Lesego Mashishi from South Africa began the ‘Water Therapy’ with a lot of difficulty and discomfort but persisted by faith and began to see miraculous results!

“Good morning to you all! Obey the word of the prophet and you shall prosper! When Prophet T.B. Joshua gave the water therapy instruction, I felt as if what he is saying was impossible. My husband insisted that if the prophet said it, we must do it! In the first week, I felt that it was way too much for me. Every minute, I was in the toilet! I asked myself how I would be able to even go out as I was going to the toilet so much! However, by faith, I continued taking it anyway.

“People were giving testimonies and I was getting impatient about what was happening with me – no weight loss except constantly going to the toilet. I then come to realise that anytime I ate something not good for health, after taking the 1.5 litres of water in the morning, it would be flushed out immediately. I also used to have skin rashes due to allergies, causing extreme discomfort. Since I began the water therapy I have not had any rash and my skin is glowing! Prophet, may you continue prospering in your relationship with God. Good Morning!”

Watch this clip to understand more about ‘Water Therapy’as introduced by Prophet T.B. Joshua:


  1. People of God abroad beware of fraudsters using fake email,fake adverts,fake tel to duped you.
    Scoan team never send out any spiritual items to people via post to reach you,to get it ask someone who are going scoan to collect it for you,and it’s for free,free.
    Be vigilant don’t be the next victim

  2. I glorify and praise the Most High God for creating water to drink. many people are becoming healthy through Water Therapy. The water which was created by our heavenly Father is for our good and for us to enjoy it so that we have a good health. I encourage our friend to read your Holy Bible and pray everyday so that you will grow and make the word of God standard for life so that your healing and your health will remain permanent in Jesus name

  3. good morning, i too am on water therapy since the very first time it was prophetically given by the man of God Prophet TB Joshua, at first i experienced a running stomach every morning for close to a week ,frequent visits to the loo, then came splitting headaches for over a week , with all this i could have stopped but no , i ll continue with the water therapy until something happens.
    now i ve started seeing the results ; my skin looks beautiful, my nails are healthy , my hair, no more unnecessary trips to the loo, no more headaches and healthy eating habit . thank you to God of Prophet TB Joshua.

  4. EMMANULL!!! 21st and 22nd of February were cursed in my family. My husband died 21 February 1999, my brother 21st February 2010 and my mother 22nd February 2012. Every February was a period of fear and lament in my family until I prayed with THE MAN OF GOD, my father Prophet T.B. JOSHUA last Sunday saying ” your prayers are not lost”. For the first time today 21st February 2015 I spent time praising God, no fear, and I feel free. I believe my daughter Iv been praying for for years is getting her breakthrough TODAY in The Name of JESUS

  5. Good morning brethren in Jesus mighty name.
    Indeed when He (prophet of God) say it, it comes to pass and he lives to see it happening.

    Am very grateful to the lord through Prophet T.B.Joshua for the water therapy. I used to have sow feet with peeling skin, but since I applied the water theraphy, am getting healed and a bad breath I used to experience but now, am as free as young.

    I give God the honour, glory and the majesty through the man of God prof T.B.J

    Be all blessed

    • brother samuel, water therapy cannot be sent but its from the daily tap water you take at home. you only need to watch the video so you are informed on how you take it for results. make every effort to share with your folks once you have got it.
      good morning!

  6. I use to suffer from seirous stomach desorder but ever since i started taking water terapy or good morning water i and my wife are just feeling great. May the almighty God continues to anionte our prophet TB Joshua

  7. I am most grateful for the miraculous hand of God onto the world through His servant Prophet T.B Joshua. I pray God to multiply His strength to free this world from the hands of the devil through the most adorable name Jesus Christ.

    • I have been diagnosed with High blood pressure , I started the water therapy but the water is flushing out the medication and my blood pressure is running very high and keeping me sick please pray for me to stand and trust God for my healing and deliverance from high blood pressure , I keep telling myself if God gave the man of God the revelation for the water therapy I receive it I am healed by faith in god’s word

  8. I am sincere need of prayers for my healing. I have been sick for over three months now with the Doctors not able to determine what is wrong with after all the relevant medical tests. Thus my prayer request believing that it is only our Creator can heal me and restore my health to perfect.

    • Emmanuel emmanuel ,realy god is with us,since i started wartching emmanuel tv many things in my life changed,i started to have light spiritualy ,my family becomes strong in prayer,we started to read and urnderstand the word of god ,spiritual attacks wich used to attack us stoped and we advanced in our plans as a family,we only want the financial breakthrough to build our house in this year 2015 and visit synagogue church of all nations to seek the hand of god through prophet tb joshua,amen

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