Mrs Judith Wortor from America shared this encouraging testimony about the amazing benefits of ‘Water Therapy’ in practically all departments of her health!

“Good morning! Good morning to my healthy living! I want to sincerely thank Prophet T.B Joshua for sharing the secret of his good health. I am 43 years old and I have had skin problems for a very long time, especially on my face.

“However, the more I use the Water therapy, the more I see my beautiful skin! Before, I tried a lot of creams to clear up my face but each time I would wake up with my face swollen, so I gave up.

“After beginning the water therapy, this is the first time I really enjoyed my menstruation – no pain, no pills! I feel happy to be a woman!

“Before, each time I washed my hair, after two days my scalp would be so dry and itchy – but now, there is nothing like that!

“This Water therapy will not depart from my mouth! We own a business and each day I make it a point of duty to ask my customers, ‘Are you drinking your water?’

“Thank you so much and may God continue to bless this ministry!”

Watch this short clip to learn more about the Water Therapy:

23 thoughts on “NO PAIN; NO PILLS!

  1. i m asking a prayer for success in life

    On Thu, Mar 5, 2015 at 3:33 PM, Distance Is Not A Barrier: Emmanuel TV

  2. People of God outside Nigeria Scoan team never send out the anointing water to people through post to reach them into their countries as claiming scammers.
    Ask someone who are going to collect it for you and it’s for free.
    To visit or write to scoan Google to:
    Open your eyes,be vigilant,fraudsters are determined to rob you your money by using fake advertisement ,fake email addres .☎️☎️☎️☎️☎️😳😳😳😳😳📞📞📞📞📞📞😳☎️☎️☎️☎️☎️😳😳😳😳😳☎️☎️☎️

  3. Dear Alexander katrrugie. It is simple the water at your home any water purifier or tap or bottled water is fine as long as you drink 1.5 liters in am and at 2 pm and 5 pm 1liter or more ea.. He said any water. Also you can go to SCOAN Emmanualtv for prayer and ask about the anointing water

  4. Emmanuel!!!! I want to give God thanks and praise for His servant Prophet TB Joshua for the water therapy . I use to have a lot of body pains prior to when I started the water therapy roughly three (3) weeks ago and now all those body pains are gone my skin tone is much lighter than what it use to be, glory to God in the highest.

  5. Please man of God I have been calling the SCOAN number that sent me Anointing Water on 3rd February which is 0-7-05-20-29-001 and it is busy…. Please can I make order of Anointing Water for my family members in Brazil for I am in USA.
    Please inform them to reply me, for I am grateful for the Anointing Water.
    I am Alexander katrruidge and my number is +14532338521

    • You are fraudsters using your silly tricks to fooling us in this page !
      Could you stop your nasty hidden and seek games ? Do you think am stupid? you will never deceived me anymore,you still coming in this page using fake emai,fake adverts,fake testimonies,fake complains to attracted and promoting your fake tel and email !
      People of God be vigilant and open your eyes,Alexander is a fake name used by fraudsters to deceived you,tel numbers as well belonging to scammer,do not called those numbers:07052029001 /14532338521.
      Fraudsters are playing with your minds,be wise to understand .
      Scoan team never send out the anointing water to people via post to reach them into their country as claiming fraudsters.
      Ask someone who are going to scoan to collect it for you.
      This complain by so called Alexander is fake,fraudsters wanted to attracted you,don’t call this number it will lead you directly by scammers who will con you,scoan would never asking you to order the anointing water via tel as claiming fake Alexander in this page.
      Open your eyes,have discernment of God so you would understand all malice,manipulation of devil

  6. I would love to thank our loving Father the Most High God for creating water so that we drink it in order to have a good health. Water Therapy has made Mrs Judith Wortor to become health. I encourage you to drink water everyday so that you will remain healthy. And I encourage you to read your Holy Bible and pray everyday so that you will grow.

  7. thank you our brother or our sister Emmanuel indeed god is with us people of god please don’t order nothing from this fraudsters .they are thieves lying to you saying they will help pleases please watch and listen to the massage of the evangelist warning people not to believe trust anyone who is telling you that he can help you to get anointing water or anointing sticker true order ,please people of god there is no such things this people are fraudsters .be patient wait unto god time .GOD BLESSED KEEP ON WATCHING EMMANUEL.TV .IN JESUS NAME .

  8. This man is a fraudster,do not order anything from him,you will regret your money.
    Any items from scoan is not on sold through Internet ,tel.
    Delete this man,he is a scam

  9. My birthday is tomorrow please help me thank God and our Lord Jesus Christ for his faithfulness emmanuel
    All Charming People have something to conceal, usually their total dependence on the appreciation of others.

  10. jean mbelenga  kasungu Malawi, i was moved with how our living GOD healed Iret  rowlwand of her damaged kidney .our GOD is really wonderful. 

  11. Iam so greatful to Prophet TB Joshua on water therapy. I had a problem of hot burning and itching feet especially at night when I go to bed. since i started water therapy, my feet are no longer burning nor itching, thank you Jesus

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