Mr and Mrs Friday Yorka from USA sent in this wonderful testimony concerning how God used the Anointing Water to bring fruitfulness to their marriage after 10 years of barrenness!

“Emmanuel! We write to thank God for the great thing He has done in our lives. It has been a difficult journey for our family and friends as we have been going through the problem of infertility for over 10 years. Doctors could not help us, despite all their best efforts. We had come to the point where we had basically given up hope of having children together. However, some time last year, my stepsister visited The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria. When she returned, we visited her and she gave us one bottle of the Anointing Water. We prayed with it, ministered it together and then met as husband and wife.

“To the glory of God, our prayer of over ten years was answered that very month! On the 11th April 2014, my wife delivered a bouncing baby boy! We want to use this opportunity to thank God and the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, for giving himself to be used by God.-Truly, distance is not a barrier and when God says yes to any situation, no one can say no! The name of our son is Barididum Emmanuel Samuel and we promise to train him in the way of the Lord.”

As Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “There are no natural words to describe it except to say, ‘Thank You, Jesus!’ “

230 thoughts on “TEARS OF 10 YEARS BARRENNESS MIRACULOUSLY WIPED AWAY | Anointing Water Testimony

  1. People of God beware of fraudsters in this page !!!

    Scoan team never send out the anointing water to people via DHL courier,to get it ask someone who are going to scoan to collect it for you,and it’s for free,free,do not ordering any items from Internet ,tel,email,beware of fraudsters,don’t be the next victim.
    Together we can stop fraudsters in this site.

  2. Good morning. Glory to God in highest for what he has done to the life of our friend through the medium of Anointing Water for the salvation of her soul. Our wonderful and faithful Savior Jesus Christ is good all the time he wipes away all the tears of his children he created. He deserves honor and praises because of his marvelous deeds which he has done to mankind and which he will do in future.

    • Emmanuel.man of God may the almighty pour more anointing on you.to impact our lives through Emmanuel TV. anointing water and anointing stickers .i know more testimonies will come .i love you.

    • Good morning. Glory to God in the highest for his mercy and favor. Almighty God used the medium of Anointing Stickers and Anointing Water to bless his children which he created. Many lives have been saved through the medium of Anointing Water and Anointing Sticker. Our Lord Jesus Christ is present everywhere and he is available all the time if you look for him.

  3. Man of god please help me,I’ve been straggling to conceive it’s know 10 years my marriage is falling apart help me man of god.fom SOUTH AFRICA

    • Good morning. Our heavenly Father did not give you his beloved Son only but he also gave you a lot of things to enjoy. He loves you so much. It gladdens his heart to to see his children happy. I encourage you to trust him and be a doer of his Word always. Our Heavenly Father is faithful he will not forsake you and he is ready to give you what you ask from him by faith in Jesus name.

  4. Man of god keep on doing the great job.I know was send him,our father God. Pli i need anointing water from you and pliz pray for my job i am working no pay my bondadge and me to be used buy jesus christ. Amen!!

    • Good morning the Greatest Physician Lord Jesus Christ lives he never said goodbye he is near you. When you call him him he will he will answer. I encourage you to trust him and have faith in him. Read your Holy Bible and pray everyday so that you will grow. Love his Living Word and love your faithful Heavenly Father and his beloved Son Lord Jesus Christ. with all your heart with all your strength and with all your mind.;

  5. I want to thank the Most High for this opportunity and gift of life in me, Prophet T.B Joshua and the presence of the anointing water now in our house, and all who give their testmonies, one day it will surely be my lovely wife and me giving testmonies. I pray for God’s touch in our lives, in Jesus’ name, amen.

  6. Hello , I can see how people will testify the goodness of God through your ministry.May the Lord Jesus protect you ! Since I started watching your TV program ,my life is no more the same…

  7. I am delighted of what the Most High God has done in your family through the resurrection power of his only Son Lord Jesus Christ. He has put a quality smile on your faces. Since you have been blessed by Lord Jesus Christ. I encourage you to owner him and do not depart from his ways and be ruled by his word and make the Word of God standard for life so that your blessings will remain permanent in Jesus Christ name.

