A medical doctor from South Africa shares her own powerful testimony concerning the Water Therapy recently introduced by Prophet T.B. Joshua. Be inspired and encouraged as you read:

“Emmanuel! Good Morning! I greet you in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ. My name is Dr Mehlomakulu Macingwane NtombozukoEvorah from South Africa. I’m a medical doctor for the past 14 years.

“I have two testimonies concerning the water therapy. I’m one of those doctors who have been telling people to drink 8 glasses of water a day, yet I was not drinking even a glass per day. I was just addicted to fizzy drinks. My fridge at home and at work were always full of different fizzy drinks. In the morning, I would drink a very ice cold can of coke in a few seconds and then take another one immediately afterwards.

“I would drink 8 to 10 cans a day and sometimes more than that if I’m not at work. Each time I did this, people would be so shocked. They would tell me that it’s dangerous for my health but I was just enjoying it. I wouldn’t eat my meal without a fizzy drink next to me. Even if I ate without taking a fizzy drink, I wouldn’t feel full; it would be as if I didn’t eat at all and I would end up eating another meal or taking a snack.

“Secondly, since the time I was still at high school, about 20 years ago, I’ve been having constipation. I became so used to it to such an extent that I accepted it and I didn’t consider it as a problem. It became part of my life.

“Even after I qualified as a medical doctor, it still didn’t bother me; I thought that was how God created me. Because of that, my stomach was flatulent and I passed a lot of gas, especially at night. I had to have an air freshener next to my bed for my husband not to be affected by the odour. I also took it as one of those normal things that doesn’t need treatment. My husband would have to remind me at night not to forget to bring the air freshener!

“This affected my attitude, even in my clinic. When someone came complaining about constipation, I would have a negative attitude and say they were not constipated because I was relieving myself once a week and rarely twice a week.

“Before I heard about the water therapy, I experienced constipation complications for the first time. I developed haemorrhoids (piles) which were very serious and painful. They were so painful that I couldn’t even touch them and they were bleeding. I used the strongest suppository tablet but I still didn’t get any relief.

“However, just THREE DAYS after the man of God advised us about the water therapy, everything subsided! Constipation has gone; I now relieve myself everyday and sometimes twice a day. Praise the Lord because now I don’t even think about fizzy drinks! I drink water before and after taking my food and always feel full. I don’t have to take a snack thereafter.

“I thank God for speaking through the man of God Prophet TB Joshua and for giving me the chance to have met with him whilst I m still on earth. I would like to end my testimonies by singing this song: ‘What shall I say unto the Lord? All I have to say is thank You Lord’.

Learn more about the Water Therapy here:


  1. Beware of fraudsters in this page,using fake email,fake adverts to deceived you.
    Scoan team never send the anointing water to people via post to reach you,people outside Nigeria ,ask someone who are going scoan to collect it for you.☎️☎️☎️😳😳😳😳😳📞📞📞📞📞☎️☎️☎️☎️

  2. we need Emmanuel tv in are home please help us god

    On Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 4:41 PM, Distance Is Not A Barrier: Emmanuel TV

  3. Emmanuel. I thank God 4 giving us Prophet TB Joshua. I started on water theraphy as soon as the prophet revealed it.Since then I’ve had tremendious improvement in my health. Frequent headache,stomach ailments, coughs, flue ,body pains and general body weakness that I used 2 have is now history. Water has removed former habit of drinking sodas. God bless Prophet TB Joshua, Emmanuel tv , Emmanuel tv partners and the SCOAN.Good Morning.

    • Take 1.50 cl of tape or bottle water at 4,5,or 6 in the morning chose your time.
      The water must be a normal temperature no cold or icy.
      Pour it into glass or cup
      Drink it within 3 minutes once.
      The second 75 cl at 2 or 3 in the afternoon,drink it 2 or 2 min.
      The last 75 cl in the evening form 5 to 6pm

  4. I noticed the following improvement
    1. My skin tone has improved
    2. Improved alertness
    3. Long working hours without dozing
    4. I feel calm and relaxed even when anxiety arise.
    5. I feel health in my all body
    6.I feel loved by almight God
    7. The list is endless because scientist too have indicated that water therapy can cure about 30 diseases……………..

  5. Please hlp me how does this water therapy works.I am afflicted to many evil and bad things does it also workd on that or it only works on healthy matters .I am worried man of God. Marrying nd remarrying is also my problrm nw igot six wives who hve gone nd nw em afraid of the deadldy deases Aids please help.

    • Take 1.50cl of Tate or bottle of water at 4,5,or 6 in the morning chose your suit time.
      The water must be in normal temperature ,no cold or icy
      Pour it in glass or cup
      Drink it in 3 minutes once.
      The second 75 cl in the afternoon take it in 1 or 2 min.
      The last 75 cl in the evening.
      I encourage you to start,am the happiest person in the earth.

