“I Discovered Emmanuel TV Through The Technician Who Installed My New TV…”

Neema RushemaNeema Henry Rushema from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

“I discovered Emmanuel TV through the technician who came to fix my new television. After he finished, he searched all the channels and left Emmanuel TV on the screen. That’s how I started watching it, listening to the preaching and teaching of man of God Prophet T. B Joshua. I got interested and I discovered my life was in shambles because of evil attacks. I prayed with Prophet T.B Joshua, touching the screen of my television. I stopped drinking alcohol, having negative thoughts and I began forgiving all the people who wronged me in the past.

“I can testify that through Emmanuel TV, I have peace of heart! I was jobless but now I have been employed. I thank God for bringing Emmanuel TV in my life. I keep sharing with everyone my testimony and the blessings I have received through watching this channel. I learn to love people from Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV team.

“I pray to the Almighty God to guide and protect man of God Prophet T.B Joshua, the Emmanuel TV team and all the workers at The SCOAN. Happy birthday Emmanuel TV! I LOVE YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS!”

10 thoughts on ““I Discovered Emmanuel TV Through The Technician Who Installed My New TV…”

  1. Good morning. And the Lord said that everything will pass away and my Living Word will not pass away. He said go and preach and teach to the whole world and spread the Good News of our Maker. Emmanuel TV is spreading the Living Word of God to every corner of the earth. Before Jesus Christ comes back to earth. So that there will be no-one who will say I did not know God and his Son and how good is our Loving Father.and his beloved Son of God Lord Jesus Christ

  2. what a great prophet of our generation T.B Joshua with a beautiful revelation of water therapy from God. I’m now addicted to water therapy in a day i do take 4-6 bottle of 150cl but i first start with 150cl in the morning, 75cl afternoon, 75cl in the evening, my health has be restore. Good morning, emmanuel.

  3. Good morning every body in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
    God has His own way to heal, save, deliver ,bless, protect,redeem etc.as He used
    the technician to connect Neema to Him.Please let us all know that God’s plan about
    our lives is in His hand and also our future is in Him.My sister Neema this was the arrangement
    of God to meet you that way,continue to have faith in Him,do good to others e.g the widows,widowers,orphans,the elders,etc as the best is yet to come to you.
    Remain blessed

  4. Man of God pray for me to get breakthrough in my life. and good health together with my family in Jesus Name I believe. Amen

  5. Thank God Thank God may God bless you the more man of God

    Pray for me also man of God for God intervention in my life and all i do for heaven to open with heavenly blessings to overflow me this year 2015


    On 8 March 2015 at 12:10, Distance Is Not A Barrier: Emmanuel TV

  6. Happy birthday Emmanuel TV ,you are building my faith as I watch what God does through the station .as I see families reconciled and healed .May God bless T B joshau and every one at emmanuel TV . Some told me about the station then I decided to buy free to air decoder .now even watch through another local Tv station on sundays called mobi TV . From Lusaka Zambia

  7. Lerionga Augustino Mollel from Deutschland Germany Happy Birthday Emmanuel TV.Emmanuel TV has been my companion thoughout life of Tb joshua.May God bless you protect you as well.

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