Prophet T.B. Joshua addressing the congregation

Prophet T.B. Joshua preaching to the congregation

What a Rewarder the Lord is for those who faithfully worship Him in Spirit and in truth! As is always the case, last weekend The SCOAN Live Sunday Service demonstrated the greatness of God through the power of the Holy Spirit, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. People came from all over the world to witness the might of God in action and went back with no doubt that God is the same yesterday, today and forever as God’s awesome power which was called onto the scene with faith, resulting in healings, deliverances and prophesies ministered both in the auditorium and at the Prayer Line through Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Wise Men.

The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, prepared the hearts of the congregants for the movement of God’s power by teaching with authority on the subject of ‘FAITH’, saying faith must first be in the heart before there can be an acceptable confession. Drawing people’s attention to the book of Hebrews 11: 6 as the proof text, he said unless one has faith in the heart, calling upon the name Jesus is in vain. Said the prophet, “The word of faith is in two places: in our heart to believe and in our mouth to confess. This means that confession is part of salvation just as believing is part of salvation. Faith must therefore first be in the heart before there can be an acceptable confession.” He said this was the reason why some will call upon the name of the Lord and nothing would happen and yet others call the same name and wonders and miracles, such as healing and deliverance occur.

Wise Man Daniel also mounted the altar and preached on the topic, THE NEED FOR CHRIST’S ENABLEMENT. His proof text was from the book of Luke 9:1-2 which talks about Jesus’ sending of the 12 disciples with power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases, and to proclaim the kingdom of God and heal the sick.

Wiseman Daniel addressing the congregants.

Wiseman Daniel addressing the congregants.

He said just as Christ Jesus empowered His disciples to change situations – to heal, to deliver, to bless and to save the world, He still empowers His true disciples today and that such empowerment is for whosoever wills or desires because to Christ Jesus, what is important is the ability to register one’s genuine willingness to receive of Him.

Again, the service was highlighted by the amazing and heart-touching testimonies that are synonymous with God’s living churches. Many people came forward to testify at The SCOAN to the glory of God. Below, are a few of the testimonies.

What cunning and poisonous serpent, yet utter loser, the devil is! He plants a field of land mines and covers them with roses for unsuspecting souls to step on. Such was the case with Mrs Sandra Shaw from Ghana who, over a decade ago, stepped into a booby trap of drinking alcohol and smoking, a lifestyle that ruined her life and destroyed her family.

Last Sunday, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied to her that she was addicted to alcohol and had in the course, been abused. Confirming the prophecy, she said apart from being abused by people after drinking herself to stupor, she would drive under

Mrs Shaw sharing her testimony

Mrs Shaw sharing her testimony

the influence, often waking up to find herself curiously parked on the side of the road with all of her valuables missing from her bag and car. In six years, she had eight terrible accidents. She drank and smoked every single day, felt sadness and hatred towards her husband and children on a regular basis At one point her husband, a foreigner to Nigeria, threatened with divorce because while drunk, she would call her husband’s employers and threaten to kill them, resulting

Mrs Shaw joined by her family testify to the power of God in her life

Mrs Shaw joined by her family testify to the power of God in her life

in her husband losing his job.

Since her deliverance, one week ago, she has found the thought, appearance and smell of alcohol and cigarettes to be disgusting to her. That urge has been replaced with love for her family and peace in her heart. Mr Shaw described the 12 years of her addiction as hell, saying she had destroyed all the property in the house and was not a good mother. “But everything has changed since she was prayed for. We are a happy family. She no longer snaps at the children and they feel happy around her now,” said Mr Shaw, to the glory of God and shame of the devil.

Heal me, oh Lord and I will be healed indeed! So, it has been for Ms Senait Mesfin, an Ethiopian living in Sweden. For 40 years she had been suffering from multiple fibroids. In 2010 she went for an operation but because of excessive bleeding, they had to stop the operation. One day, in search of divine solution, she went on YouTube to look for Christian channels that would speak to her heart and soul. She came across Emmanuel TV where she discovered Prophet T.B. Joshua. She was soon hooked to his teachings and became amazed at the miracles God was manifesting through His anointed servant. She started to pray with him by touching the screen of her laptop. She later asked for and received the Anointing Water and Anointing Sticker from a friend of hers. She continued praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on YouTube and ministering the Anointing Water as she waited for a previously scheduled operation which would have seen her womb removed. Upon arriving at the same hospital for an ultra sound, behold, the doctors’ state-of-the-art machines could not detect any fibroid. Said the now-free and jovial woman, “When the doctors asked me where the fibroids had gone, I told them that Jesus had operated on me!”

Ms Mesfin testifying to the healing power of Jesus Christ in the Anointing Water

Ms Mesfin testifying to the healing power of Jesus Christ in the Anointing Water

She later went for a second opinion at another university hospital and truly, when Jesus heals, He heals effectually; He heals completely. The doctors confirmed the miracles that Jesus had done in her life and told her that as she had no fibroids, she had no need for an operation. To God be the glory!

Little seven years-old Wisdom Odion has all the reason to smile and thank God for his life. From birth, he was always sick. After a medical examination, he was diagnosed to have Sickle Cell Anaemia. He began taking medication but the sickness remained. He cried most of the time and was taken from one hospital to another, looking for a solution and a relief. He could not play with his friends and his education suffered.

Little Wisdom and father

Little Wisdom and father glorifying God

Often, he was unable to sit for examinations because the pain would be too much for him to bear. His father was then referred to The SCOAN where he came to receive the Anointing Water. He prayed that God would flush out the Sickle Cell Anaemia through the blood of Jesus Christ and he ministered the Anointing Water to his son. Throughout the next few days, he monitored the condition with his son. He saw that he developed more strength, was able to play with the neighbourhood children and stopped complaining of pain. After some time, they went back to the hospital for a check up. To his great relief and joy, his son was diagnosed to be completely free from Sickle Cell Anaemia. The little boy testified that he is now perfectly healed, is attending school without any problems and can even play football – after receiving prayer with the Anointing Water!

Wisdom's medical report showing he is completely healed

Wisdom’s medical report showing he is completely healed












Mr Sunday Clement, a bricklayer from Benin Republic, came to settle in Nigeria in 1985. He had hoped for a new lease of life, to make money and take care of his family. That was not how it turned out. Upon arrival, earning money to feed his family or to pay school fees became impossible. He didn’t even have the money for his son to finish his university education and the young man later dropped out. Last year,

Sunday Clement glorifies the name of Jesus Christ

Sunday Clement glorifies the name of Jesus Christ for his breakthrough

someone invited him to The SCOAN and as he came, he had the opportunity to receive the Anointing Water. He ministered the medium in Jesus’ name and, suddenly, everything changed. People from different regions started calling him for work and a once idle man became a highly sought after bricklayer. Now he has money enough to care for his family and to live his life comfortably.  “Look at me; am I dressed like any other bricklayer? I also have a car, an automatic Nissan Altima,” he said to the glory of God, car keys dangling in his right hand!

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you…” How true the Scripture has proven itself in the life of South African, Ms Maza Soprano! Unwilling to watch her business continue to plunge to the bottomless pit of bankruptcy, she knocked on the right door and the blessing of Heaven was opened to her.

