Prophet T.B. Joshua often uses the phrase, “Distance is not a barrier for the Holy Spirit.” The testimony below echoes this extraordinary truth. Read and be encouraged to know that no condition is permanent!

Emmanuel! I had been smoking and drinking beer and alcohol for 36 of my 52 years on earth. The addiction was so severe that I smoked between one to two packets of cigarettes every day, especially when I was drinking. I had tried to stop many times on my own; I even confided in my pastor to pray for me but all to no avail. This addiction really affected me financially. I was not able to have any savings because I was smoking one of the most expensive cigarettes in the market. I also didn’t have time for my wife and family because my evenings were consumed with going out with friends to smoke and drink until the early hours. I sometimes attended church but this problem did not enable me to concentrate in my prayer life.

My miracle happened on the day I sent my wife to The SCOAN. That Sunday evening, I went out with friends to smoke and drink as usual. My wife had called me just before I left that she was in The SCOAN praying at that very moment. As my friend lit up a cigarette, it produced an offensive odour. I felt like choking and began to cough. When they brought the drinks, the moment I tasted it, it became so sour and vulgar. I told my friends that with the way I was reacting to the odour of cigarettes and the taste of alcohol, I was not going to drink and smoke again. That was it! To God be the glory, it has been over a year now I have not tasted alcohol or smoked even a stick of cigarettes. Since then, my life has changed tremendously! I can now concentrate when listening to the Word of God and my Spiritual life has equally changed. For the first time in my life, I have been able to save up money and I am spending more time with my family. Since then, I have also been praying with the Man of God Prophet TB Joshua through Emmanuel TV!

Mr. Ernest Essienton, Nigeria


  1. Prophet T B Josha/SCOAN please pray for me and my family things are not right,the family is apart I have been praying for unity in the family.My wife and I have been married for the past 7yrs no Child,my wife complain of sleeping and eating with a man in her dream,please man of God help us.

  2. indeed distance is not a barier for those who acept the offer of God TB Joshua the power that break all the bariers and make it happen for those wartching and trusting the real powre of God; sir prophet i love you for real be lifted higher in Jesus name Amen.
    Please pray for me as well for i do have many laking in my life as well help me to end in prayers thank you sir.

  3. Emmanuel, your tender mercies I see,Son of David have mercy on me ,never was it known that anyone sort you & left unaided ,filled with faith &confidence ;I come to you,with all my faults & bad habits of smoking & drinking: deliver me &my family from all sickness,generational curses martial problems set us free Jesus Christ .amen

    • Praise the Lord!!!I know one day I will also have mine to testify.I pray that The God of Prophet T.B.Joshua be on my side I surender my self to Jesus with all my life.Amen

  4. God is good all the time. I pray God to do the same to my brothers who are addicted to alcoholism. I believe with God nothing is too hard for Him in Jesus name. Amen

  5. may Jesus Christ touch my husband , he has the same problem , as distance is not a barrier he will touch him one day . amen

  6. Glory to GOD in the highest. Jehova is glorious indeed. I thank him for what he did in the life of our brother in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. The brother is no longer smoking and drinking. The resurrection power of Lord Jesus Christ has done it again in the life of our brother. Lord Jesus Christ is worthy he deserves all the praises and the honor. Emmanuel – GOD with us

  7. Dear Emmanuel TV team,   Would you please pray for a colleague of mine , she delivered a healthy baby girl yesterday 15 October 2013 but she her self is in a critical condition because she is having high blood pressure. Please pray for healing so that she can be united to her baby girl. Please show this email to Prophet T.B Joshua as well.   Your Assistance is Highly Appreciated   Best Regards ,   Meneza Tsao-Eis Walvis Bay Namibia +264817192780

  8. To God be the Glory. I can’t wait to receive the new sticker and anointing water. I believe the Man of God has all our problems taken care of, in Jesus’s name.
    Stay blessed, and thank you for sharing!

  9. I have the same problem that persisted for over 20 years now. I can not let go drinking and smoking though I am trying to stop. Like my fellow brother who could not save nor care for the family, I am trapped likewise. I believe I will conquer the devil and become free from these habits. I ask the Man of God to Pray and deliver me from evil in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

  10. Emmanuel, am very grateful to you for these testimonies and i pray that i also receive my desire so i can share with others.

    I own a private school but there is nothing to write home about. I owe a lot of people so no peace for me. Please how can i come out of this situation? i will be glad if you help me get this anointing water.

    I am waiting assuredly that you give me some.  Hoping to hear from you. Eric Oduro-Asare

  11. Amen, may this same annointing in Jesus name be upon all of us who faces the thorns of addiction in our lifes Amen in Jesus name.

  12. Dear Ernest, I join thanking God for the blessings you have received. May your testimony prompt the spirit of many who are still swimming on the same habits. Indeed, Emmanuel, God is with us wherever we are. He visits any one who calls for attention whole-heartily. May the GLORY be HIS always.

  13. Glory be to our Almighty God for what He has done, is doing, is about to do and what He will do. Man of God, be Blessed more and more for your Ministry in our generation, I praise our Lord Jesus Christ, and Our Father in Heaven. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Emmanuel.

  14. Emmanuel,man of God pray for my brothers who are addicted to alcohol and have nothing to write about their lives.I believe distance is not a barrier Jesus restore my family.Amen

  15. My Advice goes to all who are facing the same problem the key to this deliverance is to believe that if He visited our comrade in Christ surely He will visit you too,Just Only Believe et live your life for Him!Don’t forget the way God executes His plans in our lives differs!I leave you with the love of God!Stay in Faith

  16. Im adicted in eating mud.spiritual husband is destroying me just to mention a few.and my family is in bondange i need yo touch lord man of God deliver me.im ready to come there and stand for my family.

  17. m also facing the same problem of smoking n drinking alcohol which makes me to do drugs when m drunk i believe that distance is not a barrier because sunday of 13 Oct , i was watching emmanuel tv when man of God profet called the guy who he deliverd last week sunday frm smoking and alcohol to come and give testimony abt his delivarence. I ws also shaken by his testimony i say now i have 2 days no smoking but i just need ur prayers because the urge is killing me inside please help with prayers Amen!

  18. Amen man of. God pray. For me I’m addicted in smoking ciggarete and sick I’m in prison pray for me to out in this. Place and to stop smoking my things are not going well at all

  19. Lord, have mercy on us and look not on our sins but grant us that we desire to be heal and delivered in Jesus’ name I pray

  20. Emmanuel!!
    I key into this testimony in Jesus’ name. My testimony shall be published very soon when I have my American Visa in Jesus’ name!!


  22. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, still healing and saving our lives. I will praise you all the days of my life. Amen

  23. Glory be to God, even me too I was drinking and smoking even marijuana, since a touch of annointing water my life has completely changed, Its now a year without smoking and drinking. I thank you Jesus
    God is great.

  24. Emmanuel!! What a wonderful testmonoy! Glory be to God, Prophet TB joshua, may u leave long. I feel my own testmonoy is near.

  25. Wow when the Holy Spirit is around GOD him self is there thank you for such a couragiouse testimony ! I will not Stop Trusting GOD until I see my Breakthrough come to pass in Jesus Name

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