“I HAD TO CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY…” – Powerful Anointing Water Testimony!

Gifty Amuquandoh from USA shared this faith-building testimony concerning how God is using the Anointing Water in her workplace!

“Praise the Lord! Praise Master Jesus! Emmanuel – God is with us! I am writing to testify to the goodness of the Lord. I am a nurse by profession and l am taking care of the elderly here in USA. I have been taking care of an 80 year old woman for the past two months through an agency I work for. She is suffering from the early stages of dementia with a lot of other medical issues. I have tried to introduce her to Prophet T.B. Joshua on several occasions but she is a Catholic and wasn’t very interested.

Morning Water

“I believe the Spirit of God prepared me for the test I was about to face in my work place because I listened to the prophet’s teaching on what to do when you have an emergency. That sermon touched me and I received the massage with my heart. One fateful Sunday in February, my client was eating breakfast while I was in the bathroom. I heard a sudden noise and rushed to see this old woman with her back on the floor. I called her but she didn’t respond. I held her but there was no way, so I had to call 911 immediately.

“I said within me that because of Christ, the ambulance would pick her up alive, not as a dead body. Meanwhile, I started thanking Jesus Christ for everything. I rushed to the room that morning where I had an empty bottle of Anointing Water, which I filled immediately. By faith, I rushed to her and ministered the Anointing Water in the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus. I then called her name and she answered me! She was able, with my help, to sit in the chair and immediately she started vomiting! After the ambulance came, lo and behold, they did all the tests on her at hospital and found nothing – not even any signs of dementia! She was discharged yesterday! Glory be to God! Thank You, Jesus!”

34 thoughts on ““I HAD TO CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY…” – Powerful Anointing Water Testimony!

  1. I would like to thank God for giving us Man God TB Joshua and Emmanuel TV. My life have changed since I started watching the channel. I received healing and deliverance through watching Emmanuel TV
    Good morning to new life in Jesus Christ name.

  2. I am in South Africa,I desperately need anointing water and bracelet,please answer me with the information or the channels to follow on how to order

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  3. God is really working through the medium of annointing water,everyday we hear testimonies from all over the world of how the annointing water is working in the life of people,it is awesome, it is marvelous in our eyes. GOD l lift Your Name.Higher above other names Thank You LORD.

  4. Morning water is only in the synagouge Church of all Nations.
    Don’t come aganin in this site,you cannot fool anyone ,we as an Emmanuel tv viewers and Parterner, we know what is truth and lies.
    REPENT QUICIkLY or it will be a shame to you.

  5. You are a fraudster and you should be ashamed of yourself for using the Man of God’s name to defraud people. The Anointing Water is only available from the SCOAN and the email address you have indicated in your posting is fake, just like you are. May God forgive you and may His light shine upon you!

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