“I Got Hooked To Emmanuel TV Immediately…”

Jackie Modumo from Botswana, Lobatse

“I discovered Emmanuel TV when I was visiting my home village because they were using a different decoder. I was scrolling through the channels, wondering what it had and bang! I saw it, the glorious TV station – I got hooked immediately!

“Emmanuel TV has touched my life in an amazing way, especially as a youth. I am 20 by the way. I’ve been delivered through Emmanuel TV of various addictions. Through Emmanuel TV, a different Gospel is or was preached to me than the one I used to know – If you love God, you love your neighbour.

“My life is totally different. I am blessed! I would say if you wanna be blessed, watch Emmanuel TV and pray along with the Prophet. Finally, Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV team, as young as I am, I am gonna visit y’all! I don’t know when but probably before the world ends!”

“I Have Never Seen Any Work Of God Like This Before…”

JackylineJackyline Fontanilla Catuday-Sardar from Mumbai, India

“Blessed birthday to you Emmanuel TV! I am from Makati City, Philippines but I am living in Mumbai, India for 8 years now. I came to know Emmanuel TV through online browsing as I searched for the words ‘prophets of this generation’ and I saw the name of T.B. Joshua and came to know about his ministry.

“I have never seen any work of God like this in my life – like the ministry of Jesus – in healing sick people and delivering them back to life. In fact, the Anointing is too strong on every deliverance and prophecy I watch. It has become a habit for me to watch and pray along with the Prophet of God T.B. Joshua.

“I may have struggles in life but I never doubt that God will reach me through this medium as He blessed Emmanuel TV in reaching out to the whole world to know more about God. Indeed, this helps me to be strong in my faith with God as I watch sermons, testimonies, hear prophecies, see deliverance and healing. I pray God will also allow me to go and visit the arena of liberty in His perfect time and in His grace and mercy.

“My family and I love Prophet T.B. Joshua. We pray that his ministry would continue to grow and reach out to even more people with the help of God. I have also never seen any ministry that gives like this to people around the world. God bless you Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV!

“I always share clips of Emmanuel TV on my social media pages so that my friends may know about God and see the evidence that Jesus Christ is still the same, yesterday today and forever. God bless you all!”

“Emmanuel TV Made Me Understand What Christianity Is All About…”

InnocentInnocent Kadzakumanja from Lilongwe, Malawi

“Emmanuel TV and TB Joshua Ministries has made me understand what Christianity is all about. I came to know about Emmanuel TV and TB Joshua from people who were being critical about his charity endeavours; so I went and bought a free to air decoder to see for myself what was really wrong.

“To my greatest surprise I saw a person who was humble, well versed with Scriptures and also ready to help the needy. I kept on watching to see what others were complaining about, what they found to be faulty but each day I watched, I realised that my Christianity was growing. I started to understand the power of humility, the power of giving, what deliverance is all about and what demons are all about.

“In short, Emmanuel TV has brought Christianity to another level, both through the standard of life and prophecy. May the good Lord bless Emmanuel TV.”

“I Discovered Emmanuel TV From YouTube…”

NenengNeneng Jimenez from Philippines

“Good Morning! I am from Philippines but recently started working in Singapore. I discovered Emmanuel TV from YouTube. From then on, I was amazed! Since I have been watching, the glory of God manifested in my life. In my heart, I magnify, praise and thank Jesus everyday for what He has done in my life. Happy birthday Emmanuel TV – may God use this channel to bring more and more souls to the kingdom of Heaven, in Jesus’ name.”

“My Spiritual Life Has Grown From 0-99%…”

Christine Nanshemeza from Holland

“It was June 2013 when I discovered Emmanuel TV after I had gone to visit my pastor. My testimony is that from that very moment I watched Emmanuel TV, I was captured by the Holy Spirit My heart immediately told me that I would watch this channel for the rest of my life! Indeed, since then, I have never stopped watching it! Day and night, I watch Emmanuel TV!

“Oh my God! My spiritual life has grown from 0 – 99%! I have known my God more than ever before. With Emmanuel TV, I am able to understand how the devil operates through the deliverances and great faith uplifting teachings of Prophet T.B. Joshua. My message to Prophet TB Joshua and the Emmanuel TV partners is that you should keep doing what God has called you to do; surely, God is with you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMANUEL TV!”

“I Am Connected To Emmanuel TV Day And Night…”

Boyd Phiri
Boyd Phiri from Ndola, Zambia

“I am connected to Emmanuel TV in my bedroom and sitting room day and night. At night Emmanuel TV is connected to my home theatre in the sitting room and sends the sounds of Emmanuel TV to all parts of the house while in my bedroom Emmanuel TV is on my TV. We believe when Emmanuel TV is on, all evil spirits are chased away automatically!

“The Bible tells us to pray always in 1 Thessalonians 5:17. Emmanuel TV helps us to pray always to God in Jesus Christ’s name. It reminds us that God is there for us and we must be there for others in love. Emmanuel TV acts as a checking point to Heaven in our Christian journey. Indeed Emmanuel TV is changing lives, changing nations and changing the world. If one is watching Emmanuel TV, he is touched to believe in God in a unique way. Thank You Jesus Christ for Emmanuel TV!”

