Celebrate the name of Jesus Christ as you read this wonderful testimony:

“Emmanuel! My name is Charles Klutse and I am a Senior Member of the University of Ghana, Legon, an Assistant Registrar to be precise. I have countless testimonies to share! My four year old daughter had the problem lactose intolerance. For two years, she could not go to the toilet without being induced or taking suppositories. She was seriously always constipated. We kept buying the glycerol suppository to the extent that Pharmacies and chemical shops in our area kept wondering why we were buying so much of the medication. My wife was even shy in always buying it so we kept changing the pharmacy shops for two years. She also had a bloated stomach and retention of wind. She could not also pass wind after a minor surgery due to the chronic constipation.

“However, the breakthrough came when a friend, who is a worker at SCOAN Ghana, sprayed the Anointing Water into my daughter’s mouth. By the time we got home, she had urinated into her diapers without any inducing – the first time this had happened in two years! We were opportune to receive the Anointing Water and kept ministering it to her. She has now started passing wind to our admiration and is going to the toilet freely; constipation is a thing of the past!

“Secondly, my wife used to experience severe pain in her legs from the knee downwards. She touched the screen of her television one Sunday when we were watching Emmanuel TV and Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for the viewers. She was healed instantly!

“Thirdly, I was suffering from halitosis for many years and was referred to the specialist due to this embarrassing situation. The E&T specialist could not help me; on two occasions, I wasted all day at the hospital but the specialist could not attend to me due to some flimsy excuses. However, since I started ministering the Anointing Water, all the embarrassing bad breath has ceased. AMAZING!!

“Finally, my wife’s small laundry business is amazingly picking up and the usual lack in the household is a thing of the past. I’ve always had setbacks and hindrances in my career but after ministering the Anointing Water, I can see breakthroughs and amazing favour coming on my career. GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE MINISTRY. GLORY BE TO HIS HOLY & MARVELLOUS NAME. AMEN!!!”

Charles Klutse, Ghana


  1. emmanuel….. tb joshua once said as he was praying for that man with permnet erection that he will urinat and all the poison will come out. after prayer truely the man urinated.then tb joshua said that is my jesus for u he can never say one thing and do another thing praise god i was encoraged only believe and u shall realy see how the god of tb joshua answers prayers emmanuel



  3. I truely thank God for what he has done for you. He did it to me and others. I was sick but since i pray with emmanuel tv am nolonger the same i can do what i cant do before. And i thank God and he is stil deliver me in many problems and am now taking my step out of devils cage. Prophet T.b. Joshua i thank you so much God will continue to bleas you in Jesus name. Indeed distance is not a barea

    • stay focused on God Almighty, God’s time is the best. one day you will go to scoan.Keep watching Emmanual TV for updates and avoid falling into the hands of conmen.The Lord is good all the time.Emmanuel!!!!

  4. Jesus is Lord indeed, wonderful things are happening in my life after several years of poverty and hardship, to GOD be the glory. I watch Emmanuel TV every day, thank you to Prophet T B Joshua Emmanuel TV, the Synagogue church of all nations, THE WISE MEN, the singers, ushers, all members of staff, GOD bless you ALL


  5. Emmanuel,i am so greateful for what God almighty is doing and all the mracles performed in scoan through Snr..Profect T.B.Josuah and the wise men and the entire Emmanuel TV partners.May the good lord continue to uplift them and the minstry to greater hight in the name and blood of our lord Jesus Christ………..Amen.

  6. Glory to God,I give thanks to Almighty God,for his precious gift of our father Prophet TB Joshua,spiritually I am healed especially in forgiving others and the spirit of giving to the need.I pray so that God will show me those who are in need.Haleluyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.May God give Him long life and cover his family with the precious blood of Jesus.Amen.

  7. thank you Jesus,for the life of my propthet Tb joshua,may God protect him and his Jesus name.I cover my father in the Lord and his family with the Blood of JESUS CHRIST Amen and AMEN

  8. To God Almighty be the glory for giving our generation Senior Prophet T.B Joshua thru
    whom we have benefited from anointing water as a medium of healing,blessing and deliverance.He has taught us the true meaning of faith,love,hope forgiveness,giving etc.May the good lord grant him long life and increased anointing to levels never seen nor heard of before.

