“I CRAWLED TO THE TV AND TOUCHED THE SCREEN…” – Incredible Emmanuel TV Testimony

Here is the miraculous testimony of Mr. Nicolas Mohlala who received an incredible healing through praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV! Indeed, distance is not a barrier to the Holy Spirit!

“For those of you who think the age of miracles has passed, you are lost! I have a testimony to share as God has added another year to my life. It is for the glory of God that I give this testimony. For those of you who know about my car accident that happened on 2nd April, you will agree with me on this.

“It was a terrible one! When I got to the hospital, my feet were swollen and an x-ray revealed that my two calcareous bones (in the heel) were broken beyond repair. My lateral hub, nose and mouth were severely damaged as well. I couldn’t even breathe properly!

“Later a woman who is a mother to my friend came in as she was there to visit the husband. She offered a prayer for me and ministered the Anointing Water she received from Prophet T.B. Joshua. I immediately felt better and they later removed the breathing mask from me.

“The Doctors were afraid to carry out an operation because they said the area affected was a complex structure of many bones joined together. They waited until the swelling reduced and then booked me for an operation. Even if I had the operation, I was told it would take me over six months sitting on the wheelchair before recovery. I prayed that God would somehow make a way for me not to be operated upon.

“The next morning, the doctors came and told me they cancelled the operation! I was rejoicing inside me knowing that God has answered my prayer. After two weeks I was discharged and given moon boots and crutches to go home. I could not even stand off my hospital bed because the pain was so severe. I used a wheelchair just to get to the car that took me home.

“It remained difficult for a week at home until one fateful Saturday when I was watching the Emmanuel TV Live Service from The SCOAN. There was a young lady with a similar problem to mine who was at the prayer line. I crawled to the TV to touch the screen as crawling was the quickest way I could move at that time!

“With faith, I touched the screen of Emmanuel TV and prayed along with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, when he prayed for the lady. When he said, “Amen”, I said, “Amen” too! Immediately a force and strength entered me. I stood and walked down the passage praising God and shouting. My mum came running in and was shocked to see me walking and she rejoiced with me in tears.

“People of God, that is how I have been able to walk freely without the crutches ever since that day. You have to understand that I could not walk an inch even with one crutch before this miracle. I went to visit my friend that day and he asked me where my crutches were. I laughed and shared the wonderful testimony with him. Praise God!

“Brethren, God is alive and Jesus has risen from the dead. He is alive today. By His spirit, he can be anywhere, at anytime. No matter the problem you may be facing, don’t run away from God but run to Him. He will see you through. Glory be to God!”

Nicolas Mohlala

166 thoughts on ““I CRAWLED TO THE TV AND TOUCHED THE SCREEN…” – Incredible Emmanuel TV Testimony

  1. People of God outside Nigeria beware of fraudsters,they are using tb joshua ‘s name,picture,and ministries to deceive you regarding the anointing water.
    Fraudsters have manage to prepare fake water and they are sending to people who are ordering from their fake email,their water is just ordering water from tape without power.
    Scoan team never send out the anointing water to people,to get it ask someone who are going scoan to collect it for you,be vigilant,open your eyes,fraudsters are determined to con you ☎️☎️☎️☎️☎️📞📞📞📞📞😳😳😳😳☎️☎️☎️☎️📞📞📞📞😳😳😳☎️☎️☎️

  2. I need the torch of Jesus Christ over my life to deliver me from the demon of lost of memory, stage fright, confusion and incoherent in speach amongst other difficulties. Please Prophet TB Joshua and His Holy Spirit filled Team pray for me for total and complete deliverance in the name of Jesus, Amen!

  3. emmanal indeed god is faithfull.the god of prohept tb joshua,u have been healing athers,heal my own too i have abrocken leg and separition from the anckle which the doctors are saying i need opareting in the anckle but i refused to do it,coz i belive my god will heal me,coz he has healed me bfor here in the media for breast carncer and i belive he will heal me agein from this,myleg iam using the anointing water,aswhile the god of prophet tb joshua heal me myleg in the blood og the holy ghost fire in jesus mighty name i pray amen

  4. Whaooo! Mr. Nicolas, i like your faith.I have always been doubting if this issue of touching the screen and been healed,delivered and transformed is real because i have tried it several times to get my own healing in vain.Little did i know that it needed faith to work.Man of God please pray for me that God should increase my faith so that my healing and breakthrough should come to the Glory of God through the you (Prophet TB Joshua).i am next to testify in Jesus name.