    Become an Emmanuel TV Partner so that you transform lives of people and put smiles on their faces in Jesus Christ name

  8. Man of God please prayer for,i overheard my boy friend telling telling his friend that his pastor said he should’nt marry me.please I don’t know why pray for me

  9. Am thanking God in advance becoz thru these testimonies pipo have given i believ tht i have also received my children in jesus’name.

    • hold on to him with with faith and never allow the devil to tell you that your prayers will never be answered, God knows what is best for us as his children, he will give us what we ask from him when is the right time. just keep on thanking him and living for him while you are waiting for your blessing in the fruit of the womb.

    • Lord l am using the anointing water with my wife and 3 children,l have a month now started going to church and worship with my family and it was now 6years meno going to church and things were difficult for me so my started with kids then l had to follow them.MAN OF GOD pray for me as some men are planning to destroy my marriage and are saying they want to use evil spirits from herbs to make my wife love them so help me man of god.
      With glory of god l know they are defeated in Jesus name.A lady called Melody who is a witch comes to my wife and wants to play with my wife but my wife do not want,she is forcing,she is planning with her relatives(brothers ) to do evil to my wife and destroy our 15 years marriage with my wife.
      Every evil spirit is broken by Jesus.
      Amen.Time will tell for what they are doing to me,my wife and children.

      • make our living God who never said goodbye the pillar and protector of your familly, the witch doctors and all the devil plans shall bow un to him because he is the God of promises which never fails. the works of darkeness should never shake you, surrender all to him and be free when he is taking care of your situation and building your family, making your marriage stronger that before. He will because he is your father

        • Thanks,l put all my heart to god and my marriage is in god’s hands,that witch lady came again to my house and my wife did not want that so we prayed and give it to god,guidence is now in his hands. Amen.thanks for the faithfull answer from god.

    • If you watch Emmanuel T.V,do not worry just pray as the man of god will be saying viewers all over the world,that is a very big anointing touch the screen and receive your miracles,healing,deliverance in Jesus name.God’s time is now and the best.

      • Good morning. Our Messiah Lord Jesus Christ is good all the time. He is the greatest redeemer, he is the greatest deliverer and he is the greatest healer. He said call unto unto me and I will answer thee or I will answer you. If you seek him you will find him. I encourage you to read your Holy Bible and pray everyday so that you will grow. Love his Living Word and love our Heavenly Father and his beloved Son with all your heart, with all your strength, with all your soul and with all your mind.

  10. je suis l’une de vos fan et je compte avoir un contact avec vous pour beneficier des enseignements pour exhorter ceux de mon milieu et mettre ainsi le royaume de Dieu en avant

  11. OUR GOD will reinge forever,oh GOD,ur name must be glorify in every where,am happy for the couples,thank u JESUS .


    • Change your prayer points, and tell God Almighty that, His time is the best time for you to have your baby. As long as you have stepped in the Arrinal of liberty SCOAN your testimony is at your door. If you keep on trusting God Almighty through Jesus Christ Name. That’s my advice to you my dear sister.

      • I am also currently using anointing water with faith that I will carry my babies soon. I am praying to almighty God for this miracle to happen in the name of Jesus Christ .

        On Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 5:51 PM, Distance is not a barrier wrote:

        > chinedu51 commented: “Change your prayer points, and tell God Almighty > that, His time is the best time for you to have your baby. As long as you > have stepped in the Arrinal of liberty SCOAN your testimony is at your > door. If you keep on trusting God Almighty through Jesus Chri” >

        • I am also waiting upon my God to bless me with the fruit of the womb, i know my God will never leave me nor forsake me becos GOD’S TIME IS THE BEST – ALLELLUJAH, they may say anything bad to me as they are doing right now but i do not worry becos my Redemeer lives, I am trusting only on Him.

          • yaah Sis Therrie our redimer lives and he shall see us through the works of the devil and his servants, wait upon his for his timing is the best, trust hism for your bunch of hapiness in his blessing through the fruit of the womb, never despire, he will do it for you, i have seen him doing it for me after been told that i will never conceive by doctors, there is never a situation which is regarded as never in our living God, all is posible my dear. stay blessed and hold upto him…..

