“I HADN’T BEEN TO CHURCH FOR 13 YEARS” – A Sceptic’s Remarkable Testimony

Here is yet another faith-building testimony from a lady who only accepted to come to The SCOAN because her husband-to-be insisted that she attend before concluding their wedding arrangements. That visit proved to be a turning point in her life, health and entire family!

“Emmanuel! God is with us. I have so many testimonies to share! I used to hear about T.B. Joshua in 2003 when I went for holiday at my uncle’s house 10 years ago but I never believed him. I was actually introduced to The SCOAN by my husband. When we were about to get married, he told me we must go to The SCOAN to seek the face of God in our union before he would marry me. I refused to go because of the terrible things I had heard about the man of God in the past. I told him to go with my name and that if Prophet T.B. Joshua was truly a man of God, he would see me through him or even my photo. However, he insisted that I must go with him or else we wouldn’t marry. I told him to give me a time-frame two years to go with him but he kept insisting. I hadn’t been to church for 13 years; I didn’t believe in churches, pastors or prophets. He was saying the man of God was real but I told him he was fake and using charms to deceive people.

“Eventually, in August last year I agreed to follow him on the promise that I wouldn’t stay in Lagos more than three days. He agreed and we came to Lagos. On Sunday, we came to The SCOAN and I was prayed for by Wise Man Daniel. We ended up staying for 3 weeks because I refused to go! I saw the miraculous handwork of God in The SCOAN such that I refused to leave. It was incredible! I was having a skin disease for 3 years and had taken every medication prescribed to me but all to no avail. The doctors said it was in my blood and couldn’t be cured. This skin problem caused me great discomfort and itching everywhere I went. I couldn’t wear tight clothes or inner wears because they would cause my body to swell up. When I say itching, it was like being tortured with sharp objects – it was unbearable! At The SCOAN, I received the Anointing Water from the man of God and sprayed it inside my cream and my bathing water. For the first time in many years, I slept in peace. Till date, I have never had any itching sensation and my skin has been completely restored!

“The second testimony is about my mother whom I had also sent the Anointing Water to. In February 2013, my aunt rang me on the phone to tell me that my mother’s body was found in the entrance of the bathroom door, lying lifeless. I told them to immediately use the Anointing Water I gave them to spray on her. They said her teeth were stiff and they couldn’t even open their mouth. I told them to use spoon to force the mouth open which they did and gave her the Anointing Water. After a few minutes they called me again to say that she had woken up but seemed to have had some sort of stroke. They rushed her to the hospital where they doctors said she had a stroke, the veins in her body were very weak and the blood pressure was very high. They further said the stroke had caused her brain damage. I was shocked but immediately begin praying to the God of T.B. Joshua. I told my aunt to continue ministering Anointing Water to her.

“Even when the Anointing Water had finished, I told them to pour water into the empty bottle and continue giving it to her. That day, to the surprise of the doctors, she was discharged to come home. They continued giving her Anointing Water both in her food and the water she drinks. After one week, she began to walk and make use of her hands again. The following week, she was able to talk and respond well, bath herself and wear clothes by herself. The doctors came to check and declared her blood pressure was normal; they were astonished at her recovery!

“The third testimony is about my younger brother who had an attack that almost claimed his life. According to my mother, they were eating when he started shaking, convulsing and having a seizure. At this juncture, he actually stopped breathing and lay lifeless on the floor. They called me on phone, crying and telling me that Michael was dead. I had just returned home from a Sunday Service at The SCOAN. I asked them how they could say my brother was dead when I had just returned from the arena of liberty! I immediately knelt down with my husband, brought out the Anointing Water and our Bible and called them on phone. We told them to put the phone on speaker and place it against his ear, which they did.