A once successful businesswoman, she testified that at a time, her businesses collapsed and she lost everything she had worked for. She became terribly poor and was not able to provide for herself any longer. She came to believe suicide was her only option until she encountered Emmanuel TV. After imploring people to finance her trip to

Ms Soprano and friend displaying the pictures of her store

Ms Soprano and friend displaying the pictures of her store

The SCOAN so that she could receive the Anointing Water, kind friends assisted her and she returned with the Anointing Water and newfound faith in Christ’s mercy. After ministering the Anointing Water in prayer, she slept and had a dream in which Prophet T.B. Joshua visited her and put money into her wallet. “They were all (US) dollars and I cried with joy and woke up laughing,” she said.

Immediately after that dream, her business took a swift turn and she now owns one of the biggest shops in South Africa, stocked full of goods. She was also able to purchase two brand new expensive cars, one of which she gave as gift to her sister. She is currently working on opening a second department store in another city, Durban.


Mr and Mrs Ude proudly acknowledging the power of God in their lives

Mr and Mrs Ude proudly acknowledging the healing power of God in their lives

 Mr and Mrs Ude from Imo State came to The SCOAN to share their wonderful testimony of what God Almighty has done in their lives and in their marriage through the medium of the Anointing Water. They had been married for a long time but could not have a child. Mrs Ude later became pregnant but had a still birth. After the experience, she started complaining of persistent stomach pain. When they went to the hospital, the doctors ran tests and the results showed that she was having fibroids. The fibroid had caused complications during her first pregnancy, which resulted to the death of their baby. The doctors told them that she would not be able to conceive again until the fibroid was removed and that the only solution was to undergo an operation. They did not want to go for the operation because of the terrible things that could result from it. They came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. They ministered the Anointing Water, in Jesus’ name and today, she is pregnant! Mrs Ude is no longer suffering from fibroids and the happy couple awaits the birth of their baby!

Pastor Nicky Agyepong from Ghana could not hide his joy when he testified how God had made it possible for his wife to deliver normally a 4.3 kilogramme baby, contrary to doctors’ prognosis. The pastor is a believer in the Anointing Water as a medium through which God delivers His people. He therefore had the Anointing Water in his home when his wife’s labour started.

Pastor Nicky testifies of God's delivering power

Pastor Nicky testifies of God’s delivering power

They went to the hospital and were told that the baby was too big to be delivered naturally. Mrs Agyepong stayed in labour for three hours but could not deliver. The doctors wanted to perform an operation but at that point, Pastor Agyepong remembered the Anointing Water. He sprayed it onto a face towel and dabbed it on his wife’s face with a prayer in the name of Jesus. It only took 15 minutes after that prayer for the baby to come out naturally, weighing 4.3 kilograms! Rejoicing in the Lord, he showed the photo of his beautiful baby, to the glory of God!


Mr Eddie with the breathing machine he was depended upon

Mr Eddie with the breathing machine he was depended upon

 Mr Eddie Jakpor, a Nigerian living in Sweden, was suffering from sleep apnea, a type of sleep disorder characterized by pauses in breathing in which he would stop breathing up to four times each night. His condition was so critical that doctors told him he would die if he did not use a machine every night to ensure his breathing. Every morning, he would wake feeling exhausted and it became difficult for him to go to work. He had to take the machine with him anywhere he went so his travelling was hindered. The father of two could not look after his children well. His cousin introduced him to Emmanuel TV and The SCOAN videos on YouTube. At first, he did not believe that the healing and miracles he saw were genuine but became convinced after watching one testimony after another. His faith was lifted to another level and he came to The SCOAN last Thursday morning to attend the prayer line. Immediately Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for him, his sickness left him. He felt freedom in his system and that night, the first of many, he slept peacefully without the breathing machine! He testified that he is now breathing freely and glorified God by telling the world that Jesus is the great Physician and that He is the One who healed him. “I was paying 10 euros per month for the breathing machine. I got my healing for free. Seek your solution from Jesus; He is alive!” He said.

Mrs Perpetua Agwu came to The SCOAN for deliverance on the advice of her family. For several agonising years she had suffered from the

Perpetua acknowledges the power of God

Perpetua acknowledges the power of God

stigma of bedwetting. This affliction would come each time she dreamt of a someone coming to sleep with her in her dreams. During last Sunday’s service, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied that there was a woman there who was bedwetting. Ashamed, she refused to answer the prophet’s call until her husband, who was watching Emmanuel TV at home, called her phone and told her the prophecy was for her and that she should go out to confirm the prophecy or not come back home. She quickly jumped up and went to meet the prophet. Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her and God manifested His power through just a sound, ‘kye’ uttered from the prophet’s lips. She fell down and was delivered instantly. Since that time, she said the nightmares ended and she no longer bedwets! She has been free for over one week, sleeping freely in the glory of God!

Commenting on the problem of bedwetting Mrs Agwu faced, Prophet T.B. Joshua stated, that you are sick does not make you an unbeliever, that you are facing challenges does not make you an unbeliever. He stated that many Christians, believers and even pastors, when facing challenges, sickness, depression, feel that God does not hear them – however, that you are having a challenge does not make you are an unbeliever. A man may be sick and yet be a friend of God. A man may face depression yet be a candidate of Heaven.

The wise men then came to the auditorium and closed out the service by ministering deliverance to the thousands who were in attendance, through the amazing power of the Holy Spirit. They were delivered; Jesus is the Deliverer! To God be the glory!


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      yours in the Lord

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    • I just want to encourage the brother who is looking for a job for the past five years. run to God. I lost my job end of October last year. worldwise it was not possible for me to get a job as I’m already over 50. I tell my God during praying and fasting that my experience of over 20years must speak for me and not my age. Again I tell God that I’m only on leave for two months, will soon start working. My fasting program run from 30 Dec – 12 Jan, with this I tell God that at the last day of my fasting I must get a job or another to start somewhere later in the month or in February. God is faithful and on the 12th, I accepted an other, and the next day I start working.

      Please go into fasting and talk to your father.
      yours in the Lord


  30. Psalms 105:*
    He remembers his covenant fore ever the word he commended for a thousand generations

    The blood of Jesus Christ will never loose its power. Lord Jesus Christ made a covenant with his people that he will continue to perform his miracles. He made this covenant a thousand generations away and his covenant will still be effective for the generations to come. Our Lord is faithful you must also be faithful to him because because only faith pleases him.

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    Ghost Amen!

  32. Ephesians 2:22
    And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which GOD lives by the his Spirit

    Almighty GOD is building us to be part of him, so that his Spirit may dwell in us. GOD is Spirit and you must pray in spirit and truth. You do what what he requires from you and he will provide you. GOD is concerned about us and you must be concerned about him and you must be concerned about his Kingdom and his righteousness. He is gracious, glorious, powerful, splendid, majestic and the Supreme King and the ruler over all. I urge people of GOD to try him because the resurrection power of his Son has made people to be freed from all the suffering. He is worthy and he loves us.

    Keep Watching Emmanuel tv. with faith and see what the Lord can do to you and see the testimony of others. Our Lord is able.

