“I Leave Emmanuel TV On Throughout The Night”

FeliciaFelicia Wazi from Nasarawa, Nigeria:

“Emmanuel!!! I discovered Emanuel TV in 2008 when I bought a dish and when my installer was trying to install it, the first station it captured was Emmanuel TV. That was the time when the man of God was delivering one professor who had never gotten married in his life and confessed he was behind cultism in schools. He also confessed how he met with the devil face to face.

That same year, I travelled to Lagos and received deliverance for the problem I had with fibroids. At the end of the day, Prophet TB Joshua paid my fees for my NCE programme! Since then, I have experienced God’s protection for me and my family because I always leave Emmanuel TV on throughout the night. My advice to others is – don’t give up on God. He has plans for each of us. Good morning!

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7 thoughts on ““I Leave Emmanuel TV On Throughout The Night”

  1. Good morning. Keep watching Emmanuel TV, I am encouraging you all the viewers all over the world. Our sister is being protected through sleeping whilst her television set is switched on to Emmanuel TV and also she was delivered from fibroids in the arena of liberty I bless and glorify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for what he has done to the life of our sister for the salvation of her soul. I encourage you to love the Living Word of God an be a doer of his Word and make the word of God standard for life so that your deliverance will remain permanent in Jesus Christ name

  2. Thank God may God bless you the more man of God

    Pray for me also man of God for God intervention in my life and all i do for heaven to open with heavenly blessings to overflow me this year 2015


    On 8 March 2015 at 10:45, Distance Is Not A Barrier: Emmanuel TV

  3. I like watching Emmanuel TV. Ever since I saw a pregnant woman with bleach presentation delivered her baby safely in church. I could not believe what I was seeing. That was in 2006. Since then my faith has been strengthed. Iam like sim card and phone. Emmanuel TV is ever on.

  4. Brethren, l got married on 2008 after the marriage my spiritual life started falling l did not know what to do l time l visited a friend and they were watching a Christian station on their TV, l did not like the channel that they were watching so l decide to search for different channel and discover Emmanuel TV ,that time the man of God was preaching and after listening to him l feel peace within my heart before then my heart was trouble l also discovered my real self l was in bondage l did not know. Thank you Jesus, Good Morning. EMMANUEL TV !!! Changing lives, Changing nations, Changing the world ! ! ! Emmanuel

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