Phetolo Modiega from Botswana shared this wonderful testimony concerning the Water Therapy introduced by Prophet T.B. Joshua.

“I saw a cardiologist in October 2014 due to my swollen ankles and legs. I had gone to several doctors and the cardiologist was the last level. Some doctors recommended blood pressure tablets due to my age as he said I needed to drain water out of my system.

“The cardiologist did some tests and scans and was not happy with my cholesterol level and my dry kidneys. He said there was a lot of fat around my heart and kidneys. I decided to stop taking coffee at night because of his recommendations. I began the water therapy in January immediately after the Man of God advised us.

“I then went for check-up on 20th January 2015, less than a month after being on the therapy, the cardiologist was very excited! My kidneys were functioning at 91.4%, well hydrated and the cholesterol around my heart reduced by 51%! He said I should share with others whatever it is that I was doing and there was no need for me to see him again.

“So act on the word of the Prophet brethren; it is directly from God. I am now saving P500.00 consultation fees because I don’t have to see the cardiologist. I give glory and honour to God. I magnify His name!”

Learn more about ‘Water Therapy’ by watching this video below:

69 thoughts on “WATER THERAPY TESTIMONY: Heart & Kidney Healing

  1. my thing was coming al right the time iwas prayer emmanuel tv

    On Wed, Feb 4, 2015 at 8:56 PM, Distance Is Not A Barrier: Emmanuel TV

  2. People of God beware of fraudsters in this page,scoan never send out any items to people through post to reach you into your country.
    People abroad beware ,to get it ask someone who are going to collect it for you,also scoan would never asking u to place an order via email,tel,Internet as claimed fraudsters,.
    Beware of scammers.,open your eyes up,do not let fraudsters rob you your money.

  3. Gooood morning.
    My name is Reyoune. I have started the water therapy too last week and I know with the miracle worker God of prophet TV JOSHUA will challenge my life in many ways

  4. Dieu est grand avec la therapie de l’ eau des grandes choses se manifestent dans ma vie et ce dans tous les domaines, c’ est qui a inspire son serviteur le Prophete TB JOshua. 2chroniques 20:20

  5. good morning brethren I have started drinking water therapy which was introduced by my father prophet TB JOSHUA early this year, I believe with all my heart that I will have my testimony like other people in jesus name amen.thank you JESUS.

  6. I am a Ghanian   I am  58yr, please pray for me I need sponsorship to attend Trinity Theological seminary in Ghana How can you help me?  I need prayers and financial from the synagogue  My name is JOHNNY JOY ADZAH.

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  8. God is good i use to be dizzy in the morning whn i wake up now its gone since i hv been in water therapy i am strong now in the morning,,

  9. Thank you Lord for the Divine Revelation.Thank you for raising Prophet T.B Joshua during our times.We give you all the glory and honour my Lord

  10. Plz pray for me for healing delivering blessings and for tenders catering cleaning renovation and twinbabies for me and my daughter A results in schoolwork amen I want to give u my testimony soon sent me everydays prayers On Feb 4, 2015 8:56 PM, “Distance Is Not A Barrier: Emmanuel TV

  11. halleluiah, God of T. B. Joshua you are wonderful.
    i too received the message by Prophet T.B.Joshua on the prophetic water therapy the very Sunday it was given during the live service and immediately went on to start the following day.
    and i can testify ,its simply magic, no more pains in my joints like i used to experience before the water therapy and my skin is like that of a baby,soft and clear. and it shall be permanent what the Lord has done for me in Jesus ‘ name. to God be the glory. AMEN

  12. Emmanuel God is with us,
    The water therapy had been doing great in my life, the pains i feel on my waist before had been washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ through the water therapy, Am getting stronger energetic and am blessed all times of my life, Thank you Jesus for everything in my life.

  13. Good morning to you all!!! God is good all the time. I am also on Water Therapy. All the bad night dreams I used to have disappeared. I sleep like a baby. I thank you Jesus for using Prophet TB Joshua to deliver, heal, save and bless us. Continue Father to protect and bless him and his household in Jesus name. Amen

  14. have see the very good work of God. … is indeed a living GOD he has be there for me right from wen I was conceived. thanking him for his blessings upon my life, emmaunel

  15. Started with the water therapy and waiting for my testimony. Trusting God to heal me from lactose intolerance, gastric, ovarian cysts and so on.

  16. My name is Gloria Mogorosi live in South Africa in North West Province ,Mahikeng town.I stated to use water therapy on the 12 January2015 ,i was suffered from arthritis,which cause pain all over my boby,and i felt tired even in the morning i went to all doctors to no avail ,i was using chronic medication for it but there was no solutiont,a week after using water therapy all pains stopped my body was free ,i did not felt tired.I stopped to use medication because i am free know i thank God to use Prophet TB Joshua to safe my life.

  17. Good Morning People of GOD. i am taking water theraphy for every morning and in the afternoon because i need the grace of God in my life. i know God of T.B Joshua is looking to me and he will heal every pain of life that i have. since i started to take water therapy there is change in my life i dont feel much pains that i have especially when i woke up. what i need is delivarance and breakthrough in my life.

  18. deviil! you again! people of GOD this is a lie from the pit of hell.ITS REGULAR WATER the one you drink everyday from your tap or bottle water you buy.Don’t mind this busy body who has given himself/herself as a slave to satan!

    • U drink water from the tap every morning ,afternoon and evening drink 1 litre morning before meal lunch 1/2 a litre and eve 1/2 a litre .u will testify that’s what the man of god shared.may god bless you.he didn’t say buy water from him wherever u r .u can buy from supermarket or use tap water.why do people say different things .thank u man of god those who believe will testify.

  19. We thank God for the lives of the prophet and the wise men;ref to comment of the sale of anointing sticker/water,wristbands these r not for sale either on line the one posting it is a fraudster

  20. Emmanuel I thank lord for the revelation of water therapy through our prophet tb jousha .some where am mis understand on how I can take this water .it says morning 1.5litter after noon 0.5 litter eveerning 0.5 litter , want to know about morning , we need to take this water before eat anything or after eating ?

    • #Nkalo, I think in the afternoon and evening it’s 750ml. Pls correct me if I missed that point also. For me it has helped me to lose 3kgs since January.

  21. Thanks to you brother Emmanuel.
    I start my water therapy this 05 February 2015 and ; next month i’ll share my testimony to the world.
    Jean Claude FOE FOE

  22. I pray alone on emmanuel tv,starting my water therapy 2moro,ve b bookd for fibroid in d womb,I believe I will b heal by the God of tb joshua,this I told my doctor thank you daddy for all the good work

  23. My miracle baby is on the way I am prophecying to the dried bones to come together in the name of JESUS I am prophecying to the blocked cubes to be open in the name of JESUS amen and amen

  24. Good one there, we thank GOD for what HEhas down for pipus life and for HIM to send man of GOD PAPA TBJ thank you JESUS!!!

  25. We thank God. Wirj God nothing is impossible. I know my miracle is about to come as well with the water therapy ever since i started it about a month ago. GOD IS WORKING WONDERS and am not giving up.

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