Here is another powerful testimony concerning ‘Water Therapy’ and Emmanuel TV from a Facebook user using the name ‘Joy Faith’. Be blessed as you read!

“I also have a testimony concerning Water Therapy! I started immediately when it was introduced but out of nowhere, I stopped by deceiving myself that I could not take the 1.5lt in the morning as it was too difficult. With a guilty conscience that I was not obeying God’s instruction after reading so many testimonies on Facebook, I asked Jesus to give me the grace to start the Water Therapy again! Now, I am taking my water and I am really seeing the changes!

My testimony is that my mouth always used to smell so bad, whether I brushed my teeth or not. No matter how many times I tried to clean my mouth, my breath would smell to the extent that whenever I talked to people, I would feel uncomfortable. Since I properly restarted the Water Therapy, the bad smell has completely gone! I always wanted to gain weight and now I have more appetite and I’m gaining weight. Praise the Lord!

“Thank you Man of God for this wonderfully amazing instruction that is accessible to all of us! We don’t need to come to The SCOAN to access Water Therapy. It’s free of charge and only requires our obedience, belief and faith in God. Good Morning my health!

Emmanuel TV

“I really thank God for giving us such a gift in Emmanuel TV! Since I started watching Emmanuel TV, all my worries in life disappeared! I gained a lot of knowledge, wisdom and my faith is strengthened daily. Loving others is now part of my daily life. Even though I don’t have anything big to give, I share with others the little I have. I have peace of heart! I worry about nothing because I know Jesus is my Comforter.

“I can’t even sleep if Emmanuel TV is switched off because it feels like there is darkness in my room. I wish I knew Emmanuel TV ages ago but I don’t blame myself too much because God’s time is the best! I thank God that I am saved and others will be saved through my testimony that I have! I thank God for Prophet T.B. Joshua. If it was not for Emmanuel TV, I don’t know where I would be. I pray our Lord Jesus Christ would continue anointing him and enable him to raise up more Wise Men and Women. I pray that one day, I shall step into The SCOAN. I just wish to shake the man of God’s hand and say thank you. Dear Lord, hear my prayer! Emmanuel!”

Thank You, Jesus Christ! Please SHARE WITH US how God has touched your own life since you started watching Emmanuel TV in the comments section below:


  1. god we help to unblocked Emmanuel TV

    On Wed, Feb 18, 2015 at 9:58 AM, Distance Is Not A Barrier: Emmanuel TV

  2. People of God beware of fraudsters using fake email,fake adverts,fake tel to deceived you.
    Scoan team never send out the anointing water to people via post to reach you into your country as claiming fraudsters.
    People aboard to get it just ask someone who are going scoan to collect it for you .
    Scoan team would never asking you to place order,or to fill a form questions for the anointing water,Becareful of scammers.
    Be vigilant don’t fall in hands of fraudsters they will rob you.
    To visit scoan go to the official web,site and u will fill some questions submit to them and wait for your confirmation via your email.
    Scoan official email: info@scoan.org

  3. Good morning. Blessed is the name of our Lord and Jesus Christ for what he has done in the life of our friend through Water Therapy which was introduced by the Anointed Servant Senior Prophet T B Joshua. Many people including our friend are testifying the goodness of the Water Therapy. Our friend had bad breath, but through Water Therapy she is now well The water which was created by our Maker is good for our health. I encourage you people of God to keep drinking water as instructed on Emmanuel TV. I encourage our friend to continue to drink water everyday. I also encourage you to read your Holy Bible and pray everyday so that you will grow. Love the Word and be a doer of the Word. In Jesus Christ name

