Countless testimonies from Emmanuel TV viewers stream into The SCOAN on a daily basis. Here is another one of the thousands who have experienced the resurrection power of Jesus Christ in their lives after receiving the Anointing Water.

“My name is Griphenes Siabbaba. It’s hard for me to describe the problem I had because it was very unusual. I was passing blood through my anus as though I were a woman on her monthly periods when actually I am a man. I had this problem for a very long time, not less than 12 years. It started off as clots of blood mixed with stool but graduated into blood running like water on an almost daily basis. Upon going to hospitals, the doctors could not give me any specific answers but kept referring me to higher medical institutions in our land. The more I searched for solution, the more frustrated I became, such that I began to lose hope. The only thing I could hold onto was the belief that Jesus was going to answer me one day.

“The issue of blood really affected me very gravely. I could not do my jobs normally because I was afraid of triggering the blood flow. I used to lift heavy steel sections in my daily work but had to quit my job because of the ailment. As a result, I could not make enough money to meet the requirements of my children’s school fees. I ended up borrowing heavily to sustain both our feeding and school bills. I was even summoned by one of the schools which handed me over to the court bailiffs to seize my goods; thankfully the issue has been resolved.

“By the grace of God, I got hold of a bottle of Anointing Water through a brother called Mulenga who had visited The SCOAN. We prayed and he gave me just a tiny amount of it, which I sparingly used for three days. On the fourth day – oh my Jesus is wonderful – I went to the toilet and passed blood free stool for the first time in 12 years. Ever since I received this Anointing Water, I have been going to the toilet normally and can now do all the things I was previously unable to do! I thank God through our Lord Jesus Christ and also thank God for Prophet T.B. Joshua.”

Griphenes Siabbaba, Zambia

Do you have a testimony to share? Please visit our Emmanuel TV website and fill out the form here. Alternatively, you can share your experience in the comments section below. Remember, when you acknowledge God as your Healer, Deliverer and Redeemer, He will do it again and again. This is the power of acknowledgement!


  1. Jesus Christ never fails he healed the brother who had the issue of blood. Your mercy endures for ever. You are faithful to your people. I bless your name and adore you fore ever, for what you are.

    Keep watching and pray along with Man of GOD Prophet T B Joshua for your salvation of your soul. and for you to see what the resurrection power of Jesus is doing to the lives of people in the arena of liberty.

  2. I’m mr o.s dibetso I’m living in south africa.I’m Scoan fan I’m looking 4 anointing water I’m staying in limpopo province Lephalale at marapong ext3 house no5 code 0555

    Sent from my Nokia phone

  3. Man of God ,lam a man of 50years l should have been there due to financial problems,The Scoan church is doing miracles for the all nationwide,Man of God you are blessed..How can l get the Anointing water please help me Man of God for deliverance of drinking & smocking &success bless you Man of God .yours H.Makaliki,Zambia Central Africa

    p man of God for deliverance from drinking & smoking

  4. To start with,Man OF GOD PROPHET,T.B.JOSHUA,I have 8 kids in my Country HAITI,then only one that I have here with me plus my wife then I’m getting older then I do want to apply for Citizenship this
    month because of necessity just to bring them here,by THE POWER

  5. Just an incident occurred in the front of my door,2 black cars were parked there,then I was freezing to call the police by the time they
    moved away,my address is 17345 N.E 11 th Court MIAMI,FLORIDA
    33162,PRAYER LINE in that place in the JESUS Name I do need it

  6. I thank God that through prayers with the man of God i’ve stopped bed wetting.previous i used to feel heavy and i could experience astrange presence and in the night i could dream excusing my friends to go and ease myself and i could find myself wet.But glory be to God of Tb joshua after i prayed with him that sprit is gone and now am afree, person in jesus name.

  7. Good evening and emmanuel i have been living with breast pain from past 16 years. Doctors dont know what is wrong but the pain keeps growing. Please pray with me to find my way there

    obakeng modise cell phone number 00267 71292502

  8. Man of God ,lam 51years old lam looking for a solution.lam a man ,lam addicted to smocking and drinking beers for almost 40years now .Please man of God help me. How can l get the Anointing water,so that lcan be relieved from this situation.God bless U man of God

  9. Thank you Jesus. I am happy to hear about your deliverance from the MIGHTY LORD. I am also experiencing a similar problem. My Doctor is done some checks on me ( x ray and CT SCAN) AND he is saying the only option for me is an operation which i am supposed to be done in a few days to come. I am very very afraid and by the blood of Jesus on the Altar i pray for my healing before the operation day. I am fasting daily and praying to God for my healing. The bad part is i am also having a problem of HIGH BLOOD Pressure. Help me GOOD

    Edward jambaya

  10. The grace of God is working through Senior Project T. B. Joshua and the Wise Men and God’s words will be preached and healing, and deliverance will be received by those who have wholeheartedly embraced the words of God.

