Survival was a daily struggle for Lucky Susa, a young man from Delta State, Nigeria. Pushing a local trolley around the busy Mile 12 Market in the heart of Lagos, he scavenged an occasional N100 or N200 by assisting market customers to transport their items to the nearest bus stop. With these stipends, he barely managed to feed and fend for himself. As dawn broke on the morning of December 9th 2008, Lucky arose from slumber and headed for the market as usual. Little did he know that an event was about to transpire that would forever change his life.

“I brought two bags of rice and beans to the bus stop,” he reminisced. “Across the tarmac, there were some people gathering. I crossed over to look at what was happening.” The sight that Lucky beheld was heart-breaking. An elderly lady lying in a pool of her own blood. “I began to shout that people should help this woman. They told me, ‘The car that hit this woman has already run off. Don’t you know this is Lagos?’ ” Moved at the despicable sight and angered by the hardheartedness of the gathering crowd, he decided to take action.

“I felt for the woman and said I should save her life. I took the money I had suffered to work for and manage with my family to take a taxi and rush her to a clinic at Ojota.” However, her condition was beyond recovery. On reaching the hospital, the woman gave up. Instead of being lauded for his life-saving efforts, the unthinkable opposite happened for the ‘wheel-barrow pusher’. “The doctor called the police and they arrested me. I was charged with her murder and sent straight to prison.”

Five and a half years later, Lucky was still languishing in the Maximum Security Prison in Ikoyi for a crime he never committed. Transferred to a cell where only armed robbers and murderers were incarcerated, he knew his day of judgement was nigh. “One man came to visit the prisoners on Friday. I explained myself to the man that I had not stolen or killed anyone and asked him to keep me in prayer.” The man took off a small bracelet he had on his hand and gave it to Lucky to hold. “The man said that the bracelet in this hand was from T.B. Joshua and that I should pray with it.”

Lucky had never been to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations but he grabbed onto the bracelet in desperate faith. “I prayed, ‘God of T.B. Joshua, if You are really alive and You really work, please remove me from this problem because I am innocent.’ ” Thereafter, a truly remarkable chain of events was triggered. “That night, when I slept, T.B. Joshua appeared to me in the dream. He told me, ‘My son – the tears you have cried, God has seen them – you are innocent. Continue doing good to others; don’t stop just because you suffered. You will be released tomorrow.’ ”

Just after 3pm the following day, Lucky’s name was called out by the prison wardens. “They brought me to the gate, told me I didn’t have a case to answer and released me!” Lucky walked out of the prison gates, a free man! Begging a lady for money, he was given N150 which he used to transport himself to The SCOAN. Looking bedraggled and tattered with the clothing he had on in prison, Lucky tried to enter the church on Sunday 23rd February 2014 but was directed to return for the prayer line as his appearance matched that of a lunatic. Tears began flowing.

“One man called me and asked why I was crying. I explained my story to him and he asked me to follow him. He gave me soap, told me not to cry and took me to the bathroom to take a shower. After I bathed, the same man came and brought me new trousers, a new shirt and shoes. He gave me N500 to keep in my pocket in case I wanted to buy anything.”

Upon entering The SCOAN, Lucky’s case was brought to the attention of T.B. Joshua. Visibly moved at his story and the compassionate gesture of the ‘Good Samaritan’, he asked Lucky if he could still identify the man. Minutes later, Lucky returned with the gentleman, remarkably revealed to be one of the security men in The SCOAN by the name of Chuks.

Addressing the congregation, T.B. Joshua said the selfless efforts of the security man were a great lesson to everyone, stating that people should never stop doing good to others. “When many look back at their experiences in doing good, they have said they will never do good again. Nothing can separate me from doing good! Continue doing good until then, when you see light at the end of the tunnel,” he said.

When asked why he had gone to such lengths to help Lucky, the security man stated, “Man of God, we need to follow your footsteps,” citing T.B. Joshua’s humanitarian activities as his inspiration. To the astonishment of the congregation, T.B. Joshua proceeded to announce that N5,000,000 ($30,000) would be given to the security man to encourage him in his charitable endeavours.

He said this was just the beginning of a new initiative to support people who are selflessly engaging in works of charity worldwide. “If you are into charity, what can we do to support you? I can be visiting you all over the world when you want to launch these charities – giving scholarships to deserving children, supporting the widows and helping the needy all over the world. Rescue them; go all the way to help mankind.”