  5. Amen that is true bcoz i so it happen 2 to me, am   who am  becoz of God,s hand on througth TB Juasha am blesst i believe God will touch others in a supar nature way.now i papa TBJUASHA to pray 4 nethew katongo chealse is as on mand please  please pray for him i know he can be heald in jesus name ,leah chibesa from zambia.

  6. Our God is a living God,the God of Prophet T.B Joshua ,I believe in and i know that i am remain bless, healing and deliver forever and ever Amen.

  7. I am so grateful to all the testimony happening through the touch screen of Emmanuel tv or through the anointing water of Prophet TB Joshua. Let those have ears to hear and those have eyes to see. Its all bout Jesus of Nazarret. I thank God for Prophet TB Joshua and no matter the devil will try, he will not overcome the man of God because Greater is He that in the Prophet then devil in the world. Praise be to the Almighty God forever and ever. Amen

  8. Emmanuel. All SCOAN members and admirers of Prophet T. B. Joshua can watch Emmanuel TV in 3D on our Perfect Internet 3D tablets. Please visit http://pi3dtab.co.uk to order your 3D tablets and watch Prophet T. B. Joshua in 3D from any part of the world. Payment is via Paypal so you are sure that your money is safe and that the 3D tablet you ordered would be shipped to you anywhere in the world.

  9. I would like to send a message of support to the man of God Mr TB Joshua there are things that happens for a reasons, this are one of those that is beyond control.I hope he doesn’t loose faith and hope and continue to preach word of a God.

  10. am rily rily touched by this testimony an am also rejoicing with u mr mohlala may the good God continue blessing U with many many years.. AND I THANK MAN OF GOD PROPHET T.B JOSHUA FOR MAKING IT POSSIBLE FOR THE DISTANCE 2 B NOT A BARRIER BY CREATING EMMANUEL TV MAY GOD BLESS HIM WITH MANY MANY YEARS. AMEN!!

  11. Yes there is power in the prayers of our senior prof. Tb joshua and i like joining him in the prayer secssion but my problem is i’ve a broken bone on my right leg and could not touch the screen while prayer is going on but b/c i still beleive on what my God can do i usually point at the screen when it’s prayer time, may God use my believe to heal me as He uses to heal others in Jesus name. Amen

    • We are saving a living GOD yes He is alive. Let us trust in every word the Man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua teaches us. In Jesus Name – Amen.

  12. GOD of SCOAN,you never say goodbye,my husband’s job is lifted up by this testimony in JESUS name,let your mercy speak for me oh GOD OF PROPHET T.B JOSHUA.

  13. For real distance wont block you from the love of Christ, I see it working a lot the prayers I pray along with Prophert T.B
    Joshua really change my life. I encourage viewers all over the world just touch the screen and pray along with Prophert T.B.Joshua if you are in any situation. God lives, your life will change for the best.


  14. God is great, i thank God for sending us a holy man like prophet TB Joshua. i am hoping for a healing of hiv/aids for me and my partner. I am really confused dont know what to do as i was @ the clinic today i was told that my cd4 count is very low at the same time i am 28 wks pregnant. Pliz pray for my deliverance and complete healing from this deadly disease. I know God can as well do it for me if he can do it to others

  15. Emmanuel!!!people og God praise the Lord,indeed we serve a living God.If he did it for Mr Mohlala he can still do it for us,remember he is the same yesterday today and forever.Amen

  16. Praise the Lord! Indeed the miracle working God is alive in the name of Jesus Christ i thank God 4 your healing .God bless you abundantly amen

    • Take ur remot and go to the buton of changing to the public where u can find. Just find sam1 to restore the frequency for public. Thank u remain blessed. In Jesus name

  17. God is good all the time and all the time He is God and his goodness remains thesame without changing!, The kingship belongs to Him God. Praise the Lord for His goodness. People of God the power of God is in our presence today, TB Joshua is reprenting the physical power of God in our miste today if you only believe God and trust on the one He has sent, then you are part of the chosen and then you will benefite from the gift of God for this generation thats all!, do you beleive?, then trust on the one God has sent, TB Joshua and you will be bless in Jesus name Amen thank you lord.