  11. Praise the Lord. I glorify Jesus for the work he is doing through his servant Prophet TB Joshua in the whole world. I am one of the people who also received miracles through Emmanuel tv. I was diagnosed of having multiple breast lumps bilateral and hyperthyrodism with enlarged goitre which caused me to sweat at night profusely, but after praying with Prophet TB Joshua on Sunday the lumps are disappearing n sweating is gone. The swollen thyroid is subsiding. I give God the Glory. Thank u Jesus

  12. GOD bless the Man of God richly. For me He is Jesus back on earth to help us. I am a Emmanuel T.V viewer and gotten access to a bottle of the old Anointing water. The one with the Man of Gods photo. It has been working miracles for me: from healing through to financial breakthroughs etc. I keep refilling it by faith before it gets totally finished and it still works for me. Glory be to God.

  13. i need someone to tell me that all is well i just feel so alone and is like my life is over here oh God come and rescue me my of God pray for me and hear my prayer

    • Munyai, as you read the scriptures you are in the company of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and a host of angels. Jesus promised he would never leave or forsake us. This you have to know. Elijah was afraid and felt out numbered until the Lord opened his eyes to show him there was a host of angel ready to fight the battle for him. Amen. Read the word my brother and thank God for his presence while you read. All is well. Be encouraged read the Psalms and ask the Lord to open your heart to connect you to the Holy Spirit. Emmanuel (God is with us).


  15. Thank You Jesus for touching the life of our brother Mr.Griphenes Siabbaba from Zambia. We bless Your name my Lord in Jesus’ name.

  16. Emmanuel!!!, I praise God & thank him for the day my mother introduced me to Emmanuel TV, adore him even more for the day my sister sent me the Anointing Water. My husband always complained of pain on the left side of his ribcage, it gets worst when he is cold, put on small fan, he is complaining bitterly, so i administered the Anointing Water on him and We prayed together in Jesus Name and had faith in God for his healing. The next morning he woke up pain free, and it has been a month now, no pain. PRAISE BE TO JESUS and I thank Sr Prophet T.B Joshua for allowing Himself to be used by our awesome God.

  17. praise the living god, god is great, I would like to thank god for what he did to our brother, this is indeed wonderful, if you belief in god everything is possible no matter the distance, he is always by our sides. whatever we ask in his name we shall receive, lets have trust in god, he is god of possibilities. lets god bless our senior prophet TB Joshua and his wise men. amen

  18. Theres no one like Our Jesus Christ!!!! Blessed be His Name!!…I thank you Jesus for using Man of God to heal the world. Continue to bless him and his family, in Jesus name!

  19. The name Jesus Christ is sweet always. Let all people believe in that name. Because that name can do wonders in the lives of people. Emmanuel – GOD with us

  20. That was wonderful! Our Jesus is the same yesterdayand today and forever. Hebrews 13:8. I pray that we will not only receive healing but also have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the Joy of our salvation, our Peace and the alter and finisher of our faith. I also pray that His Servant, Prophet T. B. Joshua, would continuously be under the conopy of the anointing of Jesus Christ for the good of christendom.
    Indeed we are with the winning team!

  21. What a wonderful Savior we have Jesus Christ, who is always ready to set us free from sickness and many other satanic attacks. The resurrection power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is ready to make wonders in the lives of people. Lord Jesus Christ is faithful to us so we must also have faith in him, trust and believe him. I thank Lord Jesus Christ for what he did in the life of our brother. Lord Jesus Christ is a glorious king. He healed, blessed and delivered you for the salvation of your soul.. Emmanuel – GOD with us.


  23. One fateful morning i went to toilet and i observed my anus protruded.I spread the anointing water and prayed to the God of Prophet TB Joshua and lo and behold it is gone.THANK YOU JESUS

  24. The work of God is imaginable, Impossible from human always possible for God. Give thanks to the Almighty. I am still a new person but i believe God will manifest in my difficulties of life and one day i will have the opportunity to give a great tesimony.