“I prayed, ‘Lord, You said that distance is not a barrier! Your Word was sent forth and it healed every manner of disease. Lord, You resurrected Lazarus from the dead – do the same right now for Michael!’ I used myself as point of contact to him and sprayed the Anointing Water on my mouth. I have a record Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prayer on my other phone and placed it on the phone. Immediately the man of God had finished praying on the phone, Michael woke up! I could hear him ask those there what happened to him and why people had gathered and were crying.

“He said that he saw Prophet T.B. Joshua in a dream where he was walking down a narrow road. The prophet stood before him and asked where he was going. He said that he was just walking forward in no specific direction. Prophet T.B. Joshua then told him to go back home as his family were crying and there was no road for him to walk ahead. Immediately he turned back to go in his dream, he sneezed and woke up to the glory of God! Thank You Jesus for Your miraculous work in my family!”

Mrs. Amaka Uchendu, Nigeria 

188 thoughts on ““I HADN’T BEEN TO CHURCH FOR 13 YEARS” – A Sceptic’s Remarkable Testimony

  1. God is wonderful.give praise to Him all the time.It is His Highest Grace to give us a great Prophet in Africa who loves and cares.The wise listen to himHallelujar

  2. Do not be suprise for he able. All things are posible if and if only you trust and believe the man of God. The power of God is His presence trust Him and you will see he says; and realy he dose as he says praise the Lord; Emmanuel God is realy with us thank you Jesus. thank you Lord.

  3. Waooo! God is awesome….I will forever Worship him.
    I thank him for Healing me also through the medium of annointing water and 4 adding one more year to my Life today.

  4. Wow! What a God we have to worship, what a Son we have to praise, what a future lies before us! Thank you Jesus Christ for the life of Prophet TB Joshua, I pray that God should give you more years to live on earth so that more souls are converted to the Kingdom of God!!! Amen!!!

  5. praise the lord!!!!! thank u Jesus his name shall forever be praised no situation is too complex for God, we thank God for working through prophet TB Joshua Amen

  6. A miracle worker Lord Jesus Christ is wonderful and amazing. Now my sister has been delivered, in the powerful name of Lord Jesus Christ. There is no other name like Jesus Christ in heaven and on earth, which is great and good like the name of Jesus Christ.


  8. I thank the almighty God for the lady’s life and the wonderful hand of God in her life.I gave God the glory for sending such a wonderful and powerful man of God to the world,when He is weak then He is strong.thank God for such manifestation in her life.I will continue to follow his teachings for direction.The world know him not.It will be too late for them to know the time and the language.Am proud of such a man of God.we all pray to meet Jesus in all our circumstances.Emmanuel.

  9. ”thank you LORD” for my life and the life of my family may u continue to protect and guide us in JESUS name ”AMEN”

  10. Thank you Jesus, our God is good, all the time. Nothing is impossible with our God. My testimony will surprise my friends and shock my enermies in Jesus Name because they have rejected me but as for me i know my REDEEMER lives, EMMANUEL!

  11. God is good all the time, and all the time God is good. God does his things in ways that man cannot understand, this testimony tells us that no matter your situation he will forever be with us and intervene in our lives.Thank you lord Jesus for using TB Joshua as a medium to propagate the word of God. May your blessings continue to fall upon him and us all. Amen

  12. WOW! What a testimony, my faith is indeed lifted up. God does not segregate, even though this lady has not been to church for 13 long years & she’s in doubt of the Anointing upon Prophet TB Joshua, God still did for her what He would do for His committed children. Though sorrow may last for a night but Joy comes in the morning. I am not giving up neither am I giving in because I know that just like this lady my past will be over. I Love you Lord with all my heart and thank you for giving this gift (Prophet TB Joshua) to my generation. He is here for such a time as this, thank You Jesus.

  13. oh lord i ask your mercy and favour iam alone in this world have mercy on me and kids i have no one to talk to except you my jesus. I surrender all to you. Man of God pray for me. And wipe this tears away.

