Here is the uplifting testimony of a retired army general and traditional ruler in Ghana who was set free from the scourge of asthma, which had afflicted him for 41 long, painful years, after ministering the Anointing Water he received at The SCOAN.

“My name is Chief Joseph Searyoh. I’m a traditional chief and also a retired army general. I have suffered from the dreadful disease of asthma for 41 years. The asthma really tormented my life, especially when I was growing up. I was allergic to humidity and especially had asthma attacks during the season when flowers produce pollen grains. Because of this sickness, I could not do any strenuous jobs. I also could not ride horses, which used to be my favorite hobby which I loved so much.

“I visited SCOAN Lagos in July 2012 where I was privileged to receive the Anointing Water from Prophet T.B. Joshua. After returning to Ghana, one night I was severely attacked by the disease when I was about to sleep. I prayed, ministered the Anointing Water and I had INSTANT RELIEF. Boosted in faith, I continued to pray and minister the Anointing Water and ever since then, I have been COMPLETELY HEALED from asthma. I threw away the ventolin inhaler I used previously and began to do all those things I previously couldn’t do.

“I can confidently say that Jesus has healed me and set me free from this dreadful and embarrassing disease. Praise Jesus for His wonderful mercies! Discovering The SCOAN has changed my life for good. I promise I will live for Jesus the rest of my life and I am desirous to spread the Gospel in my region, believing that all will come to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Chief Joseph Searyoh, Ghana


  1. He is a faithful God and when He promised to be with us always until the end of the world He meant it. The onus is on us to develop and maintain an unshakeable faith no matter what situation we find ourselves in, for he promised to see us trough in Jesus’ Name.


  3. Two weeks ago a friend husband went to scoan, she brought anointing water and gave us a little, I felt light and relieved of the burdens I have been carrying, let us have your books prophet tb.joshua in our bookshops,kenya, I need to read more of them, have read the mirrow, way to cure, its marvelous. thank you man of God.

  4. Dear the prophet,            Am glad to write to you and what God is doing the through you as a vessel of God ,i have a problem am a pastor i always watch Emmanuel TV am asking if i can come my married is bad stastes am a chaplain in the Army Zambia.Please the prophet am sick in my body help me by allowing me to come for the healing of my soul,may God continuing using you papa with all the wise man. Pastor Zyambo James

    • May his holly name be praised for ever and ever. God bless our Prophet in our days. Praise the leaving God. May the Lord have mercy on me on the days of my life.

  5. that is the really blood of Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Remember the blood of Jesus on the cross of Calvary now and for eve it’s physically in the anointing water!! praise the living Jesus Hosanna in the Highest!!that is the blood of my Jesus who save who let us see and feel they spirit hallelujah !!!
    praises my living Jesus, Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Papa thank you to open our spiritual eyes to see God”s wonders in Jesus name.

  6. Lets praise the Good news …and all people should know that Jesus died for us ,for healing ,salvation . we thank GOD FOR MAN OF GOD TB JOSHUA TO OUR LIFE

    • Who else on earth can do what our prophet is doing MR .T.B Joshua,look at his right hand you will tell the nation of his good,glorious and wonders.Some prophets are selfish but to our changing lives,changing the world and changing the nation prophet it is truly god speaking through MR.T.B. Joshua,just connect to him and you receive what you ask for.
      May our Lord give him many more years to come and so that he will take life from darkness to light.l thank you the man of god,my restorer.

  7. Great works of God as assured us in John 14: 12 – 14. He is still with us via the Holy Ghost. I have also been heeled from severe headaches and stiff necks which symptoms of stroke just by the administering the anointing water by faith. I received it from Accra branch where i live. To God be the Glory. Thank God for giving us Prophet T.B. Joshua.

