Charles Mensah from Ghana was on drugs for hypertension for 10 long years but a simple step of obedience to Prophet T.B. Joshua’s message concerning ‘Water Therapy’ changed everything!

“Emmanuel! I used to take tablets for my blood pressure for the past ten years. The main symptoms I had were constant tiredness and pains in my joints. However, since I started the water therapy, I have completely stopped taking all tablets! There are so many huge changes. I no longer use my reading glasses while on the computer, no more tiredness and aches in my body. Before, I literally had to live on drugs because of the pains in my body but all of that is a thing of the past! Good morning my health! What I know is that every word that comes out of the man of God should not be taken for granted as he is not speaking of himself. I know my dreams will come to reality one day by stepping into the Arena of liberty before I die, in Jesus’ name!”

You can learn more about Water Therapy by clicking here.

29 thoughts on “NO MORE PAINKILLERS!

  1. Good morning. The greatest physician Lord Jesus Christ is near you. He is ready to heal, to deliver, to redeem and to bless you with all Gods blessings. I bless and glorify the Lord for what he has done to our wonderful friend for the salvation of his soul. There is no sickness Lord Jesus Christ cannot heal. When he heals you he heals you effectually. I encourage you to read your Holy Bible and pray faithfully everyday so that you will grow and make the word of God standard for life so that your healing and all the Gods blessings you have received will remain permanent in Jesus name

  2. Good morning to you all, I would like to give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ our saviour for the life of our father Prophet TB Joshua for using him to heal deliver, redeem and teach us the word of God and for saving our lives in Jesus name.

  3. My name is Ranwell Msokwa . I’m a student in the University of Malawi. I used to suffere from headache whenever i study more than two hours and the only option was to take pain killer’s but since i started using waterwater therapy everything changed. I can now study and study without any pain or headache as used to the case in the past.
    Again Emmanuel tv is doing great in my life especially education. I wrote on prayer request for my improvement on grades. Alleluia it has started happening such that the first test we wrote just the week ending I’m among the top 4 which never been the case since i joined the University. God is great and thanks people of God for your prayers and blessings. In Jesus name i say amen!!!!!

  4. Wonderfull testimony am waiting to write mine have 4 days since I started the water therapy thank you Jesus Christ and thank you Prophet T.B.Joshua

  5. Thank God, many soles are being saved in this end time when people are discouraged of their walk with Christ, but Almighty God will open peoples spiritual eyes as the man of God, TB Joshua teaches, for them to see the truth. Praise God. I am a pertaker in this gift.

  6. Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. Bread is eaten for satisfaction. Whatever we are not satisfied with is only satisfied by God’s word; the word of God is bread that satisfies our needs and wants. Today what is your hunger or thirst; listen to God’s instructions in His word, you will be satisfied. Be a doer of God’s word not a hearer only. When God speaks the wise listen. Those who have listened to the instructions of the Prophet of God; Prophet T.B Joshua concerning water therapy, are harvesting the fruits of obedience: healing, deliverance, promotion etc I am a beneficially of this gift of water therapy!! I bless God for His Prophet; Prophet T.B Joshua. Emmanuel!!!

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