  6. Emmanuel…
    i just want to say Thank you Lord for remembering us ,just to give us Prophet TB Joshua like olden days when they where having Prophet Elijah

    • @ buu
      The matter is the right measurement,and you have to pour it into glass,cup,or anything which can help you to drink your 1.50 cl in the morning.
      and 75 cl in the afternoon and evening.
      If am wrong someone help her please.

  7. In GOD everything is posible.I can do all things through crist the lord who gives me strenth.this has get me started in taking care of my health while praying.and it is sad man do not live on bread alon but with every word that comes from the mouth GOD


  9. good morning, praise the Lord.
    thank you Dr. for sharing this powerful testimony.
    for those out there still in doubt, if you find it hard to believe the Prophet TB Joshua
    believe the testimony from the medical doctor and receive your good life as give by
    our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ , life in abundance. John 10;10.
    As for me and my household we believe in the Lord God of TB Joshua.

  10. Emmanuel! How I wish to see Prophet Tb Joshua. God is using Him for our generation. God bless you the anointed one. me and my house we will never stop loving you. Ntsiki and Siphiwo Mniki and children .South Africa.

  11. Hid name is Jehova .he is unchangeable .how I love Jesus. Emmanuel! We give him all the glory. Prophet Tb Joshua you are the chosen .no one will take that anointing from you man of God

  12. Emmanuel! We thank God for the man of God prophet T. B Joshua whom God is using greatly: receiving revelations from God for the betterment of our lives.

  13. Good morning my constipation is gone since starting the water therapy on 9 feb.Thank you God for revealing such a wonderful thing to Prophet Tb Joshua.

  14. This a wonderful testimonie .thank you our dear sisiter Dr Mehlomakulu.
    could you tell us what time are you thaking the water therape in the afternoon,i know in the morning we could take it between 4am 5am 6am and in the afternoon i think it should be between 2am 3 am and in the eveing 5 pm 6 pm.
    thank you ,i will wait your responde.


  15. GLory to GOD of Synagouge church of all nations for his special grace giving to us everyday ,to live for him and to be beautiful and healthy all the time.

  16. I do not have words. I cannot count all that the Lord has done for me through His anointed servant, Prophet T B Joshua, the Prophet of our generation. Since I started with the water therapy the same day it was introduced, I am no longer craving for coffee, which I was addicted to, and fizzy drinks. Thank You, Jesus. Good morning!!!!

  17. Thank you Jesus for the anointing water it is powerful I’m from New Zealand. I drink my water every day thank you Lord for your healing.

  18. Emmanuel, To God be glory

    I am Jeffrey mokaba from south africa, limpopo province, since I started with the water therapy at the end of January, I no longer crave coca cola drink and other fizzy drinks, Im also not liking any of the junk foods..
    Praise be God and Our Prophet T.B JOSHUA, I have lost a lot of weight and I’m training hard to just get rid of my belly, trousers I’ve put back in 2010 now fit me perfectly, one other important thing is my problem with high blood seems to be gone as before when I stood up from a chair I would be dizzy and feeling like fainting, now I’m up on the go and very energetic

    Thank you Jesus

  19. Thank you very much Dr Mehlomakulu for your testimony, I also have constipation and I’m going to start with the water therapy, I also went to different doctors bt medication is not helping and I thank Prophet TB JOSHUA for introducing the water therapy to us!!

  20. Emmanuel! Greetings to all , I greet you in the Mighty name of Christ Jesus. I need help on how do go about water therapy, which food/ drinks am I supposed to take and not supposed to take, it’s been 5 days since I started but hve a feeling that am going wrong somewhere somehow cause I haven’t seen results yet.
    Thank you.

    • Emmanuel,Good Morning!The water therapy goes like this,you will have to take 1.5litres of water i.e 150ml of water in the morning at about 4-6a.m,drink all of the water within 2-3mins.In the afternoon at about 3-4p.m,take 75ml and drink within 2-3mins,do the same thing at about 5-6p.m.At 1st its very difficult but you’ll get use to it as soon as you start it.Your testimony is at the corner,glory be be to God.May the Lord bless the Man of God.Good Morning to your health and all area in your life!!!!

      • Take 1.50cl of bottle of water from shop or tape water at 4,5 or 6 in the morning,chose your suit time.
        The water must be in normal temperature not cold or icy.
        Pour into glass
        Drink in 3 or 4 minutes once
        The second 75 cl of water at 2 or 3 in the evening.
        Take it in 1 or 2 minutes
        The last 75 cl of water at 5 or 6in the evening
        For sure information watch you tube date 4/01/2015

  21. I really thank God of Prophet T B Joshua. I Thank u Jesus Christ for using man of God to win people souls for Gods Kingdom. Goodmorning.

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