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    thanks prophet i believe you have helped me a lot. please keep ur good work going God is your strength

    • Dear brethren in christ
      Jesus said in luke 17 v 1
      If you may have faith as small as mustard seed, you can say to the mulberry tree, be uprooted and plnted in the sea, and it will obey you.
      He did say here in this ves of the scripture, if somebody may say on your behalf, but yourself if you can open your own mouth and say what you want to see in faith, that will obey you.
      To me, your burrier is not the money but the faith.
      In mark 11 v 25
      Jesus said , whatever things you ask when you pray, Believe that you receive them, and you will have them.
      Just BELIEVE that you RECEIVE them.
      Thank you lord, I receive my blessings, which are turning impossibility be possibility in Jesus name Amen !

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    • Dear brethren in christ
      if I may ask, why do you write this kind of prayer request in this platform?
      this is a blog which goes to everybody not only to the man of god ? Why don’t write streight to the scoan instead of writing your challenges to the public platform. Satan can take that opportunity and prevent you to get to the man of god.
      Write to the scoan in this e-mail address :
      And stay connected to the kingdom, amen .


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  42. This is what God promised in the end time after pouring out his Spirit The Holy Spirit…. Miracles, signs and wonders may the Lord Bless U Prophet T.B Joshua and the whole Synagogue and The wisemen for the inspire me as a youth that I can Do it in the Lord under the Holy Sirit.. Please pray for me also to be able to do it and accomplish my mission, call, ministry and race and win every battle ahead. Amen

  43. Emmanuel god is with us my name is Siphosenkosi goodman boqwana i live in cape town south africa i am married my wife name is nonkqubela boqwana we would like to come to the scoan for deliverance i my self have a lot of abnomal things happening in my life and my family in the name of jesus i would like to come to the scoan with my wife and i would to thank the man of god TB Josua for creating such a wonderful channel and ive kept his word when he said the most powerful wappon of fight is to pray and have faith and love in the name of jesus i thank you god for giving me a siner this oppotunity to have wrote this request thank you lord in jesus name.

  44. E mmanuel n]my name is Sylvester Livingstone Mkumbo frm Tanzania,,in our home emmanuel tv is our favourate channel i mean every day we use to watch how God of TB Joshua use to deliver his people, our familly faces much hardship, i decided to write aplication to come to lagos for deliverence but its almost six months now with out responce, i tried the level best to pray with emmanuel tv but no avail, and what i wonder is only the people of Dar-es-laam they are coming to scoan and Tanzania is very big,, even here at Mwanza we watching emmanuel tv then your announce to the tv the interview for just one day how can we travel to dar for that one day?

    • you need faith, but remember God is still saying something in you family so do not loose hope. Remember Gods time is the best and the best is yet to come.

    • No gugu, you cannot get the annointed water except you may visit the scoan. Just get your brethen near to you and pray with the man of god. Get the dstv then, watch it you will get how to get his touch in jesus name . Amen !

  45. Man of God Emanuel> My request is deliverance of may family, promotion in my job, house, a car and my young graduate brothers to get employment, I pray and belive in jesus name.

  46. I want GOD to deliver me from idol of my fathers house which as brought set bact to my life. I use to have so many terrible dreams like seeing mascurade eating in dream please pray for me I want to be among the testifier in synagogue I believe in the GOD of TB joshua.

  47. People of god be blessed. Am writing from cameroon-yaounde and i thank and bless god for today. Am 33 and a poor single mother. God is great and i know he’ll soon deliver me and my 5 kids from the terrible poverty we are living in. I have depts everywhere. I cant complete my kids’ school fees, feed them, cloth them… we dont even have a home of our own. Please man of god, senior prophet tb joshua, pray for us Alone i cant. i have so much ill luck. Please, Distance is not a barrier… Thank you jesus for the lives of tb joshua and the wise men. Amen… Thanx

  48. Please Man of God, I seek for your prayers against an ancestral power, linage courses and Evil powers operating in my family, which is cursing hindrances, barriers, setback and confusions, in my family sickness, death and lack has become a Constant thing in the family, two members of my family were lost within seven days not by accident, just after brief illness, and another was involve in motor accident and died after one year in the hospital, till now the family is still fighting with unknown power, please man of God help me to help my family, i have purchased the anointed water and began to use it, I CAN SEE CHANGES ON MY SIDE, in a family of ten no one is financial able, good health is not guaranteed, please Man of God help the family of Sunday Anazie with your heavenly gift in name of our lord Jesus Christ Amen.

  49. Acts of the Apostles and the Prophets of old in great manifestation in our time to the glory of God Almighty in Jesus name. Amen.

  50. Emmanuel!!!
    Good morning brethren in Christ!
    The ministries of SCOAN is a Life orientation to me. Since I came to know who is a christian and What is christianity is all about, prophet TB Joshua & his ministry orient me in all areas of my life: how to be a true christian, hw to face trials, hw help th needy, how to forgive, how to appreciate God in both good nd hard times alike, ….. In short: how to live a Holy life. Also the wise men how they dedicate themselves to God at their ages they are also young nd handsome men … But flee from all impurity of fleshly desire and from all sort of immoral acts and sin to total and complete dedication to our Lord and saviour JESUS CHRIST, it inspires me a lot to be more nd more of Christ, to dig deep in order to reach th Kingdom of God. I am a true christian today because of this ministry of th SCOAN and these Men(prophet TB Joshua nd Th wise Men) I thank God fore Their lives., to God Be The Glory! Thank U JESUS!

  51. I am thanking God for prophet tb Joshua.I am one of the beneficiary of the touch from heaven tru the prophet and my life turns around. Am grateful to God;I pray for God grace upon the life of the prophet tbj in Jesus name.

  52. Pls pray for me I need GOD to from the spirit of setback poverty and family idol it has been troubling my life for 20yrs.

  53. Emmanuel !
    I thank the Almighty God for his love for Nigeria and the rest of the world.
    I thank God, because He loved us and kept Snr. Prophet Tbj in Africa, Nigeria.
    If not how can a sinner of my type be able to attend service at scoan headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria? and all the break through have acheived. Thanks to Jesus.

  54. Emmanuel, God is with us! I am happy for the wonderful works of God in my life and that of my family. SinceI visited SCOAN my life and that of my family has changed positively, both spiritually and financially. Many breakthroughs in 2013; and I continue to trust God for more in 2014, in Jesus Name. Amen. Julius KIYAH from Cameroon

  55. jesus just shows me his love through the man of god tb joshua and a freind of mine who is in nigeria. I received annointing water through dhl because of my freind send by god to help me be delivered. Pray for me as l minister the water in jesus name amen

  56. Man of God prophet T.B. Joshua and the whole Scoan members i wish you Merry Christmas and Happy new year.may the good Lord and his only son Jesus Christ be with you.

  57. Happy new yaer to all member of the church man of god I need your prayer for my wive and my work I won’t to came to your church so how can get to there pls let me no what ican my problem is to get the anointed water to held my





  59. Amen. The man of God is doing the most wonderful spiritual job as said in revelation that the last angel is coming.

    My life is totally changed as from the time i started watching Emmanuel tv.

    Yours in Christ

    Knowledge Masuko

  60. Prays the lord, thank all who send to me the word of god. I belive that one day i can get money in order to join all together for praying. Thank you in jesus name amen

  61. My name is Conny from South Africa I want the annointing water, how can i get it as iam far from nigeria and as i dont have money to come to the church?

  62. Becareful, there are many false annointing waters here, from false prophets therefore, write to their official e-mail address or first visit : you will find the e-mail address right there.
    This is good,therefore, we need to protect it as god have lraedy given us the power to do so through the annointed one, honorable jb joshua His prophet.
    Praise the lord !

