your challenge may be, we encourage you to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and believe God for your own deliverance and breakthrough!

Healed Of Heart Disease: A Touch From Heaven!

Here is a testimony of a Cameroonian lady who was diagnosed with a debilitating heart disease but upon coming to The SCOAN, received her total and complete healing! 

“Emmanuel! My name is Solange Gham and I am from Cameroon. I want to testify about how God healed me from a serious heart disease after coming to The SCOAN. I was diagnosed with a heart disease in Cameroon on 29th January and was booked for a heart surgery. I was devastated when I heard the news as I am just 26 years old and knew the seriousness of the situation. Physically I found myself getting easily tired and weak, even after just moving for small distances. I also had shortness of breath and concurrent chest pains. The prognosis was not good.

“Having watched Emmanuel TV, I came to The SCOAN on 2nd November and was registered for the prayer line. I was in The SCOAN auditorium on 6th and 7th of November. It was wonderful! During the Prayer Line and Sunday Service, I received a touch from the Wise Men and I also joined in for a time of powerful prayer with Prophet T.B Joshua. I flew back to Cameroon on the 11th of November and went for a checkup, full of faith that heaven had touched me. To the greatest surprise of my doctors, all traces of the disease disappeared! My heart is now fine and I have the medical report to confirm it! I am now fit and healthy and all the symptoms of the heart disease have totally disappeared. Glory be to God! Thank You, Jesus, for giving me another chance.”

Solange Gham – Cameroon


Here is another wonderful testimony from an Emmanuel TV viewer in Ghana. She testifies to how, while watching Emmanuel TV, she fell asleep and had an encounter with the healing power of Jesus Christ in a dream. To God be the glory!

“I am Solange Carine Tenejou from Cameroon but living in Ghana with my husband and our three children.

“We watch Emmanuel TV in our house almost every Sunday. In fact, even our children know and love to do that together with my husband and myself. The following is our testimony and we are most grateful to Jesus our King for using Prophet T.B. Joshua as He did for His prophets of old.

“One Sunday afternoon after coming back from church, as usual we gathered quickly to watch Emmanuel TV. We always used to watch and pray along with the man of God. However, this time around something strange happened. Almost everybody fell asleep! With Emmanuel TV on in the background, I had a dream.

“In that dream, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua had come to my town and I was the first person in line that he was going to minister to. I was so happy and was waiting impatiently for a touch from God. When he came to me, he laid his hand upon me and I fell under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I got up and he laid his hand on me for the second time and I fell again. Then I felt something finding its way out from my head where I had been having severe and sharp pains of late followed by nose bleeding.

“What had been happening to me is that sometimes when I just stood up or bent down to do the washing, blood would begin pouring uncontrollably out of my nose. I became so worried but could not tell my husband how serious it was becoming because I didn’t want him to worry, especially because he was facing some difficulties in business. After the touch of the man of God TB Joshua in the dream, I felt something was coming out from my head towards my mouth.

“My mouth opened and after a while of struggling, I fell on my knees and vomited. I felt something leave my body! All of my body began to vibrate and I got up, praising and thanking God while going home. Then I woke up from my sleep with my hands still vibrating in a strange manner. Since that moment, the bleeding has completely stopped. Also, the sharp and severe pains in my head have vanished.

“I give all the honour and glory to my Master and Saviour Jesus Christ who is the pillar of my life and that of my family. I thank the man of God for all the wonderful deeds the Lord is using him to do – even in dreams. I am so grateful.

“The testimony does not end there. My husband was having severe pain in the nerves inside his middle finger of the right hand. That same evening around 11 pm, both of us went to the website of Emmanuel TV and watched a prayer for the viewers to receive healing. My husband placed his hands on the screen of the computer and instantaneously received healing from the pain he had being battling with.

“Before, he could not fully fold or close his fingers because one of them had become so stiff and painful – right from the bone. It was very painful to the extent he would scream when you pressed that spot on his finger. After the prayer, he felt so relieved and could fold and stretch his fingers together with that particular finger. The pain and stiffness went spontaneously!

“Thank you and may God continue to bless and use The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV more and more the way He does, with more miracles in his Vineyard. We all so desperately need our God to do more for the people he created in His image to know and love Him as their only God. Amen!”

Mrs Solange Carine Tenejou, Ghana 

Mind And Body Restored!

Mrs Ndassi Muchiso from Beau Town, Cameroon wrote to Emmanuel TV to share this remarkable testimony of how her son was delivered from a demonic attack resulting in a psychiatric problem that was growing steadily worse. God delivered him through the Anointing Water!

“In the month of November last year, one of my children came to me and complained of suffering from ‘loss of memory’. He went to the hospital and was referred to for a psychiatric check-up. He began to act abnormally in the house and we became very worried at the way in which my son was destabilising.

“The situation worsened and on December 18th, he began shivering uncontrollably. We soon began to realise that the situation was not ordinary – it was a demonic attack! Upon investigation, it was discovered that a friend of his from Kumba visited him and attempted to initiate him into a cult. We decided to consult our spiritual doctor: Emmanuel TV! We were fasting and praying with Emmanuel TV, especially during the Live Sunday Services.

“In the mean time, medical doctors administered a dosage of treatment on him but gave up the next day, advising us that the illness was beyond their comprehension. However, God moves in mysterious ways to perform His wonders, a reality we were about to witness.

“On 20th December 2011, a brother came to our house from Lagos with a bottle of Anointing Water and some other evangelical materials from The SCOAN. We were all excited and believed that God would use the Anointing Water to deliver my son. That night, the illness visited him again, this time around much worse than before. I called one of his brothers to pray with me before opening the bottle of the Anointing Water. We began to pray for him in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and sprayed the Anointing Water.

