Shibe Seheshe from South Africa shared this powerful testimony concerning how God’s power touched her right in her base in South Africa even before she had finalised plans to visit The SCOAN…

“Emmanuel! I am thrilled to share my testimony! I and my husband were fortunate enough to visit SCOAN in August 2014. The problems we had were severe setbacks and we were seeking the fruit of the womb. I had a problem of ceased menstruation for a period of 6 years. By the grace of the living God of Prophet TB Joshua, I got delivered even before I could fly over there! The very same day I registered for the trip, after I had prayed with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV, I saw my period the following day! Three days before I could fly over to Lagos, I got very sick and I vomited out a pink substance. I fought for strength those days. I could not eat anything and was only taking water, even until the day of my trip. It was not easy but God’s mercy was upon me and I managed to reach SCOAN. Emmanuel!

“Since I returned from SCOAN, everything about my life has changed. I am happy to tell all of you GOOD MORNING in the name of Jesus Christ. God of our Prophet T.B. Joshua really is alive. I am now pregnant! Praise the Lord. After six full years without even seeing my menstruation, I am now a pregnant woman to the glory of God. I am speechless at what God has done. More and more blessings keep coming in everyday! Thank You, Jesus!”

What is your own challenge? Join Prophet T.B. Joshua in prayer, get connected by faith and receive your own touch from Heaven!


  1. Goodmorning? Emmanuel God is with us, Faith and Beliving are the only ways of recieving whatever we ask for in jesus’s name.

  2. Good Morning. Bonjour! iBuenos Dias!. I bless and glorify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for what he has done in the life of our sister Shibe Seheshe for the salvation of her soul when she prayed along with the Anointed Servant Prophet of God Senior Prophet T B Joshua. My sister had ceased menstruation for 6 years and she later got pregnant. Our Lord deserve to be praised for the things he has done to you my sister. I encourage you to read your Holy Bible and pray everyday so that you will grow and be a doer of the word and love the Living word of God. Make the word of God standard for life so that your deliverance will remain permanent in Jesus name

  3. Good morning , ;praise be to God for his mercy endures for ever.
    congratulations Shibe and Rozita for God’s divine visitation ,with this thought i tap into your testimony.
    the God of T.B.Joshua is not partial and i pray in Jesus’ name that the same way , the same miracle ,the same testimony that sister Shibe Seheshe has received ,i too will receive and shall give my testimony by the Grace of God. thank you Prophet TB Joshua for your prayers,may God bless you.

  4. have been Praying for my relationship too. Be restore with my ex boyfriend I’m star too thank it not going too happen.I look at my friends and how blessed they are and I am by myself and lonely and it hurts me a lot I have no kids and I’m 36 years old I know God loves me but I think he forgot about me

  5. I always watch the SCOAN service en pray along wth Prophet TB Joshua, I thank God for Blessing us wth this man en may the Lord Jesus Christ continue to Bless him! I surely know that the God of prophet TB Joshua will also Bless me en my family, cant wait to visit the SCOAN for my testimony! Emmanuel…

  6. I thank the God of prophet T.B.Joshua for His mercy and goodness i too i have been touched by the right hand of God through viewing and praying with the prophet and mistering the annointing and Good Morning water and stickers am grateful to God for answering my prayers of long my 4yrs of barreness are over!!!! perpetually and i will surely come to the SCOAN to testfy. Emmanuel, Good Morning!!!!

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