  13. We give God the Glory, I AM ALSO BELIEVING GOD FOR THE fruit of the womb and i know my God will also answer me this month in Jesus Name, through the medium of the anointing water!!!! Amen

      • i ha have received my banch of joy on the 09/03/2014 after 4 years of strugle and the doctors estations that i cannot conceive, so God is good and he never fails. my advise to the couples who have the similar situation with me is that they trust un to him.

  14. Glory be to God of TB JOSHUA, I was partake of this testimony in my family, married and as my husband don’t live with me all eye on my if she can ever be pregnant but the God of tb Joshua prove them wrong after my first miscarriage and I keep using the anointing water and behold am heavily pregnant now remain 2 months to put to birth, d testimony is still pending bcos I still need God handwork to finish my case so because of Christ my family blessing,healing and breakthrough must come to pass in Jesus name Amen. Emmanuel……

  15. i need a child man of god pray for me to have one i know it can be done cos through faith in jesus name ,it has been done on this earth.

  16. When ever great faith is there..then huge miracles are seen ..and heard.. This is the work of God…that should be supported financial…fully…

  17. Glory to God,as the man of God prophet TB joshua says the better is not good enough the best is yet to come “Amen”

  18. the bible says in the book of John 14:13, Whatever you ask in My name, I will do it so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

  19. We thank God for the miracle he did to this family, we also have 10 years in marriage but no issue we believe as God did it to this family he will do it for us in Jesus name. I visited SCOAN last month and i was opportuned to get Faith Bracelt and Anointing Water and a touch from man of God TB Joshua so i believe we are the next to share our testmony of fruit of the womb as we know that God of TB Joshua will not forsake us and when he says yes no one can say no. People of God stay blessed and wait for our testmony. Man of God continue pray for us to receive our children in Jesus name. Mr & Mrs Mokonopi

    • Please man of God let me have anointing water and share my own testimony, i live in Cameroon and i don’t know how i can get it.
      God is good, he is awesome and i know that through the anointing water i’ll be blessed.
      May God bless abundandly a prophet senior TB JOSHUA.

  20. I would like to get a bottle of anointing water, because my two children can not speak. But they have many anger. I am living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Could anybody help me to collect this anointing water from TB Joshua?

    Thanks. God bless all.

  21. Also I want to know how I can get d anointing water because I’m in Ghana and I can’t make it down there immediately but I can send somebody who will help me pick the water from your hand direct. Please I need the anointing water; I want to also be a living testimony. God bless.

  22. Man of God it’s been 5years now me with my wife have our first issue , looking for second issue but we find it difficult for me to pregnant my wife, we went many labs to know the cause, it appear that my sperm count is low. No piece in our heart looking way to have a second child we have tried many Ministries, Yoruba Herbal medicine and some of other way of the problem but no breakthrough. Please pray for us man Of God Prophet TB JOSHUA.
    Our names are. Mr. and Mrs. Donatus Chinedu Udeze.

  23. My name is Maud Searle, I am asking man of God to help me with
    the Anointing Water. I am born again and I love Jesus. All my life needs deliverance nothing is working out for me. I left my country South Africa 13-03-2013 to joint my husband in U.K Leeds.Its a nightmare!!! .

  24. Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus , I would like to know if its possible for me to order the annointing water and you post it to me here in south Africa . Thank you

  25. I am a child of God and Jesus has been good to me. A year ago I lost my husband. The Lord has not left me. Now my last son needs deliverance from drugs, smoking, stealing and neglect to be educated. Please Man of God help me. His name is James Paul Giphton Sankoh. May the Lord change him for the better.

  26. Man of God its been 7years now With my Husband still no Fruit of the Womb. no piece in my heart longing to have child i have tryed to many Traditional healings but nothing.please pray for me.

  27. Emmanuel.!! Man of God Senior Prophet TB. Joshua please pray for me and my son, brake every chain Satan have use to connect us to himself in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. I believe in God of TB. Joshua may God bless him and the wise man in what they do to the world.

    • Emmanuel:Please Man of God Prophet TB.Joshua Please pray for me and my husband brake every chain Statan have use to connect to himself.Amen.I married but i suffering in me married no Peace, no joy no love no communication lack of finances pls pray for us.me husband see me like Lino.