“As the Anointing Water was ministered, my child began convulsing on the bed stronger than before for about five minutes and then suddenly went into deep sleep. We continued in prayer, knowing that God was in control of the situation. Ten minutes later, he got up by himself and began to ask us what had happened to him. His mind and body were completely restored! He later dreamed of having a tough fight with the friend who attempted to initiate him, ending in a vehicle chasing that friend away forever. Through the Anointing Water, he was completely delivered!

“For now, there is no English word that I can use to describe this healing than to say glory and honour and power and might be unto our God, in Jesus’ name. Behold, the ordeal is now over, in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Thank You Lord and thank you Prophet T.B. Joshua – our son is healed forever. He is very, very normal and is now going to school as if nothing ever happened to him. I love Jesus because He first loved us and we are covered by His blood. Jesus, the crucified and risen Lord, is our constant Companion. 

“We always worship with you every week in The SCOAN through Emmanuel TV because distance is not a barrier. May you be richly blessed and may His grace and glory continue to grow in you forever, in Jesus’ name!”

Ndassi Muchiso – Cameroon


Discomfort had become the norm for Safiatu. For 6 long years, she had been battling with a fibroid. She had tried many different treatments but discovered that instead of her condition to improve, it became worse. The fibroid caused her so much pain, discomfort and embarrassment. She had almost resigned herself to the fate of continuing to live with this burden – that was until she joined in with the mass prayer from The SCOAN through Emmanuel TV…

Scriptural prayer releases the power of God

“I received my deliverance from Jesus Christ during the mass prayer with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua.


I had a fibroid for the last 6 years. I have tried to treat the fibroid in many ways but all to no avail. I was tired of it. Finally, I decided to toke it as a way of life. At times, it moved like a baby in my stomach. Also, I had pile and fever.

 I always pray with the Man of God every Sunday, I was even having the intention of visiting The SCOAN for my problems. But this Sunday, I saw the miracle of God in my life. When the man of God said that, viewers over there should pray, ‘whatever you might have eaten through dreams or from the table of the adversary, begin to flush it out by the blood of Jesus.’  I started coughing and at the same time, I felt something melting in my stomach; immediately I felt something coming out of me. I thought it was urine. I continued praying and that was how it was coming out. At the end of the prayer, I saw that it was blood mixed with something having a pink color. Again, I felt like something was cutting in my stomach then there was a bundle of blood flow again. To God be the Glory, my daughter was saying,”Mama you have received deliverance”.  


Now I know that my problems are over. My sufferings are over; my pains are over. The fibroid is now a thing of the past. Since yesterday, I slept very well. Even the pains that I felt caused by the pile is over and the fever is also gone. I feel fine. Thank You, Jesus!  I thank God for this deliverance.”

Safiatu, Cameroon


“I Received My Healing By Faith” – Hand Restored Through The Anointing Water

Sally suddenly awoke. Her hand was throbbing with sharp pains. What had happened? A small mark on her wrist was the only thing she could see. It was an insect bite. Little did the Cameroonian know that it would soon become an infected wound that steadily spread to her entire hand. A month had passed since the incident but the condition only deteriorated. Medication did little to stop the widening of the oozing wound. However, that Sunday in her church, Sally met a lady who had recently visited The SCOAN and brought with her a very special gift…

“I want to testify of God’s healing through the Anointing Water. My name is Mrs Lyonga Sally from Cameroon. I am a regular viewer of Emmanuel TV. Last month, I had an insect bite during my sleep around my right wrist. It later became a wound which continued eating up my entire wrist. I went to the hospital and was given antibiotics, but the wound refused to dry up. It was only getting worse by the day.

“Last week in church, I met a sister who had the Anointing Water from The SCOAN. My son sprayed it to my affected hand and I received my healing by faith. The next day, I realized that the wounds were already drying up! Right now, my wrist is completely healed and all the pains are totally gone! Glory be to God! Emmanuel!”

Mrs Lyonga Sally, Cameroon

“I Am Speechless” – Healed From Menstural Bleeding

Pamela Motomby knew what it was to live in pain. Her monthly menstrual cycle was characterised by excessive bleeding and intense pains. The Cameroonian had tried all available remedies, both medically and traditionally, but the problem only seemed to persist. She needed a supernatural touch from Jesus Christ.

“For 10 years I bled from my navel during my menstrual periods, coupled with pains everywhere. I have not been able to conceive for 10 years of marriage, a condition referred to medically as endometriosis. I have done everything medically possible including surgery in 2002. I have prayed and fasted, gone from church to church, herbalist to herbalist, but all to no avail. The bleeding only seemed to be getting worse.”

However, after viewing the miracles happening in the lives of many others on Emmanuel TV, Pamela’s faith rose and she decided to visit The SCOAN, first by herself and then with her husband. “At The SCOAN, the man of God T.B. Joshua personally handed us the Anointing Water, not even knowing my situation.” Soon after ministering the Anointing Water, Pamela experienced the miraculous power of God at work in her body. The bleeding stopped! “Lo and behold for 5 months now, I don’t bleed from my navel during my periods and there are no pains at all! This miracle is ‘one of a kind’. It is beyond understanding, like I am dreaming! I am speechless!”

Not finding adequate words to express her gratitude to God, Pamela believes that this miracle is just the beginning of the mighty breakthrough God has in store for her. “I give God all the glory and indeed tremble before Him. I know this is the beginning of my breakthrough. Things are turning around for our good and I know the best is yet to come. Glory be to God!”

Motomby Pamela, Cameroon