Counselling Lucky, T.B. Joshua continued, “Don’t stop doing good because God is aware. What you passed through was as it should be by Divine will. If God is aware of your challenges, they will not destroy you but prepare you. I was pushing a trolley in the past in the same market he’s talking about. It was in the midst of all of this that the Lord took me to the place where He could use me.”

As a cheque with the huge amount was presented to Mr Chuks, the impromptu millionaire could barely withhold his tears. “I never expected this today; I was discharging my duty as I normally do. I will continue to help the less privileged.”




  1. almighty god of t.b joshua give me the heart of giving,forgiving and doing good to others without expecting anything in return,in jesus name i receive from god amen..

  2. TB JOSHUA is a real man of god. What he gives with right hand, the left hand does not know. He helps and gives and does not want it back. He does not have pride he is humble. I would want to pray so l can give without pride. Glory be to god

  3. Am grateful to the God of Prophet TB JOSHUA,had a double promotion at work,God has been faithful to me ever since I started praying with d Man of GOD

  4. GOD is wonderful,praise GOD every second,and to be giving is the blessing,this good testimony encourage me to be care about the needy if I have,to give and help the people who Reilly needs,I said THANK YOU GOD to every one who help and to put hand and men of GOD T.B JOSHUA,the LEAVING GOD IS THERE

  5. Oh God my lord I believe that distance is never a barrier in my situation please lord visit me in your wonderful and miraculous way. In jesus name amen.

  6. Christianity is not the work we do but the relationship we maintain and the atmosphere produced by that relationship. The Security Man Just acted on what he received from the Man of God, Snr. Prophet, T.B.Joshua. It is an example to us to act upon the words of God and the very word of God will fill our hearts and we will be called to act we God, think with God, and walk in unison we Him. Love does not begin with people but with God and that love overflow to our fellow members. fellow! keep on doing good and our reward is right in front of us. thank you.

  7. My GOD how wonderful, awesome, kind YOU are.You have great love for YOUR children. YOU are always with us at the right time . Thank YOU LORD for this wonderful breakthrough.Thank you JESUS for your continuous mercy ,favour and blessings we receive daily. An example of which manifested on Mr lucky and the security man . Thank you LORD for the life of Prophet T B Joshua. Bless him abundantly with wisdom and knowledge and strengthen him with the reguisite resources to continue with his support for the needy. AMEN

  8. God of T.B Joshua i thank you for sings & wonders miracle you are doing in worldwide b/c your word is A and Amen (Romans 8:28)


  10. Glory be to God! Prophet TB Joshua be blessed may the Lord light on your footsteps as Jesus gifted you so that every will see not have to trace pass to the way of sinners. AMEN

  11. Thank you man of God for your teachings that inspire us though we are miles away.There is great joy in doing good.If only the whole world listens to your teachings which I believe are being downloaded from heaven,things will change for good.

  12. o lord my god bless me so that I can bless people. help me so that I can help people. promote me so that I can promote people. increase me so that I can increase people . in your holy name

  13. What the security man did was very good and recommanded. further more the pains of the brother in prison for five years is what l really pour tears after a heard his story.
    Well our father in the lord brother T B Joshua always encourage us to keep doing good, by setting the examples everyday, l thank him for engouraging the security man and also the brother who was in prison.
    God”s time is the best.

  14. Glory be to God. Halleluyah!! This is so remarkable and it makes me to do more from what I have been doing even though I have less, I know that God will reward me more. Thank you Jesus Christ.

  15. Profet TB Joshua continues to lead and teach us the Love towards our fellow Human beings. In God said whatever you did the Least of my brothers you do unto me. Papa thank you. God be Praised.

  16. oh God of prophet tb Joshua heal me from this multiple fibriod I don’t want to go thru any operation, I believe in the God of prophet tb Joshua, he her pray for me in my dream b4 and I was heal

  17. From July 2013 to date I have shared every drop of a nnointed water and stickers and the word of god with many people. I have invited many to watch Emmanuel tv and have faith because one day their past will be history. I encourage others to do the same. Senior prophet words and testimonies always encourage me see things in a positive way and avoid pointing fingers but rather pray, thank,love, have faith, read scripture and praise.

