Manu Anand from India sent in this amazing testimony concerning God’s Divine protection!

“Emmanuel! Praise the Lord! I want to testify to the glory of God for people of God to know the protection we are under as God’s children and Emmanuel TV viewers. We had a very serious accident last Friday morning at around 5:30am in the morning. The accident occurred while we were traveling from Trivandrum to Bangalore in south India.

“I was driving the vehicle with my wife, her brother and our one year old son. I was very tired and drifted to sleep while on the wheel. Suddenly, something blasted the rear tire of the car and our car somersaulted several times into a deep valley. It is only because of God’s mercy that we were saved. The amazing thing is that none of us even suffered an injury. Even my little son was safely kept under the steering wheel, safely away from the collision of the airbag.

India Car Accident

“Thank You Jesus for saving us! We visited The SCOAN last December and received our Faith Bracelet. I was actually holding my Faith Bracelet during the accident. Thank You Jesus for saving me and my family! Thank You, Jesus – it’s only by Your mercy and grace that we are alive! Thank You, Jesus! Emmanuel!”

We thank Jesus Christ for this powerful testimony which was sent to us via Emmanuel TV’s official app!

Anointing Water Testimony: Able To Eat Again After Acid Accident!

A faith-building testimony published by the ‘Daily Independent’ Newspapers of Nigeria detailing the remarkable healing of Joshua Nosike who was unable to eat or drink anything through his mouth following an accident involving acid…

Curing Four-year-old Acid Victim

For boisterous four-year-old Joshua Nosike, that day had started as any other. Like most kids of his age, he was curious and playful, getting into mischief and was inquisitive about almost everything. This, however, proved dangerous and life-threatening for the lad on that fateful day as he got hold of an acid bottle. It was left to be imagined the searing and burning pain Joshua experienced as he drank the toxic liquid and his father had to rush him, in that state of agony, to a hospital where Joshua spent the next six weeks.

Acid Victim - Joshua Nosike

Little Joshua Nosike and father

According to Joshua’s father, Nosike, when the boy drank the acid, his throat became blocked and he could no longer breathe properly. His oesophagus was also severally damaged. The next tortuous weeks were spent searching for a solution, but the only option the Nosikes were left with was surgery that did not promise much hope. After six weeks in hospital, Joshua was sent home with a tube inserted through his nose into his stomach, the only avenue left for the boy to feed.

The Nosikes chose not to go for the main operation but rather, desperate for a way out, decided to take Joshua to The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) having watched the miracles that took place in the church on Emmanuel TV. Mrs. Nosike demonstrated to the church the painstaking way they had to feed Joshua through the large spiral tube that covered a large section of her son’s face. She filled a syringe with liquid and slowly lifted the opening of the tube so as not to inflict too much discomfort on the boy.

She then emptied the contents of the syringe into the tube so that Joshua could “eat.” This method of eating would surely have a negative effect on the growing boy in the long term. The pain that both the boy and his parents felt was unbearable. And so, to SCOAN, they headed.

TB Joshua sprays Anointing Water on Joshua during The SCOAN healing service

TB Joshua sprays Anointing Water on Joshua during The SCOAN healing service

At the SCOAN, on seeing the founder of the church, Prophet T. B. Joshua, Nosike, shouted his anguish, wailing: “Please help us, my son drank acid and can no longer feed through his mouth. Please help us! He can only feed through this hose (tube) they have connected through his nose. Please, man of God helps me!” Joshua stopped and asked: “What happened to him?” The father explained that the boy drank acid and showed the tube that he was being fed through.

“Don’t worry; I will spray the anointing water. He will start eating through his mouth now. The Lord will operate on his entrance,” he assured the depressed Nosikes.The prophet then sprayed the anointing water into Joshua’s mouth and nose, calling the name of Jesus Christ. He continued the exercise, tracing the line of Joshua’s damaged oesophagus.

Healed in Jesus' Name!

Healed in Jesus' Name! Joshua immediately begins to eat through his mouth after the prayer

As the process continued, the little boy reacted in some ways and the prophet stopped. “Go and give him food. He will eat through his mouth, as the boys had been healed and made whole,” T. B. Joshua advised the boy’s bewildered parents. He warned them not to remove the tube themselves, but to have it removed at the hospital. He, however, assured them that the boy would eat through his mouth that day.

As the boy began to look more lively and healthy, his ecstatic parents rushed some custard to him. And to everyone’s surprise, he eagerly ate the meal through his mouth, without complaints right in the midst of the congregation. He even asked his mum for more. When recently the family went back to SCOAN to formally testify to the incredible miracle, the little boy had regained his health and the tube had been removed by the doctors at the hospital.

Joshua Nosike returns to The SCOAN healed

Joshua returns to The SCOAN after the doctors had removed the pipe - healed in Jesus' mighty name!

During an interview with Prophet Joshua, he said the anointing water is merely a symbol. “It is not the water itself that heals but our Lord Jesus Christ, since the anointing is done in his name,” he said. Citing the book of Acts, he said God did extraordinary miracles through Paul, so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them.

In those scriptural verses, “God used Paul to bless aprons and handkerchiefs. It was not Paul that worked those miracles. God wrought them by the hand of Paul. God can use any medium to express himself. On this occasion, the medium used was water. The secret of all the miracles is Jesus Christ,” Joshua explained.

By Benson Edjewhovbo, Production Editor, Lagos

SOURCE: Daily Independent