  9. What a wonderful God we worship and serve. He is still alive he never say goodbye.Have faith and believe in God of our father T.B. Joshua.Father and Mentor is really a chosen one. Master Charles God continue blessing you and your families. Amen

  10. as we read matthews 19:26, we see that nothing is impossible with God,your faith is the healing balm praise the lord for the wonderful touch Again read John 15:7,so as to maintain your healing and break-through,God loves you,and i wish your daughter all the best from the throne of God.
    As for the Prophet,Emmanuel TV,and your friend,Heaven at last in Jesus” name.

  11. Hi brother Charles, stand firm in the service of the lord, this is just the beginning, many more miracles are on the way for u in Jesus name Ameeeeeeeeeeeen!
    ACHU George

  12. Amen, with GOD all things are possible. Maintain this blessing brother. l thank the Almighty God fo our mentor Senior Prophet TB Joshua, dad more blessing to u and your entire family and yo members of staff.

  13. To God be all praises. I am waiting impatiently to give the biggest and most powerful testimony sooooooooon. Emmanuel!!!!!!!!!

  14. Oh what a Mighty God we serve! Indeed our God is owsome. I will always praise you Jesus, without you i am nothing. You are my EVERYTHING!! My testimony will surprise my friends and shock my enermies in Jesus’ Name, EMMANUEL!!

  15. God I thank you for using Prophet TB Joshua to bring breakthrough into the life of your children. Once again thank you for his life.

  16. Jesus Christ the loving shephered is merciful. He is pleased when he sees the people he created free from all the satanic attacks. Thank you the greatest healer. I rejoice with this family, for healing this child. The greatest physician never said goodbye. Emmanuel

  17. Thank you Jesus. Continue to use and bless Prophet TB Joshua in a mighty way. I have hope that my miracle will happen soon, in Jesus name, Amen.

  18. Oh! Yes! It`s so lovely to celebrate the name of Jesus Christ! The name above all names! The Great Physician! Thank you Jesus Christ for the healing of the little one! Thank you for the other testimonies as well. What could have the world done, without Prophet TB Joshua? As God is so kind and faithful, He sent us you, Prophet TB Joshua as a a remedy. The mediums of Anointing water, anointing sticker, Emmanuel TV in our homes are remedies too. I say, may the power that flows from the name Jesus Christ, I mean the power that heals, blesses, saves, rescues, continue to flow more and more, in Jesus Christ name. Amen!!!

  19. Emmanuel!If God is with us who can be against us,thank you the God of Prophet T.B Joshua and we thank you Lord for the life of your chosen Prophet,We love him so much for what he is doing in our lives,realy Emmnuel TV is changing lives,Nation and the World.Thank you Jesus.

  20. my name is Achu George a Cameroonian by Nationality suffering from sinuses, migraine and pains on my right leg. Keeping aside the fact that I too much financial problems I believe with faith that my problems will be solved in a view moment. Please senior Prophet TB Joshua kindly put me in prayers.

  21. GLORY be to GOD for he never changes and will always be there for us in time of need.I believe i will also get my own healing and breakthrough in JESUS name,AMEN

  22. Praise God for what he has done…l know my own miracle is coming very soon…pls how can i get the anointing water..someone help

  23. I thanks God ,i am from Ethiopa , living in Norway , my husband have a canser , iaste time he Get fri from canser but after 4 month he became sicke , God can make mirakel in our life, amen
    Have one sister stragle to Much to Get tostay papir ,or permisjon , she have problem to Get Work , husband , so every things. But can do mirakel in her life ,amen pray for my famile , God bless u

  24. Emmanuel, my name is Dan from Ghana. I am a medical doctor. Lately I have pain when I visit the loo because of piles. I know I will be healed instantly when the True Prophet of God prays for me. I am requesting that Prophet TB Joshua prays for me, mentions my name and wherever I am, I know that I will be made whole again.

    God bless his true servant and all his ministers. Expect my testimony soon.

  25. The God Pastor TB Joshua represents is a true God. Jesus speaks through Him. As you bless, heal and help fellow human beings all over the world, may this same God renew your strength, faith and divine wisdom.

  26. God of TB Joshua is a God of Miracles.
    I remain thankful to God always for the miracles visit to so many people who have been waiting for them.

    May God continue visiting whoever in sorrow and faithfully awaiting for everlasting help of God.

    May God help my unbelief and the many who have not come to the blessed stage for miracles work of God.

  27. Emmanuel!!!!!!1 The Lord has done it and he will do beter things than we the children of God are witnessing today and the best is yet to come, Mat God bless prophet T.B Josua and his family, the wise men and the ministry, AMEN!!!!!! Emmanuel!!!!!

