IsaiahIsaiah Nyamukapa shared a faith-building testimony about how God protected him from a horrific car accident that ordinarily would have claimed his life or left him severely injured.

Emanuel! On 28th October 2014, I was involved in a horrible car accident. I was travelling to South Africa with a friend. We left Bulawayo in Zimbabwe at 8:30pm and when we had travelled around 112km from Bulawayo, we met a herd of cattle crossing the road. I applied the emergency brakes so as to avoid running them over but the car brakes locked and I couldn’t control it. The car veered wildly to the left of the road and overturned three times in succession.

For a moment, I felt my spirit leaving my body. Incredibly, the moment the car stopped rolling and landed on its wheels, I felt my spirit return to the body. The insurance company declared the car a right off but the two of us didn’t sustain a single injury. When we looked back at the scene of the incident, we saw that at one point when the car was overturning it fell on a large rock but amazing grace saved us! By God’s grace, I always travel with an Anointing Sticker with me; I keep it in my passport. God of T.B. Joshua saved me and I was given a second chance! Thank You, Jesus Christ! Emmanuel!

A million thanks are not enough for what Jesus Christ has done for our brother. We give all the glory to God!


  1. Naomi,
    I give glory to God for saving me and my car from the accident which was about to happen on 2nd November 2015. I had anointing water in my car. I was approaching a bridge when I noticed that my car had left the road and I was about to hit a young school girl. In my front was the the girl, on my left was a deep and on my right hand side was a coaster my car ended up swaying and I felt like my car was going to start rolling when I found my self back to the road. I thank God for protecting me from an on coming accident.

  2. Jesus Christ is alive brethrens. HE chose the few and one of them is Prophet TB Joshua. Like it or not, HIS hand is manifesting through this man. Thank You Lord for giving us spiritual senses to know You and help us to be the doer of Your Word. Emmanuel!

  3. I first that God for his mercy to the chosen ones of christ jesus, and am grad and happy when i hear such can of testmony becouse I too believe in a miracle working God who use to and is still performing even today, my miracle is near emmanuel!!!!!!!!!!!.


    On Wed, Feb 11, 2015 at 7:14 PM, Distance Is Not A Barrier: Emmanuel TV

  5. I unreservedly thank the Lord for rescuing my daughter Lynnet from spiritual attacks and rewarding me, my wife Caroline and all my schooling children with high passing grades in the previous year of our academic pursuit. Glory be to the Almighty, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  6. Thank you Jesus for saving his life may i also ne protected whenevet i travel through the same annointing sticker i always carry in everyday of my life
    Glory be to God

  7. I thank God for giving me Prophet T.B Joshua&Prophet W Magaya who can touch me under the covering of the two God’s generals.Good morining 2015 i shall be fruitful i shall multip

  8. Our God is the same yesterday today and forever. Thank you God for saving their lives showing us your children your power to save us in whatever situation we may find ourselves. GOD OF TB JOSHUA is a GREAT GOD!!!

  9. His name is Jehova. he said tl his word I will be with you. He is able to save his people in times of challenges. Glory to God. Emmanuel

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