  14. E-mm-a-n-u-e-l the testimony is facinating.Distance is not a barrier. I connect my faith with the testimony praise God

    • God you are so great, you are the living God
      blessed is your name.God dealiver me in Jesus name.I thank God for your testimony. May also have faith to get mine.

  15. I am a Pastor by the grace of God. I know that God and his words are one. That means, with him, nothing is impossible. Look at that lady, who has not been to Church for 13years, receiving that kind of miracle …. it is only God who can make such things to happen. Glory be to God !

  16. This G.O.D of Prophet T.B Joshua is my GOD indeed. There are no other reasons to deny Him. I can only say, “THANK YOU JESUS CHRIST a million times”. Emmanuel!

  17. O JEHAOVAH, besides YOU there is no other GOD! Your voice is so powerful! It makes the deer give birth. It separates flames of fire! It, like a hammer, breaks a stone to pieces! Its FIRE FIRE FIRE, THE ALL CONSUMING FIRE! PRAISE AND HONOUR BE TO YOU! YOU ARE WORTH!

  18. Glory be to God! Thanks for this wonderful testimony, my faith has equally been lifted. I pray and ask the man of God, Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua, to pray for my mother, she is constant pain and cannot do her chaos like she used to. The last time I spoke to her on the phone, she told me she was having difficulties walking, even a short distance, she cannot go and fetch water, let alone cooking, she cannot do all her usual domestic chaos because of this pain. Please pray for her, for I believe distance is not a barrier. In Jesus’s name, AMEN!

  19. wow…we serve a living and miracle working God, my faith is highly lifted up!!!that which seems impossible is possible with our God. praise be to Him forever because He is a God that never fails. in hopelessness He gives us hope..oh my God i glorify you..without you we are nothing..Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!

  20. I believe in the ministry of senior prophet TB joshua and if you believe those testimony it will also work for you in jesus name.

  21. It quit sometime I was confused when i found today that my email will not be published.Pls in the name of Jesus I and my family want to come for deliverance. Though I have been longing for the reply all i thought was that my email was queing. Pls

  22. Emmanual!! If God can do all these extra ordinary things to others He can still do the same to me.”my past is Over!” Please will you kindly send me the anointing water and stickers for I have non of these alellujah!!!

  23. Thats Baba God for you my sister,may God bless you abundantly for sharing the awesome testimonies to us,you have lifted my faith to another level,!God Bless-Emmanuel

  24. Allelluah, my faith is liften even higher. Praise to Him alone in the highest. Our God is an awesome God…Thank you man of God Prophet T B Joshua for allowing yourself to be used as an instrument of God. May you live longer.

  25. God is the same yesterday,today and forever more! I key into this testimony and I see my Visa!!! My testimony shall be published on here by NEXT month!! The God of Pro. TB Joshua has answered my prayer!!!!!!! EMANNUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Thank you Jesus for those three wonderful testimonies, indeed ditances is not a barrier if one believe. For He will never leave us nor forsake us. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • We have a prophet in our days. Let all pray for him.
      Thank you God to Give us a Prophet like TB Joshua.
      Thank you and thank you. in Jesus Christ name. Amen

  27. Emmanuel..My faith is lifted up my this wonderful testimonies.I prayed that God should continue to empower the man of God with His graces,blessings,mercies and above all His endless love on my father in the lord Prophet TB Joshua.Am from Akwa Abasi Ibom State.Am so happy for my life and my family.Distance can never be a barrier when you believed in the name of Jesus Christ and His Prophet. THIS IS MY TESTIMONY AND A PRAYER REQUEST.I graduated from unical since 2008,no result,no certificate and no youth service and after then i work with a company that open a branch for me and gave me their goods on loan worth millions of Naira,since 2009 till date no good sells,no contract,no improvement but challenges,problems,debt all over me,disapointments,set backs,and sickness became the order of the day.In 1998 while i was till in the secondary school this sickness of serious itching and catarrh started disturb from my head to feet for about 10mins everyday after taking my bath for 15yrs now.On 24th August 2013, i was in SCOAN and i was opportune to have the Anioting water which i prayed with it,23th Sept 2013 my friend call me from school that my name had being mobilize for BATCH C YOUTH CORP finally to the glory of God.I believed that God of Prophet TB Joshua that had started this blessing on my life shall also healed me from this sickness of itching and catarrh,and restore back my business,connection,health,finances in Jesus name.Amen