    • Emmanuel, God is with us !
      If I may suggest brother, how about writting to tha scoan at This is not a right platform, but to send them a letter in the aforesaid address, I think is the better one.
      You are blessed already, therefore, stay blessed .

  63. Its amazing that God touch lives of different people in different ways. How i wish i could meet the Man of God Prophet TB JOSHUA one day

  64. Afternoon, I know that to the Prophet I will get the correct answer, guide, direction and many more answers to the  different  question that I have. I am Eveline a 26 year old girl lived with my two brothers, five sister and my dad who is a widow, my mum pass away this year in  15th September 2013. After the burial family to my mum sides and my dad’s site and start to discuss, some of the this was true but some where not Prophet I really need your help I know that I am worthy and young, I really confused, I feel like to take my own soul but I am afraid for the live of my young ones I am the first born. please Prophet help me and my soul. really need your to intervene please please its urgent. this is my cell number +264 81 3716600. I am wait  for you for the direction please.

  65. am asking for anoiting water, for fainecial breakthrough .am in zambia en u can use this adress. zambia dc lusaka pep zambia distribution center plot 7403krimanvi park mungwi road lusaka zambia.

  66. I was engulfed in huge debt due to bank loan transacted in 2008. The bank took me to court and the court ordered that my husband’s house used as collateral be auctioned to pay off the debt. I ran to SCOAN in Ghana one Sunday May 2012 for prayers. Annointing water was administerd on all present, I returned the next day for counseling again for prayers on wednesday before proceeding to court on Thursday. Even though my lawyer did not show up, I stood up when the case was called, to my surprise, the judgetold me to show good faith by msking substancial paymeny. The was no money to do so, while the case was going on I was looking for tensnt to lease part of the building for over three years but no avail but within a year the auctioneer came with court order to auction the place on the 12th of Dec. 2012, the first buyer did return to pay, it was auction agsin three times but all three could not come back with money to pay. I keep on administering the anointing water all ovrr the compound and prayed all night and attended few times the all night prayers. In July this year, I got a buyer for one third of the house he paid the bank and the rest of the money I put up a place more morden than before.
    Praise thevliving God. Alelluya.

    • I need your prayers please man of God,a woman had snached my husband away from me,I have four children with him,we’ve married under audinance, now we’ve file for divorce.Please I know distance is not a barrier.Help me

  67. Am gratful for such a divine man of God. i want to have an encounter with God. i need his fire burning in me. help me man of God.

  68. Man of God Thank you so much for renewing our faith in God. We were sinners but today we are devoted children of God serving God’s purpose thanks to you. Where we fail pls lift us up so that we soldier on. As i annoint myself with the anointing water i believe miracles will follow and demonic tendencies by satan will be defeated. No weapon against me shall succeed. In Jesus name i pray

  69. We need the anoiting water here in zambia and ma dad want us to shift while us as a family we don’t want we realy need prayers in our family because my father himself is willing to came there bt we realy need the annoiting water please

  70. I had seen the God’s miracles through de testimoniars from ministry and i believe strongly dat he will do it again in my life in jesus name Amen! i urge Almighty God for forgiveness of my sins & set me free from every satanic afflicitions dat brings sendback, disappointment, blockages,poverty to my life. And let God do a divine favior, connection & restorates my life injesus. may God be with u as u pray for me & others in jesus name AMEN.


  72. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give.
    these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons;they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands onsick people, and they will get well.
    Jesus instructed all those who believe, who faith and meekness, people like the man of god tb joshua, brother alfred willie and you and you !
    What is the problem now to me and you.
    For time being I’m seeing two reasons in me and you .
    What is it ?
    Faith with some doubts in me, to you it’s jeleous and envy.
    Does two things are preventing us to do these things which jesus instructed all of us to do if we believe. Prectical example here is the man of god. He have the required faith.
    Therefore, for me and you we need to submit ourselves to those who believe and given that power which we don’t have . Amen !

  73. I am asking for prayers becoz l fail to make a financial breakthrough.Additionally l desperately would like to visit the scoan but fail to get an invitation.Please help me man of God.l believe one day God will hear me

  74. I have been very far from The man of God before now, not until he started appear in my dreams and any time he appears in my dream he backs me up in spiritual fight, not once, several time, some times he delivers me and pray for me, recently i began to notice that we got things in common, before now people calls me prophet TB Joshua just because we look alike facially and in mode of dressing, but now i have realized that it do not end there, i am looking forward in meeting with him, i know that i needed him in my life because he has a major role to play in my life. if any one out there can help me get to please do…..

  75. My king in christ jesus, I got your massage and will do as the spirit of god has spoken in due course.
    For time being, I am still praying after having received my elder brother’s news that had passed away today which is the 5th.
    I am right now praying with the man of god . And whenever I pray with this minister of god, I witness victory. And right now, I am seeing victory in jesus name. Through the man of god tb joshua I am connect to that freedom jesus had brought for us.
    Hallelujah !

  76. My fellow sisters and brothers in christ jesus, I ask your prayers. This evening I have received the news of my elder brother has past away.
    I, Therefore pray that god’s will must conque, and god’s grace my finalised everything according to his will in jesus name.

  77. To God be the Glory about what our eyes can see and our ears can hear happening at the SCOAN where God is at work using his appointed vessels Prophet T. B Joshua and all the Wise Men. Am pretty sure we need not to plead but to pray so that God can allocate us and show the Man of God directives concerning us especially us who are far away from Nigeria and with no tangible hope to step into SCOAN but my spirit convinces me that wherever iam God can work out something through the available medium the Emmanuel T.V. Brother ALFRED WILLIE I have read most of your comments and I really would want to communicate with you one on one because I have been delighted in the way you comment. Kindly get me on and you can find me on facebook using the same email. GOD BLESS THE PROPHET, WISE MEN, EMMANUEL T.V AND EVERY SOUL IN THIS TROUBLED WORLD. AMEN

  78. 2 Corinthians 9:8 And GOD is able to give you more than you need, so that you will always have all you need for yourselves and more than enough for every good cause.

    He is able to immeasurably give more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us and at all the time. Thank GOD and give him glory because he is able to make you stand firm in your faith according to his standards. He is able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Lord Jesus Christ. You must believe him and be convinced that he is able to guard on what you have entrusted to him. He is able to save completely those who come to Almighty GOD through him, because he is always lives to intercede and praying for you.

    Jude 1:24 To him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy.

    Those who live in accordance with the GOD’Sc3 spirit have their minds set on what the spirit desire and the mind which is controlled by the spirit is life, peace and joy. Emmanuel – GOD with us

  79. Thank God for meeting some one of your kind in my life time prof. I saw and readed much works you have been doing in the house of God, even millions testifying the release, heal they got as they visited or uses the water from the Scoan by prof. T.B joshua the blessed man of God. Please prof. I and my wife will attend the sunday service on 15/12/2013 for prayer and breakthrough, because we been married for long time with out children and even could not get ourself together finacialy due counting hospitals and their money-money every day test wich we could no longer afford. Now we have decided to come to the temple of God Scoan, ”He shall heal us of the childlessnes, provide our own house so that can stop moving here and there due to the agressive neighbours whom always calls us names of not having children. May God also bless us as we enter the temple so that the gap of our poverty must break . Infact wash and clean all our complicted life, these are our reasons of visiting the temple of Prof. T.B Joshua at the Scoan Lagos Nigeria.

