Here is the testimony of Mr and Mrs Anakwenze, Nigerians living in South Africa who saw the power of God touch their lives in a simply amazing way through the Anointing Water. Read and let your faith be inspired!

“On the 7th of July I took in for God’s child. My husband and I were so happy about it, especially my husband who was so excited to be a father soon. However, it so happened on the 8th of August this year that I suddenly felt some cramps in my tummy like menstrual pains. I rushed to the bathroom and saw blood dropping out.

That day my husband and I were expecting a visitor, so he had left early that morning to pick him up. I sent a text message to my husband, telling that he should not shout or be shocked but that I was bleeding and needed to see a doctor as soon as possible. We got to the hospital and after some series of tests and scans, I was told that I was suffering from an ectopic pregnancy. This is a type of pregnancy where the baby is stuck in the fallopian tubes instead of in the womb. I was told the only treatment available was to undergo an operation in order to remove the baby and cut out the ovary of that side. They said this procedure would leave me with just one ovary, which would make it very complicated to have another child.

When I was given the news, I broke down in tears. I was scared of the operation – I had never been cut open in my life. Secondly, my husband was heartbroken. Instantly I asked for Pastor Abraham, a friend to my husband who had just came back from The SCOAN last week to bring Anointing Water and pray for me. He prayed for me in conjunction with my husband and another pastor who was with me at the hospital too. They ministered the Anointing Water on me, in the name of Jesus Christ. I must confess it tastes good!

When I got to the hospital where I was referred to for surgery, the doctors discovered something remarkable! They couldn’t find any sign of ectopic pregnancy! Confused, they said I had to stay under their watch for some time to be sure of what they were saying. They didn’t want to cut me open for no just cause. The next day, I was examined again and the same result was discovered – NO SIGN OF ECTOPIC PREGNANCY.

That night, I was cleaned up and discharged. My husband and I believe strongly that we were under the garment of the Holy Spirit through the Anointing Water. It was not like I heard a big sound, fell down or manifested when the Anointing Water was ministered. God worked in a quiet, mysterious way that my husband, family and I couldn’t figure out. It was so amazing. Our mouths are full of praises to God! I thank God for His miracle through the Anointing Water, for Prophet T.B. Joshua and all the wise men. We will serve God forever, amen!”

Mr & Mrs Anakwenze, Nigerians living in South Africa


  1. Thank you man of God for good msg you send to me. But since last year I December I d only receive any email but I am steel watch Emanuel TVs for my. Salvation for me a nd my family. Marry x mas and Happy new year all people of Nigeria and scan team especial prophet Tb Joshua,

    Please pray to our country Tanzania and to all family and to our childreto know the voice of hollyspi either in our heart.stainless in Jesus name amen

  2. God indeed can use any medium to bless his children, we thank God for his power in the anointing water. His power through his servant has made our faith stronger. Emmanuel..

  3. I thank God for you,Madam.I belived that God that did it to you will equally see all the women in this situation through.Amen.

  4. I believe that when i get Anointing water i will be blessed in everything , as God is doing wonders to our brothers and sisters , thank God for him ,need a child in my life .

  5. I need only light from you my lordas I was in the darkness from Genesis 1:2 so brighten me Genesis1:3 let the dry bone in me have flesh,skin and breath the wind by prophesy of Ezeikel come to pass.thank you Jesus.


  7. Emmanuel!!! God Is Good, all the time!!! Receiving this mail from the SCOAN it is like (is a miracle) for me, glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ. Let me say thank you God for Whom You Are and for the life of your servant TB Josua. Exactly 1year since I visited the SCOAN Lagos, it has been very tough physically and sometimes spiritually but I only knew that Jesus was aware of my troubles and tears. I wrote emails and emails to SCOAN without any respond I feel tired and left behind. I have a testimony about how God Gave me a job after after the whole year of jobless, arrested but no way to say it, knowing that I was left behind; it was just human’s thoughts. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for you have located me again, the Holly Spirit has no limitation. Thank you and may God bless abundantly with His Spirit Man of God.

    Hubert M.