  28. Prophet T.B Joshua is truly a man of god.My manager gave me the anointing water,l take it home to my family,we prayed with it and we manage to buy a 2 plate and then now 4 plate stove.Since l start to use the anointing water,things have changed in my house,marriage,my three children.One day when we were watching Emmanuel TV,my wife said help us Mr TB Joshua next year we need a baby boy so l was happy and l need two boys help me.
    Now l have a sister who is in hospital in Botswana,operated 2 times and removed her uterus, l gave the anointing water to my wife who went there and the jesus lead me,so l know she is healed only time but god healed her and my wife is still there as she was admmited in INTENSIVE CARE, GLORY BE TO GOD FOR USING the man of god.l need a house,car good salary good living with my family,calm in my marriage. AMEN.

    • Emmanuel,my sister in hospital is now able to talk and laugh,my wife told me this today.The right hand of god is powerful,thank you man of god.
      l need a car,house,good salary and my marriage to be calm,promotion at work,work as usual and go to my family daily.

  29. Glory to god,distance is not a barrier here in Zimbabwe,my wife healed of stomach pain for a year and may the life of prophet T.B Joshua be more and more and more,keep him for us lord.
    Pleas l need the man of god to come to zimbabwe,l need him,god bless.

  30. praise God. please man of God how can get the annointing water for my family, my business and to get healed from the pain that is over my body I’m from Kenya, i rely need it

  31. Pls man of GOD i nid annointing water for my family we nid deliverance bt we cant afford to com there. MALAWI

  32. Thanks that you you gives me hope.I believe that prophet TB Joshua pray for us.the me bbelieve in prophet TB Joshua.I will be blessed with the fruit of the womb. in Jesus name AMEN. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.AMEN.

  33. how can i get an annointing water, i’m here now in Qatar and i have no way to go to Nigeria. ?My boyfriend has a stage 3 brain cancer and i do believe prophet TB Joshua can heal him in the name of Jesus.. pls. help me pray for his recovery and removed the cancer in his body… his name is MARK JOSEPH VILLEGAS… thank you…

  34. To God be the glory. God time its the best. Your testimony gives me hope that my time will come to hold my bouncing baby. God bless your family.

  35. Glory be to God. What a wonderful testimony. I love God. Man of God please pray for my family for the fruit of the womb.I have be married for 18 years without an issue.I know that when God says yes no one can say no. by marianna. Namibia.

  36. God is good always we must continue praise him always. I am also waiting for his mercy and favour to have children in our marriage in Jesus’ name, AMEN

  37. wonderful testimony God is great.Your testimony is a hope to many. How I wish to have the annionting water .Am a cameroonian living in cameroon also.

  38. Glory be to god. What a wonderful testimony. I love this God. Man of God please pray for my family for the fruit of the womb. I have been married for 8 years without an issue, I know that when God says yes no one can say no.

  39. Glory be to God in the highest, please man of God pray for my family, and also to my nation Cameron

    Basile from Cmeroon


    • Good afternoon man of God, how do i have access to anointing water if in Zambia its possible  advise where i should go for me to also give testimony through the same. My address being C/O Ms. Bertha Chibale P/Bag FW 231, Lusaka, Zambia.

      Hoping to hear from you.

      Elizabeth Zambia

  41. may god bless u much emmanuel TB joshua, i would like to have a prayer from you, my family it very mislable now for not having affordable job to take care my family im alwayz loosing a job for short priod so i need much prayer from, be side i would like to attend to your church bt cant afford it, pls if is possible just came to our country have some prayer for us pls.

  42. Groly be to God Almighty for bringing revolution to the world *you TB Joshuaa you truely preach the truth of mutual love that it conquers all u realy preach encouragement words and focus be blessed owez for all these testimony in Jesus name Amen!!

  43. Goodmorning ! i am from Namibia how can i get the new anointing water and the faith bracelets, and please man of God Senior Prophet TB.Joshua pray for me and my family,God bless..!!

  44. wow!!!! what a testimony indeed distance is not a barrier .Man of God pray for my brother japhet Dindi who has never marry for over 20years and pray for my friends daughter memory matonga who is sitting for Malawi school certificate of education from 9 july 2014 to 26 july 2014.