  8. I thank GOD for TB JOSHUA,pls pray for my son UWANGA MUDAU who is eight months,he is suffer of ECZIME.i know by your powerful prayer you will heal him ,thank you and god bless u

  9. Praise The Lord. I am born again.However ,I was very oblivious of the operation of evil spirits.I never knew that lots of diseases and infirmities are caused by these spirits.My eyes have been opened and my faith has been built based on what I have watched and listened to.I am most grateful to this ministry for apart from the many healings, it is an eye opener since it reveals how the evil spirits operate so that the christian is prepared for effective combat.May our ever good Lord bless the prophet and the whole SCOAN team.I am Evans, I live in Kenya.

    Jesus is faithful!


  10. My name is Joshua.I’m a Nigerian but currently living in Bangkok,Thailand.I’m a strong believer and follower of Jesus Christ through Senior prophet T.B Joshua.Please I’m in need of Anointing Water for my miracle and breakthrough here in Thailand and I will like to know how it can be send to my base here.please I really need you assistance.

     Thanks for your anticipated respond.    Yours faithfully,  Joshua.

  11. Oh GOD of prophet T.B JOSHUA,you are kind to human,you never change nor sleep,oh GOD of prophet T.B JOSHUA,let the marriage between me Catherine Ewoade and Anthony Dzankurah,on the 30th august 2014,be succesful in JESUS CHRIST NAME,thank you LORD for answer prayer.

  12. Oh GOD of prohet T.B JOSHUA,you are kind to human,you never change nor sleep,oh GOD of prophet T.B JOSHUA,let the marriage between me Catherine Ewoade and Anthony Dzankurah,on the 30th august 2014,be succesful in JESUS CHRIST NAME,thank you LORD for answer prayer.

  13. God so love the world that He gave his only son who soever believed in Him should never perish but have life internal!. The lord has said it if you believe Him through His word you have all that He has promisse. For the promisse is for those who trust and believed and believe also the prophet He has sent, praise the Lord. the Prophet will live long for delivrance, healing and reveling to mankind the tricks of that stupide devil, satan lusifer and his folish agent. Thank you lord Jesus Christ be prais for ever oh lord.

  14. hello,sir ,i am referring to TBJoshua,do you send out this healing water,i am 72 and i had a bad stroke last year i was in hospital for 2 months,i am on the road to recovery now as it has been a 19 months,i have worn glasses all my life and i worked hard to save up to get enough so i could retire ,my knees are not bending like they should,do you think you can help me in any way in the name of Jesus,i have always believed in god,i know all the good things he did to people on this earth.i am looking forward to hearing from you.kind regards R J Dalton.   seeyou later aligator , have a great day  next week

  15. Emmanuel!!!,we thank God by giving us this service I belive distance is not a barrier for receiving my prayer miracle now Man of of GOD pray for my business to grow up In JESUS NAME,AMEN

  16. I  thank  God, Jesus  his  son  for  saving  the  life  of  this  man  after  41years  of  suffering,  through  the  Anointing  water he  was  saved.Senior  prophet  TB  Joshua   always  tells  us  distance  is  not  a  barrier, and  I  always  touch  the  screen  to  pray  with  him.I  believe  God  will  help  me  to get  money  for  my  ticket  to  come  to  SCOAN for  my  own  Anointing  water.I  am  living  in  Tokyo-Japan  working  for  25years  now  but  i  cannot  go  home  to  see  my  kids  and  wife  in  Nigeria  because of  no  money  at  hand.I  need  deliverance  to  conquer  this.I  am  a  true  believer  and  I  know  my  Breakthrough  is  waiting  for me.

  17. I am patiently waiting for the Scoan visit that was booked last week. This month end is my birthday and intend to spend some quality time together with God. It should be possible to get some new stickers. Last time I was able to get sticker holders so that I can renew it. When the Scoan visit is through, I shall plead to be considered for a Faith bracelet which is a lifetime item. The Faith bracelet will need instructions to use it even for adults as with the youth. Whatever it takes to get the bracelet I shall spare every thing to get really involved as a problem solver. May God bless the Synagogue Church Of All Nations and Senior Prophet TB Joshua IJN.

