Every week, thousands of people visit The SCOAN from around the world to receive prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit for a myriad of diverse problems, both physical and spiritual. Here is the testimony of one such lady who visited The SCOAN from Holland and saw remarkable changes in her life and health after she encountered Jesus Christ at The SCOAN prayer line. Indeed, God never stops giving us reasons to praise Him!

“Before I visited SCOAN in May/June 2013 I was living a life the devil had presented to me, whereby I was suffering from many health issues. I had severe depression which I thought would never be cured; I had resigned myself to the fact that I would live with it all my life. I was further suffering from severe migraines and uncontrollable menstrual pains. All these pains were part of my daily life.

“The depression was so severe to the point that I was a suicidal case. This suffering caused me to isolate myself from everybody, even loved ones. I could not see anything positive in my life; I literally checked out from my life. Several times I thought of suicide and sometimes I would stay in bed for weeks without coming out of bed or doing anything. I would hallucinate throughout the day; I was paranoia and jumpy.

“I suffered from uncontrollable severe menstruation pains and heavy overflow all my life. During my period each month, I could not do anything. For the first three days, I would only stay in bed crying because of the intense pain. On top of all this, I would faint when I tried to stand up and for experienced black-outs many times. For more than 10 years I had severe migraines where sometimes I thought I was going mad. Each time I had a headache, I could not talk to anyone. My eyes would turn a deep red colour; I could not even eat anything. All this would sometimes take three days before I returned to a ‘normal’ state.

“However, all this changed when I visited The SCOAN in June 2013. I was privileged to be on the payer line where I had a placard indicating all these ailments. As the Wise Men prayed for me, I literally felt God’s hand touching me and removing all roots satan had planted into my life, causing me all the pains and sufferings. Now I can confidently testify that I no longer have any signs of health complaints – no more headaches, no more depression and my menstruation period is as normal as it can be! The curse in my life has been broken! I am now living life as God had intended for me. Emmanuel!”

Miss Angelique Nyinawintwari, Netherlands

Are you suffering from a similar problem? Join Prophet T.B. Joshua in prayer on Emmanuel TV and as you watch God’s power, trust Him for your own deliverance!

81 thoughts on “A CURE FOR DEPRESSION!

  1. Father i need comfort especially in the situation am in may the Holly Spirit be upon me everywhere i go and please Prophet TB Joshua i need your intervention in this situation am in.

  2. Please prophet TB Joshua am in deep trouble of poverty and debts and i dont even know how am going to overcome this may you please pray for me though am also praying for my self but i can see that things are not moving the way i wanted please help me man of God may i have no peace in my mind may i be free from these because i can see that am not the same person things are not moving any more please Man of God help me pray for me so that i can be relived and see things changing.am always in deep thoughs that how iam i going to survive. Please Prophet TB Joshua help me.

  3. Emmanuel – GOD with us. Thank you Master Jesus Christ for your mercy and favour you have done to your friend. May the name be glorified and praised now and for ever more the Greatest Physician. For your loving kindness to your children is great. You perform the miracles which are best for them. Be blessed and exalted now and forever more.

  4. Hossana in the highest, your works are beautiful and good. Many people like my sister are being set free from all the sickness. Let your name be glorified my Lord for you are great. There is no-one like you. Your constant love towards your people is appreciated. I bless you my Savior. Emmanuel-GOD with us.

    Keep watching Emmanuel.tv and see what the Lord is doing in the arena of liberty.

  5. Lord thank you for these testimonies and your awesome grace in the life of your servant Snr. Prophet T.B.Joshua and the wise men. Thank you Lord for my healing and deliverance from nightmare in Jesus name. Amen.

  6. May God heal us and break and uproot all what the devil has planted in us.May God answer my prayers in Jesus name i pray Amen!

  7. Thank you for your testimony it real ecouraged me and give me hope that GOD is always Closer to people like and My Family God Blessed.

  8. Lord please do not leave me alone in the situation am right now i need your intervention Father and please Man of God Prophet TB Joshua be with me in prayers may i be delivered to the Spirit of dissappointments am tired of it may i be released and rescued in Jesus name AMEN !!!!!.

  9. Thank you for the video man of God,my daughter is facing the problem of menstruation period,is not in a normal way, but through your prayer.and the testimony of Angelique from Netherlands, I believe this will be the end of suffering.Thank you so much.MAY LORD BE WITH YOU.

  10. Man of God I also have this overflow of mensttionand a spirit husband, spirit of hutrate I read and I donot understand an am preparing for an exams. Please deliver me.

  11. I also once suffered from a problem of deppression.l would get so angry with myself out of nowhere l would veiw myself as a failure and soon after that l would start feeling suicidal isolate myself feeling unloved at tymes l would want to poison myself at tymes l would try uncontrolably to such a point that l get a headache at that tyme l will be wanting to be alone somewhere quiet.But then one day l emailed the man of God Senior Prophet TB Joshua and told him abt this problem of depression l had and he prayed over it on my behalf since then until now l no longer feel depressed or suicidal at all l jus leave it for God.Praise God on the heavens above

  12. I trust God for every little thing in my life.I know that i will or shall be healed and delivered from the day i shall step my feet in the vain yard of the arena of liberty in Jesus name AMEEEEEEEEN

  13. Pht. T.B. Joshua may our Father Lord, keep on blessing you and your family, and keep you healthy and strengthen you prophet in the mighty name of Jesus !!!!!!

  14. God continuel blessing Prophet Tb Joshua, pray for as am expecting the fruit of the womb,and pray for my Husband to called back for work he is inocent man of God and pray for our place of work we need God intervation for there isnt much cooperation . and my family we need God. praise the Lord amen.
    BY Eliza.

