God is doing wonderful things in the lives of people through the Anointing Water. Here is another inspiring testimony of God’s healing power at work. Let your faith be encouraged as you read:

“I have being suffering from asthma attacks for the past 5 years. I always had to have my inhaler with me and couldn’t do any form of strenuous exercises. My mother visited The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. I started praying with it every day and night. Behold, I experienced radical changes! I no longer use my inhaler. I used to be tired and very weak on a daily basis but now, all the symptoms of asthma have completely disappeared.

“I can now do things I couldn’t do before – for example, sweeping, frying, going to the gym. I can now play my favorite sport – badminton! I can sleep with air conditioning on in the same room with my husband. This illness made my husband allow me to be in a separate room since I couldn’t stay in a room with air conditioning. Today, God has delivered me through the medium of the Anointing Water! I thank God for healing me and saving my life too! I am now a daughter of Zion through the work of God at SCOAN. I remain grateful to God’s servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua. God bless you all at The SCOAN!”

Mrs Angela Nzota, Nigeria


  1. Please also help me with the woter am suffering from asthma to its hard for m to breath I can’t even sweep,run taking a TB triment also

  2. This is pour fake; SCOAN is not using as their Email. This is the real Email and website for SCOAN:
    Emmanuel TV

    People if you need to communicate with SCOAN please use the above information to contact SCOAN direct so that this person will stop scamming you people.

    And for you Guy, you should stop fooling people in the name of SCOAN because God will be angry with you and you don’t know how and when it shall be ok, so stop fooling people in the name of real prophet like Tb Joshua.

    From Marcel

  3. Praise the Lord!!! Emmanuel, God is always with us, he never lives us..Just have faith in Him, no seekness J esus cannot heal. I thank you Lord for all my healings. Thank you Jesus…Amen

  4. Emmanuel – GOD with us

    The Light of GOD

    Psalms 19:8
    The precepts of the Lord are right giving joy to the heart. The commands of the Lord are radiant giving light to the eyes.

    Our Lord and Savior is the light of the world. Whoever follows him will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life. His Living Word is telling you that the laws of the Lord are right and those who obey them are happy, they rejoice the heart and his commandments are pure they enlighten the eyes. Lord Jesus Christ is your light and your salvation. He protects you from all danger. He delivers you from death and your feet from stumbling that you may walk in the presence of GOD in the light that shines on the living. His Living Word is a guide to your feet and a light for your path.
    GOD said let light shine out of the darkness made his light shine in your hearts to bring you the light of the knowledge of GOD’S glory shining in the face of Christ.
    He wants to make his servant light so that they may bring his salvation to the ends of the earth.
    You are the chosen race, the Kings priests, GOD’S own people, chosen to proclaim the wonderful acts of GOD who called you out of darkness into own marvelous light

  5. Good morning, in fact, God is using my God’s sender Prophet TB Joshua to heal and deliver and make the poor to become normal all over the world. I’ve never see him before or come to Synagogue Church but through his preaching am seeing and hearing makes me to over loved him more than myself. May the Almighty God release more Anoiting on him and his wisemen also the workers and bless all Christian members in Jesus name……….Amen. Am a NigerIan but living their and i’m facing alot of challenges in my life and am praying Almighty God to help with a happiness of a man so that i will make my way to come Nigeria and have my own deliverance in Jesus name………Amen. Let love lead. Emmanuel, God with us.

  6. Please in the name of JESUS please don’t put me out of SCOAN then you see and know my problems better than I.GLORY TO GOD.
    Happy new year in the name of JESUS-CHRIST.AMEN.

  7. See what the Lord can do. He never said good bye. He is still yesterday, today and tomorrow. You are worthy my Lord. Your loving kindness is unchangeable, it endures for ever.

  8. emmanuel………. thank god for this mighty prophet of god. from the time i started watching him the spirit of god truely convinced me that he is a true servant of god.tb joshua we thank god for being an inspiratin in our lives.we have known what true christianity is through you we love you sir and may the good lord anoint you big time. happy new year

  9. Emmanuel. The beauty and the power of the medium of Anointing Water and the Anointing Sticker has made many lives to be transformed, so that there will be at their best and it has made many people to be protected from accidents and from being attacked by intruders and to be saved, for the salvation of their soul. Almighty GOD did not give us his beloved SON only but he promised us to give us more good things through his SON. I praise his only SON for his wonderful works, which he is doing to his people he created. And many more people are going to be saved permanently through using these beautiful and powerful mediums for the salvation of their soul. Our Savior can use any medium to express himself.

  10. My big problem is I couldn’t do any serious thing in my Computer then can I try to do something serious in my computer and I did fall
    at sleep immediately.Please your help will be more than greater in
    the JESUS Name.Thank you JESUS.GLORY TO GOD.AMEN.