  18. We thank God with a life of senior prophet TB Joshua, with so much testimonies my faith it’s lifted. I also visited SCOAN last in July my daughter this month August, so much I would like to tell the world about the miracles/our jaws are dropped down everyday we cannot stop thanking God/the God of senior Prophet TB Joshua about annoyiting sticker and annoyiting water Glory to the leaving God for delivarance and healing of my home his name is Jesus. Amen


  20. May the name of our Lord Jesus be praise now and for ever. Amen

    Also I pray for my step children that are having this same asthma, that God should remember them and heal them too in Jesus name.. Amen

  21. Glory be to God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth! It is by His Grace that we have His Humble servants like Senior Prophet TB Joshua!

    • Thanks for having such an inspirational channel and provision that God has given us through his Powerful Prophet T.B.JOSHUA..My life is not the same after having an access to this channel and how I wish to be in Scoan personal.God bless.

  22. I bless d name of the Lord for dis wonderful testimony, I just can’t wait to share mine, I need to be healed from joblessness, financial harrasement, diabetes and hypertension. Pls help me, how can I be prayed for. And hv d anointing water. Thx.

  23. Man of god I thank God for your life, you really inspire us, each an every day when we watch your channel we can be rejuvenated by your words of encouragement. Please man of god pray for me for the anointing.

  24. God word is powerful and life giving it really give a reason to face tomorrow and the future it connect us to the hotline to heaven for cervices through Jesus Christ our saviour amen

  25. Gloire soit a l’Eternel.
    Je ne cesserai jamais de dire merci au seigneur Jesus Christ pour la grâce infinie qu’il nous a faite de nous avoir envoyé un prophète de la dimension du prophète TB Joshua.
    Je prie tous les jours que L’Eternel continue à lui ouvrir son trésor de sagesse,de connaissances, de conseil , d’intelligence et de la crainte de son nom.
    Merci seigneur Jesus Christ pour les millions de vies que tu sauves tous les jours a travers ton serviteur le prophète TB JOSHUA.
    Emmanuel. Que Dieu vous bénisse,encore et encore. A bientôt.

  26. Emmanuel. Glory be to God our supreme Healer,Ruler, Deliverer,Light,Strength Salvation…OUR EVERYTHING.EVERYTHING THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH MAN IS VERY VERY VERY POSSIBLE WITH GOD

  27. salut a vous frères de la Distance is not a barrier  comment dois-je faire pour arriver à la SCOAN sil vous plais aider mois je vous en prie.

    • God is good all the time, all the time God is good. Distant is truly no excuse.. our God is faithful…..Amen

  28. Thank you Jesus,what is impossible with man is possible with,we thank God for the testimony,God is faithful always am a living testimony I survived meningtis,to God be the glory Man of God pray with me for divine favour to open closed doors in Jesus name Amen

  29. Am blessed with the testimonies and God be the glory. Now I would wish to have the anointing water for my healing ,am from Kenya and I would like to received the healing from HIV as I believed that God will so His wonders the distance will not block my healing through anointing water, kindly reply so that I know what can be done to receive the annointing water for total healing.


  30. God almighty thank u once more for all the beautiful things uve done for me, just wanted to say thank you ALMIGHTY URE HOLLY U RE HOLLY AND THANK U MAN OF GOD TB JOSHUA AND THE WISE MAN. AMEN

  31. Let the amazing grace of God manifest in our lives. God will never let us be ashamed by the enemy, to Him be the groly.

  32. Man of God,I believe with the power of god in ministry,may the will of god be done in our life,please also pray for me man of god.

  33. I thank God for this ministry everyday. They reach and change thousands if lives everyday. They do more than any other ministry there is out there. God really loves His people.

  34. Am very glad 4 our father 4 his testimony. I will encourage everybody who will read this that their testimonies are just around the corner, they should put their trust in Jesus ONLY, in ALL their situation ALWAYS.God bless you

  35. its true God has power when us who are in trouble we also show that we believe in him and the Man of God will also have power to show us the wonders

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