    • hello every one please i need your prayers i just applied for admission into the University of Faculty of Engineering and Technology . i will be very greatful to God if my application is accepted.

  18. Dear Prayer Department,
    I in the name of The Lord like to thank you for standing with me
    In praying for me, I’m very up-sad in the name of Jesus
    I obviously was hired to be a store manager yesterday evening I was advise by my director a Chines Sandra Lau that I was to report to my Boss Pilipino he obviously is an ordinary carpenter and I skill and train and have expertise as a Store manager, been managing bigger stores in my country.
    Their intention is for me to set up the store and mandate given away to Pilipino , therefore I’m broken in sadness and ask your man and women God to pray for me to Join Ela Enterprise , I already done my interview and been consider but had ask me to wait till they find position to fit me in.
    Pray for Dhawal Patel company director and his senior manager Marc to speed the progress for me to leave Tropicana and resume my official duty with Ela Enterprise next week,

    Thank you, in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ

  19. Amen thank you God of TB Joshua for doing miraculous things to our lives and to change the nations and the world.
    Dorothy my wish is to come to SCOAN one day and by the grace of God I know one day it will happen in Jesus Name.

  20. I am so much encouraged and pray for my faith to be lifted up like others. If GOD can look into oother people’s life and Change them,who am I not to believe HIS powers and miracles and just his love for US. I will live to praise my GOD all the days of my life,AMEN

  21. This is wonderfull i pray that God will give you the strength to maitain your deliverence so you can live for him more and more

  22. Emmanuel, thank you people of God for sharing with us all these wonderful testimonies. God is alive, truely speaking.

    Distance is not a barrier even if I am in Zimbabwe watching emmanuel tv live sermons it will be the same with people in Nigeria.

    May you pray for me and my whole family against the spirits of sickness, diseases, business failure, limitation in progress, generational curse, spirit of death, spiritual wives, spirit of lusty, Amen.


    knowledge Masuko

  23. Man of God please remember me in your prayers. I have been a person of facing obstacles in every step of my life. Please help me, i am overwhelmed with problems; i can’t even write them down here. Please man of God help me


  25. Amen, Prophet TB Joshua I tap to your faith and power of the blood of Jesus and almighty God and receive my deliverance and restoration in all areas of my life. Amen.

  26. praise the name of Jesus , I feel blessed after reading this testimonies how distance is nt a barrier
    please notify me how I can get the annointing water in kenya Nairobi city.
    God bless.

  27. I love Emmanuel TV is good father to everyone else god bless you and keep you long time soon, i coming to see you there on October.

    • Indeed God is great may you please pray with me against the spirit of sugar diabetes, high blood pressure, backwardness, limitation, poverty, financial breakthrough in my life and family in Jesus name. As He did it to others He will also do it to Me. I give him all the honour and all the glory. Amen

  28. This is a true prophet of God .I and my wife believes in him and we are sure one day soon we shall recieve the annointing water.

  29. I also have a testimony, my elder sister who visited our mother to be taken to our local church to be prayed for due to the problem of breech presentation of her 8 months old pregnancy, received her healing instantly while she prayed along with prophet TB Joshua on emmanuel tv. After we had closed from our local church at about 8:30pm it was late for her to return home that night with 4year old daughter so she decided to spend the night at our mom’s. In the morning the next day, while they were watching emmanuel tv’s rebroadcasts the prophet was praying and her lil daughter placed one hand on the screen so her mother held on to her other hand and immediately her mother started feeling a sharp pain of movement in her womb for few minutes. Later when she visited the hospital for the scan which the doctor had requested upon examination because the baby was breeched turned out to be normal. Praise the lord God of hosts who daily load us with His benefits, Amen!

