Joseph Aseluwa from Sweden shared this powerful testimony concerning ‘Water Therapy’. Be inspired in your faith as you read:

“Good morning! Emmanuel! My testimony is all about the grace of God Almighty through following the instruction from Prophet T.B. Joshua about ‘Water Therapy’. There was a growth that later become a boil which developed on my manhood some years ago. I have tried many means to treat it but it was all no avail. It caused me a lot of pain, embarrassment and discomfort. However, simply by drinking water, the growth completely disappeared!

“There was another growth like a boil on the top of my eye that also really gave me concern. With the grace of God and the help of the water therapy, the same growth melted away like ice!

“My son called Michael Aseluwa was suffering from a disease called pneumonia, which caused a swelling in his testes. After introducing him to the Water Therapy, the swelling completely disappeared, as did all other pneumonia symptoms. I thank God Almighty! Good Morning!”

To learn more about ‘Water Therapy’, please watch this clip:


  1. i masking my a prayer to finish his house

    On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 1:53 PM, Distance Is Not A Barrier: Emmanuel TV

  2. Good morning Emmanuel! Last week (Feb. 15th)I watched the water therapy video for the first time and tried it the next morning. Lo and behold, brethren, I was constantly going to the bathroom. The first time I went it was a huge mess that went out of me!!! I had been suffering from all kinds of pains, constipation and even recently slight high blood pressure! Since then nothing!! I believe more ailments will be flushed out as I make it my lifestyle!!! Jesu, adupe baba!!!

  3. Glory to God almighty. …I was allergic to certain foods like Eggs bananas avocardos and catapillars each time I eat these foods I would experience terrible stomach pain .I watched the water therapy testimony on Emmanual TV and started the therapy too behold people of God I have no allergies at all glory to God!!

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  5. I am mundia munkombwe from zambia and would like to thank the God of Tb Joshua for moving the growth that was troubling my wife for a long time through the medium of water therapy introduction by Tb Joshua in January . From January my wife has been on water therapy and yesterday (14th February 2015) around 14 hrs she felt a movement in the lower belly and rushed to the toilet and behold a meat like stuff came out of her and the pain she has been having all this while gone just like that – to God be the glory.we have been to all sorts of hospitals seeking relief but all was in vain.She has been all sort of drugs since 2009 but behold now the pain is gone and my wife now sleeps without taking pain killers.To God be the glory. Indeed distance is not a barrier

  6. Good Morning. Water Therapy is doing some wonders. I encourage you people of God to drink the water and see what it can do to your life. The water which was created by God Almighty is for our own good.

  7. Good morning soeur et frère. Je rend gloire a Dieu pour ses merveille a travers la thérapie d’eau. C’est le meilleur remede naturel qui vient de notre pere a travers prophète TB Joshua. Dieu soit loué.

  8. Emmanuel!!! Glory be to God for this testimony in Jesus Christ name amen. Why I thank God so much about the Water Therapy is that, water is easily accessible, everyone can have it! This means a lot to us as christians, God is as available as the water in Jesus Christ name amen.

  9. Water therapy is beyond the physical I hope to share my testimony very soon. There s no doubt in the name of Jesus thanks.
    All Charming People have something to conceal, usually their total dependence on the appreciation of others.

    • W e thank God, may His name be glorified in all angles of life. He is really Mighty. We praise his name. I will also give mine very soon in Jesus Name.

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