  18. Hello,
    WHAOU !!! It’s Marvellous and beautiful.
    GLORY TO GOD !!!
    Sister Charlotte of Nantes in France.


  20. Glory be to God Almighty for His mercy. A moving episode of innocence and unfortunate victimization. What a wonderful practical demonstration, by the prayer partner who visited the prison and Chucks at the Synagogue, of the teaching and exemplary life of Prophet T B Joshua. Living a life of genuine LOVE and GIVING to others. The appreciation shown by the man of God to the good samaritan also served to motivate others to do likewise. May Prophet TB Joshua continue to be blessed in growing his ministry to change lives, change nations and change the world to accept Jesus Christ.

  21. I Bless God, For Prophet T.B Whom God Has Made Available In Our Own Time. Am Blessed, Given A Second Chance In School When All Hope Was Lost, In The Flying School,alot Money Was Paid Into My Account When I Came To The Church Believing I Woundnt Go Home Thesame. Pls I Need Prayers Man Of God To Win My State Scholarship As I Shall Be Going For Professional Piloting With Riverside Flight Center Tulsa U S A. Soon. Amen

  22. I watched emmanuel tv and was moved with the generosity of the security man. He gave to his fellow man and God rewarded him a million fold. What a God we serve. Thank you prophetT.B. Joshua.

  23. Now strongly believe that all the good I have been doing and I’m still doing is not in vain whatever my present situation, the Lord ‘s eyes have seen them.I will not stop and I will continue to encourage others around me to do so because it is like a chain; when you help someone, you enourage hiim/her to help someone else somewhere even for people who have never helped before.THANK YOU JESUS FOR PUTTING MORE OF YOUR LOVE IN US EACH DAY.

  24. Thank You Lord for the life of Your Servant our father Prophet TB Joshua , it shows his teachings rest richly in someone’s heart and mind by practising what ouf father always teach us about, God’s law to Love one another as you love yourself and Love looks around and see who is in need. Deffinately Chucks did what he is always taught by our father Prophet TB Joshua I’ve learned that by so doing Our Lord and Saviour will reward us abundantly even if it is not in this world but in Heaven above. I’ve realised the joy that was in our Prophet yesterday when I was watching Emmanuel TV that the joy He had was not His own but the joy of Our Father above in Jesus Name AMEN AND AMEN

  25. for sure I personally watched this its not fake its true story may God deliver the policemen why don’t they ask rather than arresting the innocent people for the case not committed its UN fair 5years its too much

  26. We must follow the steps of our Lord Jesus Christ,He said, love one another for the world to know that u’re my disciples.Thank you Man of God to show us the really truth of the kingdom,may the Holy Spirit help us all to do the will of our Father.

  27. Emmanuel indeed God is good all the time. I was watching emmanuel.tv on sunday when the good samaritan helped that man who was in prison for the mistake of other person. I really cried at home alone when i heard the story of that man who was in prison and was rescued by praying with bracelet of T.B. Joshua given to him by another man who visited the prisoners and thereafter was given money by another person to go to scoan to testify and when reaching scoan, he was not allowed to enter at scoan because they were looking at how he was. He cried there looking for someone to assist him and the security at the scoan rescued him by buying him soap to bath and buying him clothes and giving him pocket money. After that he took him inside the church and find him a seat.

  28. May the good LORD strengthen you, give you long life for the good work you are doing for the entire world not Nigerian alone. We cherish you all. You are the true prophet of our generation. May the ALMIGHTY GOD see you through in JESUS name Amen .

  29. I believe that whatever we possess was given to us by God for a purpose which we often forget.This therefore, is a timely reminder and a challenge to us all that are better than others in any way

  30. Glory be to God, Emmanuel! i thank our Lord Jesus Christ who made it possible for the evangelist to go to that prison whr Lucky was held. God you can locate anyone at anywhere, locate me God of T.B Joshua. I believe our challenges are not made to kill us but to stregthen us to pray the more and fast the more. thank you God of T.B Joshua, the God that watched over Jona who was swallowed and was in the fish belly for 3 days, the God that watched over Daniel in the den of lions, the God that watched over Abedinego, Mishek and Shadrek, the God that watched over Lucky in that maximum prison, thank you Jesus for using your servant Prophet T.B Joshua to do your work Oh Lord. Bless the Prophet and all the evangelists and the entire scoan mgt. Emmanuel

  31. Prophet T.B Joshua, may the favour of our Lord God, Jesus Christ rest upon you and establish the works of your hands, yes establish the works of your hand, thus all l can say you are amazing, you are a blessing in this world you have saved so many, GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ABOVE ALL YOUR MINISTRY. Good is not enough the best is yet to come yes the best is yet to come.