  30. Very wonderful testimony!! When prayer and ministration of the Anointing Water was done on Mr. Nicolas Mohlala, he immediately felt well & breathing mask was removed from him! Anointing Water instantly, brought calmness, in his health, Wow! What a God we `ve to serve! What a son we`ve to praise! What a future lies b4 us! I like this part of the testimony which says, when Prophet TB Joshua was at the prayer line, praying for a lady with a case similar to his, he crawled, touched the screen and when she said Amen! He too said Amen! He immediately, threw away his crutches and walked! Wow! What a coincidence! Our God is so awesome, He puts ways for us to so that He fulfills His promises, that are in His Word. So He made these arrangements, He knew this man would rise and walk, on this particular day! I pray I don’t miss these live services, even the rebroadcasted ones, there so powerful. They`ve done a lot to me as well! I thank God for the Heavenly Frequency in our midst! Thank you Jesus Christ! Thank you Prophet TB Joshua!! Emmanuel!!!

  31. Lord help me to live a life of believing and having faith in you as am expecting my breakthroughs in finances,work,family,business and children wisdom.

  32. Hallelujah thank you Jesus for the life of prophet T B Joshua. Lord, strengthen him more and more man of our generation long live my mentor!

  33. Woaw!Awesome!what an inspiring testimony,I believe really that distance is not a barrier,Jesus is alive!Be blessed Mr Mohlala n I love Ps TB Joshua,I follow u n watch n pray with u always.Glory be to Jesus!!

  34. Glory be to the living God for we serve a living true God. Father as you did it for him I know that you have answered my prayers too in Jesus mighty name I thank you amen.

  35. Amen! i believe in jesus christ our lord and saviour, the commioun of saint, the resurrection of body and the life everlasting AMEN. Lord jesus i commit myself unto ur able hand -my body nd my soul. I believe in you. You are my personal lord and saviour, my strength, my frtress and my refuge. O God i ask for ur healing, deliverance and breakthrough into my life I SAVE ME, CLEANES ME WITH HYSOP ND WASH ME to be whiter than snow and Forgive my SINS AMEN

  36. Praise be to God most high. thank you Jesus for your mercy and favour. Thank you Lord Jesus for setting your children free from bondage. Jesus is alive. Thank you for healing our brother halleluyah. God of Prophet T.B Joshua let your mercy and favour deliver my nephew Sunta, may your holy hand touch my nephew in Jesus’ name Amen.

  37. I  believe  my  own  miracle  is  on  the  way,because  i  always  touch  the  screen  of  my  laptop  whenever  senior  prophet  TB  Joshua  is  praying  for  the  viewers.

  38. God of Tb Joshua come thru for me.Limitation setback poverty dissappointment is not my portion.Let the word of God be true in my life.My joy of my salvation is gone nothing seem to make senses in my life.

  39. After recieving annointing water and annointing sticker for Car and House in 2012 from the Senior Prophet. I stopped smoking and gradually I started building a 5 Bedroom apartment which is to be completed soon. I love you TB Joshua and pray to come over for my testimony soon. Emmanuel!!! Sincerely Distance is not a Barrier

  40. Wow what do people of God want if you can read such miracle of God happening to us. God is with us indeed. The only way is to run to him and praise him.
    Do not wait to be told let your heart tell you want to do with the work of almighty.

  41. I would like to know how can I get annointing water and the stickers of scoan,I am based in jhb germiston in South Africa.please help Man of God

  42. Please I want to know if scoan.reachout2dworld(at)gmail.com could still Process ma visiting. They send me Anointing Water and Stickers in Pretoria South Africa last year, now am ready to visit.
    Please need help and thanks to them

  43. Hossanna in the Highest.

    Touching testimony.
    If one can crawl to the TV, that surely is faith. Am really encouraged. Am next in line


  45. I got a testimony as well i been praying with the men of God last nighty for the rebrodcasting of sunday and i hand i sharp pain on top of my right breast and i had a strong headche and my ears was also paining me i start vomiting in front of the tv today oll the pain is gone and i m free in jesus name

  46. Praise be to God in the Highest, he made wat seemed impossible in the eyes of man possible. I pray for the holy spirit to guide those who belong to Him. May he give the man of God Prophet T B Joshua more grace and I ask for mercy that one day I may make it to Scoan to receive the favour of God that I have for a long time awaited. I remain anticipating for this mercy and favour as I say thank you Lord for hearing me.