    > Den 2. okt. 2013 kl. 17:47 skrev Distance is not a barrier : > > >

  8. Thankyou Jesus 4 the greater things u are doing in pipo ‘s live through prophet tb joshua.God is good all the time.

  9. Attn: Prophet T B Joshua, please kindly add your spercial prayers for me i need breakthrough in all areas of my life, business ,health ,
    and spercially for my orphanage project to take off in jesus name

  10. Lord Jesus Christ I thank you for the amazing and wonderful miracles you are performing in the lives of people. Millions of people have find out the truth that you can still heal, deliver and bless people. I rejoice with the sister who was healed by Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the salvation of her soul. . Let your name be glorified. You are a glorious King

  11. Dear prayer warriors,

    I have been dismissed from my job in July, often my employment does not last more than 11 months, this has been like that for many years, I am now 55 years, I hold a Masters Degree, Chartered Secretary, a Post Graduate Diploma in Management, a Bachelor of Accountancy Degree, I have no house, my children are scattered, I stay alone. I have been lonely most of the time. I tried to do other things, I grew some chickens 1000 of them, took debts, sold some household property, and used up my salary, I asked a friend of mine to get me anointed water and i applied to the water feeding troughs, put stickers, but i cant get results, 7 months I only get few small eggs, about 10 trays, I am really up to the neck with debts, i even contemplated dying as a solution, I sleep with Emmanuel TV on every Day, nothing is changing. places were I have worked they always don’t want to pay me off when terminating me, I have few cases with the labor office concerning my monies. I feel caged. My friends I graduated together in the early 80’s I cant talk to them now, they are big fishes. I have survived because of a Lady I am engaged to now, for 4 years she has tried, even though she stays far from me.

    You can’t imagine my home is 300 kms from where I stay, but for 5 years I can’t go there. what is the problem with me? Please help. I can’t afford to come to Nigeria, I have hoped for so many years.

    Men of God I need help, I need prayers and deliverance, I am from Malawi,

    Mastings Kalukusha


  12. To God be the Glory, my testimony just like this as well my sister has the same ectopic pregnancy she was rushed down from akure to ibadan.I later took my sister to catholic hospital at academy in ibadan. The doctor referred us to one I’ve hospital at challenge for a scanning , the resort of this scanning showns that my sister has ectopic pregnant, we went back to the hospital and doctor said she will under go an operation just to removed the problem in the fallopian tube, I now remember I got bottle of Eva water I bought that I asked someone at scoan to sprinkled little anointing water to it for me . I now minister this anointing water to my sister for God so good , the doctor asked us to go for another test in their hospital but the result shown that the ectopic has disappeared. The following day the question doctor was asking me is that which church did I attending ,that he has never seen such thing in his life .up till now my sister is feeling fine . Thanks Jesus,thanks prophet T.B. JOSHUA

  13. God is doing wonders in Scoan.I dont no how to go about it to get this anoing water.If he does this to this family He wil also do it to me.I dont want to die like this.movements in my head my head is heavy like iam carring the whole word on my head.i eat a lot in the dream.eating human meat i dont want to die like this. Want to go to heaven and see Jesus. U were helped by Pasta so u may also help me

      • Iam doing this al the time.i even sleep with the emanuel tv on .was once sprayed the anointing water some of the things changed and some of the demons threatened me teling me nt to use it again and its unfortunate that the the person who sprayd me said it was finished realy desparate.GOD help me.

    • Hi Pilirani? As far as I am concerned and know, never has the Prophet or the SCOAN announced that the Anointing Water is for sale. Themselves say the Anointing is not for sale.

  14. Prophet T.B. Joshua if you should ask the public that who do people said you are? my answer would be to you,you are the one that Jesus is using to demonstrate to this generation what he did in the past.For this time to prepare the ground for his coming for the second time.

  15. i thank God 4 da family somuch. Surely God is a miraculous God who does his work in such a misterious way da we human can not understand n willn’t understand cus he’s God.

  16. Thank God Almighty for giving them the hope and power to stand strong up till those periods of years, and may as their faith, prayers and the God of T.B Joshua that saw them through, also visit i and my wife for our espectations as we appreciate the goodness of the lord and thanks God with prayers over the life of Brother, Sister in Christ Mr and Mrs. Anakwenze.. We are happy for , rejoice for God has done it for you.

  17. Jesus is the Great Physician,the Iam that I am,the Prince of Peace,the King of Glory,He makes the impossibles to be Possible, have faith when using the anointed water thats the blood of Jesus.

  18. We give praise, glory, honour to our living God. Again I give thanks to Prophet T.B Joshua, wisemen and the partners for allowing the Almighty to use them as an instrument for beneficiary of the whole world. Indeed there is power in the anointing water.

  19. to God be the glory. i thank God for might healing of my sister. i thank even Prophet TB Joshua to come up with the idea of anointing water to relieve people from calamities. Thank you Jesus Emmanuel

  20. Glory be to God. I do agree with the sister that the Annointing Water has a good tastes. It is the Blood of JESUS. Looking forward to BREAKTHROUGH in my business,career,destiny,education (for my family),FINANCEC,HEALTH and all challenges in life.

