Eluby Kamwela from Malawi sent in this powerful testimony concerning the ‘Water Therapy’. Be encouraged as you read, in Jesus’ name:

Brethren, I was attacked and sores developed on my vagina. It was very painful, especially to urinate. Whenever the urine passed over the area, I would cry like a baby because of the intensity of the pain.

Thank God we have a Prophet in our generation with T.B. Joshua whom God sent to deliver many of us from satanic bondage. Following the prophet’s advice concerning ‘Water Therapy’ has completely changed my life! Within just two days, all the vaginal sores were flushed out! I have nothing to say except, ‘Thank You, Jesus’ for saving my life.

I pray God would continue to anoint Prophet T.B. Joshua more and more in Jesus’ name!

Learn more about the ‘Water Therapy’ by watching this short clip:

26 thoughts on “I WOULD CRY LIKE A BABY…

  1. i need to go cut the thing is growing in my right face

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  2. I pray that, by faith the Senior Prophet T.B Joshua, will touch me in Ghana here. I know and believe Distance is not a barrier. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen. In fact the water therapy has helped me too. With this, every morning i have free bowels. Thanks to Jesus Christ. Thanks to Prophet T.B. Joshua. Emmanuel ! Emmanuel!! Emmanuel !!!

  3. A Prophet is now getting honour in his home town. There is nothing the Lord cannot do. Sister, your “good morning” is working for you. Halleluyah!!

    Rev. Ayyia (JP).


  5. Emmanuel!!! Well sister Eluby I thank God for you to have experience the divine healing upon obeying the prophetic Water Therapy instructions. Glory be to God in Jesus` name amen.

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  7. My testimony will be next by the grace of God I am also on water therapy I am urinating too much in a space of 10 minutes at most
    All Charming People have something to conceal, usually their total dependence on the appreciation of others.

  8. please tell me how to use water therapy. i have a serious illness which the doctors cant help, i have faith this is my final solution- water therapy. Please people of God do help me,

    • Melinda, you take one and a half liters (1.5ltr.) between 4 and 6 in the morning within the space of 3 to 5 minutes. Then 750mls of water at around 2:00pm and another 750mls around 5/6 pm in the afternoon. You can use water from the tap if you can’t get bottled water.

      • Good Morning to Prophet TB Joshua and his household in Jesus name!!!! Father continue to bless him with more wisdom to save the whole world!!!

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