  4. Emmanuel TV is indeed changing the world. JESUS led me to Emmanuel TV prior to my marriage. ..There were too many obstacles during the preparation but whiles I prayed with Prophet TV Joshua, GOD was clearing them for me to run through smoothly. ..After the marriage, my husband got issues with his passport and visa, again JESUS sorted it out, gave him a new job and an undeserved promotion. I myself got a promotion too even whiles on leave..and new opportunities keep popping up.The GOD of TB Joshua has blessed me with a lovely baby girl..
    My walk with CHRIST has deepened now, I’ve learnt to forgive and love people even more..Am more aware of the grace of GOD now and I value the word more.my sinful nature is a thing of the past.i have more peace and joy.. Am not a finished product but I know with JESUS through Emmanuel TV and Prophet TB Joshua, the best is yet to come. .
    God bless Prophet TB Joshua,Emmanuel TV and his team. .

  5. Thank God for this live transforming media,i got delivered two years back just by praying along with Senior Prophet Tb Joshua.i had continuous spiritual attacks and also a spiritual wife was visiting me in the dream.At a teenage stage In my life,i got involve with smoking not only cigaret but marijuana as well,online fraud etc. all these bad habits was my life style before my encounter with the man of God through emmanuel tv. it happened on a blessed Sunday some time in 2012. while i was praying along with Prophet Tb Joshua during the mass prayers i touched the screen of my television and demons within me begin to manifest .it was a long struggle between light and darkness in my life ..”emmanuel tv representing the light and the demon representing darkness ”
    the evil spirits push me to put off the television to no avail. after about 35 minutes every thing was calm and i gained consciousness.the first thing i search for was my bible immediately i started praying,my tongue got loss i remember speaking in tongues for the very first time in my life.i prayed for about an 40mins.
    since then my life have taken a positive turn ;no more smoking,spiritual wife gone,evil attacks gone,no more cyber fraud.infact my life changed for the good. i can now read my bible,pray fervently ..Hallelujah
    I thank God for the life of Senior Prophet Tb Joshua and emmanuel tv .to all scoan team and members you guys are indeed changing lives,changing nations and changing the whole world .
    this is just a little to what God has done in my life through emmanuel tv..
    Thank you Jesus.

  6. Thank God,i am patiently waiting for my miracle.i will testify soon in Jesus name amen.I am drinking the water continuously in obedience to God’s servant.

  7. i came to know about Emmanuel TV last year, and am thanking God for the many blessings received thru this channel. to God be the glory!

  8. I Thank God for the life of Major Prophet J B Joshua for using him as an instrument to bless billions of people around the world of which am one. God bless you Man of God.

  9. Thank you Lord Jesus for the life of your major prophet, prophet TB Joshua.
    I also have issues with my breath.Pray for me brothers and sisters at SCOAN and all christians.

  10. I started watching emmanuel tv early 2014, I realised that the chanel was not just an ordinary channel! In the sence that, before then i was battling with masterbution, fornication, lust, porn pictures, drunkerdness, any afflication u can think of. I then saw something different on emmanuel Tv where, Man of GOD could pray for views all over the world with spirits of additions to be set free In Jesus name, also, i watched how people being delivered from evil spirits. That gave me hope for my deliverance and desire travel to Scoan, I asked GOD for the grace. I then traveled safely, and got my deliverance succefully! Now am totaly set free, happy and peacefull! Emmanuel tv is indeed changing lives, nations, and the word. That is how i have became born again. Emmanuel! Indeed GOD is with us all!

  11. Would like 2know more about instruction or requirement of the intake of “Water Therapy” as directed by the Man of God,Prophet T.B.Joshua from Scoan/Emmanuel TV. Which Water?May it be iced or refrigerated? Mixed with any flavour? Which Quantity? Sparkled,fizzed,mineral water? Ordinary water? Looking forward to hearing from you! Stayed blessed.

    • Bro just a normal water not iced room temperature …even tap water…1.5littres should be taken within 3mns very early. In the morning between the hours of 4am to 7am. And another 0.75littres around 2pm ….another. 0.7litters around 6pm …everyday ….thank you God bless you.