  32. He never slumbers, He sees, but His time is always the best. He did not forget Lucky despite the length of time. Thank you man of God for your kind gesture and may God continue using you to touch lives of many… Emmanuel!

  33. Glory to be God !May this lesson fill our spirit with love to the needy people.We don’t have to judge other people lets help them in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.Those who are in needy we have to cherish,love them,give them support as we are all children of God.God will see us through in all great things that we can do and be doing it to other fellow human .This is so touchy from our father Prophet TB Joshua may God continue to bless you and keep you to save this world.I wish you can come to our country South Africa to save us.Let the might father give you the direction or vison to come and save us we really need you.In mighty Jesus name who died for us in the cross of Calvary.Let his will to be done .EMMANUEL.

  34. i was touch when i am was watching emmanuel Tv. i was crying,cyring. most people get arrested and send to prison without committed any crime.

  35. God’s great doing things is beyond human understanding, he is un comparable, worthy of praise at all times, all we need to say is thank you Jesus.

  36. The almighty God knows every one before even they where formed, i be live he can all whatsoever u request from him,glory and honor is his the creator of haven and earth.

  37. Emmanuel! God with us!

    According to Psalm 82:6, Prophet T. B. Joshua you are God, and NOT a man. Comparing you to any man on earth is a mistake.

    I am glad to know this path now that I’m alive and have the chance and ability, thank you Jesus! I wake up every morning with a huge smile on my face knowing that Almighty God has blessed our generation with a “God” here on earth. The past generation ignorantly crucified their messiah- Jesus Christ. NO one, I mean NO one in this generation can think of it else he will have BILLIONS of us to crucify which cannot happen.

    The Good work of LOVE is on, I and my house hold is on the train in our locality and Emmanuel TV.

    We love you Daddy T. B. Joshua.

    …Emeka Uzoma

  38. Emmanuel (God with us), i am reporting from Maryland, in USA. We are glued to watching Emmanuel tv everyday from Monday through Saturday. We are opened to the Sunday service from 2am midnight till about 9;45am before taking off for our church service on Sunday which starts at 10:00 am. We are always blessed with the testimonies and preaching of the word of God. After watching and listening to this wonderful testimony. I concluded that it is not actually who you help that pays you back. It is God who shows His mercy and grace. It is Gods grace that found and located this good Samaritan brother working and doing the service to human needs. This I called D I V I N E destiny. Our own is to do Gods in helping others as the Man of God, senior prophet T. B. Joshua has been preaching, teaching and he is living by example. We should emulate his footstep and do what the word of God says. I pray that God will increase the anointing of senior Prophet T.B.Joshua, his ministry, family, the workers like this Samaritan man at the gate and all over the.Emmanuel tv partners all over the world in Jesus name .May the LORD God Almighty continue to bless the Man of God richly in Jesus Mighty name .Amen. Mrs. I.

  39. Man of GOD the experience of Chucks has really triggered me and I am using this opportunity to request for prayer for my case where I am going on retirement this year and do not have a house of my own. I am struggling to put up a mud brick house and don’t even have the zinc for the roof yet and the rains are already threatening. I don’t know what to do and how I am going to roof it, only prayers and a miracle can help me in this situation for I believe in the Living God and in the death and resurrection of his Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

  40. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and for evermore. I thank God Almighty for sending to us His servant Prophet T B Joshua to save us from satan and his agents.