  80. Glory be to the almighty God who sent His son Jesus, to save the world from their sins.
    Thank God for given us prophet JOSHUA and EMMANUEL TV.

  81. Mine is a testimony, I came to scoan early this year. I didn’t have a job, I didn’t even a house. I was delivered and the prophet gave me an anointing water and I used it. People of God now as im speaking I have a job and I own a house. Thank you God of TB Joshua, I always knew that my life will never be the same as I was stepping in synagogue, and God’s time is the best

  82. My name is sarah N. Bell, I have heard a lots of testimonies and believe so much that this annoiting water will work for me too in the area of child bearing, marriage and setting me free from all satanic afflictions.

    My name is Sarah N. Bell, needing prayers in the areas of all santanic afflictions such as child bearing, marriage, health and the many disappointments in every aspect of my life. Thank so much for saving God’s Children including me.

  83. Glory be to God. After sending my prayer request yesteday, Man of God Senior Prophet TB Joshua appeared to me in my dream and he was praying for me. When i work up at around 0200 in the morning i knew and beleive that this is the beggining of my new life because i know now that i am delivered, blesssed and healed. I thank God for using Prophet TB Joshua to change my life. Emmanuel.

  84. This man is truly a man of God. seen him in my dreams thrice now, and I thank God for His great and steady assuarance. Distance is not indeed, a BARRIER!!!!!! Live long man of God.

  85. I would like thank Man of God Prophet TB Joshua for transforming my spiritually life through the media of the Emmanuel TV. I watch the channel every Thursdays and Sundays and my spiritually life has changed. I used to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes and since i started watching Emmanuel TV, i have quitted (2008). I have since send prayer requests for deliverance, healing and financial blessings and i awaits the holy spirit/ Glory of the Lord Jesus to come and change my life. In Jesus Christ name Amen

  86. Great is thy faithfulness Lord Jesus Christ. Your wonderful power and amazing grace you gave to Prophet T B Joshua and the Wise Men, to change lives, to change the nations and to change the world into a better world, in your name is appreciated I thank you Lord for commissioning you to change lives, to change nations and to change the world to be a better place to leave. May he continue replenish his grace, strength, power and wisdom to you. The work you are doing for the Lord in this world is so huge because many lives are being healed, delivered, blessed and redeemed for the salvation of their soul. Provebs 24:5 A Wise Man has great power and a man of knowledge increase strength.

  87. I want to bless the name of the Lord.Great things He has done and greater things He will do. I prayed a .prayer with Prophet T.B. Joshua on youtube my carrier rise up and work. That same day I got a job offer and within a couple of days I had started working. I never applied for this job God caused them to find me miraculously and offered me the job. All glory, honor, thanksgiving praises be to the Almighty God in Jesus name, amen.

  88. Good morning I have just find out this site through the help of my colleague, I tried in April on Facebook and ending up paying money to fraudsters and neverr receive the annoiting water. I realised that j was talking to wrong people, I still need the annoiting water please help me.
    Thapelo Chiloane-Masha , South Africa

    • Brother, please be careful again, there is no one who can give you the annointing water, except you can register to visit the scoan.
      Their official website is : www, and the e-mail address is :
      Jesus is the solution
      Emmanuel GOD is with us.
      Alfred willie
      From Capetown South africa

  89. Am Patricia maluku from Malawi, Please help me,how can to get anointed water but l can not manage to come to Nigeria due to my financial status,ln Jesus name help me.

  90. Jesus God of TB Joshua help me I can’t pay my childs varsity fees I owe banks loans I took to take her to varsity, now I can’t repay them . Help me Jesus I can’t even pay her. Boarding, heal me ,bless me God my saviour

    • Dear child of god through christ jesus.
      I would advise you to write streight to scoan beacuse there are many anti-christ arround.
      You are doing right to come forward with your burden. Jesus invited you already in matthew 11 ves 28 .
      And I wish you may also pray that your request may be answer, pray that the man of god may receive your prayer request and pray with you, as the bible say in james 5 ves 16
      Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be heal. THE EFFECTIVE, FERVENT PRAYER OF A RIGHTEOUS MAN AVAIL MUCH (IS VICTORIOUS).
      Be like a lion roaring over his prey, when the multitude of shephard is summoned against him, he will not be afraid of their voices nor be disturbed by their noise,but will focuss in what he is doing as his mind is right there.
      Receive your answer from the man of god as a righteous one of god. Stick to that don’t allow anything to disturb you .
      Hallelujah !
      Thank lord jesus .


    • Dear child of god through christ jesus.
      I would advise you to write streight to scoan beacuse there are many anti-christ arround.
      You are doing right to come forward with your burden. Jesus invited you already in matthew 11 ves 28 .
      And I wish you may also pray that your request may be answered, pray that the man of god may receive your prayer request and pray with you, as the bible say in james 5 ves 16
      Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be heal. THE EFFECTIVE, FERVENT PRAYER OF A RIGHTEOUS MAN AVAIL MUCH (IS VICTORIOUS).
      Be like a lion roaring over his prey, when the multitude of shephard is summoned against him, he will not be afraid of their voices nor be disturbed by their noise,but will focuss in what he is doing as his mind is right there.
      Receive your answer from the man of god as a righteous one of god. Stick to that don’t allow anything to disturb you .
      Hallelujah !
      Thank lord jesus .

  91. Mine is a testimony to the glory of God. Early this year(2013) my former manager resigned from nowhere, and i was appointed to act in the mean time his post was vacant. I then started to pray with prophet TB Joshua believing God for the post. The post was then advertised and i applied, in September i received an invitation for the interview, i kept on prayimg with man of God and also send my prayer request through the internet. Children of the God of TB Joshua low and behold i received a call today(29th Nov 2013) that i got the position. . .Haleluya to the King of Kings, Jesus is His name as i am now the IT manager. Only because of His Grace and Mercy, I possessed my possession. Emmanuel!!!!!

  92. Mine is a testimony to the glory of God. Early this year(2013) my former manager resigned from nowhere, and i was appointed to act in the mean time his post was vacant. I then started to pray with prophet TB Joshua believing God for the post. The post was then advertised and i applied, in September i received an invitation for the interview, i kept on prayimg withan of God

    • King in christ jesus, you are reminding me of what I read from John 4 ves 28-29
      The women then left her waterpot, went her way into the city, and said to the men, COME AND SEE a man who told me all things that I ever did . Couldn’t be the christ ?
      Talk the talk, spread the word to the whole world what god has done to you through his annointed one, prophet tb joshua.
      Go to the tb joshua watch and tell them, they are lost and satan is the boss there.
      I thank you king in the name of our jesus christ of nazareth.
      Jesus is alive, let’s agree with his man jb joshua. AMEN !

      • man of god prophet joshuwa i am from ethiopia i can’t to come scoan church how i can get anoiting water and stiker for delivrance of all my family? in jesus name amen!!!

  93. Blessed be His Holy Name. I thank God for this grace because many have lost their lives through death before witnessing what I am priviledged to see in the Scoan. I still say Blessed be His Holy Name and I also would like to thank Prophet TB Joshua for yielding to the Spirit of the Lord and allowing our Lord to manifest Himself in the life of the prophet. To the wisemen I also thank God for your lives you have a mentor who has passed through persecution and not only that you are right there in the presence of the Lord I pray the Lord will keep you and sustain you and evangelists and each and every worker in Scoan and emmanuel tv and their families.