  28. I am so happy man of God coz i had many mrcl hpn in scoan, so i have faith in God so i say thats t end of my prblm. I read many mrcl frm soan, my prblm i have pain th hol bdy when l stop drink drugs, last mnth l stop for 27 day saying God dlver me but t pain comes th time i spos t drink drugs then l pray thn t pain dspe so plz help me do it for my advntge use Anoiting water

  29. Praise God. Man of God i believe in God your serving and everything is possible with him. Please man of God pray for my son who is drug addicted.

  30. Thank you God of Senor Prophet Tb Joshua,father i have been reading wonderful testimonies of people through Senior Prophet Tb Joshua,Distance is not a barrier , I know He has done it for me too and my own testimony is on the way.Thank you God of senior prophet Tb Joshua for your endless love for a sinner like me , thank Lord for giving me another chance .To you be the glory

  31. what a mighty God we save this was really miracles in this family to God be all the glory Our dear Prophet T.B.Joshua indeed God is using him for us l am so blessed l dont know what to say again he is too much

  32. Your testimony is amaizng and encouraging my sister.may a good god continue to bless tbj and his family.and al the best to your family my sister, I also claim my blessing and healing in the name of jesus pls god of tb joshua intervin in my case today.

  33. I bless the lord for the gift of T.B Joshua unto this generation, not only nigerian but entire world. The lord, keep you to the end.

  34. Emmanuel ! What a might God we serve. Indeed he has done it my sister your testimony has encouraged me. Never a problem Jesus can fail to solve, never sickness Jesus can fail to heal. God of Prophet T.B. Joshua is a real God. Thank Prophet may God continue blessing you and the family for you are a blessing unto many a deliverer unto many thank you Emmanuel.

  35. Jesus i love, you work in misterious ways, no one can measure your love for us. please do something for my life, so that my clan, friends and people around me can see your great love. real distance is not a barrier to the God of TB Joshua. I praise you Lord for the amaizing testimony

  36. Thank you God of Tb Joshua FOR such a miracle.You are awesome God who never fails.God of Tb i am waiting upon you today and intervene in to my case……In Jesus Name.Amen

  37. People especially those that call themselves men of God , should stop telling their congregation that that man or this person is not real. The finger they are pointing is coming back to them as people or their congregation will soon realize that they themselves are fake. I have stopped going to church because it is not the pastor I am worshiping but the Almighty God who I found out This Anointed man of God is Preaching and Teaching about in a true and raw teaching and as is said in the Word of God, how can they hear without a preacher, God sent that one Preacher to the whole world. It is no more hidden and the Truth shall set us free. We are free from scrupulous hoodlums that are parading themselves as preachers but they are rubbers with the bible.

  38. i thank God for this ministry of SCOAN because it has brought about change in our lives. To God be the glory. how i love to watch Emmanuel TV because it encourages me in my daily life and builds my faith in the Lord for the salvation of my Soul. EMMANUEL

  39. Thank you Jesus for uplifting my faith I believe my family is delivered too from spirit of poverty,immorality,drunkeness in Jesus name.Thank you Emmanuel TV my life will never be the same again. My past pain,humilation,rejection, poverty,sickness have been taken away by Jesus Christ who suffered on my behalf.

  40. Spirit power superpower~
    spirit power superpower~

    muti power useless power
    sangoma power useless power
    human power useless power

    spirit power SUPERPOWER

    thank you Lord Jesus. I Love U TOO Much.