“My Life Has Changed And My Faith Has Grown By Watching Emmanuel TV…”

Leader Lipinge from Windhoek, Namibia

“Happy Birthday Emmanuel TV! First, I read a magazine about The SCOAN in 2006. I saw some miracles that touched my heart. Thereafter, I read in a local newspaper of one company advertising vivid decoder which had Emmanuel TV among the free channels. I bought the decoder around September 2006 and have been watching Emmanuel TV ever since.

“Emmanuel TV blessed my life to see miracles that are happening, listening to touching testimonies, seeing humanitarian aid, scholarships and helping widows – this amazed me so much! It was my first time to see somebody tested HIV positive and after prayer confirmed negative! My life has changed and my faith has grown by watching Emmanuel TV.

“Prophet TB Joshua, may God bless you more and more! I thank God for giving us a Prophet, a counsellor, a mentor, a man of faith, a coach. Because of his faith, God reconciled my broken home! Oh Lord, thank you for the life of Prophet TB Joshua. Emmanuel TV crew – continue the good work. I love you all with the love of the Lord! If not for Emmanuel TV, where would I be? Good Morning to you all! God bless you richly!”

“Emmanuel TV Is A Wonderful Tool In The Hands Of God…”

Prayer with ETVNaga Amsalu from Harar, Ethiopia

“I discovered Emmanuel TV way back in 2010. I was not so much interested in it but rather watching movies and playing games. However, there was one time I was in my school Christian fellowship when something drew my attention to it. The leader was talking about this TV channel and how the works of God are marvellous. By this I was impressed and I began to watch what was happening. From that time onward, I have been watching it seriously!

“I’m now a first year Engineering student where I live far away from my home town where you cannot access Emmanuel TV. Despite that, I don’t miss a single service at The SCOAN! I make sure if I have not watched the live service because of connection problems that I download each and every live service to my pc and watch it.

“Emmanuel TV has been a wonderful tool in the hands of God to save me, heal me and deliver me. The message I receive from Emmanuel TV is enough to give me peace of heart whenever I am troubled. I would like to encourage everybody to watch Emmanuel TV. I am impressed how Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV team handle their good and hard times. Through you, I have learnt to put my trust in God both in good and hard times alike. What I can say about Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV team is that they are what they teach and preach. This is what the Bible says about TRUE prophets, TRUE teachers and TRUE preachers. I have never been to SCOAN before physically but I know at God’s appointed time I will be there. May God bless Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV team. GOOD MORNING!”

“Emmanuel TV Is A Channel Of Liberty…”

Michael ZibaMichael Ziba from Lusaka, Zambia

“Emmanuel TV is the channel of liberty! I came to know about Emmanuel TV and Prophet TB Joshua when I was working in Botswana. When Prophet TB Joshua was coming to Botswana for a crusade in 2005, it was actually announced in the church I used to go to and they warned people not to attend because they believed that the Prophet practised satanism.

“I was curious, like David when he went to the battlefield, and I asked questions about the Prophet like, ‘What exactly does he do?’ I asked this repeatedly and no one ever told me that the man of God drunk blood but all I was told was that he heals people, lame people walk and when he prays for people, they are blessed. I found one person who actually told me I could watch the man of God on a TV channel which I did. To my surprise, all I saw were the exact works of the apostles as recorded in the Bible. I liked him instantly.

“I was having a lot of setback with work in Botswana and I thought, ‘If a leopard is given wings to fly, it would be foolish to refuse.’ I decided to go to the crusade for my own miracle and what I saw was indescribable… lame people walking, the sick rising up. I have continued watching Emmanuel TV up until today.

“I was facing many problems in my family which I believe were generational cases. Things were not moving in my life and I used to be very bitter, especially towards God. I thought God never knew that I and my family existed and I would ask God why things were happening in my family like that. Because of this, I turned to alcohol. People thought I was a happy person but i would always cry in my closet.

“However, since I started to watch Emmanuel TV and listen to Prophet TB Joshua, I have changed a lot as I now know who our real enemy is – that old man. God has been talking to me through Prophet TB Joshua in my dreams. I have stopped drinking and other areas where i still have weaknesses are being worked on and I am getting delivered!

“I urge people to keep on watching Emmanuel TV! Some of the greatest miracles I have heard from people giving testimonies are from people who were just watching Emmanuel TV, touched the screen and did not even go to SCOAN. Believing is the connection – just believe and you will receive. Prophet TB Joshua is a role model, together with Emmanuel TV partners. I feel he is talking to me to say, ‘Imitate me as I imitate Christ’ and I want to flow in the area of giving. I believe God blesses us to be a blessing to others. What are blessings when you can’t share them with others? Good Morning!”

“I Became A Born Again Christian Through Emmanuel TV…”

Benchiaro Kama Ibe from Port Harcourt, Nigeria

“Emmanuel!!!!!! God is with us indeed. Emmanuel TV has affected my life positively in every area! By praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and touching the screen, I was healed of neck stiffness. Through Emmanuel TV, I was healed of back pains which had plagued me for about 18 years. In fact, I became a born again Christian through Emmanuel TV.

“Through watching Emmanuel TV and praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua, I learned to practice love in the reality of God’s Word. I have fought and won many more secret battles through praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. In short, Emmanuel TV has brought so much joy to me and my household. Keep watching Emmanuel TV!”