    This is my prayer for you all in SCOAN. When the Lord banished Adam and Eve from the garden the bible tells us that God placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden Cherubim and a Flaming Sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life”.

    To me Scoan is that Garden where the presence of the Lord resides and where His will is done, so I pray that the Lord will place the cherubim and the flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to Scoan, and to the lives of the prophet and his family, the wisemen and their families and all the workers and their families.

    In John 17 verses 15, 16,and 17 Our Lord Jesus prayed this Prayer “My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that You protect them from the evil one. They are not of the world, even as I (Jesus Christ) am not of it. Sanctify them by the truth, Your Word is truth. in Jesus mighty Name I pray Amen

    Africa you are blessed to experince this grace

  94. I thank the Almighty God for the life of Prophet TB Joshua, I always watching Emmanuel TV in my house with my family and I saw the good works God is doing through His servant Prophet TB Joshua and the wise men in the SCOAN, I pray and asking the Man of God to pray for me so that God will make a way for me to be live in SCOAN soonest in Jesus Christ name I pray…..Amen. I am a Nigerian but rasident in the Gambia. Thanks may the Almighty God continue to strenghting you in Jesus Christ name…..Amen.

  95. to God almight be the glory. Jesus is the same yesterday,today and forever. He is a healer of all diseases and sicknesses because he is the master physician to ever walked on this earth.. Doctors fail but God doesnt fail us. I love this Jesus.. By his stripes im healed. God isnt far away from us, he is able to do exceedingly abundant above the things we can imagine nor think of according to the working power in us… Amen..

  96. i blessed the name of the Lord God for Emmanuel TV of lives transformation. i visited the SCOAN for the first time God touched me, my second visit on the 20/10/2013 the Prophet TB. J who always appear to me defending me any time i had nightmares touch me in the prayer line and Wise Man Harry who also appear to me in my dream telling me,your case is settle that same day he touch me. God had answer me, i am the next to testify in JESUS MIGHTY NAME. Glory be to God Almighty.

    Millions of greater Anointing to the Name of GOD of our generation.

  97. To God be the Glory.Jesus is the same yestaday,today and forever.lets praise his name for the miraculous things he has done to these people through his servant prophet T B Joshua.My faith has been lifted evn more.I ve no doubt ill concieve through this same medium of anointing water and sticker.Devil is a lier and im very sure he is ashamed..Amen

  98. I’am glad to know that there is a reason for everything, before watching Emmanuel TV I used to think that I’m alone.I sense his presents and an unusuall relaxing atmosphere whenever I watch Emmanuel Tv.

  99. just to say thank u LORD for his mercies..nd GOD shuld continue to bless senior prophet T.B Joshua for his gud work..GOD is really using him.

  100. I thank god for the life of prophet tbjoshua you are a truely man of god i have been waching immanuel tv everyday i see miracles that makes me cry i hope and pray that one day i will visit the scoan for my own deliverance

  101. sir calvary greetings to our most revered man of GOD T.B.JOSHUA
    This is an SOS FROM ME AND MY FAMILY to you.I have worshipped in SCOAN at Lagos Nigeria i lost my job from Oceanic bank since 2009 as a result of bank crisis in our nation, since then i have no job in order to care for my family , in deed we have past through hardship of all kinds but i strongly believein my heart that God will use you for my breakthrough . Sir I need a good job . please i beseach you for my breakthrough in jesus name Amen.
    from Eke Lekwa Aba Abia state


  103. to God be the Glory, now and forever more.
    nothing beats faith in God. you can’t please God with out faith.
    thank you man of God T.B Joshua for teaching about faith.
    continue teaching so that our hearts may be turned ,changed, transformed and filled with the love of God.
    man of God Prophet T B Joshua and the wise men and entire team of intercessors at Emmanuel TV, please pray for me and all others that will be writing professional exams in the month of December 2013. i believe in the power of prayer to make the impossible possible. i ve done the best i can, but its not by power nor by mighty, but by the power of the living God.
    Holy Spirit, Spirit of the living God,please help us to pass our
    exams. in Jesus’ name , AMEN.

  104. Man of God! Thanks for your massage, i have hope that your teaching is changing my life spirituary. But man of God pray for me.

  105. Zacchaeus said to the lord,
    Here and now I give half of my possessions to the poor, and if I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will pay back four times the amount.”
    When I see the man of god tb joshua helping the people, I am touched and asked myself, why is he doing this ?
    I found the answer from luke 19 ves 8
    And behold I never ever have seen this before in any church, particularly in africa!
    O please help me god ,

    • Man of God,at this moment I have sinned against GOD because of my immoral behavior ,my family is in mess right now she is at her home,I only know GOD of heaven can solve my problems,I feel like this earth has hated.My only hope is your prayer,Please I cry deeply MAN OF GOD 2 believers are better than 1.PLEASE ASSIST ME not only to day but for the rest of my life.Emmanuel,Thulason muomba,Karonga Prevention Study,P.o Box 46 ,Chilumba,Malawi

  106. Thank you very much for affording me the opportunity to read about last Sunday’s service. I felt blessed, I felt like I was among the congregation. I will pray to the Lord that one day I will attend a church service at SCOAN. May the Almighty be praised for all the mighty works

    May the Lord bless the prophet, his team, his family and the believers all over the world. I look forward to more postings.

  107. Oh my word help me to thank the Almighty for remembering AFRICA. Who would have imagined that something good would come out of this continent. Praise be to God for showing us that he lives through showing us his love and mighty through prophet T B Joshua. I am amazed by the preaching, the testimonies and the extent of God’s grace and to see and believe that anything is possible with God.

    I liken my situation to the lady from South Africa whose business went down and the bricklayer.

    My husband died in 2011 as a result of hypertension and diabetes. He died at a time when we were struggling financially & I was left behind with a lot of debts. The situation got worse when I lost a whole crop as a result of frost bite and I couldn’t repay a bank loan that had been borrowed against a collateral security of a family friends house. I was supposed to sell all assets to clear the loan, it was heartbreaking to be in such a situation. I was rescued by a good Samaritan who offered to pay off the loan over the next four months starting this December and we will make a pymt plan. Meanwhile I have not been able to send my youngest son to university because he can’t get his A Level results because of o/s school fees. My older son is a 5th yr medical student he has o/s fees b/fwd from 2012. Pse pray for me for more breakthroughs and faith greater than mountains so that one day I can tell the world my story of deliverance in full.

    May the Good Lord preserve all the good shepherds who are tending his flock. Glory be to God. Amen

  108. i have been writing emails to the prophet TB Joshua to ask him how he can help us with anointing water since we dont stay in Nigeria. i have sent so many emails bt not even once have i recieved any acknowledgement of reciept of my emails. How can i get the Anointing water sir, is it possible for u to send me some am desperate.

  109. Let the name of God be praised!!!. I thank God for my life today and continue to pray that, he should be with me and my entire family now and forever more. Amen!!!!!. God is doing a lot of wonders through the anointed water and my own case will not be an exception in jesus name, amen!!!!!!