  41. To The Lord Be The Glory, thank you Lord to releasing the inocent Brother by using your son TB Joshua via that Brother who was visiting prisoners it shows indeed our Lord operates his miracles in different ways. For the brother Chucks thank my brother may Lord give you the kindness of to continue to help where needed and give you more means so your can be able to continue to help.
    Joao Pedro
    South Africa

  42. Thus very touching very encouraging.Long back I wanted to help one orphan with fees bt since then financialy my things never walked.That girl is nw a drop out and everytime I see it pains me.I CANT EVEN HELP MYSELF NOW AS I AM JOBLESS

  43. wow..Emmanuel..GOD with US every moments.every day.The GOD sent mighty Prophet of our generation,Snr.Prophet TB.Joshua,GOD will continue to use you more and more like never before to change the entire world from bad,ugly to good and best.. i love you from my heart.You follow CHRIST love and teachings with a genuine practical examples everyday of your life.Long life, more anointing like never before and more grace from above- Heaven to communicate with the visible and the invisible.More love n blessing to Chuks and more hunger for Chuks to be doing a good Samaritan works as Prophet TB.Joshua is teaching us Amen.Jesus Christ truly sent you for the entire world,Emmanuel

  44. I thank God for using prophet TB Joshua to change our lives. Because of his goodness, so many people are ready to help others with the little they have, just like what Mr Chuks, the security man did. I say thank you Jesus.

  45. Man of God Prophet T. B. Joshua’ I thank you for doing charity works
    and thereby showing Love to neighbors as God commanded Sir’ more
    grease to your elbows in Jesus name.

  46. Prophet May God Bless you more and more.Thanks for all you are give your life to be medium one to us your teaching for me real Christ life.Man of God you are real man of God.

  47. Prophet thanks for teaching us the likeness of Christ. Today we learn a lesson to give more and less to ourselves. We don’t have to have more ,excessive to be able to give. We should be able to give out of the little we have. Little is much when God is in it.

  48. God will continue to bless prophet TB Joshua for the good works he has continued doing, Its not only the perfect word of God, but also the works of charity. I and my wife are in the ministry of giving i pray to the Almighty God to give us wisdom to do this tusk.

  49. Goodevening to you Man of God please i am trying to come to Nigeria Lagos church of all nations but i do not money for transportion and i always watch emmanuel tv in room.May God almight bless you good work you doing to the whole world.I need wisdom, understanding ,knowledge from God pls pray for me.

  50. I really thank God almighty for the life of prophet T.B Joshua. I watch this programme live ,I was very much enthused about the wonderful attitude and kind gesture the security expressed towards the man, he was indeed a good samarithan and he deserved to awarded in that regard. May the good lord bless Prophet T .B. Joshua and all the emmauel tv partners in Jesus Name.

  51. the word of God it is in practice in the Synagogue my faith and all my children are given than to the senior Prophet TB Josuah, tank the Synagogue church, it is a real meal for our salvation Glory be to Jesus

  52. May God give me grace to follow the example of Jesus Christ who went about doing good and healing all who were sick. I thank the Almighty for raising a Prophet, TB Joshua in our time, and through him encourage us to do good even when the opposite tends to come naturally.

  53. Emmanuel!!! Emmanuel !!! in deed God is with us. Man of God you will never lack nor be disappointed in all your doing you are in deed Christ work in the flesh. am bless by viewing and watching Emmanuel tv. i continue to do good in Jesus name.

  54. What channel number is it for the Emmanuel channel in London UK.?. I have been trying all God’s channels on my TV just to watch this wonderful and great T JOSHUA. please can you help with the channel number. Many thanks in advance.

  55. This is marvelous testimony, because it is coming from and by the Glorious Lord of all, Jesus Christ!
    One comment though about the appearance of advertisement of beer on this page from WordPress.com right after testimony of Emanuel TV is very inappropriate and therefore this ads must be removed!!!

  56. I thank God for the life of Proffet Tb Joshua and for Emmanuel TV. After listening to this testimony I knew ma case is settled in Jesus name, please pray for me Man of God for Breakthrough.




  58. The man of God is an example to many people. He has changed the face of the world in the act of giving and humility. May almighty God continue to protect and bless him.

  59. Please send this message to PROPHET T.B.JOSHUA,as i do not have a means of talking to him.I want to trust you and believe you have sent this message. I am charged with ASSAULT CASE and this case will be on tial in court at 9.30AM ,Feb.25th 2014 ( tommorrow) central time here in United State of America,state of Iowa in the city of Desmoines.Court Room,102. GOD is the only one that can dissmiss this case and set me free. Please,please,please send my message and let the Judge,lawyers and witnesses be all in my favour and DISSMISS this case by the blood of JESUS and the power of the HOLY SPIRIT.