  25. Nothing embarrasses God for He is the solution to all fundamental problems because there is no sickness Jesus cannot heal and there is no disease Jesus cannot cure. We give glory to JESUS. Praise the Lord!

  26. Precious Lord Jesus. I Love Lord Jesus you are so precious, beautiful awesome u name it. SCOAN be Blessed in Jesus Name.Amen
    when are u planning to come to Botswana Man Of God.

  27. I thank God for your life & healing received. God cannot be limited contrary to some so called men of God teaches out there. God I’d in Synagogue & with His Prophets.


    I was healed of spondylosis by merely puting my back on the TV during Pro.T.B.Joshua’s usual prayer on EmmanuelTV. I couldn’t sleep on my sides or bend down due to excruciating pains and a chilli (pepperlike) feelings on my waist. It affected me so much that I couldn’t stand up for LONG or bend to pick a chalk on the. Floor.

    It suddenly began few weeks before something told me to put my back on the TV even though I pray with Pro.T.B.Joshua daily touching the TV but without the paiins subsiding until the voice got me angry & I said today is my day and I put my back on the TV for about 3min.
    I found myself kneeling down and when I got up I completely forgot that I had this pains until about 30-45min later. Something said to me that, ‘were you not praying few min ago?’ I jumped up & shouted for JOY and called my wife to tell her what really transpired.

    This is how I got my MIRACLE HEALING through EMMANUELTV.

    EMMANUEL; God is indeed with US.

    Emmanuel Oluwajimi Isaacs

  28. My senior brother was operated 3 times and yet the problem was not solved. He was booked for the 4th time. He invited me to come over so he can tell me something incase he didn,t survive it. He deposited part payment that day i visited him. We prayed together and ministered anointing water. That was 1st week of sept 2013. The sickness vanished ,no operation no pain. He is healed completly. He went back to his lecturing work 2nd week of sept. Emmanuel!

  29. Glory be to God the most high! I do believe the healing power of Our Saviour Jesus Christ is still workin in our era. I have requested to visit the SCOAN Since last year July, up to this moment no any reply. Though there is an Automate massages that am receiving from wordpress about testimonies people who were being healed from different illness. I do have the hope that i may one day meet mine portion in Jesus’ name.

    • How did you apply my dear, I made an application online on Friday (11/10/2013), and saterday morning(12/10/2013) I got a ref number from them. Try applying again and pray before making the application because there are evil forces out there. all the blessed. stay in faith and stay blessed, do not loose hope.

  30. I TANK God for man of God bein use to diliverd milions of people,I belive God will use him to see my family true in Jesus name

  31. The healing of OUR GOD is complete and NO sorrow is added to it.
    FREE OF CHARGE. Thank You JESUS. Your miracle is a tesmony bro.

  32. thank u man of God i have been ur follower for the past three years and i thank to have met someone like u in spirit, i am gratefull for what ur doing to the beilivers and i pray God to Bless u endlessly to give u more power and plz our church my spiritual father and his family wish to meet u face to face God Bless U Amen

  33. To start with,when I was driving then I do start to loose places those
    I known since 1997 so I would mind say that,I was at MIAMI DADE C
    OLLEGE as a student, that there,then I did not pass a writing test,in that class ,I was one of the best students.Besides,I’m still st-
    ay the same looser in those places whiches I known.Finally,the spirit of GOD sends me in the SCOAN where the footwear that He shows me to be fit for my feet,in the JESUS Name.Thank you LORD
    for the Man of GOD,Prophet T.B.Joshua that you choose just to con
    tinue to do your job in the World.Glory to God for ever and ever.Alle-

  34. I need to be there live, though d annointing and d sticker has been my companion. D man of God I hv never met him before but he delivered me through my dreams. T. B. Joshua and his wise men are realy man of God. Jesus is good. Thank u

  35. Griphenes, you have reminded me the bible story, there was a woman who was also bleeding for 12 yrs and with her faith she touched Jesus robe and got healed. May his name be praised now & forever. Jesus Christ is alive he never say goodbye. Lets just give ourselves to him he has many for us!!!! Praise be to God

  36. Emmanuel,Glory be to God. My spirit is lifted up. Thank you Jesus. There is healing in the name of Jesus. That which is impossible with man is possible with God. We serve the mighty living God. The king of kings!