  11. How can i also get my breakthrough because things are really hard. i owe alot and they all came this Monday to collect their money and some have send me to court. Please how can i come out of this disgraceful condition? Please help me. I can’t stay in my house, rather stay outside till night. I sometimes think of killing myself. This is a matter of death help me. I have five children and a school Owner but there is nothing to write home about. Every money i get, I use to pay debt so am not able to even feed my family. Please kindly help me.



  12. With JESUS my kids in Haiti,my wife& I here and son are protected.
    In add,I do need the Anointed Water and I will do my best to get it in

  13. How wonderflt is the lord we praise his holy name thank u jesus for the wondrs u are doing.keep his word and live right for God.

  14. God of TB Joshua I need your touch, for my marriage, my family, my children, please protect me against all evil spirits in Jesus name.. Amen

  15. Who can separate you from the love of GOD our friend. No-one. GOD loves all his people he created. All what GOD created is good. Satan came only to destroy and to kill. I thank Master Jesus for his wonderful miracles in the lives of people. He is a glorious Savior. Emmanuel – GOD with us

  16. Your name is GOD and no one can ever be compared to THEE. Mercies, Favour, Blessings, Healing and Deliverance is always our portion with God in the boat.

  17. God is great all the time,Jesus is the greatest weapon to fight evil,he is the healer,the redeemer,the deliverer and the protector and with Jesus in my life I know am favored

  18. amen to god be the glory we thank you jesus for your wonderfully testimonies. man god I am in need of this anointing water. I am from zimbabwe, I have sent you some emails concerning that. I hope I will be able to get mine thank you God bless you all.

    • Emmanuel! I have heard of the the great things God is doing through the use of anointing water from Prophet TB Joshua. I shall be grateful if anointing water can be sent to me.

  19. Emmanuel!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus is still the same yesterday, today and the days yet to come. He is really using the anointed man of God, snr prophet T B Joshua to save all of us from the evil one. Praise be to God

  20. thank u jesus, u are my protector,my shade. can you pray for me i want to follow u jesus with all my heart. my family is dying because of lack of knowledge. i am asking a delevarance to rescue my family from evil spirit and serving darkness. please prophet pray for me and my family. NELLY RATSIU, WELKOM.

  21. Since you are his people Almighty GOD will continue to bless you, to heal you, to redeem you and to deliver you. His resurrection power will not be challenged any power. There is power in the blood or Lord Jesus Christ. I rejoice with my friend for what he has done in your life. Emmanuel – GOD with us

  22. Sir if can possible I need a book of Mirror I need it I know this Book will help us and guide ua what I can do on my daily life



    You do miracles so good my Lord i trust you Holy Spirit of God. You are my life, with you i am safe. cause u are my shade, my redeemer, my healer.

    Christ in me the hope of glory. i love u my JESUS.

    Let there be peace in my country botswana,africa, the world and the whole universe.



  25. We thank the Lord for his marvelous works, signs and wonders he is doing in our lives through the medium of anointing water. I will always praise him and worship him at all times.

  26. God is forever good,He is never biased I strngly believe that I will one day sing the same tune that am healed of Asthma as my sister please help me believe

    • Sister ,to believe in the GOD just have a blind image of Him and also ask for that in your prayers you have to do everyday …in God’s name He will show you the way…Amen

  27. Man of God am from Malawi in the city of Blantyre to be specfic. I need this water and the stiker please how can i get it?

  28. Indeed is a living God, he answers prayers to every faithful biliver. I will be getting the annointing water this morning and i do believe that my broblems are over just a drop in my mouth. In jesus name amen

  29. hi can you pray for me as my head is messed up i can not think straight or concentrate on anything due to my health not being great plus can you pray for our little boy jacob that the hse and mcgoverans dont get the full care order they are seeking on the 7 nov 2013 and judge mcbride does not give them the full care order to take my son as he will be only 7 weeks old thank you jesus in advance plus can you send me the water and every thing you can send me

  30. AWSOME
    ALSO PRAY FOR ME!!!!!!!

  31. Dear Major Prophet TB Joshua
    Amen Prophet from God, I need a grace of God. I am struggling with debts and this affect my spiritual life. I can not afford to visit SCOAN for my breakthrough. I love Jesus, I fast and pray but I don’t get the result. What must do now?

    Its like I featuring myself in the family of God but I am not needed. I feel unwanted in the body of Christ. Xolani

    • for us all who loves scoan and believes in God and our lord Jesus and THE MINISTRY of Prophet T B Joshua, Lets watch emmanuel TV and listen to all the awareness they give us such that we do not end up being defrauded by cornmen when we desparately need spiritual things, The right email address is or Believe in God and he will direct your path. Emmanue.