  47. The God of TB joshua pls take every spirit of poverty from family. Give my mum her heart desire that job she has been lookin for God may this year not pass her by in the name of jesus lord jesus send helpers to my family dis month of august in the name of jesus thank u lord for answery my prays AMEN


  49. To God be the groly and am also waiting for my day too to be delivered through the touch of the screen May God help me to have deep faith in Jesus name Amen.

  50. Those who continuously deceive people about sending them anointing water and other stuffs should stop. Everyone should know that we cannot get any of those items, unless we travel to SCOAN ourselves or we have a trustworthy person in Lagos that can get one for us.

  51. Praise the Lord,everything is possible with God,we all thank God for sending his Prophet T.B.Joshua to deliver and heal us

  52. Emannuel!. to.God be all the glory. i realy touched by all the testominies from Emannuel t.v. truly nothing is imposible to God, and no one can hide from His presence. he is the almighty God indeed. i hope and believe with all of my heart that soon my tesmony will be heard and read all of the world. God is good all the time and i know that whatever he is doing to others, he will also do it for me. i give all thanks to him. emannuel! and please, if anyone knows how i can find annointing water, please drop me the info at makombip@gmail.com
    stay blessed

  53. please people if there is someone with email address for man of God TB Joshua to help me send me my email address is vsamalumo@yahoo.com please even if there is someone who knows how i contact him please brothers and sisters help me i have a problem and Thanks man of God to what you did to my brother mr. mohlala and thanks God to have given us a powerful prophet more especially this time of trouble in this world.


  55. hello to every one please i need your prayers because just applied for admission into the University of Faculty of Engineering and Technology i will be very greatful to God if my admission is accepted.

  56. I come from a very poor family..& since i have read great testmonies from your ministry please man of God..pray with me so that i may break the yoke of poverty in my family. Am from kenya (in some remote areas) and cannot access tv, please you can communicate with me through my email address above. God bless you as i wait for my miracle in Jesus name.

  57. I beg you man of God please, Prophet T B Joshua to assign one of the wise men as my prayer partner. I know my family and I will be delivered when I pray and interuct with one of them…..Amen

  58. I pray to God of prophet T B Joshua who is alminpresent for breakthroughs of my business ,spiritual growth and protection over my life in the mighty name of Jesus i pray AMEN

  59. Jesus is the same yesterday,today & forever & I fully believe there is nothing impossible for Him. Very soon, I will also bring my testimony…Amen

  60. last year l stand in my mother compound and seven men appeared u appear in my right hand and they thrown some thing on you and u fell and fall with u and u asked do I know why u fall i said. after that the whole of my family we were attack Praise God we are a life. After my crusade in my village there was a coten tree I appeared inside the tree inside there was seven kingdom I enter four to go back u came and told me that is still remain three kingdom and u took me in side u say is finished we came out through another way praise God

  61. I pray that l and my family may experience the love, grace and healing power of God in us through Christ our Lord and Saviour.Amen!!! l ask for pastor T.B.Joshua’s prayers.

  62. je suis bitoke hermann Togolais De 39 ans rien ne va dans ma vie dans ma famille priez pour moi j’ai besoin d’une restoration. comment faire pour avoir the anointy water ou une réservation pour la synagogue que Dieu vous benisse

  63. Thank you Lord for your healing, deliverance as well as your blessings. You are my God, i run to you Lord to rescue me from all the bondages i might be having. In Jesus name i pray.. Amen

  64. Amen! Praise God for the healing of Mr Mohlala. God will not grow old and forget His promises, that’s why we have Prophet TB Joshua in our generation.

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