    God bless You Scoan

  41. Lord You are good. I can’t stop rejoicing. Father we thank You for touching the life of Mrs. Amaka Uchend and her family. Thank You Jesus in Jesus’ name. Amen

  42. Amen my sister. What a wonderful God we serve. It is so wonderful to be found in church. I pray that the spirit of God touches my husband so that he also starts to go to church. May God continue to bless the prophet in his ministry.

  43. Emmanuel!!!…God of TB Joshua is my God, therefore poverty, stagnation, defeat and failure, disappointments, barreness, sickness etc., will never come near my family in Jesus name!!! Amen


  44. Greetings man of God,is being a very long time I’v not being sending my request to Scoan,my name is Mrs Pearl Mabuza from South Africa,man of God this year has being the worst of the years I have experienced in my life,my husband finaly told me that he won’t be returning to me,the reason is because he has some one in his life,he dating & he told my causin that he has a house in (Moletsane) Soweto he stays with that woman they have a 1year old child,before he told me that he wrote that on my study guide as I’m in Unisa,so because he saw that I never asked him of the massage he wrote in my book he decided to cofront me regarding that,I was deeply hurt, the other he does not mantain our 2daughters when ever I phone him he will start to insult me,he send me photo’s of him with that ladyznthe other day he send me 6 of that lady’s photo & now he has blocked me in his mobile phone can’t send him any whatsapp massages,please man of God Prophet TB Joshua pray for my marriage also for my husband Theo (Jabu)

  45. A blessing to this generation. T.B Joshua, a gift ,hope and pride to all believers that Jesus is real and alive. Kunmi Abuja, Nigeria

  46. God is good, and all the time He is good. We thank him for those miracles. I want the anointing water ,I have fibroids and I am in Botswana

  47. Aleluyah! Praise be to God Almighty. With Him nothing is impossible. And, there is nothing too hard for the Lord. I am blessed with this testimony. My faith is lifted up. Emmanuel!

    On Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 1:47 AM, Distance is not a barrier wrote:

    > ** > promisecarrier posted: “Here is yet another faith-building testimony > from a lady who only accepted to come to The SCOAN because her > husband-to-be insisted that she attend before concluding their wedding > arrangements. That visit proved to be a turning point in her life, health > an”

  48. Staying off Church is like going back to 13 years misery . Maintern your miracle by soaking your life in His presence..


  50. Those critisizing the Man of God do not know Him. They heard and listen too much from the lies of the enemy and begin to talk as if they know the God of Prophet TB Joshua. We pray the Lord will forgive them and open their eyes to see the truth before its too late. The God of the Prophet is my God forever and ever and I will fellowship with Emmanuel TV. Emmanuel!

  51. To be honest with the world what the Lord is doing in SCOAN Church is unbelievable Miracles Jesus spoke of when He said, “greater work shall you do than this” saying TB Joshua is fake is likely saying Jesus is fake, by so grieving the Holy Spirit. Man of God ( prophet T. B. Joshua) I personally love you though we have not met. Am in prayer for you. From a colleague.

  52. Emmanuel!!!! If miliions are to believe they must see signs that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. I am encouraged and I know God has opened those doors for me in Jesus` name. May God continues to bless The Prophet and all SCOAN in Jesus` name amen.

  53. Glory be to God, God is able to do any thing through the medium of the Anointing water. We should just believe and everything will be well. Thank you man of God Prophet T.B Joshua you are a true man of God. What a wonderful testimony it is. I just want to cry tears of Joy.

