Felix Ankamah, a professional footballer from Ghana, shared the testimony of how God rescued him from a complicated health problem that threatened his professional career.

“I was playing for a club in Kuwait when I started having severe pains in my waist and back! It became so bad that I could not sleep or train again, so I was sent to hospital for an MRI scan. The scan showed that that I had cervical and lumbar spondylosis and I was immediately booked for an operation.


“However, I was afraid of surgery and told the club officials that I didn’t want to go ahead with any operation. Because of that, I lost my contract in 2010. I came back to Ghana and a friend of mine introduced me to Emmanuel TV. After watching Prophet T.B. Joshua in action, I decided to visit The SCOAN in Nigeria on 27th December 2012. I was on the prayer line and received prayer in Jesus’ name. That was how my recovery started! The pains immediately left and I slowly began training again to regain my fitness. Right now, I want to testify that I am training fully and can play football again without any pain!

“I came to The SCOAN with my fiancé and she was delivered from a spiritual husband which confessed was the one preventing me from getting money to get married. After her deliverance, we married successfully and we now have a 7 month old baby boy called Emmanuel Ankamah! I thank God and Prophet T.B. Joshua for making himself available to be used by God. Good morning!

13 thoughts on “I CAN PLAY FOOTBALL AGAIN!

  1. Good morning.I glorify and bless the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for what he has done in the life our brother in Christ who was suffering with severe pains through being prayed for by the Anointed Servant Prophet of God Senior Prophet T B Joshua in the arena of liberty for the salvation of his soul. Jesus Christ never fails. I encourage you to love his Living Word and be are doer of his Word forever. In Jesus Christ name.

  2. Good morning!!! We thank You Father for loving us so much, and blessing the whole world with Prophet TB Joshua who is Your instrument in Your hand!!!!! Emmanuel!!

  3. The greatest thing that happened to me is the faith bracelet. I will ever be grateful to God for the life of the Prophet of our generation. It was wise men that (not everybody) came from the east to see baby Jesus. No wonder that nearby people are being told what’s going on in the Synagogue Church Lagos

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