Jesus Delivered Me From Homosexual Feelings, Marijuana & Porn Addiction!

A young man from South Africa shares a touching testimony how the incident at The SCOAN on September 12th 2014 proved to be a catalyst in his decision to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour!

“My name is Courtney and I am 20 years old. The Lord has saved me from an addiction to pornography since I was 12, marijuana which nearly destroyed my academic career and homosexual feelings which were a constant source of unhappiness and despair.

“These various afflictions caused a lot of mental anguish. I wanted to be free but I was too ashamed to tell anybody. Pride, fear and many distractions kept me from the only way out of a life of sin.

“My parents and family were in the dark about all of it but I knew what I was doing and I knew God was aware of it too. I also knew satan was behind the problems yet I could not come forward and accept Christ. I was completely under demonic bondage.

“I had a seared conscience from the porn which perverted my mind. I was a lust driven individual. Many times I had an opportunity to accept Christ but I simply could not take that leap of faith.

“Then, on the 12th September, the incident at The SCOAN served as a catalyst that ‘woke’ me up from my spiritual death. Previously, I found it quite easy to drown out the conviction of the Holy Spirit by immersing myself in the world’s distractions – TV series, worldly music, movies, friends, carnal pleasures etc…

“After the incident, it was not that simple. It was too big to be drowned out by willful ignorance. Also my academics suffered terribly under the sinful lifestyle. I was on the verge of failing my second year of varsity. The bondage of sin coupled with the knowledge of the incident proved to be too much to handle.

“I came to my senses and stopped running away from Christ. I got down on my knees and prayed for the first time in nearly 6 years. I repented, renounced my old life and asked Jesus to come into my life.

“I TURNED my back on sin and the evil ways of this wicked generation. I began to immerse myself in the Word of God on Emmanuel TV and prayer. Slowly, the Holy Spirit showed me I needed to eliminate things in my life that would hinder His work. It came in many ways – friends, books, secular music and carnal things that conflict with the Word of God.

“I want to testify that right now, I have no cravings to smoke weed or cigarettes. Through the washing of the Word and prayer, my spirit, mind and body is being restored. No more pornography; no more perversion. I praise the Lord for saving me every day. The joy that comes through accepting Christ surpasses the futile pursuits of worldly pleasures.

“To the youth who have lost all hope, I don’t know your situation, but I will tell you this – Jesus Christ is the ONLY solution. Turn to Him and He will save you.

“I have by God’s miraculous grace passed all my law modules and am starting the academic year with a clean slate, a campus job and a new strength in Christ.”

Are you struggling with a similar addiction? The way out for you has come – JESUS is the Way! Pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua, get connected by faith and receive your own deliverance in Jesus’ namee:

30 thoughts on “Jesus Delivered Me From Homosexual Feelings, Marijuana & Porn Addiction!

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    promisecarrier posted: “A young man from South Africa shares a touching testimony how the incident at The SCOAN on September 12th 2014 proved to be a catalyst in his decision to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour!

    “My name is Courtney and I am 20 years old. The Lord has “

  3. Good morning. I bless and glorify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for what he has done in the life of our brother in Christ through the medium of Emanuel TV and praying along with the Anointed Servant Prophet of God Senior Prophet T B Joshua for the salvation of his soul. You have been delivered from homosexual feelings, porn addiction and marijuana. Our Wonderful Counselor never fails and he loves you. I encourage you to love the Living Word of God and be a doer of his Word in the name of Jesus Christ

  4. Jesus is indeed the only way to our salvation!!!! I have seen Him too destroying satan for me through pornography. Lord Jesus, I will continue to salute You all the days of my life!!!

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  6. Where there is no way, JESUS IS THE WAY! A day after I watched this sermon I was going through a difficult time in my life where, my Manager had given me assignment to go and represent our company with one of its affiliates for a one week workshop. Any adverse assessment outcomes of that assignment was going to was going to sabotage our company’s affiliation. At the beginning of the week I failed the first assignment, and it felt as though I was losing my mind. The following day another assessment was written but the results were to be released on the following day. I came home and watched the Prayer on Emmanuel TV: ‘Where there is no way, JESUS IS THE WAY’. I applied faith that on the written assessment I will make and also on the ones that are still coming in the course of the week. JESUS indeed was a way, I got 75% for the one from the previous day. On the same day we wrote two assessments of which I got 90% for both!
    It brought tears and thanksgiving in my eyes, if anything wrong was to happen, our company would have lost its affiliation with this company. God is Faithful, He fights for us, He is our father, He cares, He listens compassionately. Malachi 3: 16-18.

  7. Hey Disebo, dont lose hope on Jesus, God said, be still and know that I am God, He is watching over you and is always with you, remember God is faithful to His words and He will never violate it, therefore all the promises we have in the bible shall come to pass, what you are going through is meant to elevate you and strengthen your faith, for even when the enemy meant for evil God turn it for our good.

    2 timothy 2:3 join me in suffering like a true solder of Christ,

    see God will always provide you with strength to endure, not to escape. and His gonna reward you with a victors grown.

    Modimo o moholo mme ha hlolwe ke letho, wa tseba hore hobaneng bophelo bona botlameha bobe tjena.

  8. i like the phrase ‘The joy that comes through accepting Christ surpasses the futile pursuit of worldly pleasure’ Keep on the Lord has already win your battle. amen?

  9. The way out for me has come!Jesus is the way!though I fail 1module on my final year is not the end of my caree!with God by my side I can do all things cos He strengthens me,This is a new dawn!Emmanuel!!!

  10. I think I have lost all thth I had for Jesus Christ. I am not sure if all tht is happening in my life is due to my so many sins against God. I prayed for my house, finances, career,car,health,family,marriage and spiritual strength but nothing seems to change. Rather my problems increase evryday despite my fellowshipping with Emmanuel Tv for almost 6years now. I even now battle with committing abortion of dis baby i am pregnant of, I dont think it is a blessing for me. My life is falling apart slowly but surely.

    • Remember Job? Everything happening to you now is but for a season, so that the glory of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ can be made manifest. Allow yourself to have even a mustard seed faith and wait. When Jesus Christ is ready He will show up and show off!

    • Good Morning … My dear in Christ Lisebo … i beg of you not to do an abortion.. the child you carrying he/she is blessing to you and your family…in bad times praise God in good times praise God… the affliction you are facing is just to strengthen your faith in God.. I know and i have this strong faith with me .. the way out for you and your family has come – JESUS! JESUS is the way.. hold on ..on HIM and He will see you through..Emmanuel!!

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