  45. It was awesome, wonderful, gre
    at and marvellous as the Evangelists minestered the new anoining water into my mouth. I felt dizzy and all through the night i was weak, my spiritual surgical operation took place and by morning i was fit. Emmanuel – God with us.

  46. Glory be to God for continually blessing His people through the anointing water. I thank God that His anointed servant, prophet T B Joshua lives in our house in likomba, Cameroon, through the EMMANUEL TV. I have suffered from elephantises (swollen legs) for twenty Years, now the pains are gone. As long as T B continues to live in our house, I will only go to scoan to testify when the swelling goes down. To God be the Glory. T B is Jesus personified. Thank you lord for giving us TB to reenact Acts 10; 38. Amen

  47. I thank God for blessing us with T.B. Joshua & his ministry who are doing tremendous good things to different people. An desperately in need of the anointed water for my break through in different areas e.g family, fruitfulness etc. am in Zambia

  48. Hello! I see somany people are too desperate for the aointing water in other to have a miracle. My dear brothers and sisters, Like phophet Tb Joshua always says, “I AM NOT THE HEALER. I KNOW THE HEALER. HIS NAME IS JESUS”; The anointing water is just a medium.You can have as many as you want but what realeases the anointing is your faith in Christ. If you belive, you will receive.Distance is not a barrier.Don’t be soo desperate, it can push you into the hands of frusters. Que Dieu vous benise.

  49. Praise the Lord! I am Triza from Nairobi Kenya. I want to thank the Lord for giving us Pastor Joshua to be blessing us. I have a nephew who has been sick for 4 years now. When he become HIV positive he was attached by a stroke on one side and his tongue became heavy such that he cannot talk or walkl. His wife and children left him so he has been taken care by his mother who is my sister. I am requesting Pastor Joshua to pray for him since distance is not a barrier. I would also like to know how to get the anointing water since we cannot get airfare to Nigeria.

    Thank you in advance and may God bless you as you continue with the Lords work.

    Tel: 0721476386

  50. If God says yes no one can say no. Indeed the prophet TB JOSHUA is the embodiment of God,Jesus and the Holy Spirit .May i be allocated by You.May i also give my own testimony on child bearing in Jesus name Amen.

  51. There is living God in snynagogue. I have absolute FAITH in the ALMIGHY GOD that i will be blessed with the fruit of the womb IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

  52. Emmanuel god is grate somebody who have gone through pain for the past ten years, and just a drop of water you are free. We thank Senior prophet TB Joshua for the job he is doing for the world I pray that, that some blessing will shower on us Jesus Name.

    • Senior Prophet T.B Joshua because u’ve been a blessing for many families though Anointing water u’ll be a blessing for me also in Jesus name. May God bless u more and more my Prophet

  53. I want to thank the God of TB Joshua for His great love and mercy ,that he has raised Prophet TB Joshua.ever since i started watching Emmanuel Tv my life changed.i’ve learnt what it means to love others.My prayer life and faith have grown too.I thank TB Joshua for allowing God to use him.I pray that God will continue to bless ,protect and strengthen TBJoshua ,the wise man,his family and everyone in the ministry.as the man of God has said’i am because you are….’ i now find it easy to help others.i thank God for this revelation.Praying along with the man of God i see the light at the end of the channel.the man of God has delivered me in my dreams too.

  54. I always pray for the life of the Prophet T. B JOSHUA may God gives him long life and anointed him more and more, i’m too far from Nigeria and because of financial problem i can’t go to the SCOAN.; but i know that one day will be my one day of delivrance because our God is awesome . To God be the Glory

  55. God the almighty, the creator, and the everlasting, is the owner of my whole body and soul. I thank God so much for making good used of Prophet T.B Joshua to deliver us from our sins, and all the demonic act. I am so happy for the married couple. Indeed God has brought them joy. I am 100% sure I will receive my own joy in Jesus’s name Amen. God Bless us all. Amen.

  56. May God reveal more secrets for His people that devil should be more shocked with good news like these. may God bless this child in all areas in its abundances.