  21. What a wonderful God we serve. I know my God will do for me as He has done for others, AMEN – I AM NEXT IN LINE FOR MY MIRACLE, AMEN


  22. It is call GRACE. The GRACE that changes your condition in a strange land. That fetus was in a strange land , and JEHOVAH, who establishes the work of his hand went after his word. Glory be to GOD.

  23. We serve a mighty God who works in mysterious ways. His ways and paths we can not understand. He ia great God. I thank you for your testimony it gives me hope, since myself and my husband have been trying for a child for the past 5years and my mensturations are very painful and long. your testimony has uplifted my faith in my Lord and God.

  24. Man of God, please dont forsake me, I have tried to ask for help fm you many, many times using sms, email and your Web site. I know that you have receive some of my msgs but took no action to help me. The thing is I am in a desperate situation, poor, deaf, unable to walk properly due to strokes, old at 68 years and avictim of fraudstars / trickstars on the facebook. I believe you can help me overcome these problems when you wills. Will you help me? Man of God!

  25. glory be to God of prophet Temitope Balagun Joshua. i really love this man of God with my whole heart and believe in everything what he is doing for the people of God. may the Almighty God bless him abundantly and give hIm more years to live for the nations. Prophet tb Joshua long live, long live in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  26. Emmanuel

    To the testimony of Mr and Mrs Anakwenze, it shows we are serving the Living God…lets continue to give Him all the praise, Hallelujah

  27. We must have faith on God and trust on him am saying this because of what god did for life I was looking for a baby boy for many years when our father prayer and said this Distance is not aberrier I torch my scren with faith us I am saying this my wife has got a baby boy his name is Joshua and also I said my so it now time to walk after I spray Inointing water to him in the morning he start walking write now my son grow up with a good health and he he is now 1year three month I thanks god

  28. God is great whatever we think God knows already unfortunately Gods plans are not ours therefore we need to praise the Lord in any situation as this woman was PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  30. Man of God please deliver me from all de bondages of satan.

    On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 7:49 AM, gaolathe ndapiwa Moloi wrote:

    > i will pray the mighty god to do miracle s in mi life. m praying for > success, prosper in mi business and guide me to live by your holi spirit. > > > On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 7:41 AM, gaolathe ndapiwa Moloi > wrote: > >> I thank the god almighty to receive this message, please keep on sending >> me the sms. lord you are mi savour. >> >> >> On Wed, Oct 2, 2013 at 5:48 PM, Distance is not a barrier <

  31. i will pray the mighty god to do miracle s in mi life. m praying for success, prosper in mi business and guide me to live by your holi spirit.

    On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 7:41 AM, gaolathe ndapiwa Moloi wrote:

    > I thank the god almighty to receive this message, please keep on sending > me the sms. lord you are mi savour. > > > On Wed, Oct 2, 2013 at 5:48 PM, Distance is not a barrier <

  32. I thank the god almighty to receive this message, please keep on sending me the sms. lord you are mi savour.

  33. To God alone be all the glory for His mighty power in setting captives free from bondages. I really thank God for scoan and His prophet TB Joshua.

  34. Praise the Lord! Alleluja! I thank God that I am on this webside, Distance is not a barrier, once again because for some time it is not showing. Thank God for using the Man of God Prophet TB Joshua and the Wise Men at this time and season. I was privelege to receive the anointing water through a famillyfriend who came to the Scoan. In June 2013, on sunday morning11 August 2013, my gardener, who stays in de same yard with me collapse after vomiting blood, I was told and rushed to the scene, he was lifeless, in fact he went into coma,we tried to call people here and there to lift him like that we carry him to the car to go to the hospital, but in the process the Holly Spirit remind me that I was having Anointing Water in the house how should I rush to the hospital without anointing him.People of God! I now collected the Anointing Water and the bouklet, without waisting time I went straight on reading how to approach God before administering the Anointing Water and prayed the prayer at the same time administering the Anointing Water, immediatly the man who was inconscience wake up with vigor and was ready to attack me, I continued my prayer up to the end and thank God for his heallingan later took him to the hopital were he was told to go for brain scan with he never did up to now he is fine. Thank you Jesus, thank you Man God Prophet TB Joshua and thank you Wise Men. To God be the glory.