  12. Emmanuel!!! For me and my family Emmanuel TV has blessed us a lot. I have been promoted to a Chef from being a porter because of the prayers of the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua. I have seen a double increament in my salary because of Emmanuel TV. There is blissment in my family because of Emmanuel TV, I and my wife used to differ a lot but Emmanuel TV has settled the difference a million times. We can`t sleep without Emmanuel TV in our bedroom. I am also watching Emmanuel TV at work while working believing that God is with me while I work and watch Emmanuel TV. Every time man of God, Prophet TB Joshua is praying my children do call me and we all touch the screen of the Emmanuel TV. Emmanuel TV has become an integral part of me that I have downloaded videos of the Prophet TB Joshua so that I can watch whenever on journey. I have heard people calling man of God; pastor, man of God, preacher, tele-evangelist etc and I said to myself, do these people know who the prophet is? For me I feel guilty calling Prophet TB Joshua other pastoral name than the name of prophet because his level is more than those they call him. Emmanuel TV the best is yet to come!

  13. If not for Emmanuel ttv indeed how would my spiritual life be. Here I am taught the simplicity of Christianity, as learning ABC and how to pray to God for answer. Thank You Jesus for Emmanuel tv and prophet tb joshua

  14. Keep watching Emmanuel TV so that your faith will become stronger and stronger. I bless and glorify the name of the Lord for what he has done to the life of our friend through watching Emmanuel TV for the salvation of her soul. There is no sickness Lord Jesus Christ cannot heal. There is no situation which he cannot solve. I encourage you to read your Holy Bible and pray everyday so that you will grow And make the word of God standard for life so that your healing, deliverance, breakthrough and redemption will remain permanent in Jesus Christ name.

  15. To God be the glory. I’m blessed .Anytime I watch emmanuel Tv, i see myself high in the always in Spirit .I thank God for your life my daddy prophet TBJ. You shall always prevail over those who seek your downfall . Oooh but they lie ! I understand God Better this time because of Emmanuel tv.

  16. Thank you Lord for our Prophet, Father protect him from the evil one and continue to use him mightily. We love you Prophet TB Joshua.

  17. Good morning All
    Yes LORD I thank you farther for this EMMANUEL TV 95% of my time l m on this blessing channel if it was not of it l do not KNOW.God knows all that l m passing thru, because of Christ l am what l am thru this Emmanuel tv and man of GOD PROPHET TB JOSHUA he is a blessing to many lifes THANK YOU LORD.l sleep like a baby even my situation looks like l m to hang my self.l have hope and l trust that ONE DAY GOD OF T.B JOSHUA WILL SEE ME THRU.THANK YOU FATHER OF FATHERLESS EMMANUEL!Remain blessed ALL.

  18. greating all in the name of the lord,i want instruction on how water therapy is working or how do i drink it i also want to give my testimony once i use the water therapy thank u waiting to hear from u On Feb 18, 2015 9:59 AM, “Distance Is Not A Barrier: Emmanuel TV

    • Emmanuel! Shalom Sister Martha! To use water therapy is:
      Before/After your prayer in the morning between 4Am – 6Am, you have to drink 1.5l of water in 2 to 3min.
      In the afternoon between 1Pm – 2Pm you have to drink 75cl of water in 2-3 min.
      And in the evening between 5Pm – 7Pm, you have to drink 75cl in 2 -3 min. I can’t wait to hear your testimonies.
      God bless you as you obey His instructions.
      Eugene Love.

  19. Since I fell down from faith and quited life in Christ I never listened to anyone testifying the word of GOD to me.
    I claimed to know the word a lot and counted a lot of disadvantages of Christianity to the men and women of God who shared the word with me since 1999-2010!
    When I watched emmanuel tv I dont know exactly what happened I am a 100% Christian even if the LORD can come today I will celebrate His arrival.
    Keep watching emmanuel tv there is your miracle there I got mine, get yours also.

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