  60. glory be to the Lord Our GOD create the prophet and give him a lovely, caring heart to help those one in need. May the Living LORD continue to give him strength to help more poor people to give them hope and encourage them to hope when their hopeless.

  61. It takes a heart of God to do all this it in my prayer that God may increase his anointing in his life .Gods time is the best

  62. May the Lord, our God continue to bless you, your family, and your ministry. I emulate all the good work that you do man of God. I pray that I and all other people copy and put into practice such good works. Well done, keep it up. Lord continue to bless T B Joshua more and more!

  63. Emmanuel – GOD with us

    Romans 5:8
    But GOD has shown us how much he loves us, it was while we were still sinners that Christ dies for us.

    Through the sacrificial death of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we are put right with GOD, so that we will be saved by him from GOD’S anger. We were made the friends of GOD through the death of his SON. GOD did not give us his son only but he promised us to give us more. Our creator has shown us his love through his only precious son. He has brought us by faith into this experience of GOD’S grace in which we now live. The resurrection power of his precious Son has made many people today to be healed, redeemed, blessed and delivered for the salvation of our soul in the arena of liberty and watching Emmanuel.tv So we have to boast of the hope we have to sharing GOD’S glory Now that we are GOD’S friends, how much more will we be saved by Christ life

  64. Man of God,you are sent to this world to change life and the entire globe.May God bless and empower you with more anointing as you are powerfully equipped with HIS ANOINTING.We are proud of you.
    May God in His infinite mercy bless and keep Chucks so that he will carry out his charitable works to the needy.Amen

  65. This really touching going to jail for 5 years for no crime committed, God had his plans. I pray that the Lord God would fill me with the spirit of love and patience to enable identify the needy and be able to help or support in one way to put a smile on somebody’s face.

  66. This is really touching and an eye open to us all that we should be dowerers and not just listerners. Lets immulate what the man of God prophet TB Joshua is doing, we shall be rewarded. We save a miracle working God. Man of God may the good Lord add may more year to your life because you are a blessing to this generation. In Jesus name amen.

  67. God of TB Joshua, bless me with your Grace to help my fellow people in my life in Jesus name. Amen!!!….God of TB Joshua I love you!!!!!!!!

  68. This is really touching, man of God prophet TB Joshua, God almighty should continue blessing you and may He add many more years to your life because you are the true man of God. In Jesus name Amen.

  69. Our God the God of the anointed man of God prophet TB Joshua is Great! emmanuel! i love you lord Jesusus Christ give me the grace to thank you even though i have not seen the ligh yet.

  70. Amen , we need to help each other and always listen to your fellow men and weman , God will always reward you , Man of God you are real man of God , and the Lord will bless you abudandly in Jesus Name , Amen

  71. Woow!Emmanuel! man of God prophet TB Joshua may God almighty the creator reward you more and more for your quick response you are giving to the needy all over the world.I feel like i have a lot to do somebody out there,i felt so challenged when i saw the man of God giving such a huge amount of money.may God use me to follow the steps of you my mantal prophet TB Joshua to more on others and less on my self in Jesus name i pray.Amen!!

  72. Good Day sir, Am mr Boston Egbiki I need ur prayer for breaktru am a father of 2 I ve hand work as a hair dresser same with my wife but no money to start a business of ours pls help us sir
    Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  73. God will richly strengthen the man of God, I viewed emmanuel tv live and I was astonished but th act of the security man and most surprising of all was the reward from the man of God. This signifies that every good we do to our fellow humans the reward is far greater in th hands of God, let’s keep doing good
    Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone provided by Airtel Nigeria.

    • Dear Man of God, T.B Joshua,.

      There is much to say, but few to articulate. I’ m so puzzled and exalted, but words fail me.

      I, however, also illustrate a case of help.
      Man of God, my situation is worse. Would like to come up for deliverance, but financial means fail me. I own a master degree of commerce in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies Program from the UKZN, South Africa .No marriage, childless, jobless. I move around begging for a living. i’ m a Congolese Refugee in South Africa. I’m 49 years old lady..I have tried every pastor around for this without success. I have given up and praying by myself.
      Plz, man of God, TB Joshua, assist me with the air flight ticket to join your sessions of deliverance. Better late than never, they say. I believe your God who did wonders for this boy will change my situation. Waiting to hearing from you very soon.

      God bless you more than abundantly.

      Jacky Kabidu

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