  28. Dear prophets TB Joshua pls i need ur help ur help .pls help my is dead and now too my admition is in plssssssssssssssssss man of i need some money to pay fees so pls help me man of God. This is my a/c number Edu310024 and this my phone number 0548287414 pls help me man of God. Thank u.s.

    • We thank God for yo healing.There’s nothing our master JESUS can not do,We thank you Dad T.B Joshua for the anointing water en the prayers going on on Emmanuel T.V may God richly anoint you more en more en more in Jesus name.

  29. I am moved by all the comments here. May God provide for all of those who took their precious time and commented according to His riches and glory in Jesus Christ! EMMANUEL!

  30. Indeed Jesus christ did everything for us.Surely beliving is posessing.May God honor his servants as they help me to discover myself in the Lord.Help me to do your will Lord and lead me to my open doors.

  31. Plz man of God I thx God for the anointing yu have to deliver us frm demonic attacks pray fr me three years no job each time I apply unsucesful get temporary jobs have family to look after I know God will touch my problem through yre prayer cause distance nt a barrier

  32. Emmanuel! Lord I believe my son Kgosietsile Clinton Mfazo is healed of his severe middle ear infection, severe tonsilitis and sinuses. I pray that the ABR test scheduled for Thursday 31st will clear his hearing disability caused by the above mentioned illnesses. Thank you Jesus for healing my son and your mercy!

  33. wonderfull how God restores his people to their original state he created them.This God has no equal.Let his name be glorified forever.Amen.

  34. Just wanna thank you for giving me Faith everyday I’m reading the scriptures you post on facebook since my mother is sick just have that faith that she’ll be healed***And for the situation I have at work with my colluege and the father of my child I know that 1 day it will all pass I know and I believe that I’ll be healed spiritually and physically and financially God will help me as you said distance is not a barrier I know my day will come too Amen…**And the best is yet to come

  35. My faith is lifted up with this uncountable testimonies. Thank you Propthet TB Joshua, you are the God we can see. Since I started using anointing water and watching Emmanuel tv my life have changed and am always seeing the work of God indeed in my life. Thank you Lord.

  36. God is good all the time. We thank God for the anointing upon Pr.T B JOSHUA. He has reached and saved too many souls in Jesus’ name thru the medium of the anointing water. Be blessed.

  37. God is always great!I have seen the Lord of Prophet TB Joshua helping me in the problems that I had in the university until the problems were over and I came out as a winner and I was able to graduate!I am truly amazed by the miracles of Lord Jesus and I know I am going to receive a lot of miracles and breakthrough in Jesus name. Emmanuel

  38. Praise the Lord!!!!!! Allelujah! God is good! All the time, all the time, God is good. Thank you Jesus for the wonderfull healing. We glorify Your Holy name.

  39. When God heals He heals perfectual,and if He says yes no one can say no,I thank You for this miraculous touch in Jesus name.Amen.

  40. Indeed if you believe some wanderers thing can happen to you and to your family.

    I also believe that Prophet TB Joshua will pray for me in the situation that I’m in.I’m accuse of murdering some guy whom I even don’t know and I had to again appear in court for the 6 times on 29 November 2013.I’m asking you and the Almighty God to be my lawyer on the day as this situation is giving me a setback financially and I lost my job because of this.Help me Man of God.

    Litshani from South Africa

  41. My name is Denu Kofi Derick from Ghana 23years old i complete junior high school since 2009 but my parents don’t have money to sent me to school.Am facing financal problem.Pls Man of God pray for me.Am always watching emmanuel tv.I want to came Sacon but no money

  42. Emmauel!!!!!!!! My God is wonderful! The Jeahovah over-do!!!!!! He is the same every new day! I key into this testimony in Jesus’ name that I’m next to be celebrated! Wale rejoice your testimony is here in Jesus’ name! God shall cotinue to strengthen Pro. T. B. Joshua’s ministry! The BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!!!! Amen!!!!!!!!

    • when we entirely trust and cast our burdens upon him, surely The God of Prophet T B Joshua will definately answer us.I Love our Lord Jesus for His mightiness.Glory be to God Almighty for healing, delivering and blessing us all.Emmanuel!!1

      • this kind God oh !! i’ve never seen your type oh,
        blessed be your Holly Name.
        Praise be to God Almighty in Jesus’name.

        For those who worship him, must worship him in spirit and in truth. because God is who He says He is. I love this God of Prophet T B Joshua.Praise the Lord!!!!

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