“What Struck Me Was The Simplicity Yet Power…”

Joy Amartei from Muscat, Oman

“I discovered Emmanuel TV from a friend who was leaving to go back to his country and sold us his dish. What struck me was the simplicity and yet powerful way the man of God explained the Word of God. I have learned to love God in simple ways because of his teachings.

“The thing I will never forgot is the day the church hosted the physically challenged and this young boy who lived under the bridge and was rolling his whole body on the ground, full of dirt because he could not walk to come and attend the gathering. When the Emmanuel TV team came and carried him into the church and put him in a wheelchair, I cried and asked God to forgive me for ever complaining for what I don’t have and not appreciating what I have.

“Since that day, I have learnt to give to those who don’t have because I am the hands, eyes, legs of those who don’t have. This is the greatest act of love! Since that time, the Lord has blessed me and even gave me a job overseas.

“Thank you man of God for teaching me true love and demonstrating it through giving. I encourage everyone to look around you and you will see people in need of your love and especially basic needs. God bless the Emmanuel TV team for being the answer to our generation. Keep watching emmanuel TV. I am from Uganda, working in Oman!

10 thoughts on ““What Struck Me Was The Simplicity Yet Power…”

  1. we need you channel has been blocke

    On Sun, Mar 8, 2015 at 8:37 PM, Distance Is Not A Barrier: Emmanuel TV

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    EMMANUEL TV for changing lives, for changing nations and for changing the world. Happy 9th birthday Emmanuel TV and I wish you many more years to come so that many lives, many nations and the whole world continue to be changed and transformed in God’s way and according to God’s standard. I pray that many testimonies will continue to be testified, because of the goodness of the Most High God through watching the powerful preaching, teaching and praying powerful prayers touching the screen along with Anointed Prophet of God.
    The world have watched many people. being healed, redeemed, delivered and blessed on Emmanuel TV. The world have watched Anointed Prophet of God giving money and food to the to the needy all over the world and to the physically challenged, giving money and accommodation to the widows and widowers, and the elderly, paying school fees for the children all over the world just to mention a few things, which he has done The world has watched Anointed Prophet of God prophesying to the individuals and to the whole world. Many people have received they healing, deliverance, redemption and all Gods blessings through prophecy.
    I am congratulating the beloved Evangelist Mrs E Joshua, the Anointed Prophet of God Senior Prophet T B Joshua for bringing many people to Christ through Emmanuel TV. I also congratulate the Emmanuel TV Crew and the and the Emmanuel TV Team for doing this wonderful work for our Maker. I pray that more people will watch Emmanuel TV and see what the Lord can do in their lives Many generations to come will also watch Emmanuel TV and they will born again and be converted so that they see the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    I encourage the children of God to continue to fight the good fight of faith and take hold of eternal life through watching Emmanuel TV.

  4. Happy birthday Emmanuel TV. The channel have been ordained by God himself that’s why millions of lives is being touched this much. Myself, my spiritual eyes got opened, I come to know the operations of the spirit husband and all other works of darkness. Before I start watching Emmanuel TV, I was one of those who thought that I am free from the spirit husband, but as I watch the channel and hear how the demons are confessing, and look at my own life, I reallise that me too is suffering because of the activities of spirit husband in my life. Anger, bitterness, short tempered, stagnation, limitation in progress etc just to mention a few things I’m suffering from and trusting God to be delivered.

    We thank God for Emmanuel TV, which is miles away from us and also near because things are happening in our lives and homes.

    I pray for the prophet, the Sqoan and the faithful partners who made it possible for the channel to continue be on air and bless the world.

  5. My life has been transformed only by watching Emmanuel tv. I always follow the teaching of man of God nd the wisemans. My really happy that my spiritual life has changed only by watching Emmanuel tv. We thank God for that he has done through our daddy prophet TB Joshua. Happy Birthday Emmanuel tv
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  6. My name is Amouzouvi Assiongbon KLUVI from Florida (USA). Good Morning Emmanuel TV. Happy birthday.I discover Emmanuel TV when I buy decoder for my TV in TOGO (Africa), for me to see the others channels. My technician told me that they are many positions of the parabolic antena. There is one position which permited to see only Christian channels. In this case if I want to see another channels, I must buy two parabolic antena. After installing the two parabolic antena, I discover Emmanuel Tv. My last child’s name is Emmanuel. I say to my child, this is your channel. But I don’t waist my time to see what in going on, on the christian channels because the are more than thousan channels. I travel to Ghana In August 2012. One sunday my hote put this channel on. I was atonish by the way Prophet TB Joshua handle and solve one family Problem. Later my wife came back from Boston (USA) and ask me if I can watch Emmanuel TV on my TV since I have decoder. I reply yes but I don’t watch it. She ask me to get that channel. That why we began. I became addicted to Emmanuel .TV in September 2012 when I was seriously sick and my cousin heal me with anointing water.The video or the case which susprise me to much is the case of this powerfull man from TOGO for who Prophet TB Joshua prophesy that He can see pigeon on his fore head. In his house they are many birds and they are one three at the from of his home town house witch pull dawn all his family. Today I have Emmanuel.TV on in my house 24/7 because I know the benefit when this channel is on in the house, any spirit cannot operated.I share everyday Emmanuel TV with all my friends.I watch Emmanuel TV everyday in my house with my children. Every night all my family pray with TB Joshua on Emmanuel.TV . I have learned to love God in simple ways because of the powerful way the man of God explained the Word of God. My faith grow up day by day.May God bless Emmanuel.TV and Prophet TB Joshua.Amouzouvi Assiongbon Kluvi from Florida (USA).

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