  110. I thank God for raising up a great prophet in our generation in the form of prophet TB Joshua. Every time I watch Emmanuel TV and witness all the miracles, breakthrough and deliverance etc, I realize the goodness and mercy of God towards his people. How was all this lives including me supposed to cope if not that we are delivered and healed. Jesus, I thank you, worship you and adore you for who you are. Thank you Lord for delivering us. I thank God for life of the prophet and that of all the wiseman. Remain blessed and anointed. From Windhoek

  111. It’s about time we took the Man of God prophet T.B. Joshua seriously anytime he prophesied. At times i get shocked when i hear even pastors saying even Jesus could not do these miracles. They’ve forgotten in John 14: 12-14, He said His disciples will do greater works than these when He goes to His father in heaven. Pls lets read the word of God constantly. Emmanuel!!!

  112. I thank God for use prophet T.b joshua with his precious spirit to save people out of sickness,affliction,painful,poverty, etc.I pray may God full with his abundance precious spirits more than this & one his pray will locate me,as distance is not barreness Amen

  113. Great is thy faithfulness. Faith is the channel which anointing flows. Thank you Almighty GOD for giving the humankind a gift of faith. If the constant demand of faith is there, the constant supply is there.

    May the good Lord bless and strengthening Bose the chorister where ever she is and may he bless and strengthening the other choir members in the arena of liberty. May he also bless and strengthening the Evangelist, the Ushers and all those who will be participating in the Anointing Water Revival Service in UK.

  114. Hi, Thank you very much for the new posting please keep on sending it to me I am always blessed.

    Please I need to get hold of the anointing water can it send to us through this media of distance is not barrier I will pay for the expenses of courier.

    Stay Blessed 

    Robert Nhlabatsi

  115. Our GOD is glorious savior. Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save you and his ear is not too dull to hear. I rejoice with the families who received their deliverence, healing and blessing through different mediums in the arena of liberty. Our Lord and Savior can use anything to set his people he created free from all afflictions. What an amazing Savior we save. Mantain your healing deliverence and your blessing, by coming near to GOD with a sincere heart and a sure faith. Read your Bible and pray everyday so that your faith will grow. And make sure you take the word of GOD standard for life. Emmanuel – GOD with us

  116. To God be the Glory. with all these testimonies I believe that God is alive. I believe that I will one day be able to give my own testimony in Christ Jesus Name I pray.

  117. Glory be to God Almighty who changes not. He changes not. He gave us a prophet, a teacher, a humble man indeed. May our lives never remain the same. In Jesus’ Name Amen

  118. Thank you Lord for your mercy, what a wonderful work you’have done for youre poeple.Lord give me faith . I know my day is coming soon.

  119. Hallelujah;Emmanuel;Jesus Reigns and is LORD of all.I would like to take this opportunity to Give thanks to the our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ for His Mercy and providence in our Lives.To Prophet TB Joshua;Mmama EVELYN;THE WISE MEN;EMMANUEL TV PARTNERS;SCOAN FAMILY;I realy thank the LORD with You for the effectual work of His Kingdom and unrelenting paasion in HIS work.”)Our life deserve de Best”Thanks for keeping my faith alive and the fire burning by emailing me weekly happenings of wha the LORD JESUS os constanly;consistently;continuously doing in SCOAN.EMMAUEL

  120. wonderful teaching of faith, we all need faith in christ. What a testimony A bricklayer now has money enough he also have an automatic Nissan Altima. The God of Prophet T.B. Joshua will my God forver. Thank you Jesus

  121. The power of God the Father is spiritualy and phisicaly prensent for those who accept Him, and as such His blessing will overshadow them and thier needs will be for His care for He cares for those who beleive. Praise thie LORD for His goodness in Jesus Christ name Amen. Dear prophet i do pray for God to give you more days so as to enfluence this dark generation for Jesus, God bless you the more and your team in Jesus name Amen please pray for me for break through.

  122. All Glory and Thanks be to God for the healing testimonies expressed hithertot by the mighty power of God. I am suffering from deafness for 13 years now and I have had a series of stroke attacks and my right side of the body is non functional causing problems to walk. Could someone who has been to Scoan with spare Anointig Water please help me since I cannot afford to travel to Lagos. I am based in Lusaka, Zambia.

  123. He was, he still is, and he will always be; the almighty God exists and before him all creations will bow to worship in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

  124. amen! My faith has been lifted up. God is great and should continue blessing TB Joshua and the entire team for the good work of God being done.
    God of TB Joshua have mercy upon my life and let your will be done upon my life, family, home, career, work place in Jesus Christ name I pray.
    I believe this God who raised the dry bones to walk as written in Ezekiel 37 will do also to me in mighty name of Jesu Christ of Nazareth! Amen!
    Thank you Jesu for my breakthrough, my healing, my deliverance, my blessings, my Lord and my savior! Amen.

  125. We thank the Lord for the grace he has bestowed upon the man of God our Prophet in this generation and there is nothing more to say only to say thank you Jesus for the mighty works he is doing through the men of God at SCOAN.

  126. With all this testimonies i believe God almighty will heal my uncle olaniyi akiwumiju in jesus name i pray. Emmanuel please i have send my uncles picture and he has difficult in walking please i need your reply please. Thanks emmanuel

  127. May his almighty NAME be praise.Emmanuel man of God Prophet TB Joshua and his team is actually doing their best and really God is using them as a tester in our Lives. Jesus is alive.

  128. Merci Seigneur Jésus de nous avoir donné l’homme de Dieu TB Joshua qu’il soit pleinement béni, je prie aussi pour lui, qu’il soit en bonne santé, Emmanuel TV est toujours chez moi ouvert 24h/24 je porte avec moi dans mon sac l’eau d’onction avec les stickers c’est pour dire que je suis blindée ni Jésus Name i pray everyday how to come to Nigeria to be with my sisters and brothers, only Jésus Know thé time to GOD be the glory Thanks to Wise Men

  129. We thank God for using our wonderful prophet TB Joshua to heal, harvest & save souls throughout d World. May d blood of Jesus set me and my family free from sin, sickness & hardship IJN. May d Heavenly Father strengthen our Prophet and d Wisemen to save more souls. Pls join me & in prayers for breakthrough in all areas of challenges (buisnes) IJN. Amen

  130. Emmanuel! People of God let’s celebrate the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. I m blessed indeed for the love of my saviour I will surelly praise HIM for the rest of my life. I pray for the man of God Papa TB Joshuato live long by God’s grace & thanking him for drawing US more closer to God by his preaching the word of GOD.

  131. God is using the man of God T.B. Joshua to heal, deliver and bless people of this world. I also have my testimony that I am healed and delivered in Jesus Christ Name. Attending the anointing water revival service in London 10th November, and following and praying with man of God on sunday 17 November, I came to relealised God has healed me and delivered me through the man of God. Jesus has set me free and I am free indeed. Thank you Jesus and thank you man of God. Emmanuel!


  133. God is Good all the time! I thank Almighty God to give us His Servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua. Glory to be you Almighty 🙂

  134. I say a big thank you to the Prince of Peace for the wonderful breakthrough in peoples lives through his humble servant TB Joshua.May God’s grace continuously flow in him as he heals the world and exposes the demons and their plans.



  136. Emmanuel!!!…what can we say unto the Lord, all we have to say is Thank You Lord!!!..God Almighty continue to bless Prophet TB Joshua and all his household!! the Light of God to shine always upon SCOAN daily!!!