  37. Emmanuel!! my god is a god of mirracle, I knw he can also heal me, protect and bless me.i have a faith,and I wil receive in jesus name.Amen

  38. hallo ,my name is esther pls i wnt to come to the sinagogue church of all nation becouse of the spiritual problm.pls sent me the application for.
    i was alredy there in february 2011
    my god bless u
    regard esther

  39. Prayer Request : 1.Healing and Deliverance 2.Financial Breakthrough and Business 3.House and Car 4.Marriage Success please Prophet pray for Me My name is Mr Andina Nelson Sesipi from South Africa,thank you
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  40. Praise God my brother. In God there is no failure . He will do whatever you ask him to. Just have faith and believe and with the answer you will receive. For there is no failure, no failure in the living God. Emmanuel.

  41. Hello, I have had a problem with maths which I’m repeating at university.. Even though I am repeating it I got 26 percent in the first test and I just wrote my second test which was also challenging…. Please help me because I don’t want to go on part time or fail completely. Please respond to me in one way or another.. May God Bless You.

  42. Amen,Jesus is our Healer and Saviour,no sickness or disease that He cannot heal.Man of God please help me and pray along with me,im struggling to get a stable job and marriage,pls pray with me in Jesus Name.

  43. Seen all believed now I need my testimony and I pray to testify the goodness of God in my life in Jesus name. I went back to school to complete my education after 30 years and hope God will give the new brain to excel in my studies.

  44. Thank you Jesus,there is none like our Healer.He is worthy of our our praise every second,every minute,every hour,every day.God bless man of God mightly.

  45. Man of God please help me, I have a problem of barrenness for five years, how can I get the Anointing Water, because I almost get into the trap of frausters through desparation that I have,in Jesus name amen.

  46. Indeed our God is supreme.
    Brother i congratulate you for your healing.It’s well with you.
    Since He can do it for him,He can do it for all of us and my restless wife who wants to leave our marriage now because of barrenness for 7years.
    In life, we have to be patient for Him to work and fulfil all our desires and expections in life.
    Just believe and your miracle will embrace you and never elude you just as it happened to this man with the issue of blood and indeed distance is not a barrier.
    We thank our prophet for his prayers to us all over the world.
    May the Good Lord bless him and all members and families of SCOAN for their endless time and prayers for us and the world at large .

  47. Thank you Jesus and God of TB Joshua for the many miracles and wonderful things happening in my life. They are just too numerous to list down. EMMANUEL!!!

  48. AMEN, the annoiting water is a bomb, must have in the house.. Through the annoiting water i m doing well, studying for diploma in AAT and i strongly believe im going to pass my certficate with fliying colours of which wil be writing end of november. Really with GOD all things are possible.

  49. Praise The Lord. This is wonderful testitimony. Brother I join your faith to prophesy that the healing is permanent in Jesus name. Amen.

  50. my want to traval out i i need help god to help me becuse i have disopontmend evey day god help and am eating in the dream that is my problem now any time i want to have a good time in my life i we eat in the dream god help me oooooooo

  51. Man of God iseriously nid yo anointing water,hw cn I gt it becoz they ar a lot of pipo who claims to be part of de scoan nd wil ask u to buy through emails bt den they jst dupe us!

  52. I have been believe God of TB Joshua For Years now, I have been to Lagos but after all effort I have not see him. My condition is I am a Construction Engineer but always in problems. And now over 7 years of Jobless. My landlord is on me, yes he has try 2 years house rent. pls I need this God of EMMANUEL. The GOD of TB Joshua to shows He is Real GOD In my Life and Family. If I have a Job this God of TB Joshua I will saver You. With all my life. And believe You more than Ever. Pls Man of God prove Yourself in my Life, help my Faith. All hope is lost. Your God is my only Hope. Pls help me.

  53. To God be the glory. Our God is still in the miracle business. Dr Jesus loves to heal and still healing today.
    Thanks to the man of God Prophet TB Joshua.

  54. Praise the lord . Emmanuel God is with us.Indeed He is with us every day. I thank God of the life of my sister and the mind of our God is to be healded saved redememd and delivered througth the blood of Jesus .The anointing water have a supernatural power of the blood of Jesus and throught this medium God works migthly in the life of those who believe in Him.May God bless the prophet TB Joshua a prophet of the whole world in Jesus name.

    • With God all things are possible,i n my family are delivered frm all spirits that are not of God through dis man’s testimony in jesus name Amen

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