  32. I’m from scoan last year august,I’m totally healed, I was sick,but the time I entered at the gate of scoan all my sickness are gone,I thank God for using TB Joshua and the wise men,we pray God to keep them for us,I want to go to scoan again next year but the problem is money but I know God will provide in Jesus name, EMMANUEL….

  33. PLEASE BE SMART! If I own a WEBSITE or a Facebook PAGE, why would I send you information to buy something in a comment. EVERYBODY can post in a comment, but ONLY THE OWNER OF A Facebook PAGE or website/blog can send messages in a post. So those who post stuff in comments asking you to buy something through some email, please be smart and know it’s fake. If you want any information, watch: and you’ll get all the information you need there. You can also GET ALL THE INFORMATION YOU’RE LOOKING FOR by going to this official site:


    If you watch nobody can fool you and take your money!

    Thank you.

  34. Please Sir/Madam, we wanted paying a good visit to you, but i use to
    find it difficult, so please we will be proud if you could help us and
    give us a full address and invitation to your honourable ministries
    thank you.
    we are from Nasarawa State, Keffi Local Government Area.
    Name: Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Iliya.

  35. Please Sir/Madam, we wanted paying a good visit to you, but i use to find it difficult, so please we will be proud if you could help us and give us a full address and invitation to your honourable ministries Sir. thank you. we are from Nasarawa State, Keffi Local Government Area. Name: Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Iliya.

  36. I have been reading testimonies of people through the medium anointing water,Lord Jesus have mercy on me , do not pass me by

  37. Emmanuel. I thank God for your healing and i thank God for using Prophet TB Joshua to work miracles in our lives. I know what it means to have an asthma attack as my son had asthma. I’m saying “had” because he was prayed for by Wisemen Daniel and he is healed, the same day just after leaving the prayer line, he said Mom, there’s a lump on my throat and it’s irritating me, one of the urshers heard him and said do you have anointing water, i said yes, she said take it and spray it in ur mouth with faith believing that you are totally healed.I gave it to him and he prayed silently and ministered the anointing water. Immediately he said,mom it’s gone.
    That same night at the hotel where we were staying, he slept silently without any strange sounds like before.
    His medication has been the anointing water since January.
    On coming back home to South Africa , he was able to do what he could not do before, he even qualified to play for our Province’s rugby team …The Pumas under 17.
    Man of God , Prophet TB Joshua, there is a lot of people who knew the power of God thru you, many souls have been saved because of your obedience to the voice of God, may God continue blessing you. May He add more years to your life as you continue spreading the Power of God here on earth.
    God bless you.

  38. Amen my sister. God is so wonderful and need to be praised always. May the prophet live long so that he continues in his ministry.

  39. Oh My God, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, l can’t wait to receive my miracle in Jesus name through the same medium. may God continue blessing this ministry in Jesus name

  40. To GOD be the glory, he is the GOD of today tomorrow and forever.
    Thank you JESUS for healing our sister in your mighty name. Emmanuel!!!!!!

  41. Emmanuel!!!!!!! God isn’t tired of healing,blessing,promoting,delivering and setting us free from bondages and curses! He liveth forever more! I have faith in you God and I key into this testimony! I shall come on here to testify what God shall do for me! I’m so sure beacuse God liveth! I’m next to be celebrated and nothing will change that in Jesus’ name! God shall continue to strengthen Pro. T.B. Joshua and his ministry in Jesus’ name! Wale is next to be celebrated in Jesus’ name!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amen

  42. Praise to God ! I claim this testimony in the name of Jesus Christ for my son has bn sufferring from asthma for sometime. I’m also asking God to intervene in my present situation ; for in God I trust.Amen

  43. glory to jesus.thank you lord of Tb joshua.i know distance is not a asthmatic as well but i cant afford a ticket to nigeria.cant get annointing water but through seing you in my dream or touching the screen i can be healed and mercedes benz was attach by one of the clothing shops over $60 after i closed two of my big shop i was running in the same month(march this yr).through the security charges the bill is now more than $ of God pliz help me getting back all what belongs

  44. May someboy with Anointing Water spare me some. I have no means to get to Scoan in Lagos or Capetown in RSA. Please people of God help me!

  45. I m very much encourage if God can do it for my Sister He can also do it for me and many more.Please Man of God also me breakthrough in my Health in my finces and all areas of my life.Thank you and I thank God for the healing of my Sister in Jesus name.

  46. God is wonderful, I want get this anointment water, i have written my Questionnaire so many times but i have not gotten any answer, i hope one day i will receive the confirmation, i want to VISIT the SCOAN and get the anointing water. Thanks to God’s servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua. and God bless you all at The SCOAN. From OKPEYA LEWIS NIGERIAN RECITING IN GHANA.

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