  137. Thank you TB Joshua for derivering people of God, i was healed nemonia after playing with tb joshua at home last sunday. it is real thing and God is using him alot .thank you jesus for your servant joshua. FAITH K CINGAU FROM kenya -meru.

  138. Emmanuel
    Let me thank the children of God Almighty who continue to make sure that aour faith is lifted up through this medium of communication. after reading this post i cannever be shaken by the devil, he will try but i know that Jehova nessy the victory provider will see me thrue. what i mean is keep up the good word, i am proud to be associated with Emmanuel TV and SCOAN.
    Remain blessed

  139. this ministry,the scoan is practically living the word of God and acting it daily.what we read in the scriptures of the bible is being riplicated through this ministry ,proving to us that Jesus is alive and still loves us all.

  140. Dear Sir,

    I would love to give an advice for TB Joshua team.

    I hear that you have got a problem with government about school and an universities.

    My advice pray with your team G-d wisdom to organise the school and universities from your church: 1. Your support from school going be not less then your support to children from G-d. 2. You even can not imagine what’s going at universities… they do human dnr mix with the not human(animal, the rest) and the rest. And it very hard even to finish they are giving a huge pressure on children and students. I followed almost all programs I am sure all people in Nigeria will help you to do it. Because, your TB Joshua ministry gives hope to other people. I following the program, I am sure you could give the best example… USA, EU even Britain become catholic, because they did not the vision about future specially for young people… even catholic churches for sales in Britain it become the bars for drunk people….

    Second when you are doing the tape with worship record it. PLEASE.Once in Lithuania a lot of young people wanted to follow Jesus, but they been lost because the church no idea what they need to do with them what kind direction they follow, they been very very gifted. Now they are not singing to worship G-d as should do it. Give direction to G-d GRACE, because other way they will return to the old life. Many many young people need good example to live and be followers for G-d not temporary but for the rest of their lives.
    Do it the records, … it could also could go with ‘annoiting water’ it could also a water for other people souls.. PLEASE, remember what do you feel when you read it Psalms from Bible.

    ‘The Mirrow’ one of the best books I have ever read. Simple, Truth, to give G-d Grace not TB JOSHUA but for Jesus it is the most important message. ALL WORLD need it. ALL WORLD NEED THIS KIND DIRECTION.
    I hope TB Joshua will become stronger and stronger and closer, closer to G-d.

    The best wishes from Lithuania

  141. We are witnesses of God’s glory and power happening live among His people on Emmanuel TV day and night and our faith continues to grow despite not stepping into His prescence in SCOAN. May the good Lord give prophet TB Joshua a longlasting life so that many people should be saved through his service.

  142. Blessed be the name of the Lord.All i have to say is thank you Lord for all you have done in peoples lives as they shared their testimonies i give glory and praise you.As the messege from prophet without faith it is impossible to please God.My faith keeps growing everyday and i thank God for the life of prophet Tb Joshua and all the wise men God exists i have seen His power and He will not leave me without solution my own case will not escape the annointing of God will be coming to SCOAN to share my testimonie the mother of miracle that God has done Gods time is the best.Emmanuel

  143. We thank God for all the things he does for us. i see that i mus have faith. my testimony is also coming.


  145. Glory be to God.My faith is lifted up because of this testimonies.May God bless you Prophet TB Joshua and your wise men. Indeed Jesus is alive. Amen.

  146. Just a lot of faith building testimonies but l was touched with Mrs shaw’s testimony to God be the glory she has been delivered and what a good heart for the husbands he is one in a trillion and God will bless Mr Shaw abundantly we give God all the glory for this family what a mighty God we serve he is so awosome thank you Jesus for coming in our hearts and know you more everyday that passes l love you Jesus continue working in me

  147. To God be the glory! you never know when your time is, like a bird suddenly caught in a trap. Gods time is the best time. Keep believing

  148. indeed to God be the Glory
    What can We say unto the Lord! He is a living God, He is my savior my life is worth living into Him

  149. To God be glory for such a blessing to the world. Man of God TB Joshua we say thank you for your good character; Ministries; Discipleship of you Ministries

  150. Glorrrryyyyy!! to our Lord God Almighty who was, is and is to come!!!! thank you Jesus I celebrate with all my sisters and brothers who testified to the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ!!!! AMEN

  151. We thank the Lord for the grace he has bestowed upon the man of God our Prophet in this generation and there is nothing more to say only to say thank you Jesus for the mighty works he is doing through the men of God at SCOAN.

  152. We, at Emmanuel TV and The SCOAN appeal to our partners, viewers, and those under the influence of this telecast to support the nation of the Philippines by contributing whatever God puts in your heart. Make your contributions to the SCOAN committee on support for the Nation of Philippines headed by Wiseman Racine or our contact in the nation of the Philippines; which will be given to you when you contact us, supporting them with money, or any kind of support you can give to the people..
    You can also contact us via email…

    Emmanuel_tv @

    Remain Blessed.

  153. God is great i need a prayer as am facing a dificullt situation at work.Man of God please pray for me let the will of God happen in my life as it
    done in havean.

  154. Really you are a true man of God.I thank God for your life..and your ministry God bless you…. Am next in line to testify God’s goodness

  155. Nicodemus, visited jesus at night so that he cannot be seen by his staff and coleagues and asked jesus acknowledged him as “Rabbi”,
    He said we know that you are a teacher come from god ; for no one can do these signs that you do unless god is with him.

    Through Emmanuel tv and through testimonies, we have found what nicodemus called signs. For tb joshau in our generation he perform exactly signs, why ?
    Because god is with him !
    This truth does need your faith but it is truth and it will remain like because god is with tb joshau for he has faith in him.

    thank man of god , You Are Our Blessing!
    Praise the lord

  156. Our GOD is an awesome GOD. Thank U JeESUS for Anointing your servant prophet TB Joshua to preach the Gospel with power so that our faith will be build on God’s power and not on human wisdom (1cor 2:20). For all the Testimonies we say thank you JESUS!

  157. I thank God for giving us Prophet T. B. Joshua. For me is like He knows me face to face and my thoughts. Because anytime I listen to him I feel God speaking to my situation which keeps me trusting in God for my miracle. Prophet may the good Lord continue to use you to touch more lives. Sometimes I look at the miracles that God uses you to perform and the arms you give and asked myself only God can do this. Man of God to me there is no doubt in mind you are really God sent and I thank HIM for this wonderful gift. I know it will not be long I come to SCOAN with my testimonies in Jesus name Amen

  158. As d Spirit directs- All I have 2 say abt d man of God in d scoan is dat, Emmanuel!!! Dis man naim Bible tell us say Him go com n xplain dis Bible 2 all of us. Na him make me know say na only dat Church, God de exist 4 dis earth n “all pastors” go com get deliverance, b4 dis World go get peace. It is well in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

  159. All I have 2 say abt d man of God in d scoan is dat, Emmanuel!!! Dis man naim Bible tell us say Him go com n xplain dis Bible 2 all of us. Na him make know say na only dat Church, God de exist 4 dis earth n all pastor go com get deliverance, b4 dis World go get peace. It is well in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

  160. Glory be to our GOD who work through the Man of GOD Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua, may he live longer in Jesus name. I hope myself and my family will be delivered soon to testify next year.

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