“I Cried When I First Saw Emmanuel TV…”

HarrisonAsogwa Harrison from Lagos, Nigeria

“I was just searching channels on my MyTV decoder one day in the year 2008 and I saw Emmanuel TV. When I watched what God is using Prophet T.B. Joshua to do for people, I cried because what I saw was contrary to what people were saying about him.

“Emmanuel TV has changed my life for good. As I continued watching, I was delivered in my dream and all the terrible nightmares I used to have are gone!

“I urge you out there to watch Emmanuel TV and your life will never remain the same, in Jesus’ name. I just want to thank my mentor, role model and father in Lord Prophet TB Joshua for allowing himself to be used by God. I also want to thank all Emmanuel TV partners for wiping away the tears in people’s eyes.

“Thank You, Jesus! Happy Birthday – keep changing lives, nations and the world! Cheers!!!!”

11 thoughts on ““I Cried When I First Saw Emmanuel TV…”

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    Do not ordering any items from Internet,tel,email,or from someone,otherwise you will end up in hands of fraudsters who would con you without mercy.
    Be vigilant do not be the next victim !

  2. Happy 9th Anniversary to the Pearl of tv’s, emmanuel tv. EMMANUEL!!
    Changing lives
    Changing nations
    Changing the world.
    Our Lord Jesus Christ will continue to upholding Prophet TB Joshua.

  3. Emmanuel! Happy 9th birthday to Emmanuel T.V! Man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua I salute you, all the Wise Men and Emmanuel T.V. Partners I salute you in the Mighty Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Since I discovered this channel my life and the lives of my children and siblings have been greatly transformed. May the Good Lord continue to annoint and bless you unceasinglly with secrets from His throne above, so that the entire world will also be abundantly blessed. May His name be exorted and praised forever! May the Love of our Lord amaze your enemies so that His name be glorified. Emmanuel!

  4. we have to pray for our Dear prophet and all his workers because he is up against the demonic kingdom and their agents. He needs lots and lots of prayers. I pray that our Mighty God will sustain him and give him more anointing to do even more. amen. We Love You Dearly with the Love of our God, Prophet TB JOSHUA, I PERSONALLY FEEL THAT YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT MAN ALIVE You have helped many including myself to rediscover Christ and see him as a Living God Who is capable of making the impossible possible. l and my family LOVE you loads.I pray that all people will come to the realization that the prophet and emmanuel tv are the supernatural instruments of God to bring back the lost ship to himself. To show the whole world that our God is the same yesterday, today and forever, to accept the finished work of our saviour Jesus Christ at the cross of calvary for the salvation of our souls.I truly want to be in Scoan 24/7 in the presence of the most Holy God. I was there 2 weeks ago and some part of me never wanted to leave.
    Thank you Jesus.

  5. Glory be to God most high for his his love and mercy and also for using the man of God prophet T.B.Joshua.I pray that the good Lord will keep blessing you and he will make you great to the glory of his name and no weapon ever function against you will ever prosper because you are the eyes of Jehovah God

  6. Emmanuel. Man of God, Prophet TB Joshua, is such a humble servant of God and he knew and always know that those calling him bad names will soon sit at his table as the Bible said. This has happened to many who were calling him bad names now are the ones looking for solutions to the prophet.

  7. Ride-on man of God no one can cover the glory of the moonlight, they are criticizing you because of the.fact that they don’t have the grace that God bestowed on you more anointing to carry-on.

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