Ouma Legodi from South Africa shared this amazing testimony concerning ‘Water Therapy’!

“I started with water therapy the day Prophet T.B. Joshua introduced it to us. I was having a problem of ceased menstruation for about six years. I thought it was because of the contraceptives that I used.

“Behold people of God, I was surprised to see my period today! The last time when I had my period, I felt excruciating pain in my stomach and my waist but today, I am experiencing no pain! I want to take this moment to thank my prophet! You are a blessing to us; may our Lord bless you, your family and the Emmanuel TV team for the good work you are doing. Thank You, Jesus!”

To learn more about ‘Water Therapy’, you can watch this short clip:

32 thoughts on “CEASED MENSTRUATION RESTORED – Water Therapy Testimony!

  1. Beware of fraudsters,scoan team or tb joshua Never send out the anointing water to People via post to reach thèm,people outside nigeria asking someone who are going scoan to collect it for you.
    Beware of fraudsters.
    To visit scoan Google on: Scoan.org
    Scoan official email for years: info@scoan.org☎️☎️☎️📞📞📞📞😳😳😳😳☎️☎️☎️☎️📞📞📞📞😳😳😳😳☎️☎️☎️☎️

  2. Amen! Glory to Jesus. Thanks guys for such inspiring testimonies. Prophet TB Joshua we love you Man and God. I thank God for water therapy..according to my experience no disease can stand it as you take it in faith to flush out your system. I don’t know what would have happened to me if God did not locate me through Emmanuel TV. My life changed for the best since that day..glory to Jesus.

  3. Thankyou Father for Prophet TB Joshua he’s really a blessing to us, you have saved us from many diseases with water therapy through him. Continue adding more annointing.
    God bless us all

  4. good morning, is there anything too hard for our God? with God all things are possible.
    believe in God , and believe in the prophet of God TB Joshua , and your ways will be established.
    water is life, and better still , inspired by the prophet of God , its a dynamite. i speak life into every dead area of my life through the prophetic water therapy.
    congratulations my sister for your restored menstruation, i tap into your restoration in Jesus name. AMEN.

  5. Please do not be confused between morning water( called anointing water in the past) and water therapy !!
    Water therapy was introduced this year on 4/1/2015 by man of God,for our health,it can be tap water or the bottle from shop.
    Morning water ( anointing water) the only place you can have it is at scoan Nigeria .
    For more info:

    • According to the prophet: it’s 1.5 litres between 4 and 6 hrs in morning, 0.75Litres (75 millilitres) between 3 and 4 hrs in the afternoon and again 0.75Litres (75 millilitres) between 5 and 6 hrs in the evening.
      For more information please log to scoan YouTube, Facebook or emmanuel.tv

      Good morning.

  6. Indeed water therapy works wonders. I started the water therapy the 1st day the prophet introduced it, & the results are amazing. I used to wake up 3-4 times at night to ease myself but since I started with the therapy I only wake once to wee. Thank you Jesus.

  7. Amen my sister, me too I had ceased menstruations and after only 2 days of water therapy my periods began.I finished yesterday. Indeed obedience is greater than sacrifice… God bless our Prophet TB Joshua… God bless you all….

    • Good morning!!! How great is our God!!!! Thank You Jesus for using Prophet TB Joshua to deliver, save and bless the whole world!!!

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