Badei Julius from Nigeria testified how his younger brother received a miraculous deliverance at the point of death after the Anointing Water was ministered to him…

“I want to thank God Almighty for the miracle of deliverance and salvation my younger brother received. In November 2014, my brother, according to him, he was poisoned by his friend while they were drinking. He had tried all he could to help himself by treatment and local medication but it was all to no avail. After two days, he decided to come to me that I may minister the Anointing Water because he told me he believes his case was spiritual.

“On his way coming to meet me, the vehicle which he and a friend boarded had a fatal collision with a truck carrying iron rods. When he woke up from his unconscious state, he saw his friend and every other passenger had died. He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital. At that time, he was still crying for the Anointing Water been to be brought to him.

“My parents who were close to the hospital came immediately they heard what happened. My mother began by spraying the Anointing Water and my brother started shaking violently! Suddenly, an evil spirit within him began crying out – just like we usually watch on Emmanuel TV. It said that it wanted to destroy him by 12 noon that day and that it was the cause of the accident. I arrived two minutes later and saw him manifesting on the hospital bed.

“I took the bottle of Anointing Water from my mother and I commanded that spirit that was talking through him to come out! As I spoke, I ministered it in Jesus’ name and he began screaming! Suddenly, the voice said, “I am leaving” and he fell back on the hospital bed. Everybody, including the hospital staff, watched what happened and were amazed! When he regained his senses, he immediately recognised us and the whole family started praising God together. Now, he is fully recovered! I know the only reason he is still alive today is because of the Anointing Water we ministered. Thank You, Jesus Christ!”

Are you also facing demonic attack? Distance is NOT a barrier! Join Prophet T.B. Joshua in this powerful prayer and believe God for your own deliverance, in Jesus’ name:

30 thoughts on “DELIVERED AT DEATH’S DOOR!

  1. every attack of the enemy ikill in jesus name

    On Thu, Mar 5, 2015 at 5:01 PM, Distance Is Not A Barrier: Emmanuel TV

  2. SCOAN Original Message Posted

    ORDER FOR THE NEW Morning anointed water,sticker,mirror book and your invitation letter to the Scoan,Fill the following and send to this official via: scoanchurch @ information is to the general public from the SCOAN. To get your New Morning anointed water,sticker,mirror book and for your invitation to the Scoan, contact us now with your details for documentation to enable us process your request for delivery.

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    EMMANUEL. Distance is not a Barrier. we awaiting your details…
    Stay blessed as you walk in the light of your Subsequent testimony..
    The SCOAN Original Message Stay in Christ..

  3. Glory be to God, we thank u God for this powerful man of God Prophet TB Joshua, i believe one day I’ll have my own testimony. People of scoan please pray for me my life is falling apart I’m in South Africa but i believe that distance is not a barrier.

  4. Please man of God I have been calling the SCOAN number that sent me Anointing Water on 3rd February which is 0-7-05-20-29-001 and it is busy…. Please can I make order of Anointing Water for my family members in Brazil for I am in USA.
    Please inform them to reply me, for I am grateful for the Anointing Water.
    I am Alexander katrruidge and my number is +14532338521

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  6. I bless and glorify the name of the Lord for what he has done to the life of our friend for the salvation of his soul. There is no sickness Jesus Christ cannot heal. When he heals you he heals you effectually. I encourage you to read your Holy Bible and pray everyday so that you will grow and make the word of God standard for life in so that your healing blessing, breakthrough and redemption will remain permanent Jesus name

  7. What i know according to the information and a reminder from SCOAN is that there is no corespondence throu face book especially those requesting to have medium of items to ordered through Facebook. For me this is purely fraud!!!!!

  8. Hallelujah, amen! Glory be to God. May the good Lord God keep increasing mightily in His servant major Prophet TB Joshua without season without seizing in Jesus Christ’s mighty previously amazing name.

  9. Thanks emmanuel team for your commitment to deliver testimonies at my door I will continue to thank Jesus for your existence pray for me of late too much spiritual attacks it is for this reason that the son of. God was manifested to destroy the evil works of the devil.
    All Charming People have something to conceal, usually their total dependence on the appreciation of others.

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