    Jessie Kumwenda Soko- Blantyre-Malawi

  57. Beloved in the Lord,

    Thank you sincerely for this piece.  It is much appreciated and will forward it to other believers to increase our faith in the Living God and His prophet.

    Let Love Lead and stay blessed always,   Naa Adzeley E. Osekre (Ms) Jesus is mine & I’m HIS! I’m Blessed & Highly Favoured

  58. Indeed distance is not a barrier.we thank God for this wonderful gift.hope to recieve mine as well.May God bless u richly.

  59. Emmanuel!!! The anointing water is really a powerful tool and must not be considered as an ordinary water. It has protected me all this years from accidents, fraud, diseases etc. I will continue to use it always and all my life.

    • Yes it is true that the anointing water is a powerful tool that the wholly spirit expresses itself in it. I got some anointing water from a friend & I & my lovely wife are using it whenever we pray. But now it is finishing & my question is how can we get it including the anointing sticker without going to SCOAN? can anyone have any answer?

  60. Man of GOD,please pray for me,i am writing an entrance exam into ENAM 2014,please man of God remember me in your prayer,in Jesus name,Anem

  61. Just got married,pls remember my family & I in ur prayers.I know I will surely cross de bridge this 2014.Already the storm in my life is calm.EMMANUEL!!

  62. I have been married for more than 5 years and no issue unfortunately my husband do not want to use the anointing water. I have been using but stillwaiting for God’s time. I know it will come to pass this year. Amen!

  63. We celebrate with you, if God did it 4 u He can do it 4 anyone else. Just our unshakeable is all He needs! Let us remember that the enemy will afflict us so that we curse God during our hard times. But let us praise Him the more during our trying times. Remember He is our Shield, Provider and everlasting Light!

    • Amen i love Jesus with all my heart and all my soul, i know i am a sinner but I love Jesus and i know He loves me too.

  64. After 2 more weeks that I’ll have my vacation then I can not go to Ni
    geria because of lack of money , in another hand why I can not have the Anointing Water just to have a Breakthrough.And,I will go there just for Testimony as the others do.GOD BLESS.

  65. To start with,you are people of God repeat,you are my people,you are my people, my people can not be poor people as you say ask
    and you’ll receive as well as I did ask then no answer for me just
    to have the Anointing water.

  66. Pls pastor pray for my family we want a second child pls pray for us pastor I’ve been working in this company but I cnt get promotion pls help


  68. Indeed God is always good, I thank Prophet T.B. Joshua for allowing the almighty God to make use of him in the right way in order to redeem us from sin and our pains and sorrows.

    I really need the anointing water. Please help me. Am far off in Sierra Leone. How could I get it, because I need to be part of the testimonies family for real.

    God bless.

    From Christiana

  69. REALLY our Lord is a wonderful God and i know that because of this wonderful testimony my Lord will deserve my own testimony; “DISTANCE IS NOT A BARREER” and i believe that all things are possible
    My prayer is to have an encounter with the man of God Prophet TB JOSHUA one day and receive also an anointing water; because i know and i know that it ‘ll be my day of DELIVRANCE.

    May God exuse my prayer.

  70. Off-course distance is not a barrier,congrats,your patience has finally paid off.when God says yes no one can say no.

  71. Distance is not a barrier indeed. Please put me prayers. That every storm in my carrier, in my certificate collection, in my life etc. The God of t. B. Joshual will restore all lost hope today and for ever more Amen.
    Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  72. God can use anything, anytime, anywhere, all we need is to have faith in HIM. Thank you man of GOD senior prophet TB Joshua for interceeding for these anointed materials. Just waiting for my turn to testify in JESUS name, Amen

  73. Blessed be Jesus-Christ, our Lord and Savior, for this miracle of giving birth after 10 years of tears. Thank you to Senior Pastor Prophet T.B. Josua, the anointed of the God almighty! I am using also the anointing wather and that it is a medium God is using to help his people: As I am using right now, I declare that all my financial problems are sorted out


  75. Emmanuel!!, indeed distance is not a barier. I pray God of Prophrt T B Joshua to visit my case of 19years stagnation. to favour me like Davides’ without asking for qualifications and experince overgiant Goliat. When he says ‘yes’ no one can say ‘no’.