  35. Truly TB Joshua is a true prophet I must confess this, just touching the screen at the emmanuel TV television, I’ve realize many positive changes in my life. May the living God continue to bless Prophet TB Joshua, and strengthen him the more, Father God I thank you for this prophet of our day’s, and I pray for your grace to always abide on him, and let no enemy be able to touch him in Jesus name I pray Amen

  36. praise be to God almighty,that is a fantastic testimony, she and her husband should be grateful and recognize God,not every person gain this kind of opportunity. Is an interesting testimony .may the Lord almighty grant more days for our spiritual father pastor T.B Joshua.Amen.

    • Emmanuel.Indeed God is with us and is the same yesterday today and forever.He has promis to heal us he will never ever fail me anyday.he has plomis protaction he wil never fail anyday i will never ever give up anyday his word must come pass in our life.may god bless u dad seniuor prophate Tematope b joshua and the wisemen.thanks for emmanuel tv.

  37. God is great,and misterious in his deeds,i have a frnd call allaine her frnd lisa is ill from cancer in her blood i manage to send them the anointing water,they have misnistered it,i know and believe that God will show his great power in lisas live,tho allaine has little faith about the water she minister it in the name of jesus,i will come back here to,declare this mighty work God has done,so stay in touch,emmanuel

  38. These are times whereby God works in misterios ways … For He says my ways are not yours,my thoughts are way higher than yours! We rejoice God loves us sooooo much!

  39. Lord, in your mysterious ways of working in our lives, give me the grace everything you do in my life; whether big or small to appreciate it. Give your servant prophet TB Joshua the grace to be able to continue to do your good works in our lives, hence your using his faculty to reach us has craeted more foes for him than friends. Thank you Jesus.

  40. i glorify the name of the Lord for what he has done and has been doing in the life of his people and as i happy for what his doing for his people around the world, may he intervene in my own case in Jesus….Amen

  41. Only Believe! Our God is able in all situations and circumstances! Glory be to His name for ever and ever! Jesus Christ is Lord!

  42. Glory be to God. I am Mr Daka Sekelani living in Zambia. I have been looking forward to have a child from the time I married my wife Alice Daka from 2009 up to date but due to the problem of miscarriages there is no issue. Even as I write this comment I still have no child.

    I am the only breadwinner in the family and far away from those known to have gone to SCOAN for anointing water. I always watch emmanuel TV and pray along with prophet TB Joshua.

    The Testimony of Mr and Mrs Anakwenze is like the duplicate of what happened to our family. My wife was 1 month and 2 weeks pregnant when she experienced a clamp of pain to her side. the pain advanced to the point where she could not even do anything apart from crying. we went to a near by clinic and were referred to the big hospital.

    Three doctors examined her and found that she had an Ectopic pregnancy. I did not know what to do, was filled up with fear and unknown feeling because all the doctors recommended operation as the only solution to the problem. When we came out of the doctors room, I told my wife to be and remain in prayer. From the time when I got my wife from home to the hospital, I did not eat anything because I didn’t feel like eating.

    In my prayer I asked God to operate on me instead of my wife whose faith might have been disturbed because of pain. I told God that I will not eat anything until he carries out spiritual operation and truly I did not take any food but I was not hungry either. I prayed that God of Prophet TB Joshua, God of Abraham, and Jacob rescue my wife from this operation.

    It took only 20 minutes to move from the doctors room to the ward where my wife was worked upon by nurses to get her ready for the operation. When the doctor who was suppose to operate her examined her, he said he could not find the problem with her and he ordered the nurses to put under observation. After 3 days she went for scanning again and found that the scanning results where different from the first ones and she was released afterwards. So the Lord turned impossibilities into possibilities He operated on her spiritually. Be encouraged also by this comment everyone of you.

    The fact is that I still have no child or enough money to go to SCOAN to access anointing water or prayer. Please if anyone knows how I can be helped to access these things please do help.

    Mr and Mrs S Daka, Zambia.


  44. i need prayer  for God to favor me as go out of china to renew my visa to enter back ,God bless you as you pray for me 


  45. Thanks be to GOD. It is always good to be prayerful but be patient to your response because the result will only come at the appointed time of the Almighty Father.

  46. Indeed God Almighty works in different ways we must always believe in Him, and praise him unconditionaly,
    Glory be to GOD.

  47. Jesus is back but in Black man Body. Every thing about our Father TB Joshua is Holy.
    We thank God for his love for us.

  48. Yes, i will serve God forever. Thank soo much prophet TB Joshua for the anointion water and i have faith God is going do it for me too

  49. I praise God for her and she must be thankful that she was diagnosed with that ectopic pregnancy at the right time. I also had one is so painful in 1987 on my right tube it was removed. Your testimony is uplifting my faith.

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