  15. Man of God T.B Joshua deliver me from the Spirit of Spritual Husband and Spirit of Death this is tormenting my life am failing to receive my Blessings because of these things.Please Man of God help me.

  16. Thank you Jesus for our sister’s deliverance and healing. Asante sana Bwana kwa kuwa my Husband healing case will not escape the annoiting of God. Halleluyah Jehovah even if things are going to be tough, You are still on the Thrown and Jehovah Jireh.

  17. Ihave being demoted at my work place so please I need the intervention of our lord jesus so that i can be promoted to my headship. I am in depted heavily so prayers for afinancial doors to be open for me to settled my depts. Praise be to God Amen.

  18. i need a strong deliverance,could man god prophet tb joshua prayer for
    me…patrick dema keaba i beliver that if do that i will be delivered.in jusus name.

  19. Prophet T.B. Joshua has always been saying I am not the healer but I know the healer. The name of the Healer is Jesus Christ. Its not the Prophet who can heal & deliver. We all know that the prophet does not want to glorified than the source of that healing & deliverance. We all know and sure how humble the prophet is. Son of David have mercy on us.

  20. God of Prophet T.B. Joshua, You are wonderful.Emmanuel! God with us. Master Jesus Christ is the only answer to all fundamental issues of life. Steady fast look at the crucified one will never look in vain at the great physician. Jesus Christ is that Great Physician. Amen!

  21. I thank Lord Jesus Christ for what he has done in the life of my sister for healing her for the salvation of her soul. I also thank Lord Jesus Christ for giving her blessings.. Lord Jesus Christ a good savior he is pleased when he sees his people free from demonic attacks. What a Mighty Savior we serve. He is still a miracle worker he never said goodbye. The sweet name of Lord Jesus Christ is good all the time all the time it is good.

  22. i always watch emmanuel TV and i always admire what people recive i ask to day that all waht others have been receiving to day is my day i will receive them in the name of Jesus. and i sk atouch from God to day to brake all limitations in my life, whether its Finances, career,Business(i have a bridal hire business i ask God for abundant Customers) relationship(restoration) Family and i even ask God to touch my two kids both baby Girls to grow in the life of knowing God while they are Young so that they should not put to me to shame when they grow up.and generation cases. and i also ask God to break the spirit of death( My first Born sister died some years ago but sometimes when i dream of her something happens and Monthend of September, i dreamed o her came to give me transport but ididnt know where to go but a day after i lost my brother and before i heard that a customer come to hire the wedding dress from me and she gave me the money that was the money i used to go home for the barial ceremony and i left some monies home that when i come back i may use it for something but to my suprise i did not find the money uptoday i dont know where my money went and am scared please Man of God help me because this has never happened in my life i need your assistance)

  23. Pls scoan i need ur prayer upon my life, I need God’s favour, good health, an prosperity, I wnt God to see me true in everthing I lay my hands shall be well wt me. I hv being looking 4 this marine job 4 so long,keep on disappointing me 4 1 reason or the order, so i wnt God 2 put an end in all this problems in my life, thanks

  24. Praise God for he is the same today, yesterday and forever! He stores up sound wisdom for the upright; He is a shield to those who walk uprightly; Amen.

  25. Am happy to know u my prophet tb jushua u are a man of god let me believe one day i will share my own testimony in jesus name u are great lord i will always praise u my father

  26. Emmanuel!!! There is no one like You Lord, caring and loving, alpha and omega. Covenant living God, there is no one like You, God of T.B Joshua, there is no one like You. I am blessed and believed that my testimony is just a second coming my way in Jesus Christ name.

  27. Good Night
    Truly , the God whom the Prophet TB Joshua is serving is Real and is God of possibility if says God yes, no body can say no .
    God bless you Man of God ,Wise men and all entire SCOAN staffs .I am Dickson K. Banda –Dwangwa Malawi Please assist
    Me How can I get anointing water, stickers from Man of God TB Joshua ?
    Thank you Lord Jesus .
    Dickson K. Banda .Dwangwa –Malawi.

  28. Praise the Living God tht we see changing and doing miracles in His chldrn’s lyvs.surely God is the God of justice and solution 2 evry challenge we may face in ths world…thank u Lord Jesus 4 seeing us thru.

  29. emmanuel thanks for help me abouth the message me also i want testifing in jesus name,


  30. Man of God pray for me this situation iam going through need prayer.iam 9 months pregnant but this problem makes me think of commiting suicide. I cry everyday i feel so alone. Pray for me man of God this is too much for me. And pray for my husband so that he will allow me to watch your channel because when i watch it i feel it that something change and m blessed with it

  31. Praise the living God. I thank the lord for the life of our Daddy prophet TB Joshua who was send to the whole world . My advice is all the people of God need a delivrance to be save even the pastors in Jesus name . My demand is , to pray for those who don’t believe in your calling let their eyes be open to see the power and autority upon the prophet and may the lord make the way for them to come and recieve their own part in Jesus name. Amen

  32. I am very greatful to the Almighty God for redeeming my son from the the spirit of loneliness and refusing to go to school.Last week i submitted aprayer request to SCOAN.Barerlly two days after submiting my prayer request,my son approached me to give him school fees and was ready to go to school. I was very glad and took him to school.He was out of school for four years now but now he is back to school.People of God join me to cerebrete with me to this great break through in Jesus name Amen.

  33. Am so grateful to our almighty God for raising a General in our generation…most of the good things am experiencing I can track them to the unction on the life of prophet T.b Joshua… My health,financial life and spiritual life has never been the same since I started to watch Emmanuel TV in 2007…God bless Nigeria,God bless Tb.Joshua and mama Evelyn Joshua and all the wiseman,the church workers at SCOAN.shalom shalom

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