  76. emmanuel!!! the blessings of God are ever new every morning.May God almighty continue doing mirscles in your home my sis and bro in Jesus name!

    THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!

  78. Glory be to God, for the little one!! Really we, should never think that God`s delays r God`s denials, we just `ve to Hold on, Hold fast, Hold out, patience is genius. God has His own time to put smiles on our faces. His time is the best!! Thank you Jesus Christ!! Thank you Prophet TB Joshua!!

    • EMMANUEL !!!!! I really thank our Lord God for all the smiles he has given to this family. I strongly believe that God’s time is the best time !!!! Thank you Jesus !!!

  79. Emmanuela!!! If God is for us, who can be against us??…Nobody!! This is the end of time, Jesus is destroying all satanic tactics using Man of God, Prophet TB Joshua!!!!

  80. indeed distance is not a barrier. I sincerely congratulate this couple. God is using our great prophet to do wonderful things in the lifes of many including me. There is alot I want to testify about.My life has changed especially since I started praying along with the Man of God. There are many difficult situations I face but immediately I pray to the God of prophet T.B Joshua, i find immediate solutions. I just want to thank God Almighty for this great man of God.

  81. God’s time is the best, God Almighty never come late in every thing because He has the solution of every thing. Thanks You God Almighty in Jesus Christ Name. Amen.

    • I know GOD of our Father P.tb joshua is GOOD i am looking for a job in usa canada uk. swiz.or any other country.my name is francis amboye gafule from western kenya.cleaner or care taker.my tel;+254722450067 box1255-50300maragoli,kenya

      • i’m in Cameroun i have a very bad marital destiny and i know that by the anointing water giving us by the real man of God Proohet TB JOSHUA I’ll have my own testimony to share, but how can i get it?
        May God answered my prayers. Stay blessed

  82. Emmanuel! indeed God is with us. God is doing something our lives. Devil you are liar. No water what I will get my anointing water.

  83. Thank you Lord Jesus for your Mighty works! Propher TB Joshua God bless you for giving your life to be used of God!

  84. Thank you Lord for the life ofprophet TB Joshua and his ministry. Beacause of Christ we have a prophet of our generation.

  85. Glory be to God for many works of teachings, preachings, guidance,healings, deliverances,prophercies, and many more only God made it possible I appreciate all, thank you Scoan Church, thank you Jesus Christ.

    • Dear Sir I Want ur Help To Pray For Me Over The Job I Seeking For Land Army Application Number 71PRI/AD/496/0341658 This My Application Number For Nigeria Army. I Beilieve God Of Abrahim And Jesus I Will The Way For Me To Joint Nigeria Army In Simple Way Please Sir Play Over Code And Supply To TB Jashau Church I Belieive A Miracle Will Happen With My Application Number I Know Is A Father Of Poor Child,fatherless Child And Motherless Child,getto Child

  86. Amen.to God b th glory.my case is nt diferent so has God don it fo me too . I shall testfy soon.halleluya

  87. Emmanuel! I thank God for the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua, The SCOAN and Emmanuel Tv . My Best channel in this world.
    Thank You Jesus.

  88. Emmanuel!!!, always is the calmness in our way.I know the power am under according to my mentor the senior prophet TBJ.

  89. Indeed when God say yes, no one can say no. We give thanks to the almighty and l hope you will praise the Loard all the days of your life. Emmanuel, stay blessed.

  90. Praise God for all the blessing the world in this current generation is getting because of Jesus Christ through the Man of God T B Joshua’s commitment to the Lord. Yes Jesus is the same to-day, yesterday and the forever, but the obedience of this Prophet is the reason. We need to pray always for his cover and protection of
    God over his servant and the wisemen.

  91. What a wonderful and revealing testimony given in the name of Jesus Christ .I sincerely congratulate this couple on believing in the wonder working power of the Blood of the lamb, our Lord Jesus Christ, who is mightily using his faithful servant Prophet TB Joshua .

  92. I want to know how I can get d annointing water becos I’m in Abuja and I can’t make it down there becos of financial problems. Pls I need d annointing water, I want to also be a living testimony. God bless.

  93. Amen ! All is possible with God , praise the lord

    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

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