  54. Emmanuel!! That’s wonderful dear, God is good, it just takes ones heart to believe god, where ever you are you can receive god miracles, indeed distance is not a barrier. I believe god that one day it shall be my testimony. thanks god for this testimony. amen


    On Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 12:47 AM, Distance is not a barrier wrote:

    > ** > promisecarrier posted: “Here is yet another faith-building testimony > from a lady who only accepted to come to The SCOAN because her > husband-to-be insisted that she attend before concluding their wedding > arrangements. That visit proved to be a turning point in her life, health > an”

  56. Thank you Jesus, awesome works you have done and continue to do mighty works, thank you for blessing us with Prophet TB. Joshua, continue using him and the Wiseman. Our lives will never be the same. Jehovah is you name.

  57. thanks to the almighty, we glorify ur name @ for ur faithfulness we give u all the glory to u. in faith @ trust w r all healed @ miracles wl happen 2 us.

  58. amen!!!!! God is the same today yesterday and forever!!!!! praise the lord. he can do anything if we only believe!!!!! Glory to almighty


  59. It is wonderful to hear what the lord is doing through the prophet ;he is a real man of god,and I pray that god may touch my life and change me and make me a testimony.

  60. Jesus is so great,thanks for his great work.i am jobless, i have graduated from the varsity for past two years,right now i am staying at home, PLEASE SPRAY YOUR MOUTH THE ANOITED WATER SO THAT I CAN GET THE JOB ALSO SO THAT MY BUSINESS PROPOSAL CAN WIN THE FUNDING.I AM IN LESOTHO HERE IS MY NUMBER 266 59128112

  61. To God be glory, He’s great, show me my blessings and breakthrough as I’m waiting to receive a call from ESCOM where I did the interviews for a Job in the name of Jesus christ. Amen

  62. man of God am really in need of a job from last year september,am praying,going to church,tithing and offering,fasting but nothing is happening to my life,i really don’t know what to do anymore am so helpless please man of God help me.

  63. Wow GOD is Great ! Emmanuel!! Brethren please those who has got the Anointing Water now with you please Pray for me ,I don’t have the Anointing Water I’m in South Africa in Mpumalanga Kinross Town , my name is Cedric Simelane – the Bank want to take the from me and I need it I have prayed to for it and the house I haven’t got cash to pay due financial challenges so please when you pray call my name and ask GOD to Provide for me the Money to pay for the car and the House this week please to save my family from this, I Believe its possible I just need your support with your prayers and spray in your mouth with the Anointing Water please.my cell is 084 80 66 660

  64. Awesome GOD indeed. But we believers must be on guard and believe that in the arena of CHRISTIANITY impossibility does not exist. AMEN in JESUS NAME.

  65. emmanuel! God is with us,
    madame you ought to have special thanks to God. for what he has done to your family

    we pray that Jesus will be your guidance for the rest of your life Amen

  66. Glory to God in the highest and peace towards all men on earth.i rejoice with this family and believe my own calm is next in line for salvation

  67. Emmanuel!!! To God be the glory, the God of Prophet TB Joshua is always alive, any time, any day and any moment. thank you Jesus.

  68. GOd of TB joshua please remember me in heaven locate me and bless me give me the born of my born you declare marriage as a divine union in heaven pls locate me with marriage I ask this through christ our lord Amen

    Praise the name of Jesus, He’s my rock, He’s my fortress
    He’s my deliverer and in Him will I trust
    Praise the Name of Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessuuuuuss!


  70. Wao!what a mighty wonderful God we serve. so what testimony did you get about the man who was your fiancee at the time, did you received any prophesy about your union or God of TBJ made you to go there to prove himself to you and your family?

  71. I am touched by th testimony, it has build my faith. My family shall also be delivered from poverty, limitation in progress, sickness and all th infirmity satan may hv brought upon my family in Jesus name. Man of God pray fo my familie

  72. God of TBJ u are true God,distance is not a barrier any chain that devil has connected me,my wife Tabitha,my mother,brothers and my sisters with by the power of healing,deleaverance u give prophet Tbj been disconnected in the mighty name of Jesus

  73. Miracle working God. there is non like you. You are still the same yesterday, today and forever.
    When you call on HIM, He never fails.

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