The Woman With The Issue Of Blood…

Be inspired by the following testimony from Sisasenkosi from Zimbabwe!

“Emmanuel! I am a 27 year old lady and I wish to give God all the glory for the healing which has taken place in my body. I was passing out black smelly blood for 4-5 days before l could have my normal period every month. The black blood was rotten blood showing that it had been in my body for some time and became stale. This problem was with me for 4 years and it made my life extremely uncomfortable. I avoided being around people when l was passing out that blood because l was afraid they would smell the terrible odour.

“I visited doctors and they could not give me any medication because they didn’t know what to say was wrong with me. Also, this year in January 2015, l visited a doctor again because l was desperate for a diagnosis so that l could get healing. The medical staff around me all suspected different things such as fibroids and cancer. So on the 6th January 2015 my doctor referred me to a scan of the uterus. The aim of the scan was to check where the black rotting blood was coming from. A full uterus scan was done but they couldn’t find out what the problem actually was. Because of that, the doctor could not give me any tablets because he failed to figure out where the blood was coming from.

“God saw that l was at a very desperate point and needed Him to intervene as my last hope of healing. So, on 30th January l was privileged to receive the Anointing Water through my brother who resides in South Africa. The Anointing Water was actually sent for my mother who was suffering from severe depression which had made her suicidal. So, when l saw it, l also believed that it was sent for me. l went to my room, shut the door and put the Anointing Water against my womb. The bottle was closed and it was still inside the box but l believed it would heal me even through the box without opening it!

“When l prayed and continued holding the bottle inside a box, the power of God hit me so hard that l couldn’t stand. I was thrown all over the room by the Holy Ghost for about an hour! l knew at that moment that my healing had come. I felt like vomiting and even though l didn’t get to vomit anything out l knew that the demon behind my affliction had come out!

“To the glory of God on the 4th of February last week, l got confirmation that indeed l have been healed. For the first time in 4 years, l saw fresh red normal blood coming out of my body. I passed out healthy blood like all other women do out there and l am giving all the glory to Jesus who touched me through the Anointing Water! Even as l write this testimony, l am still bleeding because Jesus is still cleaning my womb. In the past years l had feared not having children but now l am confident that someday l will get married and be a mother too. Thank You, Jesus! Thank you, Prophet TB Joshua! Thank you, SCOAN!”

Please share with us your own testimonies in the comments section below, to the glory of God!

37 thoughts on “The Woman With The Issue Of Blood…

  1. i work as security officer the money is to little i need job

    On Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 1:27 PM, Distance Is Not A Barrier: Emmanuel TV

  2. Good morning. I bless and glorify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for what he has done to the life of our sister through the medium of the Anointing Water for the salvation of her soul. Our Messiah is good because he has all the solutions to all your problems. He is the Greatest Physician and he will remain the Greatest Physician forever. When Jesus Christ heals you he heals effectually. I encourage you to read your Holy Bible and pray everyday so that you will grow. And make the word of God standard for life so that your healing, deliverance, redemption and all Gods blessings will remain permanent in Jesus Christ name


  4. Good morning! am also having the same problem, but am using the Anointing water since last week am just waiting for my own healing this week emmanuel, since my sister is healed am healed too just the comformation.with God all things are possible.Thankyou Jesus! thankyou TB Joshua.

  5. The GOD of Prophet TB Joshua is my GOD. Homegirl, am happy for your deliverance and believe God will grant you sufficient grace to save this blessing for your salvation. Emmanuel!

  6. To God be the glory for making a
    God bpess name for himself. for giving us a prophet. who has maintained standard s over the years. I’ll continue to inform people about SCOAN and wonders God is doing through his servant TB Joshua.

  7. God uses many mediums to manifest Himself in our lives. We live in a time when everyone if us expect miracles from SCOAN and we can’t all reach because of one reason ir the other. Letsjust continue watching Emmanuel TV, take the annointed and prophetic words from God through our prophet of the time, prophet TB Joshua, and by faith and continued trust in God, our cases will not escape His annointing. Thank you Jesus for all the miracles, ours arecoming through because you will hear our humble cry and not pass us by. Amen

  8. Emmanuel church, my testimonys is nest!! Son of David have mercy on me and give me a new story to tell in Jesus AMEN”THANK YOU JESUS” FOR EVERYTHING….. EMMANUEL

  9. Thank Baba God for all he has done and more to come Emmanuel church, How prophet wil have more den he has given In Jesus name AMEN.

  10. My name is Lehlohonolo Confidence Mohlaloga from South Africa, I have a wonderful testimony to share, I would like to thank God of Prophet TB Joshua for i have experienced the
    touch of God during sunday service on the 15-02-2015 when i was
    praying along with the prophet,it all started saterday night
    when i dreamt of the man of God praying for me and my sister
    telling us that we are free and i woke happy and believed
    in my heart that indeed i am free.During sunday service prayer i prayed along with the prophet and touched the screen by faith there I was hit by the power of the Holy Spirit that I couldn’t control myself before I knew it i was down on the ground
    under the influence of the Holy spirt vomiting.I really wanna thank who used my father in the Lord Prophet TB Joshua for setting me free, indeed God works a miraculous way I was a job seeker for the past 8 years been through interviews but non of those interviews came to my resecure I ramained jobless all those years but today I am rejoyicing after receiving the deliverance from the emmanuel tv on the 15-02-2015 just the day after my deliverance I received a call from one of the paying mines in South Africa that I should send all my qualifications as soon as possible that I must start working on the 2nd of March 2015, I Give all thanks to God Almighty for using prophet TB Joshua to resecure my career.Emmanuel

  11. Good morning All

    We thank GOD for your healing sister the love of GOD is available and is so wonderful.Thank you LORD for the mercy.

  12. Thank GOD of prophet TB JOSHUA for the this testimony! I believe I will soon forget what I’m passing through once I get myself the Morning water

  13. Good morning brethren. Thank You Jesus for Ur visitation in people’s lives. I believe that distance is not a barrier and that my own case would not be different once I receive good morning water! Son of David have mercy on me and my family! Son of David locate us for Ur special attention in Jesus name!

  14. Thanks I am continually learning that some situations are God given to manifest his power Emmanuel and Good Morning.
    All Charming People have something to conceal, usually their total dependence on the appreciation of others.

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